Abkürzungsliste/Acronyms ABKLEX (HTML-Format)

Informatik/Computer Science - Telekommunikation/Telecommunications

Wulf Alex, Karlsruhe. OPD: http://www.abklex.de/abklex/
100GE 100 GBit/s Ethernet
16CIF 16 times Common Intermediate Format (Picture Format)
16QAM 16-state Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
1GFC 1 Gigabaud Fiber Channel (2, 4, 8, 10, 20GFC)
1GL 1st Generation Language (Maschinencode)
1TBS One True Brace Style (C)
1TR6 (ISDN-Protokoll D-Kanal, national)
247 24/7: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
2D 2-dimensional
2FA Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung
2GL 2nd Generation Language (Assembler)
2L8 Too Late (Slang)
2MS Strukturierte Monopolleitung 2 Mbit/s
3D 3-dimensional
3GIO 3rd Generation I/O (Bus, Interface)
3GL 3rd Generation Language (C/C++, Fortran, Cobol)
3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project
3LH 3rd Level Hierarchy
3PCC 3rd Party Call Control
3R Retiming, Reshaping, Reamplifying
3RR Three-revert rule (Wikipedia)
3T 3 Ticks (CD/DVD)
4CIF 4 times Common Intermediate Format (Picture Format)
4GL 4th Generation Language (SQL, Labview, ABAP)
4LH 4th Level Hierarchy
4MV 4 Motion Vector
4U For You
5G 5th Generation (Mobile Telephony)
5GL 5th Generation Language
64QAM 64-state Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
6GL 6th Generation Language
7E1 (Zeichenformat: 7 Bits/Zeichen, parity even, 1 Stopbit)
8N1 (Zeichenformat: 8 Bits/Zeichen, no parity bit, 1 Stopbit)
9P Plan 9 Filesystem Protocol
10GE 10 GBit/s Ethernet


A Advanced, American, Amplitude, Analog, Application, Architecture, Area, Association
A2C Administration to Consumer
A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)
A4E Anmelden -- 4 Tage abwarten -- editieren (Wikipedia)
AA Access Authorization
AA Aiming Algorithm
AA Anti-Aliasing
AA Arbitrary Access
AA Assistant Administrator
AA Audits + Assessments
AA Auto Answer
AAA Adaptive Anti-Aliasing
AAA Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (system)
AAAA Aussuchen -- Auspacken -- Anpassen -- Anwenden
AAAAAA Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Asinine Acronyms
AAAI American Association of Artificial Intelligence
AAB All-to-All Broadcast
AAB Application Anchor Block
AAC Advanced Audio Coder/Coding
AAC Apple Assistance Center
AAC+ Advanced Audio Coder/Coding Plus
AACD Academic Administrative Computing Services
AACE Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
AACLC Advanced Audio Coder/Coding Low Complexity
AACR Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
AACS Advanced/Automated Access Content/Control System
AACS Ann Arbor Computer Society
AACS Asynchronous Address Communication System
AACS Automated Analog Circuit Synthesis
AACSLA AACS LA: Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator
AAD Address Adder
AADP Administrative Automatic Data Processing
AAE Allgemeine Anschalt-Erlaubnis
AAE Automatische Anrufeinrichtung
AAF Adjustable Active Filter
AAFID Autonomous Agent For Intrusion Detection
AAIC Accounting Authority Identification Code
AAL Absolute Assembly Language
AAL Ambient Assisted Living
AAL Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaption Layer
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer
AALPDU AAL Protocol Data Unit
AAM Automatic Acoustic Management
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact (Slang)
AAN Associated Account Number
AAP Advanced Adaptive Protocol
AAP Alternative Approval Process
AAP Applications Access Point
AAP Association of American Publishers
AAPI Audio Applications Programming Interface
AAR Anfangsadressregister
AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
AAS All-to-All Scatter
AAS Arithmetic Assignment Statement
AASP ASCII Asynchronous Support Package
AAT Average Access Time
AATIS Arbeitskreis Amateurfunk und Telekommunikation in der Schule
AATP Authorized Academic Training Program
AAUI Apple Attachment Unit Interface
AAVD Automatic Alternate Voice Data
AB Anrufbeantworter
AB Ausser Betrieb
AB Authentication Bypass
ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming (SAP)
ABB ASEA Brown Boveri (Schweiz)
ABC Abstract Base Class
ABC Advanced BASIC Computer
ABC American Broadcasting Company
ABC Applications of Broadband Communication
ABC Appropriate Byte Counting
ABC Approximate Bayesian Computation
ABC Atanasoff-Berry-Computer
ABC Automatic Brightness Control
ABCD Add, Browse, Change, Delete
ABCS Advanced Business Communications via Satellite
ABD Automatic Baudrate Detection
ABEND Abnormal End
ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font
ABG abgehend
ABG Access Border Gateway
ABG Ads By Google
ABG Automatisierte Biometriegestützte Grenzkontrolle
ABI Application Binary Interface
ABIC Access Bus Industry Group
ABIOS Advanced Basic Input Output System
ABIST Automatic Built-In Self Test
ABK Arbeitskreis Bildkommunikation
ABLE Adaptive Battery Life Extender
ABLE Agent Building and Learning Environment
ABM Adaptive Backlight Management
ABM Anything But Microsoft
ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode
ABN Australian Bibliographic Network
ABNF Augmented Backus-Naur Form
ABNS Application Based Network Services
ABR Associativity-Based Routing (protocol)
ABR Automated Beacon Removal
ABR Available Bit Rate
ABRD Automatic Baud Rate Detection
ABRS Automated Book Request System
ABS Address Book Synchronization
ABS Authorized Bearer Services (Exceptions)
ABS Automatic Backup Shutdown
ABT Abort
ABT ATM Block Transfer
ABTDT ATM Block Transfer Delayed Transmission
ABTIT ATM Block Transfer Immediate Transmission
ABTS ASCII Block Terminal Services
AC Access/Automatic Control
AC Access Concentrator
AC Accumulator
AC Advisory Committee
AC Alternating Current
AC Analogue Computer
AC Arc Consistency
AC Audio Code/Codec/Coding
AC Authority Center
AC Auto Check
AC97 AC'97: Audio Codec '97 (Intel)
ACA Application Control Architecture (DEC)
ACAB All Computers Are Broken (Slang)
ACAD AC Adaptor
ACAP Application Configuration Access Protocol
ACAP Automated Content Access Protocol
ACAS Application Control Architecture Services
ACATS Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Systems
ACC Abnormal Condition Control
ACC Access
ACC Accumulator
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
ACC Area Communication Controller
ACCMAIL Accessing the Internet via Email
ACCU Association of C and C++ Users
ACD Automated/Automatic Call Director/Distributor/Distribution
ACDF Access Control Decision Function
ACDG Automatic Call Distribution Group
ACDI Asynchronous Communication Device Interface
ACDP Australian Committee on Data Processing
ACE A Compact Evaluated Nuclear Data File
ACE Access Control Encryption/Entry
ACE Adaptive Communication Environment
ACE Additional Core Enhancements
ACE Adobe Certified Expert
ACE Advanced Computing Environment (SCO)
ACE Adverse Channel Enhancement
ACE ASCII Compatible Encoding
ACE Automatic Calling Equipment
ACELP Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
ACF Access Control Field
ACF Admission Confirmation
ACF Advanced Communication Function
ACF Attribute Configuration File
ACFC Address and Control Field Compression
ACFM Alternating Current Frequency Modulation
ACH Automeated Clearing House
ACI Access Control Information/Interface
ACI Adjacent Channel Interference
ACI Advanced Chip Interconnection
ACI Advanced Computing Initiative
ACI American Computer Innovators
ACI Application Communication Interface
ACIA Access Control Inner Area
ACIA Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
ACIAS Automated Calibration Internal Analysis System
ACID Add, Change, Inquire, Delete
ACID Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases
ACID Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability
ACIS American Committee for Interoperable Systems
ACK Acknowledge/Acknowledgement
ACK Amsterdam Compiler Kit
ACL Access Control List
ACL Account Classification
ACL Advanced Computing Laboratory
ACL Agent Communication Language
ACL Application Connectivity Link
ACL Asynchronous Connectionless Link
ACLS Accounting Class Packet Services
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union, USA
ACM Association for Computing Machinery, USA
ACM Audio Compression Manager
ACME Assembling Configuration Management Environments
ACMS Application Control Management System
ACNS Academic Computing and Networking Services
ACNS Application and Content Networking System (Cisco)
ACNS Applied Cryptography and Networking Security
ACNS Automated Copyright Notice System
ACONET Akademisches Computer-Netz, Österrreich
ACOPS Automatic CPU Overheat Prevention System
ACOS Additional Call Offering Service
ACP Analog Copy Protection
ACP Ancillary Control Program
ACP Automatic Channel Programming
ACP Auxiliary Control Process
ACP Average CPU Power
ACPA Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, USA
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACPICA Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface Component Architecture
ACR Advanced Communication Riser
ACR Allowed Cell Rate
ACR Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio
ACRG Access Code Restriction Group
ACROSS Automated Cargo Release and Operations Service System
ACS Access Control Server/Set/System
ACS Account Control System
ACS Advanced Communication/Computer System
ACS Aldus Color File
ACS Anti Curl System
ACS Asynchronous Communication Server
ACS Auto Configuration Server
ACSA Access Control Specific Area
ACSE Association Control Service Element/Entity
ACSK Adaptive Code Shift Keying
ACSNET Australian Computer Science Network
ACSR Automatic Customer Station Rearrangement
ACSS Audio Cascading Style Sheet
ACT Advanced Communication for Training
ACT Applied Computerized Telephony (HP)
ACTA America's Carriers Telecommunication Association
ACTA Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
ACTI Advanced Computational Technology Initiative
ACTL Access Customer Terminal Location
ACTLU Active Logical Unit
ACTPU Active Physical Unit
ACTS Advanced Communications Technologies and Services
ACTS Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTS Automated Computer Time Service (NIST)
ACTT Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology
ACTU Active User
ACTV Advanced Compatible Television
ACU Access Control Unit
ACU Acknowledgement Signal Unit
ACU Automatic Calling Unit
ACVC Ada Compiler Validation Capacity
ACWT Analog Call Waiting
AD A/D: Analog/Digital
AD Active Directory
AD Administrative Domain
AD Assignment Date
AD Authenticated Data
AD Authentifizierungsdienst
ADA Adobe Developers Association
ADA Applied Decision Analysis
ADA Automatic Data Acquisition
ADABAS Adaptable Database System
ADAIC Ada Information Clearinghouse
ADAM Automatischer Datenmessplatz
ADAM Art, Design, Architecture + Media Information Gateway
ADAT Alesis Digital Audio Tape
ADB Android Debug Bridge
ADB Apple Desktop Bus
ADB Authentication Database
ADC Adaptive Data Compression
ADC Add with Carry
ADC Analogue to Digital Converter
ADC Apple Developer Connection
ADC Apple Display Connector
ADC Application Development Classes
ADCCP Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure/Protocol
ADD Adapter Device Driver
ADD Architecture Design Document
ADD Automatic Document Detection
ADDMD Administration Directory Management Domain
ADDX Assoziation Deutschsprachiger DXer
ADE Advanced Document Engineering
ADE Application Development Environment
ADEOS Advanced Earth Observation Satellite, Japan
ADEPA Agence Nationale pour le Developpement de la Production Automatisee
ADF Active Dynamic Filtering
ADF Adaptor Description File
ADF Address Distribution Facility
ADF Amiga Disk File
ADF Amsterdam Density Functional
ADF Application Development Facility/Framework
ADF Arbeitskreis Digitale Fotografie
ADF Auto-lead Data Format
ADF Automatic Direction Finder/Finding
ADF Automatic Document Feed/Feeder
ADF Automatically Defined Function
ADFS Acorn/Advanced Disc File/Filing System
ADI Agence de l'Informatique
ADI Autodesk Device Interface
ADIC Agentur für Disruptive Innovationen in der Cybersicherheit
ADIF Amateur Data Interchange Format
ADIOS Automated Download and Installation of Operating Systems
ADISS Analytical Data Interchange + Storage Standards
ADL Above Detection Limit
ADL Address Data Latch
ADL Adventure Definition Language
ADLAT Adaptive Lattice Filter
ADLC Adaptive Lossless Data Compression
ADLC Asynchronous Data Link Control
ADM Add/Drop-Multiplexer
ADM Aggregate Data Manager
ADM Application Development Modul
ADM Arrow Diagram Method
ADM Asynchronous Disconnected Mode
ADM Automatic Drive Maintenance
ADMACS Apple Document Management And Control System
ADMD Administrative/Administration Management Domain (X.400)
ADO ActiveX Data Object
ADP Administrative/Automatic Data Processing
ADP AOLserver Dynamic Pages
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADPCM Adaptive Delta/Differential Pulse Code Modulation/Modulator
ADR Address
ADR Advanced Digital Recording
ADR Architecture Decision Records
ADRC Adaptive Dynamic Range Coding
ADRD Automatic Data Rate Detection
ADRES Automatic Dynamic Range Expansion System
ADS Active Directory Service
ADS Aktiver Diagnose-Stecker
ADS Alternate Data Stream
ADS Application Development Solutions/System
ADS AutoCAD Development System
ADS Automated Data Service
ADS Automatic Distribution System
ADSC Address Status Changed
ADSC Adobe Document Structuring Conventions
ADSI Active/Advanced Directory Service Interface
ADSI Analog Display Services Interface
ADSL Asymmetric(al) Digital Subscriber Line/Loop
ADSM Adstar Distributed Storage Manager (IBM)
ADSP AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
ADSP Author Domain Signing Practices
ADSR Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
ADT Abrechnungsdatenträger
ADT Abstrakter Datentyp
ADT Advanced DRAM Technology
ADT Application Data Type
ADTV Advanced Definition Television
ADU Automatic Dialing Unit
ADVISE Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement
ADX Automatic Data Exchange
ADXVERZ Amtliches Verzeichnis der DATEX-Teilnehmer
AE Above or Equal
AE Application Entity
AEB Analogue Expansion Bus
AEC Architectural and Engineering Construction
AEC Ars Electronica Center
AEC Availability Environment Classification
AECG Advanced Embedded Codes Gateway
AED Abfrageeinrichtung für Datenverkehr
AEEC Airlines Engineering Electronics Committee
AEG Allgemeine Electricitäts-Gesellschaft
AEH Advanced Encapsulated Hypertext
AEI Additional Equipment Interface
AEIOUS Advanced Enhanced Interface for Open Universal Systems
AEM Acoustic Emission Monitoring
AEM Asynchronous Event Mechanism
AEM Automatic Emulation Management
AEMS Automated Energy Management System
AEN Acknowledgment Error Notification
AEP AppleTalk Echo Protocol
AEP Application Environment Profile (Posix)
AEPD Agencia Espanola de Proteccion de Datos
AER Advanced Error Reporting
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AES Application Environment Specification/Services
AESNI AES-NI: Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions
AET Abstract Window Toolkit
AET Advanced Educational Technology
AET Application Entity Title
AF Advanced Format (harddisk technology)
AF Alternative/Audio Frequency
AF Anzunehmender Fehler
AF Auxiliary Carry Flag
AFA Accelerated File Access
AFA Association des Fournisseurs d'Acces et de Services Internet
AFAIAA As Far As I Am Aware (Slang)
AFAIC As Far As I am Concerned (Slang)
AFAIK As Far As I Know (Slang)
AFAIKT As Far As I Know Today (Slang)
AFAIR As Far As I Remember (Slang)
AFB Adobe Font Binary
AFC Antiferro-magnetically Coupled (media)
AFC Automatic Font Change
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AFCCU Advanced Function Common Control Unit
AFD Advanced Format Drive
AFD Afd: Article for deletion (Wikipedia)
AFD Automatic File Distribution
AFDM Advanced Fluid Dynamics Model
AFDW Active Framework for Data Warehousing
AFDX Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet
AFE Analog Front End
AFEXT Alien Far End Crosstalk
AFF Adaptive Feed Forward
AFFS Amiga Fast File System
AFH Adaptive Frequency Hopping
AFI Authority and Format Identifier
AFII Association for Font Information Interchange
AFIN Association Francaise des Informaticiens
AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societies
AFIRM Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match
AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFJ April Fool's Joke (Slang)
AFK Away From Keyboard (Slang)
AFM Adobe Font Manager/Metrics
AFM Audio Frequency Modulation
AFN American Forces Network
AFNIC Association Francaise pour le Nommage Internet en Cooperation
AFNOR Association Francaise de Normalisation
AFOD Angebot für Online-Dienste
AFP Advanced Flexible Processor
AFP Advanced Function Presentation/Printing
AFP Apple Filing Protocol
AFPL Aladdin Free Public License
AFR Alternate Frame Rendering
AFR Annualized Failure Rate
AFR Arndt-Ford-Roper Two-pole Fit
AFRINIC African Network Information Centre
AFS Advanced Freephone Service
AFS Alex/Andrew/Advanced File System
AFSK Audio Frequency Shift Keyer/Keying (Modulation)
AFT Adapter Fault Tolerance
AFT Advanced Format Technology
AFTEL Association Francaise de la Telematique Multimedia
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AFTP Anonymous FTP (Internet)
AFU Afu: Amateurfunk
AFUG AFuG: Amateurfunkgesetz
AFUL Association francophone des utilisateurs de Linux et des logiciels libres
AFUU Association Franc{c}aise des Utilisateurs d'UNIX
AFUUSO Association Franc{c}aise des Utilisateurs d'UNIX et des Systemes Ouverts
AFUV AFuV: Amateurfunkverordnung
AG Alternating Gradient
AGA Advanced Graphics Adapter/Architecture
AGAF Arbeitsgemeinschaft Amateurfunkfernsehen
AGB Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGCH Access Grant Channel
AGCS Advanced Graphic Chip Set
AGCW Arbeitsgemeinschaft CW
AGDX Arbeitsgemeinschaft DX e. V., Erlangen
AGE Automatische Gebührenerfassung
ADF Assume Good Faith (Wikipedia(
ADN Aircraft Data Network
AGFMB Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Mailboxen
AGFPL Aladdin Ghostscript Free Public License
AGI Artificial General Intelligence
AGI Asterisk Gateway Interface
AGL Adobe Glyph List
AGN Assurable Global Network
AGNES Automatisches GPS-Netz Schweiz
AGOF Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
AGP Advanced Graphics Package (HP)
AGPL Affero General Public License (GNU)
AGPS Assisted Global Positioning System
AGRAS Antiglare Antireflective Antistatic
AGS Aggregation Switch
AGU Address Generation Unit
AGUI Advanced Graphical User Interface
AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle
AH Authentication Header
AHB Advanced High Performance Bus
AHC Advanced High Speed CMOS
AHCI Advanced Host Controller Interface
AHDL Altera Hardware Description Language
AHRA Audio Home Recording Act
AHREF Anchor Hypertext Reference
AHT Apple Hardware Test
AHV Angular Head Velocity
AI Adobe Illustrator
AI Analogue Input
AI Artificial Intelligence
AI Active Interface
AIA Abkommen über den automatischen Informationsaustausch in Steuersachen (CH, EU)
AIA Application Integrated Architecture (DEC)
AIC Advanced Interrupt Controller
AIC AIX Windows Interface Composer
AID Alarm Identification on Demand
AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
AIDS Activity Information Data System
AIDS Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System
AIDS Automatic Installation and Diagnostic Service
AIFC Audio Interchange Format Compressed
AIFF Adobe/Audio Interchange File Format
AII Active Input Interface
AII Attachement Individual Identifier
AIIM Association for Information and Image Management
AIK Angewandte Informatik Karlsruhe e. V.
AIM Advanced Informatics
AIM AOL Instant Messenger
AIM Automatic Interface Management in Medicine
AIM Apple, Intel, Motorola
AIMB As I Mentioned Before (Slang)
AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
AIMM AGP In-line Memory Module
AIMS Advanced Information Management System
AIMS Apple Internet Mail Server
AIN Actor Identification Number
AIN Advanced Intelligent Network
AIN Auto Insert Notification
AIO All In One
AIO Annual Inspection + Overhaul
AIO Asynchronous Input Output
AIOD Automatic Identification of Outward Dialing
AIP Adaptive Internet Protocol
AIP Application Infrastructure Provider
AIP Archival Information Package
AIPS Astronomical Image Processing System
AIR Architecture Implementation Review
AIR Automated Image and Restore
AIS Account Information Security (Program)
AIS Administrative/Affiliate Information System
AIS Alarm Indication Signal/System
AIS Application Integration Services
AIS Artificial Immune System
AIS Audit Information System (SAP)
AIS Automated/Automatic Identification/Information System
AIS Autonomous Intelligent System
AISB Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
AISI As I See It (Slang)
AISP Account Information Service Provider
AISP Association of Information Systems Professionals
AIST (National Institute of) Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
AIST Advanced Information System Technology
AIST American Institute of Science and Technology
AIST Automatic Information Station
AIT Advanced Information Technology
AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape
AIUI As I Understand It (Slang)
AIW APPN Implementor's Workshop
AIX Advanced Interactive Executive (IBM)
AJAX Asynchronous Javascript And XML
AJC Anti-Jitter Circuit
AK Arbeitskreis
AKA Also Known As (Slang)
AKEP Arbeitskreis Elektronisches Publizieren (IG Digital)
AKF Autokorrelationsfunktion
AKI Arbeitskreis Informatik
AKL Agent Kernel Language
AKLS Automatisiertes (Kfz-)Kennzeichenlesesystem
AKS Arbeitskreis Schule (in der GUUG)
AKSIS Arbeitskreis Schutz von Infrastrukturen
AL Application Layer
AL Arbitrated Loop
AL Assembly Language
AL Aussagenlogik
ALA (Ethernet) Active Line Access
ALA American Library Association
ALAN Automobile Local Area Network
ALAT Advanced Load Address Table
ALB Adaptive Load Balancing
ALC Arithmetic and Logic Circuit
ALC Automatic Level Control
ALDC Advanced Lossless Data Compression
ALE Address Latch Enable
ALE Address Lifetime Expectancy
ALE Application Link Enabling
ALE Application Linking and Embedding
ALEC Alternative Local Exchange Carrier
ALEX A Lexical Programming Language
ALEX Advertising Link Exchange
ALEX Altlasten-Expertensystem
ALEX Automatic Login Executor
ALEX Automated/Automatic Labour Exchange
ALF Accurate positioning by Low Frequency
ALF Adaptive Loop Filter
ALG Application Level Gateway
ALGOL Algorithmic Language
ALI American Law Institute
ALI Automatic Link Intelligence
ALIBI Adaptive Location of Internetworked Bases of Inforamtion
ALICE Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
ALINK Active Link
ALIS Automatic Link Setup
ALIWEB Archie Like Indexing in the Web
ALLM Auto Low Latency Modus (TV)
ALM Application Lifecycle Management
ALM Application Loadable Modul
ALMA Algorithm Parallelization for Multicore Architectures
ALN Asynchronous Learning Network
ALOE Apple Library for Object Embedding
ALOS Auto LISP Object System
ALP Assembly Language Preprocessor
ALP Automatic Language Processing
ALPM Aggressive Link Power Management
ALRU Automatic Line Record Update
ALS Advanced Low Power Schottky
ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
ALSR AquaLogic Service Registry (BEA)
ALSR Automatic Low Speed Recovery
ALT Alternate
ALT Anti Leech Tracker
ALU Application Layer User
ALU Arithmetic Logic/Logical Unit
ALU Automatic Loading and Unloading
ALWR Arbeitskreis der Leiter Wissenschaftlicher Rechenzentren
AM Amplitudenmodulation
AM Anschlussmodul
AM Anwendungsmodul
AM Application Maintainer (Debian)
AMA Active Member Address/Addressing (Bluetooth)
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
AMANDDA Automated Messaging and Directory Assistance
AMASS Archival Management And Storage System
AMB Advanced Memory Buffer
AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
AMBW All My Best Wishes (Slang)
AMC Arbitration and Mediation Center
AMD Active Matrix Display
AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., USA
AMDD Agile Modelling Driven Development
AMDS Amplitude Modulation Data System
AME Advanced Metal Evaporated
AMF All Media Floppy
AMH Automated Materials Handling
AMI Alternate/Alternative Mark Inversion (Code)
AMI American Microsystems Inc.
AMI Application Messaging Interface
AMIC Advertising Media Internet Center
AMIC Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
AMIC AMI-C: Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration/Consortium
AMIC Apple Memory-mapped I/O Controller
AML ACPI Machine Language
AML Acronym Master List
AML Analog Multi-Line Carrier
AMLCD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AMMA Advanced Memory Management Architecture
AMO Administration and Maintenance Order
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google)
AMP Advanced Metal Powder
AMP Asymmetric/Asynchronous Multi Processing
AMP Audio MPEG Player
AMPL A Mathematical Programming Language
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service/System
AMQP Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
AMR Adaptive Mesh Refinement
AMR Adaptive Multi Rate (Audio Codec)
AMR Anisotropic Magnetoresistance
AMR Audio Modem Riser
AMRA Ants-based Mobile Routing Architecture
AMRIS Adhoc Multicast Routing Protocol Utilizing Increasing ID-Numbers
AMRR Adaptive Multi Rate Retry
AMS American Mathematical Society
AMS Andrew Message System
AMT Active Management Technology (Intel)
AMT Apple Media Toolkit
AMTC Advanced Mask Technology Center
AMTC aMTC: Asymptotic Multiple Turbo Coding
AMTEC Ausstellung für Amateurfunktechnik, Elektronik, Computer
AMTOR Amateur Microcomputer Teleprinting Over Radio
AMVER Atlantic/Automatic Merchant Vessel (Emergency) Reporting System
AMVER Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
AMX Abgesetzter Multiplexer
AMX Application Server Management Extensions
AMX Automatic Message Exchange
AN Access Network
AN Accession/Associated Number
ANAC Automatic Number Announcement Circuit
ANARC Association of North American Radio Clubs
ANC Active Noise Cancelling
ANDF Architecture Neutral Distribution Format
ANEXT Alien Near End Crosstalk
ANF Additional Network Feature
ANF Algebraic Normal Form
ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different (Slang)
ANG Animated Network Graphics (APNG)
ANG Area News Group
ANI Automatic Number Identification (Telefon)
ANIS Analoger Anschluss an einer ISDN-Vermittlungsstelle
ANK Alphanumeric Keyboard
ANK ankommend
ANL Argonne National Laboratory, USA
ANL Automatic Noise Limiter
ANN Artificial Neural Network
ANOVA Analysis Of Variance (univariate Varianzanalyse)
ANP Advanced Network Processor
ANP Analysis of Patterns
ANP Analytic Network Process
ANP Assistant Numerique Personnel
ANP Automatic Numbering Plan
ANR Advanced/Automatic Network Routing
ANR Artikelnamensraum (Wikipedia)
ANRS Automatic Noise Reduction System
ANS Access Network System
ANS Advanced Networking Services (Intel)
ANS American National Standard
ANSA Advances Network Systems Architecture
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANT Access/Advanced Network Transport/Technology
ANT Active/Application Name Table
ANT ADSL/Analogue Network Terminator
ANT Advanced Net/Networking Tools
ANT Advanced/Applied Network Technology
ANT Advanced Networking and Telecommunication
ANT Algorithmic Noise Tolerance
ANT Algorithmic Number Theory
ANT Analysis of Network Traffic
ANT Another Neat Tool
ANT Antenna
ANTC Advanced Networking Test Center
ANTIOPE Aquisition Numerique et Televisualisition d'Images Organisees en Page d'Ecriture
ANTLR Another Tool for Language Recognition
ANW International Academic Networking Workshop
ANWZPVV AnwZpvV: Anwendungszeitpunktverschiebungsverordnung
AO Analogue Output
AOA AoA: Angle of Arrival
AOAC Always On, Always Connected
AOC Abnormal Operating Condition
AOC ADSL Overhead Control
AOC Advice Of Charge
AOCE Apple Open Collaboration Environment
AOD Advanced Optical Disc
AOD Audio On Demand
AODBS Aspect Oriented Database System
AODI Always On Dynamic ISDN
AODV Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (routing)
AOE Application Operating Environment (AT+T)
AOE ATA over Ethernet
AOI Active Output Interface
AOL America Online, Inc.
AOM Annual Operating + Maintenance (cost)
AOP Aspect Oriented Programming
AOR Atlantic Ocean Region
AOS Add Or Subtract
AOS Advanced Operating System
AOSD Aspect Oriented Software Development
AOSE Agent Oriented Software Engineering
AOSS AirStation One-touch Secure System
AOT Absolutely Off Topic (News)
AOT Ahead Of Time (compilation)
AOT Application Object Template/Tree
AOW Asia and Oceania Workshop (OSI)
AP Access Point
AP Adjunct/Application Processor
AP Advanced Performance
AP Application/Adjunct Process/Processor/Program
AP Auf Putz (on-wall)
AP Automatic Pagination
APA Adaptive Packet Assembly
APA All Points Addressable
APA Arithmetic Processing Accelerator
APA Amateur Press Association
APAA Aggressive Packet Adaptive Assembly
APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report (IBM)
APAREN Address Parity Enable
APART Automated Packet Recognition/Translation
APB Advanced Peripheral Bus
APC Android Personal Computer
APC Application Protocol
APC Association for Progressive Communications
APC Arbeitsplatzcomputer
APC Airborne Public Correspondence
APC Automated Production Protocol
APCUG Association of PC Users Groups
APD Areal Power Density
APDA Apple Programmers and Developers Association
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
APE Abgesetzte Periphere Einheit
APE Adaptable Persistence Engine
APEI ACPI Platform Error Interface
APEX Advanced Packet Exchange
APEX Application Exchange
APF Active Port Forwarding
APFS Apple File System
APG Automated Password Generator
API Application Program/Programming Interface
APIA Application Program Interface Association
APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupto Controller
APID Anchor Point Identifier
APID Application Process Identifier
APID Audio Packet Identification/Identifier
APIM ATM Interface Port Module
APIPA Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
APK Android Package
APL A Programming Language
APL Abschlusspunkt des Liniennetzes
APL Advanced Programming Languages
APL Apple/Arphic Public License
APL Application Program Library
APL Application/Automatic Programming Language
APL Average Path Length
APL2 A Programming Language 2 (IBM)
APM Advanced Power Management
APN Access Point Name
APN Actual Private Network
APNG Animated Portable Network Graphics
APNIC Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
APO Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP)
APOL Alternate Person On Line (Slang)
APON ATM Optical Passive Network
APOP Authenticated Post Office Protocol
APP Application Portability Profile
APP Automatic Page Positioning
APPC Advanced Program to Program Communication/Converter (IBM)
APPI Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking
APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Network/Networking (IBM)
APR Access Point Roaming
APR Acoustic Pulse Recognition
APR Apache Portable Runtime (layer, library)
APRIL Active/Passive Radio Interference Lock
APRIL Adaptive Photonic Reflection by Inverted Light
APRIL Advanced Power Recycling by Integrated Logic
APRIL Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link
APRIL Association for Promotion and Research in Linux
APRIL Association pour la Promotion et la Recherche en Informatique libre
APRP Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing
APRS Automatic Packet/Position Report/Reporting System
APS Active Pixel Sensor
APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling
APS Advanced Printing/Production/Photo System
APS Array Processing System
APS Asynchronous Protocol Specification
APS Automatic Position Select
APS Asynchronous Protocol Specification
APS Auto Pilot System
APS Assembly Programming System
APSE Ada Programming/Project Support Environment
APSL Apple Public Source License
APSN Atlantic Packet Satellite Network
APT Address Pass Through
APT Adobe Postscript Point
APT Advanced Package Tool
APT Advanced Parallel Technology
APT Advanced Persistent Threat
APT Almost Plain Text
APT Application Program Title
APT Automatically Programmed Tools
APTX APT-X: Audio Processing Technologies Extended
APU Accelerated/Attached Processing Unit
APWG Anti Phishing Working Group
AQL A Query Language
AQL Acceptable Quality Level
AQM Active Queue Management
AR Access Router
AR Accurate Recording
AR Artificial Reality
AR Aspect Ratio
AR Augmented Reality
ARA Apple/AppleTalk Remote Access
ARAG Antireflective Antiglare
ARAP Apple Remote Access Protocol
ARAS Antireflective Antistatic
ARB Adaptive Rate Based
ARB Architectural/Architecture Review Board
ARC Acceptable Risk Calculator
ARC Acoustic Resonance Control
ARC Adaptive Replacement Cache
ARC Advanced RISC Computing
ARC (Google) App Runtime for Chrome
ARC Audio Return Channel
ARC Authenticated Received Chain
ARC Automatic Reference Counting
ARCA Advanced RISC Computing Architecture
ARCEP Autorite de Regulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes, France
ARCNET Attached Resource Computer/Computing Network
ARD Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bunmdesrepublik Deutschland
ARD Apple Remote Desktop
ARDF Amateur Radio Direction Finding
ARES Annuaire Recherche Enseignement Superieur
ARF Abuse Reporting Format
ARI Autofahrer Rundfunk Information
ARIB Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, Japan
ARIEL Analysing and Reporting on the Implementation of Electronic Learning in Europe
ARIEL Automated Realtime Investment Exchange Limit
ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers
ARIS Architecture of Integrated Information Systems
ARJ Admission Reject
ARL Adjusted Ring Length
ARL Association of Research Liberaries, USA
ARL Authority Revocation List
ARLL Advanced Run Length Limited
ARM Account Resource Management
ARM Acorn/Advanced RISC Machine (ARM1, ARM2 ... ARM11)
ARM Administrator's Reference Manual
ARM Advanced RISC Machine
ARM Annotated Reference Manual
ARM Application Response Measurment
ARM Arpanet Reference Model
ARM Asynchronous Response Mode
ARMA Association of Records Managers and Administrators, USA
ARMM Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation
ARMS Architecture for Reliable Managed Storage
ARNE Automated Remote Network Evaluation
ARNS AppleTalk Remote Network Server
AROM Associative Read Only Memory
ARP Adaptive Routing Protocol
ARP Address Resolution Protocol (Internet)
ARPA Address and Routing Parameter Area (DNS)
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency, USA
ARPA Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, USA
ARPL Adjust Requested Privilege Level
ARPU Average Revenue Per Unit/User
ARQ Admission Request
ARQ Automatic Repeat Request
ARR Almost Ready to Run
ARR Annual Return Rate
ARR Automatic Repeat/Retransmission Request
ARRL American Radio Relay League
ARS Activity Reporting System
ARS Adaptive Rate System
ARS Address Retrieval System
ARS Atomic Resolution Storage
ARS Automatic Route Selection
ARSB Automated Repair Service Bureau
ART Adaptive Reasoning Technology
ART Android Runtime
ART Another Ray Tracer
ART Autorite de Regulation des Telecommunications
ARTA Apple Real Time Architecture
ARTIC A Real-Time Interface Coprocessor (IBM)
ARTOB Amateur Radio Translator on Balloon
ARTS Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server
ARTSD Analog Real Time Synthesizer Daemon
ARTT Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal
ARU Audio Response Unit
ARX Adaptive Resource Switch
ARX AutoCAD Runtime Extension
AS Abstract Syntax
AS Anschlusssatz
AS Application System (IBM)
AS Authentication Server/Service
AS Autonomous System
AS2 ActionScript 2 (Adobe)
AS2 Applicability Statement 2
AS3AP ANSI SQL Standard Scalable and Portable
ASA American Standards Association
ASA Advanced SCSI Architecture
ASA Adaptive Security Algorithm
ASAI Adjunct Switch Application Interface
ASAM Arbeitskreis zur Standardisierung von Automatisierungs- und Messsystemen
ASAP As Soon As Possible (Slang)
ASAP Automatic Switching And Processing
ASB Advanced System Buffering/Bus
ASB Alarm-Signal-Bearbeitung
ASC Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI)
ASC Anti-Spyware Coalition
ASC Auditor Security Collection
ASC Authorized Service/Support Center
ASCC Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (IBM)
ASCI Accelerated/Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCIIZ ASCII String, Zero Terminated
ASCOM Asynchronous Communication Control Program
ASD Adaptive Software Development
ASD Application Structure Database
ASD Automatic Skip Driver
ASDF Another System Definition Facility
ASDF Association of Synchronous Data Formats
ASDF Average Squared Difference Function
ASE Advanced Server Environment
ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emission
ASEA Allmänna Svenska Electricitets-Aktiebolag, Schweden
ASF Active Movie Streaming Format
ASF Active/Advanced Streaming Format
ASF Advanced Synchronization Facility
ASF Apache Software Foundation
ASF Aspect Source Flag
ASH Active Session History
ASH Amplifier Sequenced Hybrid
ASH Application Session Handoff
ASH Array Session Handle
ASI Adapter Support Interface (IBM)
ASI Alarm-Signal-Initialisierung
ASI Application Specific Instruction
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIN Amazon Standard Identification Number
ASIO Audio Stream Input Output
ASIP Application Specific Instruction Set Processor
ASIS Ada Semantic Interface Specification
ASIS American Society for Industrial Security
ASIS American Society for Information Science
ASIT Advanced Security and Identification Technology
ASK Akademische Software Kooperation, Karlsruhe
ASK Amplitude Shift Keying
ASL ACPI (Control Method) Source Language
ASL Adaptive Speed Levelling
ASL Architectural Space Laboratory, Zürich
ASLM Apple Shared Library Manager
ASLMX Anschlussleitung-Multiplexer
ASLR Address Space Layout Randomization
ASM Abstract State Machine
ASM Any Source Multicast
ASM Application Specific Memory
ASM Automated Storage Management
ASMP Asymmetric Multi Processing
ASN Abstract Syntax Notation
ASN Access Stack Node
ASN Autonomous System Number
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One (ISO, CCITT)
ASO Active Sideband Optimum
ASO Address Supporting Organization (ICANN)
ASO Arbitrary Slice Ordering
ASO Automated Systems Operation
ASP Active Server Page/Pages
ASP Advanced Signal Processor
ASP Advanced Simple Profile
ASP Allegiance Site License Program
ASP AppleTalk Session Protocol
ASP Application Service Provider
ASP Association of Shareware Professionals
ASP Attached Support Processor
ASP Authorized Service Provider/Providing
ASPEC Adaptive Spectral Perceptual Entropy Encoding
ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
ASPM Active State Power Management
ASPS Advanced Signal Processing System
ASQ Automated Software Quality
ASR Ada Software Repository
ASR Address Space Register
ASR Automatic Send Receive
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition
ASR Automatic System Recovery
ASRG Anti-SPAM Research Group (IRTF)
ASRG ARC Standard Raster Graphics
ASRO Asociata de Standardizare din Romania
ASS Aural Style Sheet
AST Anwendungsschnittstelle
ASTA Anti Spam Technical Alliance
ASTAB Asychronous Status Board
ASTRA Association Tunesienne des Radio Amateurs
ASU Asynchron/Synchron-Umsetzer
ASUG America's SAP Users' Group
ASURO Another Small and Unique Robot from Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
ASV Advanced Super View
ASX Advanced Streaming Extended (Microsoft)
ASX Auxiliary Switch Exchange
AT Advanced/Assistive Technology
AT Asset Tracking
AT Atomic Time
AT Attention (Hayes)
AT Attenuator
ATA Analog Telefon/Terminal Adapter
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment (Interface)
ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATB All Trunks Busy
ATC Adaptive Transform Coding
ATC Address Translation Cache
ATC Advanced Teaching Competencies
ATC Advanced Transfer Cache
ATC Application Transaction Counter
ATC ATM Transfer Capability
ATCA Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture
ATCP AppleTalk Control Protocol
ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
ATDMA Advanced/Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
ATDP Attention Dial Pulse (Hayes)
ATDT Attention Dial Tone (Hayes)
ATE Automated/Automatic Test/Testing Equipment
ATF Automatic Track Finding/Following
ATF Asynchronous Transfer
ATFSM Ask The Friendly System Manager (Slang)
ATH Abbreviated Trouble History
ATH Attention Hangup (Hayes)
ATI Advanced/Applied Technology Institute
ATI Agence Tunisienne d'Internet
ATI Application Template Interface
ATI Array Technologies Incorporated, Canada
ATI Automatic Transaction Initiation
ATIM Ad-hoc Traffic Indication Map/Message
ATIP Absolute Time In Pregroove
ATIS A Tools Integration Standard
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATIS Automatic Transmitter Identification System
ATK Andrew Toolkit
ATKIS Amtliches Topographisch-Kartographisches Informationssystem
ATL Active Template Library
ATL Automatic Tape Library
ATLAS Abreviated Test Language for All Systems
ATM Adobe Type/Typeface Manager
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM At The Moment (Slang)
ATM Automated/Automatic Teller Machine
ATMARP ATM Address Resolution Protocol
ATM-CC ATM Crossconnect
ATMP Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
ATN A-Teilnehmer
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
ATO Assemble/Assembly To Order
ATOM Advanced Terminal for Operation and Maintenance
ATP Acceptance Test Procedure
ATP Adaptive Tolerant Protocol
ATP Anti Theft Protection
ATP AppleTalk Transaction Protocol
ATPS AppleTalk Printing Services
ATR Answer To Reset
ATR Attribute
ATR Automatic Terminal Recognition
ATRAC Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
ATRC Adaptive Technology Resource Center, U. of Toronto
ATS Administrative Terminal System
ATS Advanced Training Solution
ATS Apple Terminal Services
ATS Author Title Subject
ATS Automatic Transfer Switch
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
ATST At The Same Time (Slang)
AT+T American Telephone and Telegraph
ATT Attenuator
ATT At This Time (Slang)
ATTC Advanced Television Test Center, USA
ATV Advanced/Amateur Television
ATX Advanced Technology Extended
AU Administrative/Arithmetic/Access Unit
AUA Architecture Unifiee d'Applications
AUC Authentication/Authority Centre
AUDIT Automated/Automatic Data Input Terminal
AUE Andrew User Environment
AUF Are You Flirting (Slang)
AUG Apollo/Arcnet User Group
AUGE Apple User Group Europe
AUI Archiver User Interface
AUI Attached/Attachment Unit/Universal Interface (Ethernet)
AUIS Andrew User Interface System
AUP Acceptable/Appropriate Use Policy (Internet)
AUTEX Automatische Telex- und Teletexauskunft der DBP
AUX Auxiliary
AV Antivirus
AV audio-visuell, Audio-Video
AV Authenticity Verification
AVA Audio Visual Authoring (IBM)
AVA Anruf-Variante
AVA Attribute Value Assertion
AVC Access Vector Cache
AVC Advanced Video Coding
AVC Application View Controller
AVC Audio Visual Connection
AVC Automatic Volume Control
AVC Audio Visual Connection (IBM)
AVCD Audio Visual Computer Display
AVCHD Advanced Video Codec High Definition
AVCTP Audio Video Control Transport Protocol (Bluetooth)
AVD Alternate Voice or Data
AVDTP Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol (Bluetooth)
AVERT Antivirus Emergency Response Team (NAI)
AVERZTXTTX Amtliches Telex- und Teletexverzeichnis der DBP
AVG Average
AVI Audio Video/Visual Interleave/Interleaved (Microsoft)
AVI Audiovisuelle Integration
AVI Advanced Visual Interface
AVIA Architecture for Virtual Interfaces for Applications
AVK Application Verification Kit
AVK Audio-Video Kernel
AVL Adelson-Velskij, Landis (-Baum)
AVM Astronomy Visualization Metadata
AVN Adobe Virtual Network
AVON Amtliches Verzeichnis der Ortsnetze
AVP Attribute Value Pair
AVR Automatic Voice Recognition
AVRCP Audio Video Remote Control Profile (Bluetooth)
AVS Advanced Visual System
AVS Altersverifikationssystem
AVS Application Visualization System (IBM)
AVSM Audio-Visual Storage Manager
AVSP Advanced Video Signal Processor
AVSS Audio-Video Subsystem Software
AVVID Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (Cisco)
AVX Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel)
AW Answer, Antwort
AWA A While Ago (Slang)
AWADO Automatischer Wechselschalter in der Anschlussdose
AWB A While Back (Slang)
AWC Association of Women in Computing
AWCG Add With Carry (random number) Generator
AWD Automatische Wähleinrichtung für Datenverbindungen
AWE Address Windowing Extension (Microsoft)
AWE Advanced Workstation Environment
AWF Ausbildung, Weiterbildung, Fortbildung
AWG American Wire Gauge
AWGN Additive White Gaussian Noise
AWGTHTGTTA Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again? (Slang)
AWHFY Are We Having Fun Yet? (Slang)
AWL Anweisungsliste (DIN 19239)
AWL Auswahl-Logik
AWL Auto Whitelist
AWS Administrative Workstation
AWS Advanced Workstations and Systems (group) (IBM)
AWS Amazon Web Services
AWS Anrufweiterschaltung
AWS Anwendungssoftware
AWS Apple Workgroup Server
AWT Abstract/Advanced Window/Windowing Toolkit
AWU Auto Wake Up
AX Automatic Transmission
AXE Applications Execution Environment
AXI Ada X Interface
AXI Advanced Extensible Interface (AMBA)
AXP Application Extension Platform (Cisco)
AXTLK Alien Crosstalk
AXU Application Specific Execution Unit
AYOR At Your Own Risc (Slang)
AYST Are You Still There? (Slang)
AZ Automatische Zusammenfassung (Wikipedia)
AZ Azimut
AZB Anzeige-Befehl
AZK Azk: Abzweigkasten


B Basic, Binary, Bit, Block, British, Bus, Business, Byte
B Backward
B Bandwidth
B2B Business To Business
B2C Business To Consumer
B2E Business To Employee
B2P Business To Private
B4 Before (Slang)
B4N Bye For Now (Slang)
B5E Big Five Eyes
BA Basisanschluss
BA Building Automation
BA Busankoppler
BAAS BaAs: Basisanschluss
BAC Balanced Asynchronous Class
BAC Basic Access Control
BACP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BAD Broken As Designed
BAG Buchhändlerische Abrechnungsgesellschaft
BAI Basic Rate Interface
BAK Back At Keyboard (Slang)
BAK Backup
BAK Binary Adaption Kit (Microsoft)
BAKT Basisanschlusskonzentrator
BAL Basic Assembly Language
BALUN Balanced Unbalanced (transformator)
BAM Berkeley Abstract Machine
BAM Block Availability Map
BAM Boyan Action Module
BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung, Berlin
BAN Body Area Network
BAO Business Analytics and Optimization (IBM)
BAP Bandwidth Allocation Protocol
BAPI Biometric Application Program Interface
BAPI Business Application Programming Interface
BAPT Bundesamt Post und Telekommunikation, Mainz
BARRNET Bay Area Regional Research Network
BARTS Bell Atlantic Regional Timesharing
BAS Bild-Austast-Synchron(-Signal)
BAS Bitrate Allocation Signal
BAS Btx Anwendungsschnittstelle
BASH Bourne Again Shell
BASIC Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASIS Battelle Automated Search Information System
BASM Built-In Assembler
BAT Baby AT Board
BAT Basic Assurance Test
BAT Block Address Translation
BAT Bouquet Association Table
BATC Block Address Translation Cache
BATMAN B.A.T.M.A.N.: Better Approach To Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking
BATV Bounce Address Tag Validation
BAW Before Abraham Was (Slang)
BAW Bells And Whistles (superfluous features)
BAW Black America Web
BAZ Belegauswertung von Zahlungsvorgängen
BB Bandwidth Broker
BB Base Band
BB beschränkt balanciert (Baum)
BBAE Breitband-Anschluss-Einheit (DSL-Splitter)
BBAN Basic Bank Account Number
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BBCI Berlin Brain/Bregen Computer Interface
BBE Bogus Boss Email
BBK Basic/Business Bookkeeping
BBK Be Back Ok? (Slang)
BBK Berkom Berliner Kommunikationssystem
BBK Berliner Bibliothekswissenschaftliches Kolloquium
BBK Birkbeck University of London
BBK Breitbandkabel
BBK Broadcast Block
BBK Buchführung, Bilanzierung, Kostenrechnung
BBL Be Back Later (Slang)
BBN Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc., Cambridge, Mass. (Internet)
BBNS Broadband Network Services
BBP Break-backward Protection
BBR Backbone Ring
BBR Burnt Beyond Recognition (Slang)
BBRA Bad Block Relocation Area
BBS Band-Betriebssystem
BBS BIOS Boot Select/Specification
BBS Bulletin Board System
BBU Battery Backup Unit
BC Battery Charging
BC Begin Chain
BC Broadcasting
BC Burst Count
BC Business Class
BC Bytecode
BCA Burst Cutting Area
BCAM Basic Communication Access Method
BCC Blind Carbon Copy
BCC Block Check/Checking Character
BCCH Broadcast Control Channel
BCD Barcode Decal
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BCE Bell Canada Enterprises
BCF Bandwidth Change Confirmation
BCFSK Binary Coded Frequency Shift Keying
BCG Business Conduct Guidelines (IBM)
BCH Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (Code)
BCH Bundesverband Computerhersteller e. V., Böblingen
BCI Batibus Club International
BCI Brain Computer Interface
BCI Broadcast Interference
BCIX B-CIX: Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange
BCIX British Columbia Internet Exchange
BCJ Bachelor of Communication and Journalism
BCJ Borland Compiler for Java
BCL Base Class Libraries
BCL Batch Command Language
BCL Broadcast Listener
BCLK Bus Clock
BCM Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
BCM Back Channel Message
BCM Basic Call/Connection Management/Manager
BCM Basic Computing Module
BCM Basic Control Monitor
BCM Battery/Bound Control Module
BCM Binary Coded Matrix
BCM Bit Clock Model
BCM Bit Compression Multiplexer
BCM Block Coded Modualtion
BCM Broadcast Manager (IBM)
BCM Bus Converter Module
BCN Beacon
BCNF Boyce Codd Normal Form
BCNU Be Seeing You (Slang)
BCP Best Current Practice
BCP Binary Control Protocol (Adobe)
BCP Bridging/Byte Control Protocol
BCP Bulk Copy Program
BCPL Basic Computer/Combined Programming Language
BCR Byte Count Register
BCS Bar Code Sorter
BCS BASF Computer Services
BCS Black Check Sequence
BCS Boeing Computer Services
BCS British Computer Society
BCTS Backup Courier Time Server
BCU Balanced Configuration Unit
BD Blu-ray Disc
BDA BIOS Data Area
BDA Blu-ray Disc Association
BDA Broadcast Driver Architecture
BDB Berkeley Database
BDB Bidirectional Data Buffer
BDB Bounded-delay-encodable Block-decodable
BDB British Digital Broadcasting
BDC Backup Domain Controller
BDD Behaviour Driven Development
BDD Business Desktop Deployment
BDE Betriebsdatenerfassung
BDE BitLocker Drive Encryption
BDE Borland Database Engine
BDF Binary Distribution Format
BDF Bitmap Description/Display Format
BDF Bitmap Distribution Format (Adobe)
BDH Bilinear Diffie-Hellman (problem, assumption)
BDJ BD-J: Blu-ray Disc Java
BDK Beans Development Kit (Java)
BDLC Burroughs Data Link Control
BDLS Bidirectional Loop Switching
BDMV Blu-ray Disc Movie (Information File)
BDO Bidrectional Overwrite
BDOS Basic Disk Operating System
BDP Bandwidth Delay Product
BDPP Biometric Device Protection Profile
BDR Beowulf Design Rules
BDR BD-R: Blu-Ray Disc Recordable (once)
BDR Bus Device Request
BDRE BD-RE: Blu-ray Disc Recordable (multiple times)
BDRW BD-RW: Blu-ray Disc Rewritable
BDSC Britisch Document Supply Center
BDSG Bundesdatenschutzgesetz
BDSL Broadband Digital Subscriber Line
BDU Brain Dead User (Slang)
BE Below or Equal
BE Beschaltungseinheit
BE Betriebserde (signal ground)
BE Burst Error
BE Bus Encryption
BEA beA: besonderes elektronisches Anwaltspostfach
BEA Bond Energy Algorithm
BEA Building Eucational Applications (workgroup)
BEA Business Enterprise Architecture
BEAST Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS
BEB Binary Exponential Backoff
BEC Business Email Compromise
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BECTA British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
BEDO Burst Extended Data Out (DRAM)
BEE Bertelsmann Electronic Edition
BEEP Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol
BEER Binary Error Exchange Rate
BEL Bell (ASCII-Zeichen Nr. 7)
BELLCORE Bell Communications Research, Inc.
BELUG Bellevue Linux Users Group
BEM Boundary Element Method
BEN Bestätigungsnummer
BEOS BeOS: Be Operating System (Be, Inc.)
BEP Bertelsmann Electronic Publishing
BER Basic Encoding Rules
BER Bit/Block Error Rate/Ratio
BEREC Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications
BERKOM Berliner Kommunikationssystem
BERT Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers
BERT Bit Error Rate Test/Tester
BES Blackberry Enterprise Service
BESYS Bell Operating System
BETC Between Chain
BEV Boot Entry Vector
BF Bad Flag
BF Boundary Function
B/F Background/Foreground
BFBI Brute Force and Bloody Ignorance (Slang)
BFDI Bundesbeauftragter für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
BFF Binary File Format
BFI Brute Force and Ignorance (Slang)
BFMI Brute Force and Massive Ignorance (Slang)
BFN British Forces Network
BFN Bye For Now (Slang)
BFO Beat Frequency Oscillator
BFQ Budget Fair Queueing
BFS Be File System (BeOS)
BFS Big File Scanner
BFS Bitfile Server
BFS (Unixware) Boot File System
BFS Brain Fuck Scheduler
BFS Breadth First Search
BFT Binary File Transfer
BFTP Batch/Background File Transfer Protocol
BFU Betriebsführungsumsetzer
BFU Brain Free User (Slang)
BFV Betriebs-Führungs-Vorfeldrechner
BFWA Broadband Fixed Wireless Access
BG Background
BG Big Grin (Slang)
BG Black Generation
BGA Ball Grid Array
BGE Branch if Greater or Equal
BGG Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz
BGI Borland's Graphics Interface
BGM Background Menu
BGMP Border Gateway Multicast Protocol
BGP Border Gateway Protocol (Internet)
BGP4 Border Gateway Protocol 4 (Internet)
BGR Baugruppenrahmen
BGT Branch if Greater Than
BGTR Baugruppenträger
BH Bottom Half
BH Branch and Hang
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts
BHI Branch if Higher
BHIS Branch if Higher or Same
BHLI Broadband High Level Information
BHMD Binocular Helmet Mounted Display
BHO Browser Helper Object
BHOF Bald Headed Old Fart (Slang)
BHP Bayerische Hacker-Post
BHT Branch History Table
BI Binary Input
BI Breidbart Index
BI Broadcast Invite
BI Business Intelligence
BIA Bump In the API
BIA Burned-in Address (MAC)
BIB Bus Interface Board
BIBOP Big Bag Of Pages
BIC Bank Identifier Code
BICI Broadband Inter Carrier Interface
BICS Beratungsstelle für informationstechnische Bildung und Computereinsatz in Schulen, Berlin
BICS Binnenvaart Informatie en Communicatie Systeem
BIDI Bidirectional
BIDS Broadband Internet Delivery System
BIENE Barrierefreies Internet eröffnet neue Einsichten (Wettbewerb)
BIFET Bipolar Field Effect Transistor
BIFF Binary Interchange File Format
BIFS Binary Format For Scenes
BIGFON Breitbandiges Integriertes Glasfaser-Fernmelde-Ortsnetz
BIKT Bundesverband Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie, Hamburg
BILLI Buried Implanted Layer for Lateral Isolation
BIM Begin of Information Marker
BIM Building Information Management/Modeling
BIMOS Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BIN Bachelor of Information Networking
BINAC Binary Automatic Computer
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BINHEX Binary Hexadecimal
BION Believe It Or Not (Slang)
BIOS Basic Input Output System
BIP Basic Imaging Profile (Bluetooth)
BIP Bit-Interleaved Parity
BIPM Bipartite Matching Code
BIPM Bureau International des Poids et Mesures
BIPS Billions Instructions Per Second
BIRT Business Intelligence (and) Reporting Technology/Tools
BIS Bibliotheks- und Informationssystem
BIS Blackberry Internet Service
BIS Boot Integrity Services
BIS Business Information System
BISDN Broadband/Breitband-ISDN
BIST Built-In Self Test
BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communication Protocol (IBM)
BIT Base Item Type
BIT Basic Interconnection Test
BIT Basic Interface Telephone
BIT Because It's Time (Network)
BIT Binary Digit
BIT Bipolar Integrated Technology
BIT Board of Information Technology
BIT Broadband Information Technology
BIT Broadband Internet Terminal
BIT Built-In Testing
BIT Business and Information Technology
BIT Business Internet Trends
BIT Bytecode Instrumenting Tool
BITD Back In The Day (Slang)
BITKOM Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und Neue Medien
BITNET Because It's Time Network (ein NJE-Netz)
BITNIC Bitnet Network Information Center
BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service
BITV Verordnung zur Schaffung barrierefreier Informationstechnik nach dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz
BIU Basic Information Unit
BIU Bus Interface Unit
BIW Business Intelligence Warehouse
BIX Byte Information Exchange (ein BBS)
BJ Backjumping
BJC Bubblejet Color
BK Bearbeitungskonflikt (Wikipedia)
BK Break In
BK Breitbandkabel/kommunikation
BK Bürokommunikation
BKH Bekennender Konsolen-/Kommandozeilen-Heini (Slang)
BKL Begriffsklärung (Wikipedia)
BKL Big Kernel Lock
BKLS Begriffsklärungsseite (Wikipedia)
BKS Bundesverband Kabel + Satellit
BKZ Bereichskennzahl (Datex, Btx)
BL Backlit
BL Betriebslenkung
BL Bit Line
BL Burst Length
BLA Bridged Line Appearance
BLACS Basic Linear Algebra Communication Routines
BLADE Basic Linear Algebra for Distributed Environments
BLAM Binary Logarithmic Arbitration Method
BLAS Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines
BLAST Bell Labs Layered Space Time
BLAST Blocked Asynchronous Transmission (Protocol)
BLC Beam Landing Correction
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
BLE Branch if Less or Equal
BLER Block Error Rate
BLERA Block Error Rate After Recording
BLERB Block Error Rate Before Recording
BLERT Block Error Rate Test
BLF Busy Lamp Field
BLI Business Logic Integration
BLK Betriebs-Lenkungs-Konzentrator
BLK Block
BLLI Broadband Low Level Information
BLM Bayerische Landeszentrale für Neue Medien, München
BLMC Buried Logic Macrocell
BLOB Binary Large Object
BLOC Brutto Lines Of Code
BLOG (short for:) Weblog, World Wide Web Logbook
BLOS Branch if Lower or Same
BLR Beacon-Less Routing
BLU Bildlizenz unbekannt (Wikipedia)
BM Backmarking
BM Bitonic Merge (Graph, Netz)
BM Burst Mode
BM Byte Me (Slang)
BMC Block Multiplex Channel
BMI Branch if Minus
BMIC Bus Master Interface Controller (Intel)
BMJ Backmarking with Backjumping
BML Bean Markup Language
BMP Basic Mapping Support
BMP Basic Multilingual Plane (Unicode)
BMP Batch Message Processing (Program)
BMP Bean-Managed Persistence (Java)
BMP Bitmap
BMPP Bulk Mail Preferences Protocol
BMPT Bundesministerium für Post- und Telekommunikation
BMS Broadcast Message Server
BMUG Berkeley MacIntosh Users Group
BMW Bandwidth Management Workshop (IEEE)
BMW Binary Moving Window
BNA Bundesnetzagentur
BNC Baby N Connector
BNC Bayonet Neill Concelman
BNC Bayonet Nut Coupling
BNC Brain Not Connected (Slang)
BNE Branch if Not Equal
BNEP Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol
BNF Backus-Naur Form
BNF Big Name Fan (Slang)
BNFSCD But Now For Something Completely Different (Slang)
BNI Before Next Interaction
BNK Betriebsführungs-Netzknoten
BNPF Begin Negative Positive Finish
BNR Benutzernamensraum (Wikipedia)
BNS Backbone Network Service
BNS Bitte nicht stören (Wikipedia)
BNS Broadband Network Services
BNU Basic Network/Networking Utilities (uucp)
BO Back Orifice
BO Binary Output
BO Bit Oxide (Garbage)
BOA Basic Object Adapter
BOART Bus Oriented Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
BOB BoB: Best of Blogs
BOB Box Of Bits
BOB Break-Out Box
BOC Basic Operator Console
BOC Bell Operating Company
BOD Bandwidth/Book On Demand
BOF Begin Of File
BOF Birds Of a Feather (Slang)
BOF Board of Fellows
BOFH Bastard Operator From Hell
BOFS Birds Of a Feather Session (Slang)
BOG BIND Operations Guide
BOI Balkan/Baltic Olympiad in Informatics
BOINC Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
BOM Basic Online Memory
BOM Begin Of Message/Media
BOM Bill Of Materials
BOM Business Object Model
BOM Byte Order Mark
BON Business Object Notation
BOND Bandwidth On Demand
BONT Broadband Optical Network Termination
BOOM Binocular Omni-Oriented/Orientation Monitor
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol (Internet)
BOP Begin Of Page/Partition
BOP Bit Oriented Protocol
BOPS Billion Operations Per Second
BOR Basic Output Report
BORE Broken Once Running Everywhere
BORQU Borland Quattro
BOS Basic Operating System
BOS Basic OverSeer (Server)
BOS Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben
BOS Bottom Of Stack
BOSS Bharat Operating System Solutions
BOSS BSI OSS Security Suite
BOSS Business Office Servicing System
BOT Back On Topic (Slang)
BOT Begin Of Tape/Table/Transaction
BP Bandpass
BP Base Pointer
BP Baseline Profile
BP Beacon Period
BP Breakpoint
BP Byte Position
BPB BIOS Parameter Block
BPD Bank-Parameter-Datei
BPD Border Protection Device
BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit
BPEL Business Process Execution Language
BPELJ Business Process Execution Language for Java
BPF Band Pass Filter
BPF Berkeley Packet Filter
BPF Best Practice Forum (Cybersecurity)
BPF Breakpoint Function
BPH Break Permitted Here
BPI bits per inch
BPJM Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien
BPL Bedienplatz
BPL Branch if Plus
BPL Broadband over Power Line
BPL Bugs Per Line
BPM Bundespostministerium
BPM Business Performance Management
BPM Business Process Management/Modelling
BPMN Business Process Modeling Notation
BPO Business Process Outsourcing
BPON Broadband Passive Optical Network
BPP Basic Printing Profile (Bluetooth)
BPP Binary Packing Problem
BPP Bits Per Pixel
BPP Bounded error, Probabilistic, Polynomial time
BPR Business Process Reengineering
BPS bits/bytes per second
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying
BPT Burst Performance Technology (Intel)
BPU Branch Prediction Unit
BQP Bounded error, Quantum, Polynomial time
BQS Berkeley Quality Software
BR Bad Register
BR Basic Rate
BR Bit Rate
BRAM Broadcast Recognizing Access Method
BRAS Broadband Remote Access Server
BRB Be Right Back (Slang)
BRD Blu-ray Disc
BRDF Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function
BRE Basic Regular Expression
BREAD Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete
BREP Boundary Representation
BRGC Binary Reflected Gray Code
BRI Basic Rate Interface (ISDN)
BRI Brain Response Interface
BRIM Bridge Router Interface Module
BRJ Bandwidth Change Reject
BRL Ballistics Research Laboratory
BRMS Backup and Recovery Media Service
BRMS Business Rules Management System
BRQ Bandwidth Change Request
BRS Bibliographic Retrieval System
BRS Big Red Switch (IBM PC)
BRS Break Request Signal
BRS Business Recovery Services (IBM)
BS Backspace
BS Base Station
BS Betriebssystem
BS Bitonic Sort (Graph)
BS Broadcast Satellite
BSA Bitstrom-Anschluss
BSA Business Software Alliance
BSAM Basic Sequential Access Method
BSB Blockate State Block
BSC Base Station Controller
BSC Binary Synchronous Communications
BSC Bisynchronous/Binary Synchronous Communication (IBM)
BSC Boyan Script
BSCW Basic Support for Cooperative Work
BSD Basic Standard Definiton
BSD Berkeley Software/Source/System Design/Distribution
BSDL Boundary Scan Description Language
BSEL Bus Frequency Select (Intel)
BSF Bean Scripting Framework (IBM)
BSF Bit Scan Forward
BSF But Seriously Folks (Slang)
BSG Bearer Service Group
BSG Big Sad/Silly/Smiling Grin (Slang)
BSI Back Side Illumination
BSI British Standards Institute
BSI Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
BSK BS/K: Basissystem Kunden (Swisscom)
BSK Binärer Symmetrischer Kanal
BSK Binary Shift Keying
BSK Board Software Kit
BSM Basic Storage Module
BSM Bracket State Manager
BSMTP Batch Simple Message Transfer Protocol
BSOD Blue Screen Of Death
BSON Binary JavaScript Object Notation
BSP Binary Space Partition/Partitioning
BSP Bug Squashing Party
BSP Bulk Synchronous Parallel (Processing)
BSP Byte Stream Protocol
BSR Betriebssystem für Reelle Speicher
BSR Bit Scan Reverse
BSR Board of Standards Review (ANSI)
BSRAM Burst Static Random Access Memory
BSS Base Station Subsystem
BSS Basic Service Set (WLAN)
BSS Blank Storage Space
BSS Blind Source Separation
BSS Block Started by Symbol
BSS Block Storage Segment
BSS Broadband Switching System
BSS Business Support System
BSSID Basic Service Set Identification/Identifier
BSSRDF Bidirectional Surface Scattering Reflectance Distribution Function
BST Binary Search Tree
BSU Basic Striping Unit
BSV Betriebssystem für Virtuelle Adressierung
BSY Busy
BSYNC Binary Synchronous Communications (Protocol)
BT BackTrack (Linux)
BT Bit Test
BT BitTorrent (Protocol, Software)
BT Bluetooth
BT British Telecom/Telecommunications
BT Burst Tolerance
BTA But Then Again (Slang)
BTAC Branch Target Address Cache
BTAIM Be That As It May (Slang)
BTAM Basic Telecommunication Access Method (IBM)
BTB Branch Target Buffer
BTC Bit Test and Complement
BTC Bitcoin
BTC Biting The Carpet (Slang)
BTC Broadband Transfer Capability
BTDT Been There Done That (Slang)
BTF Bidirectional Texture Function
BTHOM Beats The Hell Outta Me (Slang)
BTI Branch Target Injection
BTI British Telecom International
BTI Business Type Identifier
BTIC But Then, I'am Crazy (Slang)
BTK Back To Keyboard (Slang)
BTL Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTLE Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE)
BTMA Busy Tone Multiple Access
BTO Built To Order
BTP Banana Tree Protocol
BTP Batch Transfer Program
BTP Business Transaction Protocol
BTR Bit Test and Reset
BTRFS B-Tree File System
BTS Base Transceiver Station/System
BTS Bit Test and Set
BTS Bug Tracking System
BTSOOM Beats The Shit Out Of Me (Slang)
BTU Basic Transmission Unit
BTW By The Way (Slang)
BTX Balanced Technology Extended
BTX Bildschirmtext
BU Branch Unit
BUAF Big Ugly ASCII Font
BUAG Big Ugly ASCII Graphic
BUBL Bulletin Board for Libraries
BUCS Budgeting and Computing System
BUF Buffer
BUMS Broadband Unified Messaging System
BUP Backup (file)
BUP Buffer Underrun Protection
BUS Bild und Schrift
BUS Binary Utility System
BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server
BUSEC Boston University Security Group, USA
BUUG Belgian UNIX Users Group
BVB Bundesverband Informations- und Kommunikationssysteme
BVD Boot Volume Descriptor
BVDM Bundesverband Druck und Medien
BVDW Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft
BVH Base Video Handler
BVIT Bundesverband Informationstechnologien, Bonn
BVSE Bundesverband für Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung
BVSI Bundesverband der Selbständigen in der Informatik
BVV Bundesverband Audiovisuelle Medien
BW Bandwidth
BWA Broadband Wireless Access
BWF Broadcast Wave Format
BWIN Breitband Wissenschafts-Netz
BWM Block Write Mode
BWQ Buzz Word Quotient
BWSN Baden-Württembergisches Schulnetz
BWT Broadband Wireless Technology
BWT Burrows Wheeler Transformation
BYKT But You Knew That (Slang)
BYOD Bring Your Own Device
BYP Bypass
BZ Betriebszentrale
BZR Befehlzählregister
BZT Bundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation
BZV Bargeldloser/Belegorientierter Zahlungsverkehr
BZV Befristeter Zählervergleich
BZVD Beratungszentrum für Videokonferenzdienste, Dresden


C Cable, Central, Communication, Computer, Conference, Control
C0 ACPI CPU Power State C0: Operating
C1 ACPI CPU Power State C1: Halt
C2 ACPI CPU Power State C2: Stop-Clock
C2 Command and Control
C2C Consumer To Consumer
C2CC Car To Car Communication
C2D Character To Decimal
C2X Car to Everything (Communication)
C3 ACPI CPU Power State C3: Sleep
C3 Chaos Communication Congress
C3I Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence
C4 Command, Control, Communication + Computers
CA Cable
CA Call Agent
CA Cellular Automaton
CA Certification Authority
CA Collision Avoidance
CA Common Applications
CA Computer Animation
CA Computer Associates
CA Conditional Access
CAA Computer Aided Aging
CAA Computer Aided Assembling/Anthropometrics/Animation
CAAD Computer Aided Architectural Design
CAB Cabinet (Microsoft)
CAB Compressed Application Binary
CAB Computer Aided Breakfast
CABAC Context-adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding
CAC Carrier/Channel Access Code
CAC Common Access Card
CAC Computer Aided Consulting/Computing/Creativity/Christmas/Crime
CAC Connection Admission Control
CACLS Change Line Access Control Lists (Microsoft)
CACM Communications of the ACM
CAD Class Association Diagram
CAD Computer Aided Design/Detection
CAD Computer Aided Dinner
CADAM Computer Aided Design And Manufacturing
CADAPSO Canadian Assosciation of Data Processing Organizations
CADD Computer Aided Design and Drafting
CADD Computer Aided Drug Design
CADE Client/Server Application Development Environment
CADE Computer Aided Data Entry
CADEP Computer Aided Design of Electronic Products
CADIC Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits
CADIS Computer Aided Design Interactive System (Siemens)
CADMAT Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Testing
CADMOS Computerorientiertes Administrations- und Organisationssystem
CADOS Computer Aided Design of Systems
CAE Client Application Enabler
CAE Common Applications Environment
CAE Computer Aided/Assisted Education
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAEN Chemically Assembled Electronic Nanocomputer
CAEX Computer Aided Exploration
CAF Co-array Fortran
CAF Computer Aided Fishing
CAF Computer and Academic Freedom
CAFE Conditional Access For Europe
CAFM Computer Aided Facilities Management
CAG Chassis Air Guide
CAG Column Adress Generator
CAH Computer Aided Holidays/Homework/Hausaufgaben
CAHN Cellular Assisted Heterogeneous Networking
CAI Common Air Interface
CAI Computer Aided Industry
CAI Computer Aided Inspiration
CAI Computer Aided/Assisted Instruction
CAIN Controlled Access by Individual Number
CAIR Comprehensive Assessment Information Rule
CAIRN Collaborative Advanced Interagency Research Network
CAIRS Computerized Accident/Incident Reporting System
CAIS Common APSE Interface Set
CAIT Computer Aided Inspection and Testing
CAK Computer-Anwendungen Karlsruhe
CAL Client Access License
CAL Common Assembly Language
CAL Computer Aided Life/Learning/Lunch
CAL Computer Animation Language
CAL Conversational Algebraic Language
CALAS Computer Aided Laboratory Automation System
CALC Customer Access Line Charge
CALDAV CalDAV: Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV
CALEA Communications Assistance for/to Law Enforcement Act
CALIES Computer Aided Locomotion by Implanted Electrical Stimulation
CALL Computer Aided/Assisted Language Learning
CALLE Control Application Link Layer Engineering
CALM Collected Algorithms for Learning Machines
CALS Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support
CALTECH California Institute of Technology
CAM Central Address Memory
CAM Common/Communication Access Method/Module
CAM Computer Aided Machining/Manufacturing
CAM Concentrator/Conditional Access Module
CAM Conditional Access Module
CAM Content Addressable/Addressed Memory
CAMAC Computer Automated Measurement And Control
CAMD Computer Aided Molecular Design
CAMEL Computer Assisted Education Language
CAML Categorial Abstract Machine Language
CAMP Compiler for Automatic Machine Programming
CAMP Computer Assisted Movie Production
CAN Campus/Communications/Complete Area Network
CAN Cancel
CAN Cancel Line
CAN Car Area Network
CAN Card Access Number
CAN Cellular Access Network
CAN Community Alert Network
CAN Content Addressable Network
CAN Control/Controller Area Network
CAN Customer Access Network
CANAL Catalog with Natural Language Access
CANS Computer Assisted Network System
CANUNET Canadian University Computer Network
CAO Computer Aided Administration and Organization
CAO Computer Aided Optimization
CAP Calendar Access Protocol
CAP Carrierless Amplitude Modulation/Phase Modulation
CAP Central Arbitration Point
CAP Chip Authentication Program
CAP Columbia AppleTalk Package
CAP Common Alerting Protocol
CAP Communication Application Platform
CAP Competitive Access Provider
CAP Computer Aided Planning/Production/Publishing
CAP Computer Application Profile
CAP Computing for Analysis Project
CAP Content Access Point
CAP Continuous Audit Program
CAP CTM Access Profile
CAPD Computer To Assist Persons with Disabilities
CAPE Computer Aided Pattern Engineering
CAPE Concurrent Art-to-Product Environment
CAPI Common ISDN Application Programming Interface
CAPI Communication Application Program Interface
CAPP Carrierless Amplitude Phase
CAPP Computer Aided Printing and Publishing
CAPP Computer Aided Process/Production Planning
CAPP Computer Applications Program
CAPP Computer Assisted Payment Processing
CAPPC Computer Aided Production Planning and Control
CAPPP Computer Aided Process and Production Planning
CAPS Capitals (Großbuchstaben)
CAPS Cassette Programming System
CAPS Computer Assisted Problem Solving
CAPSC Computer Aided Production Scheduling and Control
CAPTAIN Character and Pattern Telephon Access Information Network
CAPTCHA Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
CAQ Computer Aided Quality Assurance/Control
CAR Committed Access Rate
CAR Computer Assisted Radiology
CAR Channel Address Register
CAR Compressed Audio Recording
CAR Computer Aided Retrieval
CARA Computer Aided Radio Amateur
CARAM Content Addressable Random Access Memory
CARD Cluster Aware Remote Disk
CARDIS Cargo Data Interchange System
CARE Computer Aided Reliability Estimation
CARE Computer Aided Reverse Engineering
CARL Chemisches Aufweiten von Resist-Linien (Siemens)
CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CARLOS Cancer Registry Lower Saxony
CARO Computer Anti-Virus Research Organization
CARP Cache Array Routing Protocol
CARP Caching RSS Parser
CARP Common Address Redundancy Protocol
CARS Computer Aided Risc Simulation
CARS Computer Aided Routing System
CARS Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
CART Computer Assisted Radar Tomography
CAS Collision Avoidance System
CAS Column Address Select/Strobe
CAS Communicating Applications Specification
CAS Computer Aided Selling/Service/Styling
CAS Computer Algebra System
CAS Conditional/Control/Communication Access System
CASC Coalition for Academic Supercomputer Centers
CASD Computer Aided System Design
CASE Common Applications Service Element
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASE Computer Aided System Evaluation
CASED Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt
CASL Common Algebraic Specification Language
CASL Crosstalk Application Scripting Language
CASS Computer Assisted Search Service
CASS Computer Assisted Surveillance System
CASSIS Classified And Search Support Information System
CAST Center for Applied Security Technology, Darmstadt
CAST Center for Applied Special Technology
CAST Competence Center for Applied Security Technology
CAST Computer Aided Software Testing
CAT Category
CAT Character Assignment Table
CAT Chordal Axis Transformation
CAT Common Allocation Table
CAT Common Authentication Technology
CAT Computer Adaptive Test
CAT Computer Aided Teaching/Testing/Telecommunication/Translation/Transscription
CAT Computer Assisted Translation
CAT Computerized Axial Tomography
CAT Concatenate
CAT Conditional Access Table
CAT Conditionally Accepted Tag
CAT Cordless Advanced Technology
CATIA Computer Graphic Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application
CATIQ CAT-iq: Cordless Advanced Technology - internet and quality
CATNIP Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol
CATP Computer Aided Technical Publishing
CATS Computer Aided/Assisted Teaching/Tracking/Training System
CATS Computer Aided Telephony Services
CATS Computer Automated Test System
CATT China Academy of Telecommunication Technology
CATV Cable Television
CATV Common/Community Antenna Television
CAU Command and Arithmetic Unit
CAU Control/Controlled/Concentrator Access Unit
CAUCE Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
CAV Computer Aided Verification
CAV Constant Angular Velocity
CAVE Cave/Computer Automatic Virtual Environment
CAVE Computer Aided Vision Engineering
CAVLC Context-adaptive Variable-lenth Coding
CAW Channel Address Word
CB Call Back
CB Cell Broadcast
CB Citizens' Band
CBA Compare and Branch Anyway
CBA Computational Biology Activity
CBA Computer Based Assessment/Automation
CBA Computer Battery Analyzer
CBA Current Buffer/Byte Address
CBAC Context Based Access Control
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBC Cipher Block Chaining
CBCR Channel Byte Count Register
CBDS Connectionless Broadband Data Service
CBDTPA Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act
CBE Cell Broadband Engine
CBEFF Common Biometric Exchange Format Framework
CBEMA Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association
CBF Cable Broadband Forum
CBF ChessBase File (format)
CBF Connection Based Forwarding
CBF Core Business Functions
CBGA Ceramic Ball Grid Array
CBHD ChinaBlue High Definition
CBI Charles Babbage Insitute
CBI Computer Based Instruction/Instrumentation
CBI Configuration Binding Interface
CBI Crossbar Interface
CBIP Compressed Binaries IBM PC
CBIP Current Book In Progress
CBIR Content Based Image Retrieval
CBIRS Content Based Image Retrieval System
CBJ Conflict-directed Backjumping
CBL Communication By Light
CBL Computer Based Learning
CBMS Computer Based Mail System
CBN Community Based Network
CBO Coupling Between Object Classes
CBP Constrained Baseline Profile
CBQ Class Based Queuing
CBR CAS before RAS
CBR Constant/Continuous Bit Rate
CBR Content Based Retrieval
CBS Crossbar Switch
CBT Computer Based Training
CBT Core Based Tree
CBW Convert Byte to Word
CBX Computer-controlled/Computerized Branch Exchange
CC Cable Connector
CC Call/Communication Center
CC Carbon Copy
CC Chain/Channel Command
CC Classification Code
CC Cluster/Communications Controller
CC Common Criteria (for IT Security Evaluation)
CC Confidential Computing
CC Condition Command/Code
CC Congestion Control
CC Connected Client
CC Constrained Clustering
CC Country Code
CC Coupled Channel
CC Creative Commons
CC Crossconnect
CC Crosstalk Cancellation
CC Cursor Control
CC Cyclic Check
CCA Clear Channel Assessment
CCA Copy Control Association
CCB Change Control Board
CCB Channel Command/Control Block
CCB Cyclic Check Byte
CCBS Completion of Call to Busy Subscriber
CCC Ceramic Chip Carrier
CCC Change and Configuration Control
CCC Chaos Computer Club, Hamburg
CCC Computer Chess Competition
CCC Conference Control Channel
CCC Cophenetic Correlation Coefficient
CCC Credit Card Calling
CCCB Command, Control, Communications in Buildings
CCCH Common Control Channel
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CCD Class Communication Diagram
CCDA Cisco Certified Design Associate
CCDA Common-Cause Data Analysis
CCE Configuration Control Element
CCF Central Computing Facility
CCF Chain Command Flag
CCF Common Channel Framework
CCFCC Computer Coordinated Family Communcation and Cooperation
CCFL Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp/Light
CCFT Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
CCI Common Client Interface
CCI Copy Control Information
CCIA Computer + Communications Industry Association
CCID Call Correlation Identifier
CCID Computers, Communications, Information Dissemination
CCID Corporate Customer Inforamtion Database
CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CCIR Comite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications
CCIRN Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks
CCIS Command and Control Information System
CCIS Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
CCITT Comite Consultatif International de Telegraphie et de Telephonie
CCK Centre de Calcul El Khawarizmi, Tunis
CCK Communication Commission of Kenya
CCK Complementary Code Keying
CCK Computerclub Kamen
CCL Closed Conference Loop
CCL Commerce Control List
CCL Common Command Language
CCL Connection/Cursor Control Language
CCL Corel Contractual Licensing
CCL Creative Commons License
CCLC Carrier Common Line Charge
CCLF Cold Cathode Fluorescence Light
CCM Color Management System
CCM Computer Controlled Manufacturing
CCM CORBA Component Mode/Model
CCM Counter with CBC-Mac
CCN Cluster Controller
CCN Content-centric Network
CCN Cordless Communication Network
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCNG Computer Communications Networks Group
CCNP Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCNR Completion of Call on No Reply
CCNUMA Cache Coherent NUMA
CCP CAN Calibration Protocol
CCP Certified Computing Professional
CCP Compression Control Protocol
CCP Concurrent Constraint Programming
CCP Console/Communications Command/Control Processor/Program
CCPP Composite Capability Preference Profile
CCR Center for Communications Research
CCR Command and Control Research
CCR Commitment, Concurrency, Recovery (OSI)
CCR Current Cell Rate
CCRN Coordinating Council on Research Networks
CCS CAPI Connection Service
CCS Closely Coupled System
CCS Colour Calibration System
CCS Common Channel Signalling
CCS Common Command Set (SCSI)
CCS Common Communication Services/Support
CCS Computing Classification System
CCS Continuos Composite Servo
CCS Cryptographic Checksum
CCSA Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator
CCSA Common Control Switching Arrangement
CCSB The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, Karlsruhe
CCSD Cellular Circuit-Switched Data
CCSDS Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CCSE Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer
CCSID Coded Character Set Identifier (IBM)
CCSIS Community College Student Information System
CCSP Contextually Communicating Sequential Process
CCSS7 Common Channel Signalling System No. 7
CCSY Cooperative Computing System Program
CCT Computerized Communication Terminal
CCT Correlated Colour Temperature
CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, UK
CCTLD Country Code Top Level Domain
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CCU Central Communication/Control Unit
CCU Communications Control Unit
CCU Customer Control Unit
CCUT Computer Center at the University of Tokyo
CCVP Cisco Certified Voice Professional
CCVR Centre de Calcul Vectoriel pour la Recherche
CCW Channel Command Word
CCW Coherent Continuous Wave
CCW Continuous Composite Write (Once Disc)
CCX Cisco Compatible Extension
CD Call Deflection
CD Carrier Detect
CD Chained Data
CD Change Direction/Directory
CD Check Digit
CD Collision Detection
CD Colour Display
CD Committee Document (ISO)
CD Compact Disk
CD Control Data
CD-R Compact Disk Recordable
CD-RW Compact Disk Re-Writable
CDA Clinical Document Architecture
CDA Communications Decency Act
CDA Compact Disk Audio (track)
CDA Compound Document Architecture (DEC)
CDAS Control and Data Acquisition System
CDATA Character Data
CDB Consolidated Database
CDBS Common Debian Build System
CDBT Compact Disk Based Training
CDC Certificate Distribution Center
CDC Connected Device Configuration
CDC Control Data Corporation (USA)
CDC Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc, cDc communications)
CDD Custom Debian Distribution
CDDA Compact Disc Digital Audio
CDDB Compact Disc Data Base
CDDI Copper Distributed Data Interface
CDDL Common Development and Distribution License (Sun)
CDE Common Desktop Environment
CDE Compact Disc Erasable
CDE Complex Data Entry
CDE Cooperative Development Environment
CDEV Control Panel Device
CDF Channel Definition File/Format
CDF Comma Delimited Format
CDF Common Data File/Format
CDF Compound Document Framework
CDF Computable Document Format
CDF Context Dependent File
CDF Cumulative Densitity/Distribution Function
CDF Cyberspace Description Format
CDFS Compact Disc File System
CDG Compact Disc Graphical
CDI Compact Disc Interactive
CDI Context Dependent Interchangeability
CDIA Certified Document Imaging Architect
CDIF Case Data Interchange Format
CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
CDK Chemistry/Curses Development Kit
CDL Computer Design Language
CDLC Cellular/Channel Data Link Control
CDLC Connected Device Limited Configuration
CDLC Content Development Life Cycle
CDM Code Division Multiplex
CDM Compressed Data Mode
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDMF Commercial Data Masking Facility
CDN Content Delivery Network
CDNC Chinese Domain Name Consortium
CDO Collaboration Data Object
CDOS Concurrent Disk Operating System
CDP Certificate in Data Processing
CDP Cisco Discovery Protocol
CDP Conditional Diphase (Encoding)
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data
CDR Call Detail Record/Recording
CDR Common Data Representation
CDR Compact Disk Recordable
CDR Corel Draw Format
CDRA Character Data Representation Architecture
CDRAM Cached Dynamic Random Access Memory
CDRDX Compact Disk Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard
CDRFS Compact Disc Recordable File System
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CDROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory
CDROMXA CD-ROM Extended Architecture
CDS Cactus Data Shield
CDS Cell Directory Service (OSF, DCE)
CDS Class Data Sharing
CDS Cross Domain Solution
CDS Current Directory Structure
CDSA Common Data Security Architecture (Initiative)
CDSL Consumer Digital Subscriber Line
CDSL Context Dependent Symbolic Link
CDT Center for Democracy and Technology (USA)
CDTV Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
CDTV Compact Disk Television
CDU Central Data Unit
CDU Classification Decimale Universelle
CDU Code Distribution Unit
CDU Computers Down Under
CDU Configuration Data Unit
CDU Connectix Desktop Utilities
CDU Control Data Unit
CDV Compact Disk Video
CDV Cell Delay Variation
CDVT Cell Delay Variation Tolerance
CDWO Compact Disk Write Once
CE Cache/Chip/Convert Enable
CE Chinese Export
CE Clear Entry
CE Collision Elimination
CE Conformite Europeenne (Konformitätskennzeichen)
CE Correctable Error
CE Customer Edge (device)
CEA Click to Enlarge
CEA Computational rlectromagnetics and Acoustics
CEA Consumer Electronics Association, USA
CEA Contact Email Address
CEA Creditcard Ethernet Adapter
CEA Cryptographic Equipment Application
CEASA Cellular Emergency Alert Service Association
CEATA Consumer Electronics Advanced Technology Attachment
CEB Comite Electrotechnique Belge
CEB Conditional End Bracket
CEBIT CeBIT: Centrum für Büroautomation, Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation
CEBUS Consumer Electronics Bus
CEC Certified E-Commerce Consultant
CECC Electronic Components Committee
CECMG Central Europe Computer Measurement Group
CECP Country Extended Code Page
CEDAR Core-Extraction Distributed Ad hoc Routing (algorithm)
CEDEX Courrier d'entreprise distribution exceptionelle
CEE Central and Eastern Europe
CEE Converged Enhanced Ethernet
CEE International Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
CEFIC EDIFACT-Subset Chemical Industry
CEG Continuous Edge Graphics
CEI Conducted Electromagnetic Interference
CEIP Customer Experience Improvement Program
CEK Content Encryption Key
CELP Card Edge Low Profile
CELP Code Excited Linear Prediction
CELT Corpus of Electronic Texts
CEM Common Evaluation Methodology
CEM Computational Electromagnetics
CEMEC Committee of European Associations of Manufacturers of Electronic Components
CEMIX Consumer Electronics Marktindex
CEMM Compaq Expanded Memory Manager
CEMS Constituent Electronic Mail System
CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation
CENELEC Comite Europeen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
CENTR Council of European National Top level domain Registries
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEOI Central European Olympiad in Informatics
CEOP Conditional End Of Page
CEP Connection End Point
CEPEC Committee of European Associations of Manufacturers of Passive Electronic Components
CEPIS Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
CEPT Conference Europeenne des Administrations des Postes et des Telecommunications
CER Canonical Encoding Rules
CER Cell Error Ratio
CERA Climate and Environmental Data Retrieval and Archive
CERF California Education and Research Federation (network)
CERN Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire
CERT Computer Emergency Readiness/Response Team
CES Circuit Emulation Service
CES Coast Earth Station
CES Consumer Electronics Show
CESC Component Encoding Stream Construction
CESG Communications Electronics Security Group, UK
CESH Competence Center Electronic Shopping
CEST Central European Summer Time
CESU Compatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF (Unicode)
CET Central European Time
CET Control-flow Enforcement Technology (Intel)
CEV Commission on Electronic Voting
CF Call Forwarding
CF ColdFusion (Adobe)
CF Compact Flash (card)
CF Compact Framework
CFA Compact Flash Association
CFAA Custom Filter Anti-Aliasing
CFB Call Forwarding Busy
CFB Cipher Feedback
CFB Configurable Function Block
CFC ColdFusion Component
CFD Call For Discussion (Usenet)
CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFDP Coherent File Distribution Protocol (Internet)
CFDPCLN Coherent File Distribution Protocol Client
CFDPTKT Coherent File Distribution Protocol Ticket
CFE Common Firmware Environment
CFE Connected Family Environment
CFG Configuration
CFH COBOL File Handler
CFI Canonical Format Indicator
CFID ColdFusion Identifier
CFL Context Free Language
CFM Clock From Master
CFM Code Fragment Manager
CFM Common Functional Model
CFM Configuration Management
CFML ColdFusion Markup Language
CFNR Call Forward/Forwarding on No Reply/Response
CFOR Conversational FORTRAN
CFP Call For Proposal
CFP Computer, Freedom and Privacy
CFP Content/Contention Free Period
CFQ Completely Fairness Queuing
CFR Computerized Facial Recognition
CFR Controlled Ferro Resonant (-USV)
CFRG Crypto Forum Research Group
CFRI California Federation of Research Internets
CFS Caching/Central/Common/Cryptographic File System
CFS Completely Fair Scheduler
CFSQL ColdFusion Structured Query Language
CFT Chirp Fourier Transform
CFT Cray Fortran Compiler
CFTT Computer Forensics Tool Testing
CFU Call Forwarding Unconditional
CFUG ColdFusion User Group
CFV Call For Votes (Usenet)
CFX ColdFusion Extended
CFX Compact Formfactor Extended
CFX Computer Forensic Examiner
CFX Content File Exchange
CG Carrier Grade (NAT)
CG Cg: C for Graphics
CG Computer Graphics
CG Control Gate/Group
CG Core Gateway
CG Cyclic Group
CGA Color Graphics Adapter (PC)
CGAL Computational Geometry Algorithm Library
CGATS Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards
CGC Chipset Graphics Controller
CGE (Linux) Carrier Grade Edition
CGE Common Graphics Environment
CGE Compagnie General d'Electricite
CGI Cell Global Identity
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CGI Common/Composite/Computer Graphics Interface
CGI Computer Generated Image/Imagery
CGI Computer Graphics Interface
CGL Carrier Grade Linux
CGLS Conjugate Gradient Least Squares
CGLS Constrained Generalized Least Squares
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CGMIF Computer Graphics Metafile Interchange Format
CGMS Copy Generation Management System
CGN Carrier Grade NAT (Network Address Translation)
CGPP Computer Grahics: Principles and Practise (by Fowley)
CGS Common Graphics System
CGS Computer Graphics Society
CGS Continuous Grain Silicon
CGS International Computer Graphics Society
CGU Computer Graphics Unit
CGW Customer/Campus Gateway
CH Cyclic Header
CHAOS Cheap Array of Obsolete Systems
CHAP Cryptographic/Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHARM Character Mode
CHAT Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
CHCK Channel Check
CHCP Change Code Page
CHDD Certified Help Desk Director
CHDD Cockpit Head Down Display
CHE Channel Hot Electron
CHI Computer Human Interaction/Interface
CHIC Constraint Handling in Industry and Commerce
CHIL Computers in the Human Interaction Loop
CHIL Current Hogging Injection Logic
CHILD Computer Having Intelligent Learning and Development
CHILL CCITT High Level Language
CHINS Cheap Insertion Heuristic (algorithm)
CHIPID Chip Identifier (Apple)
CHIPS Clearinghouse Interbank Payments System
CHKPT Checkpoint
CHL Current Hogging Logic
CHM Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, USA
CHM Cooperative Hypermedia
CHOP Channel Operator
CHPC Center for High Performance Computing
CHR Character
CHR Constraint Handling Rules
CHRP Common Hardware Reference Platform
CHS Cylinders, Heads, Sectors
CHSS Cascading HTML Style Sheets
CHTML Compact/Compressed Hypertext Markup Language
CHV Card Holder Value
CI Call Intrusion
CI Coded Information
CI Command Interpreter
CI Common/Component/Computer Interface
CI Communications Integrator
CI Computational Intelligence
CI Computer Interconnect/Interface
CI Congestion Indicator
CI Content Industry
CI Continuous Integration
CI Control and Indication
CI Creditor Identifier
CIA Computer Interface Adapter
CIA CAN In Automation
CIA Current Instruction Address
CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability
CIAM Computerized Integrated and Automatic Manufacturing
CIAO Component-Integrated ACE ORB
CIB Computer Integrated Building/Bureaucracy
CIC Carrier Identification Code
CIC Cascaded Integrated Comb (filter)
CIC Certified IT Consultant
CIC Committee on Institutional Cooperation
CIC Coordination and Information Center (CSNet)
CIC Computing Information Center
CIC Computing, Information + Communications
CICA Center of Innovative Computer Applications
CICC Cisco IP Contact Center
CICC Contactless Integrated Circuit Card
CICC Corporate Information and Computing Center
CICC Custom Integrated Circuits Conference
CICC Customer Inquiry Call Center
CICS Customer Information Control System (IBM)
CID Character Identifier
CID Charge Injection Device
CID Conference Identifier
CID Configuration, Installation, Distribution
CID Content Identifier Descriptor
CID Customer Identifier
CIDAS Conversational Interactive Digital Analog Simulator
CIDIF Centre International pour le Developpement de l'Inforoute en Francais
CIDP Computer Industry Development Potential
CIDR Classless Inter/Internet Domain Routing
CIE Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (Farbmodell)
CIELAB Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage LAB (Farbmodell)
CIEXYZ Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage XYZ (Farbmodell)
CIEDS Computer Integrated Electron Design Series
CIF Cell in Frames
CIF Computer Integrated Facilities
CIF Common Intermediate Format
CIF Customer Information Feed
CIFS Common Insecurity Fail Scrutiny
CIFS Common Internet File System (Protocol)
CIG Calling Subscriber Identification Group
CIG Cell Interconnection Gateway
CIG Computational Intelligence and Games (IEEE)
CIG Computer Image Generation/Generator
CIGI Common Image Generator Interface
CIIN Corporate Integrated Information Network
CIIR Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, Mass.
CIK Crypto-Ignition Key
CIL Common Intermediate Language
CIL Computer Inoperative Limits
CIL Computerintegrierte Logistik
CIM Common Information Model
CIM CompuServe Information Manager
CIM Computer Input Microfilm
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIM Custom Install Manager
CINT Call Interception
CIO Central Imagery Office
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIOCS Communication Input/Output Control System (IBM)
CIOS Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
CIP Catalogue Interoperability Protocol
CIP Catalogue/Cataloguing In Publication/Publishing
CIP Civil Infrastructure Platform
CIP Classical IP
CIP Command Interface Port
CIP Common Indexing Protocol
CIP Common ISDN Access Profile (Bluetooth)
CIP Compatible Independent Peripherals
CIP Computer Aided Intuition Guided Programming
CIP Computer-Investitionsprogramm des Bundes und der Länder
CIP Concert Internet Plus
CIP Constraint Imperative Programming
CIPA Camera + Imaging Products Association
CIPA Children's Internet Protection Act
CIPAV Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier
CIPE Cryptographic Internet Protocol Encapsulation
CIPP Contexts, Input, Processes + Products
CIPR Commission on Intellectual Property Rights
CIPS Canadian Information Processing Society
CIPSO Commercial/Common Internet Protocol Security Option
CIR Classless Interdomain Routing
CIR Committed Information/Interface Rate
CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority
CIRC Circular Reference
CIRC Cross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code
CIRSC Cross Interleave Solomon Code
CIS CALEA Implementation Section
CIS Card Information Structure
CIS Cascade Inline Scripting
CIS CASE Integration Services
CIS Center for Internet Security
CIS Client Information Server/System
CIS Compact Image Sensor
CIS Computer Information System
CIS CompuServe Information Service
CIS Computational and Information Sciences
CIS Contact Image Sensor
CIS Computerized Information Service
CIS Customer Information System
CISA Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, USA
CISAC Confederation Internationale des Societes d'Auteurs et Compositeurs
CISAM C-Index Sequential Access Method
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer/Code
CISE Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate
CISKA Campus Informationssystem der Universität Karlsruhe
CISO Chief Information Security Officer
CISPA Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (USA)
CISPR Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques
CIT California Institute of Technology
CIT Communications Improvement Team
CIT Company Integrated Telephony
CIT Computer Integrated Telephone/Telephony
CIT Content Identifier Table
CITAB Computer Instruction and Training Assistance for the Blind
CITED Copyright In Transmitted Electronic Documents
CITIS Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service
CITO Chief Information and Technology Officer
CITSF Commission Internationale de Telegraphie Sans Fil
CIVR Computer and Interactive Voice Response
CIW Certified Internet Webmaster
CIX Central/Commercial Internet Exchange
CIX Compulink Information Exchange
CIX Commercial Internet Exchange (Association)
CJKV Chinese - Japanese - Korean - Vietnamese
CJLI Command Job Language Interpreter
CK Clock
CKD Count Key Data
CKE Clock Enable
CKSM Checksum
CKT Chipkartenterminal
CKT Computer- und Kommunikationstechnik
CL Citizen Lab, Toronto
CL Closed Loop
CL Computational Linguistics
CL Computing Language
CL Connectionless Service
CL Control Language
CL Current License
CL Cycle Length
CLAA Carry Look Ahead Adder
CLAG Carry Look Ahead Generator
CLAMS Common Los Alamos Mathematical Software
CLAR Channel Local Address Register
CLASP Computer Language for Aeronautics and Space Programming
CLASS Client Access to Systems and Services
CLASS Custom Local Area Signalling Service
CLB Component Load Balancing
CLC Capacity Limiting Constituents
CLC Clear Carry Flag
CLC Computing Learning Center
CLCC Closed Loop Congestion Control
CLCS Current Logic Current Switching
CLD Clear Direction Flag
CLDATA Cutter Location Data
CLDC Connected Limited Device Configuration
CLDR Common Locale Data Repository
CLE Certified Linux Engineer/Expert
CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLEF European Commercial Licensed Evaluation Facilities
CLEO Classified Energy Online (database)
CLF Common Log (File) Format
CLH Command Line History
CLI Call Level Interface
CLI Calling Line Identification
CLI Clear Interrupt (flag)
CLI Client Library Interface
CLI Command Line Interface/Interpreter
CLI Common Language Infrastructure/Interface/Interpreter
CLIB C Library
CLIC Chemnitzer Linux Cluster
CLIC Cluster Linux pour le Calcul
CLICS Computer Linked Information for Container Shipping
CLID Calling Line Identification
CLIP Calling Line Identification Presentation
CLIR Calling/Connected Line Identification Restriction
CLIST Command List
CLK Clock
CLL Corel License for Learning
CLLM Consolidated Link Layer Management
CLMP Connectionless-Mode Network Protocol
CLNP Connectionless Network Protocol (OSI)
CLNS Connectionless Mode Network Service
CLO Class Option (LaTeX)
CLOB Character Large Object
CLOD Continuous Level Of Detail
CLOE Common LISP Operating Environment
CLOO Reverse Object Oriented Logical Channel
CLOS Common LISP Object System
CLOWN Cluster Of Working Nodes
CLP Cell Loss Payload/Priority
CLP Clipboard
CLP Constraint Logic Programming
CLPA Create Link Pack Area
CLPPCRE Common Lisp Portable Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
CLR Cell Loss Ratio
CLR Clear
CLR Common Language Runtime
CLR Computer Language Research
CLRTC Clear Real Time Clock
CLS Clear Screen
CLS Common Language Support
CLS Connectionless Server
CLSID Class Identifier
CLT Communcations Line Terminal
CLT Computer Language Translator
CLTD Clock and Tones Distribution
CLTP Connectionless Transport Protocol (OSI)
CLTS Clear Task Switch Flag
CLTS Connectionless Transport Service
CLTV Constant Linear Time Velocity
CLU Central Logic Unit
CLUF Contrat de Licence Utilisateur Final
CLUI Command Line User Interface
CLUT Colour Look-up Table
CLV Ceiling Limit Value
CLV Constant Linear Velocity
CLW Certified Linux Wizard
CM Central Memory
CM Communications Manager (IBM)
CM Compilation Manager
CM Configuration Management
CM Connection Machine
CM Control Mark
CM Corrective Maintenance
CMA Concert Multi-thread Architecture
CMAK Connection Manager Administration Kit
CMAN Cluster Manager
CMAR Control Memory Address Register
CMB Common Management Bus
CMC Client Matter Code
CMC Common Mail/Messaging Call
CMC Communication Management Configuration
CMC Complement Carry Flag
CMC Computer Mediated Communication
CMC Construction Maintenance Center
CMD Circuit Mode Data
CMD Command
CMDF C Memo Distribution Facility
CMDS Computer Misuse Detection System
CME Center for Media Education
CME Common Malware Enumeration
CME Core Managed Environment
CMF Command File
CMF Content Management Framework
CMF Content Monitoring and Filtering
CMF Creative Music Format
CMGR Campus/Connection Manager
CMH Cross My Heart (Slang)
CMIIW Correct Me If I'm Wrong (Slang)
CMIP Common Management Information Protocol (OSI)
CMIS Common Management Information Services/System
CML Chemical/Commodore Markup Language
CML Conceptual Modelling Language
CML Concurrent Metalanguage
CML Configuration Menu Language
CML Context Modelling Language
CML Current Mode Logic
CMLRSS Chemical Markup Language enabled Rich Site Summary
CMM Capability Maturity Model
CMM Color Management Module
CMM Computerized Measurement Machine
CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integrated
CMML Continuous Media Markup Language
CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management Software
CMMU Cache Memory Management Unit
CMOS Coats-Mellon Operational Specification
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMOT Common Management Information Protocol over TCP/IP
CMOV Conditional Move (and Compare Instructions)
CMP Cellular/Chip-integrated Multi-Processing
CMP Configuration Management Plan
CMP Container-Managed Persistence (Java)
CMPS Compare Word String
CMPT CAPI Message Control Protocol
CMR Cell Misinsertion Rate
CMR Container-Managed Relationship (Java)
CMR Corporate Message Recovery
CMS Call Management Server
CMS Code/Color/Connection/Content Management System
CMS Compiler Monitor System
CMS Content Management System
CMS Conversational Monitor System (IBM)
CMS Cryptographic Message Syntax
CMSS Creative Multispeaker Surround Sound (Creative Technology)
CMT Cellular Mobile Telephone
CMT Chip Multi Threading
CMT Configuration Management Tool
CMT Connection Management
CMTP CAPI Message Transport Protocol
CMTS Cable Modem Termination System
CMU Carnegie-Mellon-University, Pittsburgh, USA
CMVC Configuration Management and Version Control (IBM)
CMW Compartment Mode Workstation
CMX Communication Method SINIX (Siemens)
CMY cyan, magenta, yellow (Farbmodell)
CMYK cyan, magenta, yellow, key/black (Farbmodell)
CN Comfort Noise
CN Core/Corporate Network
CNA Certified NetWare/Network Administrator
CNA Customer Name and Address
CNAME Canonical Name (Record)
CNAPS Co-Processing Node Architecture for Parallel Systems
CNASI Centre for Networked Access to Scholarly Information (Australien)
CNB Collective Notebook
CNC Complete Network Centre
CNC Computerized Numerical Control
CND Calling Number Delivery
CND Caldera Network Desktop
CNDN Consistent Network Device Naming
CNE Certified NetWare Engineer/Expert (Novell)
CNET Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications, Paris
CNF Chomsky Normal Form
CNF Configuration
CNG Calling (tone)
CNG Comfort Noise Generation
CNG Complete No-Good
CNGL Centre for Next Generation Localisation, Dublin
CNI Centre National d'Informatique
CNI Certified NetWare Instructor (Novell)
CNI Coalition for Networked Information
CNI Communications Network International
CNID Calling Number Identification
CNIDR Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
CNIL Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertes
CNIP Calling Name Identification Presentation
CNIR Calling/Connected Name Identification Restriction
CNL C Numerical Library
CNM Customer Network Management
CNMA Communications Network for Manufacturing Application
CNN Cable News Network
CNN Composite Network Node
CNN Convolutional Neural Network
CNNIC China Network Imformation Center
CNO .com, .net, .org (Top Level Domains)
CNO Computer Network Operation(s)
CNP Corporate Network Provider
CNR Carrier to Noise Ratio
CNR Communication Network Riser
CNR Composite Noise Ratio
CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives
CNRP Common Name Resolution Protocol
CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Frankreich)
CNS Color Naming System
CNS Communications Network System
CNSS Core Nodal Switching Subsystem (Internet)
CNT Carbon Nanotube
CNT Central Networking Testbed
CNTFET Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor
CNX Certified NetWare/Network Expert
CO Call Offer
CO Central Office
CO Chief Operator
CO Command Output
CO Communication Outlet
CO Convert Out
CO Crystal Oscillator
COA CoA: Care Of Address
COA Certificate Of Authenticity
COA Compound Online Analytical Processing Architecture
COAM Customer Owned And Maintained
COARA Communication of Oita Amateur Research Association
COAST Card On A Stick
COAST Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
COB Chip On Board
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
COC Coded Optical Character
COCO Coaxial Colinear (antenna)
COCO Collaborative Computing
COCO Color Computer (Tandy)
COCOT Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone
COD Capacity On Demand
COD Code (list)
CODASYL Committee/Conference on Data System Languages
CODE Client Server Open Development Environment
CODEC Coder/Decoder
CODEC Compression/Decompression
CODINE Computing in Distributed Networked Environments
CODIT Code Division Testbed
COE Central Office Equipment
COE Common Operating Environment
COEDS Common Event Database System
COEM Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
COFDM Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
COFF Common Object File Format
COGO Coordinate Geometry (Language)
COIN Console Interrupt Request
COINS Computer Output Information System
COIX CoIX: Connectivity-oriented Interconnection
COL Caldera Open Linux
COL Collision
COL Computer Oriented Language
COLA comp.os.linux.announce (Newsgroup)
COLD Computer Output to Laser Disc
COLL Collision
COLP Connected Line Identification Presentation
COLR Connected Line Identification Restriction
COLT Communications Line Terminator
COLT Computer Oriented Language Translator
COLT Control Language Translator
COM Command
COM commercial; Internet-Domain: Firmen in USA
COM Common/Component Object Model
COM Communication
COM Component Object Model
COM Computer Output Microfilm
COM Continuation Of Message
COMAL Common Algorithmic Language
COMDEX Computer Dealers' Exposition
COMET Cornell Macintosh Terminal Emulator
COMHED Common Header
COMINT Communications Intelligence
COMM Communications
COMMS Customer Oriented Manaufacturing Management System
COMP Compare
COMPACT Computer Planning and Control Technique
COMPAQ Compatibility and Quality (Brand of Hewlett-Packard)
COMPSAC International Computer Software and Applications Conference
COMSAT Communications Satellite Corporation
COMSEC Communications Security
COMSL Communications System Simulation Language
COMSOAL Computer Method of Sequencing Operations for Assembly Lines
COMTRAN Commercial Translator (IBM)
CON Console
COND Condition
CONF Conference, Configuration
CONP Connected Name Identification Presentation
CONP Connection Oriented Network Protocol
CONS Connection Oriented Network Service
CONTU Commission On New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works
COO Chief Operating Officer
COOL Control Oriented Language
COP Constrained Optimization Problem
COP CPU Overheating Protection
COPA Child Online Protection Act
COPE Committee On Publication Ethics
COPE Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement (Act)
COPE Computer Performance Evaluation
COPICS Communications Oriented Production Information and Control System
COPP Certified Output Protection Protocol (Microsoft)
COPP Connection Oriented Presentation Protocol
COPP Control Plane Policing (Cisco)
COPS Common Open Policy Service
COPS Computer Oracle and Password System
COR Common Object Runtime
CORAL Computer Online Real-Time Applications Language
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CORE Common Runtime Environment
CORE Council of Registrars (Internet)
CORNET Corporate ISDN Network Protocol
COS Card/Cray Operating System
COS Class of Service
COS Compatible Operation System
COS Complementary Switching
COS Corporation for Open Systems (OSI)
COS Custom Order Specification
COSE Combined Office Standard Environment
COSE Common Open Software/Systems Environment
COSINE Cooperation for OSI Networking in Europe
COSIP CosIP: Control over secure IPv6
COSMIC Computer Software Management and Information Center (NASA)
COSMOS Complementary Symmetric Metal Oxide Semiconductor
COSMOS Computer Oriented System for Management Order Synthesis
COSMOS Computer System for Mainframe Operations
COSN Consortium for School Networking
COSO Charge One Site Only
COSPAS Cosmicheskaya Sistyema Poiska Avariynich Sudov
COSS Common Object Services Specification
COSY Conferencing System
COT Customer Owned Tooling
COTK Control Track
COTS Coin Operated Telephone System
COTS Commercial Off The Shelf (software)
COTS Commodity Off The Shelf (Cluster)
COTS Connection Oriented Transport Service
COVE Code Verification
COW Copy On Write
COW Cluster Of Workstations
CP Call Pay
CP Card Punch
CP Central/Communications/Customized Processor
CP Check/Control Point
CP Choke Packet
CP Circuit Package
CP Code Page
CP Complete Partitioning
CP Computer Professional
CP Conducting Polymer
CP Config Property
CP Contention Procedure
CP Continuous Path
CP Constraint Programming
CP Control Program
CP Copy Protected
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPA Closest Point of Approach
CPA Code Parasite Autopropageable
CPA Cost Per Action
CPA Critical Path Analysis
CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
CPBX Computerized Private Branch Exchange
CPC Card Programmable Calculator (IBM)
CPC Computer Process Control
CPC Constant Point Calculation
CPC Cost Per Click
CPCS Check Processing Control System
CPCS Common Part Convergence Sublayer
CPD Constructive Page Description
CPE Central Processing Element
CPE Computer Performance Evaluation
CPE Customer Provided/Premises Equipment
CPFR Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment
CPFSK Continuous Phase Frequency Shift Keying
CPG Central Pattern Generator
CPG Clock Pulse Generator
CPG COSINE Policy Group
CPI Center for Printed Intelligence, VTT Finland
CPI characters per inch
CPI Clocks Per Instruction
CPI Code Page Information
CPI Common Part Indication
CPI Common Programming Interface (IBM)
CPI Cost Performamce Index
CPIC Common Programming Interface for Communications (IBM)
CPIM Common Presence and Instant Messaging
CPL Call Processing Language (Telecom)
CPL Characters Per Line (cpl)
CPL Combined Programming Language
CPL Common Public License
CPL Control Panel Library (Microsoft)
CPL Current Privilege Level
CPL Cyberathlete Professional League
CPLD CMOS Programmable Logic Device
CPLD Complex Programmable Logic Device
CP/M Control Programm for Microcomputers (DEC)
CPM Control Programm for Microcomputers (DEC)
CPM Colliding Pulse Mode
CPM Computer Program Protection Manager
CPM Corporate Performance Management
CPM Critical Path Method
CPM Cryptography Provider Manager
CPN Conditional Pathname
CPN Customer Premises Network
CPO Certified Project Officer
CPO Chief Privacy Officer
CPP Corporate Preview Program
CPPC Collaborative Processor Performance Control
CPPM Computer Protection Program Manager
CPPM Content Protection for Prerecorded Media
CPPS Critical Path Planning and Scheduling
CPR CPU Parameter Recall
CPRM Content Protection for Recordable Media
CPRMAI Copyright Management Information
CPS Certification Practice Statement
CPS Constraint Parameter Set
CPS Continuation Passing Style
CPS Critical Path Scheduling
CPS cycles/characters per second
CPSA Consumer Product Safety Act
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
CPSI Configurable Post Script Interpreter
CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPST Control Point Spanning Tree
CPT Command Pass Thru
CPT Common Point of Trust
CPT COSINE Project Management Team
CPT Critical Path Technique
CPTWG Copyright Protection Technical Working Group
CPU Central Processing Unit
CPV Cold Process Verification
CPW Commercial Processing Workload
CQL Channel Queue Limit
CQM Class Queue Management
CQP Corpus Query Processor
CR Cambridge Ring
CR Carriage Return
CR Cognitive Radio
CR Core (Network) Router
CR Cray Research, Inc.
C/R Command Response
CRADA Cooperative Reseach And Development Agreement
CRAM Card Random Access Memory
CRAM Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism
CRAM Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement
CRAN (The) Comprehensive R Archive Network
CRC Class, Responsibility, Collaboration/Collaborators
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRCG Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics
CRCW Concurrent Read, Concurrent Write (PRAM)
CRD Color Rendering Dictionary
CRD Creation Revision Deletion (request)
CRDA Central Regulatory Domain Agent
CREN Corporation/Computer Research Education/Educational Network, USA
CREW Compact for Responsive Electronic Writing
CREW Concurrent Read, Exclusive Write (PRAM)
CRF Cable Retransmission Facility
CRF Cross Reference File
CRI Colour Rendering/Reproduction Index
CRI Content Referencing Information
CRID Content Reference Identifier
CRID Centre de Recherche Informatique et Droit, France
CRIDS Centre de Recherche Information, Droit et Societe, France
CRIM Centre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal
CRIMM Continuity RIMM
CRIS Calibration Recall and Information System (NASA)
CRIS Calibration Recall Inventory System
CRIS Clinical Research Information System
CRIS Code Reduced Instruction Set
CRIS Common Relational Information Schema
CRIS Communication Rights in the Information Society
CRIS Controlling und Redesign von Informationssystemen
CRIS Current Research Information System
CRIS Customer Record Information System
CRISP C/Complex/Crypto Reduced Instruction Set Processor
CRISP Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects
CRISP Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining
CRISP Cross Registry Information Service Protocol
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CRL Compile-time Reconfigurable Logic
CR/LF Carriage Return/Line Feed
CRM Communications + Records Management
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CROM Control Read Only Memory
CRPC Center for Research on Parallel Computation
CRPC Compound Remote Procedure Call
CRR Change Request Reply
CRS Cell Relay Service
CRS Computer Reservation System
CRSAB Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CRT Chinese Remainder Theorem
CRTC Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CRTC Cathode Ray Tube Controller
CRTM Core Root of Trusted Module
CRU Comite Reseau des Universites
CRU Computer Resource Unit
CRU Customer Replaceable Unit
CRUD Create, Read, Update, and Delete
CRUSH Criminal Reduction Utilising Statistical History (IBM)
CRV Code Rule Violation
CRW Canon Raw Format
CRW Card Reader Writer
CRW Carrier Wave
CRW Channel Report Word
CRW Control Read Write
CS Cable/Card/Chip Select
CS Call Sign
CS Card Service
CS Chip Select
CS Circuit Switching
CS Clear Screen
CS Clear to Send
CS Client/Server
CS Code Segment
CS Coding Scheme
CS Communications Satellite/System
CS Computer Science
CS Continuous Servo
CS Convergence Sublayer
CS Correspondence System
CS Creative Suite (Adobe)
CS-ACELP Conjugate Structure Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
CS1 Capability Set 1
CS1 CS-1: Coding Scheme 1 (GPRS)
CS2 CS-2: Coding Scheme 2 (GPRS)
CS3 CS-3: Coding Scheme 3 (GPRS)
CS4 CS-4: Coding Scheme 4 (GPRS)
CS80 Command Set 80 (Hewlett-Packard)
CSA Calendaring and Scheduling API
CSA Call Path Service Architecture
CSA Client SMTP Authorization
CSA Cloud Security Alliance
CSA Communications Streaming Architecture
CSA Comprehensive System Accounting
CSA Conseil Superieur de l'Audiovisuel
CSA Cyber Security Agency, EU
CSAA Coverage Sampling Anti-Aliasing
CSAIL Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT, USA)
CSAR Channel System Address Register
CSB Channel Status Byte
CSC Center for Scientific Computing
CSCR Consortium for Slow Commotion Research
CSCW Computer Supported Cooperative/Collaborative Work
CSD Circuit Switched Data
CSD Cold Shutdown
CSD Computer Services Department
CSD Corrective Service Disk/Diskette (IBM)
CSDC Code Segment Descriptor Cache
CSDGM Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
CSDN Circuit Switched Data/Digital Network
CSDS Circuit Switched Data Service
CSE Certified System Engineer
CSE Customer Support Engineer
CSE Common Subexpression Elimination
CSEA Cyber Security Enhancement Act
CSECT Control Section
CSF Compagnie Sans Fil
CSF Content Sealed Format
CSFB Circuit Switched Fallback
CSFI Communication Subsystem For Interconnection
CSG Constructive Solid Geometry
CSG Consulting Services Group
CSH Context Sensitive Help
CSI Client Side Include(s)
CSI Code Sequence Identification
CSI Command Sequence Introducer
CSI Common Synchronous/System Interface
CSI Computer Security Institute, San Francisco, USA
CSI Continual Service Improvement
CSIC Computer System Interface Circuit
CSIC Customer Specific Integrated Circuit
CSID Called Subscriber Identifier/Identification
CSID Calling Station Identifier
CSIP Compressed Sources IBM PC
CSIP Corporate Stable Image Platform
CSIRT Computer Security Incident Response Team
CSL Computation Structures Language
CSL Computer/Context Sensitive Language
CSLIP Compressed Serial Line Interface Protocol
CSM Certified Scrum Master
CSM Compatibility Support Module
CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
CSMA/CE Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Elimination
CSMP Continuous System Modelling Program
CSMS Customer Support Management System
CSN Card Select Number
CSN Circuit Switched Network
CSN Customer Service Number
CSNET Computer and Science Network, USA
CSO Central Services Organization
CSP Certified Systems Professional
CSP Chip Scale/Size Package/Packaging
CSP Commercial Service Provider
CSP Commercial Subroutine Package
CSP Communicating Sequential Process/Processes
CSP CompuCom Speed Protocol
CSP Constraint Satisfaction Problem
CSP Cross System Product
CSP Cryptographic Service Provider
CSPDN Circuit Switched Public Data Network
CSPDU Convergence Sublayer Protocol Data Unit
CSPLA Conseil superieur de la Propriete Litteraire et Artistique
CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project
CSPRNG Cryptographically Secure Pseudo Random Number Generator
CSPWG Computer Security Policy Working Group
CSR Cell Switch Router
CSR Control and Status Register Management
CSR Customer Service Record
CSRAM Custom Static Random Access Memory
CSRC Computer Security Resource Center
CSRF Cross Site Request Forgery
CSRG (Austin) Common Standards Revision Group
CSRG Computer Systems Research Group (Berkeley)
CSRK Connection Signature Resolving Key
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Centralized Structure Store
CSS Chirp Spread Spectrum
CSS Client-Server-System
CSS Code Storage Segment
CSS Coded Switch Set
CSS Computer Scheduling System
CSS Computer Subsystem
CSS Content Scrambling System
CSS Continuous System Simulator
CSS Core System Software
CSS Critical Systems Support
CSS Cross Site Scripting
CSS1 CCS 1: Cascading Style Sheets level 1
CSS2 CCS 2: Cascading Style Sheets level 2
CSS3 CCS 3: Cascading Style Sheets level 3
CSSD Cloneproof Schwartz Sequential Dropping
CSSL Continuous System Simulation Language
CSSM Client Server Systems Management
CSSM Computer Security Site Manager
CSSO Computer System Security Officer
CSSP Cascading Style Sheet Positioning
CSSSP Common Sparse Spectral Spatial Pattern
CSTA Computer Supported Telephony Application
CSTAC Computer Systems Technical Advisory Committee
CSTB Computer Science + Technology Board
CSTDMA Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access
CSTR Computing Science Technical Report
CSTS Computer Supported Telecommunication/Telephony Standard
CSU Channel Service/Switching Unit
CSU Control and Service Unit
CSV Certified Server Validation
CSV Circuit Switched Voice
CSV Client SMTP Verification
CSV Cluster Shared Volume
CSV Comma Separated Values/Variables
CSW Channel Status Word
CSZ Clark, Shenker, Zhang (algorithm)
CT Call Transfer
CT Chipcard Terminal
CT Clock Time
CT Computer Technik/Telephony/Tomography
CT Controller
CT Cordless Telephone (CT1, CT2)
CT Cut Through
CTAF Cable Television Advisory Forum
CTAF Comprehensive Text Analysis Facility
CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
CTB Cipher Type Byte
CTB Communication Toolbox (Apple)
CTB Computer Based Training
CTC Channel To Channel
CTC Cornell Theory Center
CTC Counter Timer Chip
CTCP Client To Client Protocol
CTCPEC Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria
CTCSS Continuous Tone Coded/Controlled Squelch System
CTD Cell Transfer Delay
CTDB Clustered Trivial Data Base
CTDB Compact Terrain Data Base
CTE Charge Transfer Efficiency
CTE Common Table Expression
CTEA Copyright Term Extension Act
CTES Cell Technology Evaluation System
CTF Capture The Flag (contest)
CTF Common Trace Facility
CTF Contrast Transfer Function
CTG CICS Transaction Gateway (IBM)
CTG Comprehensive Technical Group
CTG Constant Time Gap
CTI Computational Testbed for Industry
CTI Computer Telephony Integration
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
CTIIC Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (USA)
CTL Complementary Transistor Logic
CTL Complex Text Layout
CTL Corel Transactional Licensing
CTL CTSS Command Language Controller
CTM Clock and Tone Module
CTM Cordless Terminal Mobility
CTN Corporate Telecommunication Network
CTO Chief Technical/Technology Officer/Offices
CTOS Cassette Tape Operating System
CTOS Corporate Telecommunications and Office Systems
CTP Community Technology Preview
CTP Composite Theoretical Performance
CTP Computer To Plate
CTP Cordless Telephony Profile (Bluetooth)
CTPA Coax to Twisted Pair Adapter
CTPM Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetize (Web)
CTR Cable Throw Replacement
CTR Center for Telecommunications Research, Columbia U.
CTR Common Technical Regulations
CTR Computing Tabulating Recording (Corporation)
CTR Counter
CTR Current Transfer Ratio
CTRCO Calculating Tabulating Recording Corporation
CTRL Control
CTS Clear To Send
CTS Common Transport Semantics
CTS Common Type System
CTS Computer Telephony Solution
CTS (EC) Conformance Testing Services
CTS Courier Time Server
CTS Customer Telephone System
CTSS Compatible/Cray Time-Sharing System
CTU Coding Tree Unit
CTX Cisco TelePresence Experience
CTX Clear To Transmit
CTX Context
CTX Customer Telephone Exchange
CTY Console Teletype
CU Central Unit
CU Check User
CU Coding Unit
CU Connecting/Control Unit
CU Customer Use
CU See You (Slang)
CU2 See You, Too (Slang)
CUA Common User Access (IBM)
CUA Commonly Used Acronym
CUA Computer Users Association
CUB Cursor Backward
CUCN Communication Controller Node
CUD Cursor Down
CUDA Compute Unified Device Architecture
CUE Custom Updates and Extras
CUF Cursor Forward
CUG Closed/Closet User Group
CUI Captive/Common/Consistent User Interface
CUI Character/Character-oriented User Interface
CUL See You Later (Slang)
CULV Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (Intel)
CUNY City University of New York
CUOD Central Unit on Demand
CUP Communications User Program
CUP Competitive Upgrade
CUP Cursor Position
CUPID Completely Universal Processor Input/Output Design
CUPS Common UNIX Printing System
CURL Cambridge University Robot Language
CUSI Configurable Unified Search Index
CUSIP Committee for Uniform Security Identification Procedures, USA
CUSP Customer Programming Language
CUSSNET Computer Use in Social Sciences Network
CUT Control Unit Terminal
CUTE Clarkston University Terminal Emulator
CUU Computerunterstützter Unterricht
CUU Cursor Up
CVC Camera and Video Capture
CVC Card Validation Code
CVC Current-to-Voltage Converter/Curve
CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition
CVD ClamAV Virus Database
CVD Compact Video Disk
CVD Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
CVE Collaborative Virtual Environment
CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
CVF Compressed VFAT
CVF Compressed Volume File
CVGA Color Video Graphics Array
CVIA Computer Virus Industry Association
CVM Cooperative Virtual Machine
CVMR Cardholder Verification Method Results
CVN Credit Card Validation Number
CVP Circuit Value Problem
CVP Collaborative Virtual Prototyping
CVP Content Vectoring Protocol
CVP Content Virus Protection
CVR Card Verification Result
CVS Computer Vision Syndrome
CVS Concurrent Versions System
CVSD Continuous Variable Slope Delta (Modulation)
CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System
CVT Convert
CVT Coordinated Video Timings (VESA)
CVV Card Verification Value
CVW CodeView for Windows (Microsoft)
CVW Collaborative Virtual Workspace (License)
CW Call Waiting
CW Continuous Wave
CW Control Word
CWA Competitive Web Analysis
CWE Common Weakness Enumeration (MITRE)
CWG Conficker Working Group
CWI Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam
CWIS Campus/Community Wide Information Service/System (Internet)
CWM Cisco WAN Manager
CWM Closed World Machine (Semantic Web)
CWM Common Warehouse Metadat/(Meta-)Model (OMG)
CWP Communication Word Processor
CWS Congestion Window Setting
CXFS SGI Clustered Extended File System
CXI Common X Interface
CXML Commerce Extensible Markup Language
CYA Cover Your Ass (Slang)
CYK Cocke-Younger-Kasami (-Algorithmus)
CYL Cylinder
CYL See You Later (Slang)
CYMK Cyan Yellow Magenta Key/Black (Farbmodell)


D Daemon, Data, Deutsch, Digital, Direct, Document, Double
D Datenleitung
D0 ACPI Device State D0: Fully On
D1 ACPI Device State D1: Intermediate Power State
D2 ACPI Device State D2: Intermediate Power State
D2C Digital To Character
D2PC Dynamic Two Phase Commitment
D2T2 Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (Drucker)
D3 ACPI Device State D3: Off
D64S ISDN-Festverbindung 64 kbit/s
DA Destination Address
DA Digital/Analog, D/A
DA Direct Access
DA Destination Address
DA Doppelader
DAA Data Access Arrangement
DAA Decimal Adjust for Addition
DAA Detect and Avoid Algorithm
DAA Digest Access Authentication
DAA Dynamic Adaptive Acknowledgment
DAAP Digital Audio Access Protocol
DAAP Digital Audio Archives Project
DAAP Direct Access Action Pack (Microsoft)
DAB Daten-Autobahn
DAB Digital Audio Broadcast/Broadcasting
DAB Direct Access Buffer
DAC Data Acquisition and Control
DAC Daily Administrative Check
DAC Design Automation Conference
DAC Device Access Code
DAC Digital-Analog-Converter
DAC Digital Audio Copy
DAC Discretionary Access Control
DAC Distributed Academic Computing
DAC Dual Address Cycle
DAC Dual Attached/Attachment Component/Concentrator
DACD Directory Access Control Domain
DACH Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
DACK DMA Acknowledge
DACL Discretionary Access Control List (Microsoft)
DACS Data Acquisition Control System
DACS Data and Analysis Center for Software, DoD, USA
DACS Digital Access Carrier System
DACS Digital Access and Cross-connect System
DACS Digital Administration and Cyber Security
DACT Data Compression Technology
DACTLU Deactivate Logical Unit
DAD Default Authority Descriptor
DAD Desktop Application Director
DAD Duplicate Address Detection
DAE Datenaufnahmeeinheit
DAE Differential-algebraic Equation
DAE Digital Audio Extraction
DAF Destination Address Field
DAF Deutsche-Arbeitsfront-Empfänger
DAG Directed Acyclic Graph
DAG Direktrufnetzabschlussgerät
DAGM Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mustererkennung
DAI Data Archiving Ingest
DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence
DAK Diagnose-Kanal
DAKfCBNF Deutscher Arbeitskreis für CB- und Notfunk
DAKS Dateikatalogsystem
DAL Data Access Language/Layer
DAL Dedicated Access Line
DAL Disk Access Lockout
DAM Data Acquisition and Monitoring
DAM Data Allocation Map
DAM Debian Account Manager
DAM Digital Asset Management
DAM Digital Audio Monitor
DAM Direct Access Method
DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAML DARPA/Distributed Agent Markup Language
DAML Digital Archives Markup Language
DAMPS Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
DAN Domestic/Desk Area Network
DANCC Domestic Area Network Coordination Centre
DANE DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities
DANTE Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe
DANZKO Datennetzkoordinator
DAO Data Access Object
DAO Disk At Once
DAP Data Access Protocol (DEC)
DAP Data Archiving Process
DAP Developer Assistance Program
DAP Directory Access Protocol
DAP Division Advisory Panel (NSF)
DAP Document Application Profile
DAP Dynamic Application Partitioning
DAPC Data Acquisition and Process Control
DAPI Desktop Application Programming Interface
DAPIE Developers' Application Programming Interface Extensions
DAR Datenausgabe-Register
DAR Digital Audio Radio
DAR Display Aspect Ratio
DAR Dynamic Adaptive Routing
DARC Data Radio Channel
DARC Deutscher Amateur-Radio Club
DARI Database Application Remote Interface (IBM)
DARMS Digital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, USA
DART Dexterous Anthropomorphic Robotic Testbed
DART Digital Audio Reconstruction Technology
DAS Data Acquisition Subsystem/System
DAS Data Analytics Supercomputer
DAS Datenausgabe-Steuerung
DAS Decimal Adjust for Subtraction
DAS Digital Analysis System
DAS Direct Attached Storage (vs. NAS)
DAS Dual Attached/Attachment Station (FDDI)
DASAT Datenübertragung via Satellit
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DASH Digital Audio Stationary Head
DASL DAV Search and Locate
DASP Data Administration Strategic Plan
DASP Data Analysis Statistics and Probability
DASP Deliver Automated Solutions Process
DASP Drive active -- Slave present
DASP Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Preprocessor
DASS Direct Access Secondary Storage
DASS Ditributed Authentication Security Service
DAST Datenaustausch-Steuerung
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DAT Disk Array Technology
DATACOM Data Communications
DATC Drake Authorized Testing Center (Novell)
DATEL Data Telecommunication
DATEV Datenverarbeitungsorganisation der steuerberatenden Berufe
DATEX-J Data Exchange for Jedermann
DATEX-L Data Exchange by Lines (leitungsvermittelt)
DATEX-M Data Exchange Multi-Megabit
DATEX-P Data Exchange in Packages (paketvermittelt)
DATV Digital Amateur Television
DAU Digitaler Alarmumsetzer
DAU Digital Announcement Unit
DAU Dümmster Anzunehmender User (Slang)
DAU Dynamische Adress-Umsetzung
DAV Data Available
DAV Digital Audio Video
DAV Distributed Authoring and Versioning
DAVACS DoE Automated Visitor Access Control System
DAVIC Digital Audio Video Council
DAVID Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder
DAW Digital Audio Workstation
DAWG Directed Acyclic Word Graph
DB Data Base/Buffer
DB Device Bay
DB dB: Dezibel (Maßeinheit, unit of measurement)
DB Digital Broadcasting
DB Dynamic Backtracking
DB2 Database Management System 2 (IBM)
DBA Database Access/Agent/Administrator
DBB Detect Before Break
DBBS Database Baby Sitter (DBA)
DBBS Dynamic Bass Boost System
DBC Data Bus Controller
DBC Device Bay Controller
DBCES Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization in 64 kBit/s Time Slot Trunking over ATM Using Circuit Emulation Services
DBCS Delivery Bar Code Sorter
DBCS Double-Byte Character Set
DBE Data Base Engine
DBFS Data Base File System
DBH Data Base Handler
DBI Data Base Interface (Class)
DBIC Dezibel Isometric Circular
DBIR Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon)
DBL Domain Block List
DBLP Digital Bibliography + Library Project
DBM Data Base Manager
DBM Dezibel per Milliwatt
DBML Data Base Markup Language
DBMS Data Base Management System
DBP Deutsche Bundespost
DBPSK Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying
DBQ Data Base Query
DBQ Data/Document Based Question
DBR Deterministic Bit Rate
DBR DOS Boot Record
DBS Data Base Server/System
DBS Debian Build System
DBS Demand Based Switching
DBS Deutscher Bildungsserver
DBS Direct Broadcast/Broadcasting Satellite/System
DBSCAN Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise
DBT Dynamic Backtracking
DBV Deutsches Bücherverzeichnis
DBV Digital Broadcast Video
DBWR Database Writer
DBX Debugger for UNIX
DC Data Center/Collection/Communication/Compression/Control
DC Demand Circuit
DC Design Change
DC Device Context (Microsoft)
DC Device/Domain Control
DC Differential Cryptanalysis
DC Direct Connect/Current
DC Distributed Computing
DC Distribution Center
DC Domain Controller
DC Dublin Core (Metadata Element Set)
DC Duck + Cover (Slang)
DCA Data Center Administration
DCA Defense Communications Agency, USA
DCA Digital Computer Association
DCA Distributed Communications Architecture
DCA Document Content Architecture
DCAF Distributed Console Access Facility (IBM)
DCAM Data Communication Access Method
DCAM Digital Camera
DCAM Direct Chip Attach Module
DCB Data/Device Control Block
DCB Disk Coprocessor Board (Novell)
DCC Data Communication Channel
DCC Data Country Code
DCC Debian Core Consortium
DCC DCC Common Core (Alliance)
DCC Department Computer Coordinator
DCC Differential Chain Code
DCC Digital Command Control
DCC Digital Compact Cassette
DCC Digital Content Creation
DCC Digital Curation Centre, UK
DCC Direct Cable/Client Connection
DCC Direct Client to Client
DCC Direct Current Component
DCC Display Combination Code
DCC Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse
DCCA Distributed Component Computing Architecture
DCCH Dedicated Control Channel
DCCP Data Communications Control Procedure
DCCP Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
DCCP Digital Computer Control Panel
DCCP Display Control Computer Program
DCCP Dublin Core Community Profile
DCCP Dynamic Content Caching Protocol
DCCS Distributed Capability Computing System
DCD Data Carrier Detect
DCE Data Circuit/Communication Equipment
DCE Data Circuit-Termination Equipment
DCE Data Collection Engine
DCE Digital Communications Experiment
DCE Distributed Computing Environment (OSF)
DCF Data Communication Facility (IBM)
DCF Data Compression Facility
DCF Data Count Field
DCF Design rule for Camera File systems
DCF Disengage Confirmation
DCF Distributed Coordination Function
DCF Document Composition Facility
DCF Driver Configuration File
DCFL Deterministic Context Free Language
DCFL Direct Coupled FET Logic
DCI Digital Cinema Initiatives
DCI Display Control Interface
DCIM Digital Camera Images (directory)
DCL Data Center Linux
DCL Data Control Language (SQL)
DCL DEC Command Language
DCL Declaration
DCL Device Clear
DCL Digital Command Language (DEC)
DCL Disc Change Line
DCLZ Data Compression Lempel Ziv
DCM Data Communication Method/Multiplexer
DCM Digital Content Management
DCM Distributed Computing Model
DCM Dual chip Module
DCME Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment
DCMI Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
DCML Dynamic Configuration Markup Language
DCMM Deutsche Casemod Meisterschaft
DCN Deep Convolutional Network
DCNA Data Communications Network Architecture
DCOM Data Communication processor
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model
DCOP Desktop Communications Protocol (KDE)
DCP Data Collecting Platform
DCP Dedicated Charging Point
DCP Device Control Protocol
DCP Digital Cinema Package
DCPS Data Communications Protocol System
DCS Data Collection/Control System
DCS Defined Context Set
DCS Desktop Colour Separation
DCS Diagnostic Communication System
DCS Digital Cellular (Telecommunication) System
DCS Digital Coded Squelch
DCS Digital Cross Connect System
DCS Distributed Computing/Control System
DCS Dynamic Carrier/Channel Selection
DCSK Differential Code Shift Keying
DCSP Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problem
DCT Database Configuration Tool
DCT Digital Cellular Telephone
DCT Digital Core Technology
DCT Discrete Cosine Transform/Transformation
DCTL Direct Coupled Transistor Logic
DCTP Developmental Certification Test Plan
DCU Data Cache Unit
DCV Destination Coded Vehicle
DD Data Definition/Deliverable
DD Debian Developer
DD Digital Data/Display
DD Double Density
DDA Deutsche Daten-Autobahn
DDA Digital Differential Analyzer
DDA Distributed Data Access
DDA Distributed Database Architecture
DDA Document Description Architecture
DDA Domain Defined Attribute
DDA DRAM Development Alliance
DDB Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
DDB Device Dependent Bitmap
DDB Device Descriptor Block
DDB Dynamic Delayed Broadcasting
DDBAC Data Design HBCI Banking Apllication Components
DDBMS Distributed Data Base Management System
DDC Dewey Decimal Classification
DDC Digital/Display Data Channel
DDC Direct Digital Control
DDC Distributed Data Coupling
DDC Dual Die Chip
DDC Dynamic Data Center
DDC1 Display Data Channel One
DDCMP Digital Data Communication Message Protocol (DEC)
DDCS Distributed Database Connection Services (IBM)
DDD Domain Driven Design
DDD Direct Distance Dialing
DDDB Display Device Data Block
DDE Direct Data Entry
DDE Distributed Debugging Environment
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDEML Dynamic Data Exchange Manager Library (Microsoft)
DDES Double Data Encryption Standard
DDF Dynamic Data Formatting
DDFA Data Communications and Terminal Controller Device File Access
DDH Distributed Document Handling
DDI Device Driver Interface
DDI Digital Document Interchange
DDI Direct Dial/Dialling In
DDIF Digital Document Interchange Format
DDK Device Driver Kit (Microsoft)
DDK Driver Development Kit
DDL Data Definition/Description Language
DDL Display/Document Description Language
DDM Direct Drive Monitor
DDM Distributed Data Manager/Management
DDN Defense Data Network, USA
DDNS Dynamic Domain Name System
DDOS Distributed Denial Of Service
DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol
DDP Debian Documentation Project
DDP Distributed Data Processing
DDR Double Data Rate (SDRAM)
DDR Dynamic Document Review
DDR2 Double Data Rate 2 (SDRAM)
DDS Data Description Specification
DDS Data Distribution Service
DDS Dataphone Digital Service (AT+T)
DDS Delegation Discovery System
DDS Design Data Sheet
DDS DFN Directory Services
DDS Digital/Distributed Data Service/Storage
DDS Digital Direct Synthesis
DDS Direct Digital Service/Synthesis
DDS Direkte digitale (Frequenz-)Synthese
DDS Disk Definition Structure
DDS Distributed Database Services
DDT Dynamic Debugging Tool
DDTA Digital Distributed Transaction Architecture
DDV Datendirektverbindung
DDV DES DES Verfahren
DDV Dialog Data Validation
DDVT Dynamic Dispatch Virtual Tables
DDX Digital Data Exchange
DDXP Digital Data Exchange, Packet-switching Network
DE Datenentstörung
DE Debugging Extensions
DE Device End
DE Discard Eligible
DE Document Engineering
DE Double Ended
DEA Data Encryption Algorithm
DEA Deterministischer Endlicher Automat
DEA Disposable Email Address
DEARN Deutsches EARN
DEBI Direct Memory Access Extended Bus Interface
DEC Decrement
DEC Device Clear
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DECDRBG Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator
DECNET Digital Equipment Corporation Networking (protocol)
DECSS DeCSS: Decryption of Content Scrambling System (DVD)
DECT Digital Enhanced/European Cordless Telecommunication
DECUS DEC Users Society
DED Darkness Emitting Diode
DED Data Entry Dictionary
DEDSL Data Entry Dictionary Specification Language
DEE Datenendeinheit/-einrichtung (= DTE)
DEF Data Exchange Format
DEF Default
DEF Destination Element Field
DEF Desktop Functional Equivalent
DEFOMA Debian Font Manager
DEG Datenendgerät
DEISA Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications
DEK Data Encryption Key
DEK Dateneingabekanal
DEL Das Eigentliche Leben
DEL Decode Encode Language
DEL Delete
DELTA Developing European Learning Through Technology Advance
DELUG Deutsche LINUX User Group
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DEMA Decoupled Multiuser Acquisition
DEMA Differential Electromagnetic Analysis
DEMTS Digital and Electronic Maps Transfer Standard
DEN Directory/Document Enabled Networking/Networks
DENIC Deutsches Network Information Center
DENOG Deutsche Network Operators Group
DEOS Distributed External Object Store
DEP Data Encryption Processor
DEP Data Entry Panel
DEP Data Execution Prevention/Protection
DEP Degressive Error Protection
DEPP Distributed Enhanced Programming Policy
DER Dateneingaberegister
DER Distinguished Encoding Rules
DES Data Encryption Standard
DES Data Entry Sheet
DES Dateneingabesteuerung
DES Dynamic Energy Saver
DESY Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Hamburg
DET Device Execute Trigger
DEUeV Datenerfassungs- und Übermittlungsverordnung
DEV Development
DEV Device
DEV Device Exclusion Vector
DEVO Datenerfassungsverordnung
DEX Derivatives Exchange Project (Debian)
DF Data/Destination Field/Form
DF Default
DF Device/Double Flag
DFA Deterministic Finite Automaton
DFB Distributed Feedback (-Laser)
DFBI Depth First Begin Index
DFC Data Flow Control
DFCE Defense Control Element
DFD Datenanwendung für Dritte
DFD Datenflussdiagramm, Data Flow Diagram
DFD Deutsches Fernerkundungs-Datenzentrum
DFDR Digital Flight Data Recorder
DFEI Depth First End Index
DFF D Flip-Flop
DFF Deutsches Flat-display Forum
DFF Direct Stream Digital Interface Format File
DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
DFKI Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken und Bremen
DFM Design For Manufacturability
DFN Deutsches Forschungsnetz e. V.
DFNS2S DFN Science To Science
DFP Data Facility Product (IBM)
DFP Decimal Floating Point
DFP Digital Flat Panel
DFPP Dialtone First Pay Phone
DFPP Digital Flat Panel Port
DFR Double Frequency Recording
DFS Deniable File System
DFS Depth First Search
DFS Distributed File Service/System
DFS Dynamic Frequency Selection
DFSA Direct File System Access
DFSG Debian Free Software Guidelines
DFSMS Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem
DFT Design For Testability
DFT Diagnostic Function Test
DFT Discrete Fourier Transform/Transformation
DFT Distributed Function Terminal
DFT Drive Fitness Test
DFU Data File Utility
DFU Data Filter Unit
DFU Device Firmware Update/Upgrade
DFU Direct File Update
DFU Directions For Use
DFUE Datenfernübertragung
DFV Datenfernverarbeitung
DFZ Default-free Zone
DG Data Group (DG1--DG16, in MRTD)
DG Datagram
DGA Dichotomic Greedy Algorithm
DGA Direct Graphics Access/Architecture
DGA Domain Generation Algorithm
DGC Distributed Garbage Collection
DGI Deutsche Grid-Inititative
DGIS Direct Graphics Interface Standard
DGL Device-independent Graphics Library (HP)
DGM Digital Group Multiplexer
DGM Digitales Geländemodell (GIS)
DGMH Drafting Group Message Handling
DGN Deutsche Gesellschaft für Netzdienste
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DGS Dynamische Geometrie-Software
DGT Direction Generale des Telecommunications
DH Diffie-Hellman (Key Exchange)
DH Digital Home
DHA Digital Headed Assembly
DHA Direct Hardware Access
DHA Directory Harvest Attack
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Internet)
DHDTV Digital High Definition Television
DHIS Dynamic Host Information System
DHL Dynamic Head Loading
DHRVVF Ducking, Hiding and Running Very Very Fast (Slang)
DHS Department of Homeland/Hopeless Security, USA
DHSD Duplex High Speed Data
DHT Distributed Hash Table
DHTML Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language
DHWG Digital Home Working Group (now DLNA)
DI Data In
DI Decoder Identification
DI Destination Index
DIA Defence Intelligence Agency
DIA Deutsche Informatik Akademie
DIA Display Industry Association
DIA Document Interchange Architecture (IBM)
DIAC Dedicated/Device-specific Inquiry Access Code
DIAD Delivery Information Acquisition Device
DIAS Digital Information Archiving System
DIB Data Information Base
DIB Device Independent Bitmap
DIB Directory Information Base
DIB Dual Independent Bus
DIBEG DiBEG: Digital Broadcasting Experts Group
DIBOL DEC Business Oriented Language
DICOM Digital Image/Imagery/Imaging (and) Communication/Communications
DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DID Digital Image Design
DID Digital Information Display
DID Direct Inward Dialling
DIDAC Digital Data Acquisition + Control
DIDL Digital Item Declaration Language
DIDS Defense Integrated Data System
DIDS Distributed Intrusion Detection System
DIF Data/Directory Interchange Format
DIFS Distributed/DCF Inter Frame Space
DIG Digital Imposition Geometry
DIGI Deutsche Interessengemeinschaft Internet e. V.
DII Dynamic Invocation Interface
DIIP Direct Interrupt Identification Port
DIIVA DiiVA: Digital Interface for Video and Audio
DIL Device Input/Output Library
DIL Dual In Line
DILA Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA)
DILLIGAS Do I Look Like I Give A Shit (Slang)
DIM Data Interpretation Module
DIMDI Deutsches Institut für Medizinische Information und Dokumentation
DIME Direct Internet Message Encapsulation
DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module
DIN Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation
DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung, Berlin
DIN Do It Now (Slang)
DINI Deutsche Inititative für Netzwerkinformation
DIO Data Input and Output
DIP Data, Information, and Process Integration
DIP Dialup Internet Protocol
DIP Digital/Document Image Processing
DIP Dissemination Information Package
DIP Dual Inline Package/Pin
DIPS Dual Domain In Plane Switching
DIR Directory
DIRC Digital Inter Relay Communication
DIS Data Item Specification
DIS Digital Immune System (Symantec)
DIS Directory/Distributed Information System
DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation
DIS Draft International Standard (ISO)
DIS Dynamic Impedance Stabilization
DISA Data Interchange Standards Association
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency, USA
DISA Direct Inward System Access
DISC Disconnect (frame)
DISCO Digital Secure Communication (Bosch/Ascom)
DISCSI Differential SCSI
DISEQC Digital Satellite Equipment Control
DISI Deployment of Internet Security Infrastructures
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
DISOSS Distributed Office Support System (IBM)
DISP Directory Information Shadow Protocol
DISP Displacement
DIST Digital Image Scaling Technology
DIT Depth of Inheritance Tree
DIT Directory Information Tree
DITA Darwin Information Typing Architecture
DITO Dit Is Totale Onzin (Slang)
DITO DoD IPv6 Transition Office
DITR Deutsches Informationszentrum für Technische Regeln
DIU Data Interface Unit
DIV Data In Virtual (Facility)
DIV Digitale Vermittlungsstelle
DIV Divide
DIVA Digitale Vermittlungsstelle Ausland
DIVA Digitales Videoarchiv, Karlsruhe
DIVE Direct Interface Video Extension
DIVF Digitale Vermittlungsstelle Fernnetz
DIVO Digitale Vermittlungsstelle Ortsnetz
DIVX Digital Video Express
DIW D-Inside Wire
DIWSCSI Differential Wide SCSI (16 Bit)
DIX Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, Xerox (Ethernet)
DIY Do It Yourself (Slang)
DJDE Dynamic Job Descriptor Entry
DJM Distributed Job Manager
DKE Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik im DIN und VDE
DKE Deutscher Kleinempfänger (Goebbelsharfe)
DKG Digitales Kartengerät
DKI Device Kernel Interface
DKIM Domain Keys Identified Mail
DKK Dienste- und kartenspezifisches Kennzeichen
DKMS Dynamic Kernel Module Support (Linux)
DKOM Direct Kernel Object Manipulation
DKRZ Deutsches Klima-Rechenzentrum, Hamburg
DKUUG Danish UNIX Users' Group
DKZ Datenkonzentrator
DL Description Logic
DL Download
DL Dual Layer
DL/1 Data Manipulation Language 1 (IBM)
DLAN dLAN: Direct Local Area Network
DLB Dynamic Load Balancing
DLC Data Link Control (IBM)
DLC Digital Learning Center (Kodak)
DLC Digital Loop Carrier
DLC Direct Liquid Cooling
DLC Distributed/Distribution Line/Loop Carrier
DLC Down Line Control
DLCG Deep Learning Compute Grid
DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier
DLCX Data Link Control Exchange
DLD Detailed Level Design
DLE Data Link Escape
DLF Deutschlandfunk
DLGI Dienstleistungsgesellschaft für Informatik
DLHP Deutsches Linux HowTo Projekt
DLI Digital Libraries Initiative
DLL Data Link Layer
DLL Delay/Digitally Locked Loop
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DLLP Data Link Layer Protocol
DLM Distributed LAN Monitoring
DLM Distributed Lock Manager
DLM Dynamic Link Module
DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance
DLO Document-Like Object
DLOC Delta Lines Of Code
DLOD Discrete Level Of Detail
DLP Data Load Partition
DLP Data Loss Prevention
DLP Digital Light Processing
DLPI Data Link Provider Interface
DLR Dependent LU Requester
DLR Design Layout Record
DLR DOS LAN Requester
DLS Data Link Switching
DLS Daylight Saving (time)
DLS Deactivated Link State
DLS Dependent LU Server
DLS Depth-limited Search
DLS Dial Line Service
DLS Direct Link Setup
DLS Distributed Link Services
DLS Distributed Load Sharing
DLS Divisible Load Scheduling
DLS Downloadable Sounds (MIDI)
DLS Dynamic Label Segment
DLSG Deutsche Lehrsoftware Gemeinschaft
DLSW Data Link Switching
DLT Digital Linear Tape
DLTM Don't Lie To Me (Slang)
DM Data Mark/Mining/Mode
DM Delta Modulation
DM Dense Mode
DM Device Management/Mapper
DM Dialogue Management (System)
DM Dieselhorst-Martin (Verseilung von Kabeln)
DM Direct Manipulation (of text)
DM Disconnect/Disconnected Mode
DM Distributed Memory/Monitor
DMA Digital Markets Act
DMA Direct Memory Access/Addressing
DMA Document Management Alliance
DMAC Direct Memory Access Controller
DMAN Differential Manchester (Coding)
DMAP DECT Multimedia Access Profile/Protocol
DMAP Digital Media Access Protocol
DMAP Direct Matrix Abstraction Programming
DMAP Direct Memory Access Parsing
DMAPI Data Management Application Program Interface
DMARC Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance
DMB Digital Multimedia Broadcast/Broadcasting
DMB Domain Master Browser
DMC Digital Media Center/Controller
DMC Direct Memory Controller
DMC Direct Multiplex Control
DMC Distributed Management Chain
DMCA Digital Millenium Copyright Act
DMD Device Manager Driver
DMD Digital Media Downloader
DMD Digital Micromirror Device
DMD Direct Manipulation Device
DMD Directory Management Domain
DME Digitaler Meldeempfänger
DME Direct Memory Execution
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DME Distributed Management Environment (OSF)
DMF Direct Manual Focus
DMF Distribution Media Format
DMG Distress Message Generator
DMI Data Management and Interoperability
DMI Data Memory Interface
DMI Database Management Interface
DMI Definition of Management Information
DMI Design Manufacturing Interface
DMI Desktop Management Interface
DMI Deutsche Mittelstandsinformatik
DMI Digital Media Infrastructure
DMI Digital Multiplexed Interface
DMI Digital Music Initiative
DMI Diploma in Medical Informatics
DMI Dipole Mode Index
DMI Direct Manipulation Interface
DMI Distributed Management Interface
DMI Distributed Medical Intelligence
DMI Dynamic Method Invocation
DMIDI Distributed Musical Instrument Digital Interface
DML Data Manipulation Language
DML Dialog Markup Language
DML Distributed Mode Loudspeaker
DMLT Distributed Multi Link Trunking
DMM Digital Multimeter
DMMP Distributed Memory, Message Processing
DMMS Dynamic Memory Management System
DMMV Deutscher Multimedia Verband
DMO Directory Management Organization
DMOS Double-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DMOZ Directory Mozilla
DMP Designated Mailers Protocol
DMP Digital Media Player
DMP Dot Matrix Printer
DMPC Distributed Memory Parallel Computer
DMPM Digital Monitor Power Management
DMPP Distributed Memory Parallel Processor
DMPR DMPr: Digital Media Printer
DMQS Display Mode Query and Set (IBM)
DMR Digital Media Renderer
DMR Dual Modular Redundancy
DMS Data/Design/Desktop/Document Management Software/System
DMS Deadline Monotonic Scheduling
DMS Digital Management Solutions
DMS Digital Media Server
DMSD Digital Multi-Standard Decoding
DMSDK Digital Media Software Development Kit
DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, USA
DMSP Distributed Mail System Protocol
DMSS Distributed Mass Storage System
DMSV Distributed Memory, Shared Variables
DMT Discrete Monitor Timing (VESA)
DMT Discrete Multitone (Modulation)
DMTF Desktop/Distributed Management Task Force
DMU Digital Media Uploader
DMU Digital Mock-up
DMUP Debian Machine Use Policies
DMUX Demultiplexer
DMY Day Month Year (Datumsangabe)
DMZ De-Militarised Zone (Firewall)
DN Distinguished Name
DN Down
DNA Digital Network Architecture (DEC)
DNA Direct Note Access
DNA Distributed Network Architecture
DNA Document Enabled Network
DNB Deutsche Nationalbibliographie
DNC Direct/Distributed Numerical Control
DNCP Decnet Phase IV Control Protocol
DNCRI Division of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure (NSF)
DND Do Not Disturb
DNDO Do Not Disturb Override
DNE Deterministic Network Enhancer (VPN)
DNF Disjunktive Normalform
DNG Datennetzabschlussgerät
DNG Digital Negative (format)
DNHR Dynamic Non-Hierarchical Routing
DNI Desktop Network Interface
DNI Direct Neural Interface
DNIC Data Network Identification Code
DNIE Digital Natural Image Engine
DNIS Dialed Number Identification Service
DNKZ Datennetz-Kontrollzentrum (DBP)
DNL Dynamic Noise Limiter
DNLC Directory Name Lookup Cache
DNM Datennetzabschlussmodul
DNMS Datennetz-Management-Software
DNN Deep Neural Network
DNPG Digital Networks Product Group
DNRC Domain Name Rights Coalition
DNS Direct Numerical Simulation
DNS Domain Name Server/Service/Scheme/System (Internet)
DNSB Daten-Netz-Signalisierung Typ B
DNSBL DNS Based Blacklist
DNSO Domain Name Supporting Organization
DNSSEC Domain Name System with Security Extensions
DNT Do Not Track
DNUG Deutsche Notes User Group
DO Data Out
DO Digital Office
DO Distributed Object
DOA Dead On Arrival
DOAG Deutsche Oracle-Anwender-Gruppe
DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals
DOAR Directory of Open Access Repositories
DOC Distributed Object Computing
DOCP DAE Optimal Control Problem
DOCS Designation of Other Coding System
DOCSIS Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DOCSV Data Over Circuit Switched Voice
DOCT Distributed Object Computation Testbed
DOD Department of Defence (Defense), USA
DOD Digital Optical Disc
DOD Dollars On Demand
DOD Drink Or Die
DOD Drop On Demand
DODCI Department Of Defense Computer Institute
DOE Department Of Energy, USA
DOE Distributed Objects Environment/Everywhere
DOI Digital Object Identifier
DOI Domain Of Interpretation
DOIP Dial Other Internet Providers
DOK Distrikts- und Ortsverbands-Kenner (des DARC)
DOL Direct Object Linking
DOM Document Object Model/Modul
DOM Document Output Management
DOMF Distributed Object Management Facility (Sun)
DOORS Distributed Object Oriented Reliable Service
DOP Directory Operational Binding Management Protocol
DOQ Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle
DOR Digital Optical Recording
DOS Denial Of Service
DOS Disk Operating System
DOS Distributed Operating System
DOSEM DOS Emulator/Emulation
DOSS Dedicated Office Systems and Services
DOT Document Template
DOT Documents to Think with (GMD)
DOV Data Over Voice
DOVE Digital Orbiting Voice Encoder
DOW Data Order Wire
DOW Day Of Week
DOW Direct Overwrite
DOW Discount Online Warehouse
DP Data Partitioning/Processing
DP Dial Pulse
DP Digital Person/Persona/Photography
DP Distributed Printing/Processor
DP Dot Pitch
DP Double Precision
DP Draft Proposed Standard (ISO)
DP3T Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing
DPA Demand Protocol Architecture
DPA Differential Power Analysis
DPA Document Printing Application/Architecture
DPAM Demand Priority Access Method
DPAR Data Parallel Abstraction
DPAREN Data Parity Enable (IBM)
DPB Decoded Picture Buffer
DPB Drive Parameter Block
DPBO Downstream Power Back Off
DPC Deferred Procedure Call
DPC Direct Program Control
DPC Display Controller
DPCM Differential Puls Code Modulation
DPCP DisplayPort Content Protection
DPCT Data Processing Control Transmittal Card
DPCX Distributed Processing Control Executive
DPD Dead Peer Detection
DPD Deep Power Down (modus)
DPD Differential Phase Detection
DPDA Deterministic Push Down Automaton
DPDK Data Plane Development Kit
DPDS Data Processing Distributed Systems
DPE Demarkationspunkt-Einheit
DPF Database Partitioning Feature
DPF Digital Photo Frame
DPF Discrete Packet Format
DPG Dedicated Packet Group
DPI Deep Packet Inspection
DPI Distributed Protocol Interface
DPI dots per inch
DPKG Debian Package Manager
DPL Debian Project Leader
DPL Descriptor Privilege Level
DPL Distributed Program Link
DPM Digital Panel Meter
DPM Display Power Management
DPMA Data Processing Management Association, USA
DPMA Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt, München
DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface (Microsoft)
DPMS Digital/Display Power Management Signaling/Software/Support
DPMS Display Power Management Signaling (Standard) (VESA)
DPMS DOS Protected Mode Service
DPNSS Digital Private Network Signalling System
DPO Dial Pulse Originating
DPO Data Phase Optimization
DPOF Digital/Direct Print Order Format
DPP Demand Priority Protocol
DPR Distributed Password Recovery
DPR Dynamic Physical Rendering
DPRS DECT Packet Radio System
DPS Data Protection System
DPS Digital Print System
DPS Display Postscript
DPS Document Processing System
DPSI Direction, Planification et Strategie Informatique
DPSI Dots Per Square Inch
DPSI Dual Power Servo Interface
DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying
DPT Data Processing Terminal
DPT Drive Parameter Table
DPU Data Parallel Unit
DPWS Devices Profile for Web Services
DQCB Distributed Queue Control Bus
DQDB Distributed Queue Double/Dual Bus
DQF Driver Qualification File
DQL Data/Database/DataEase Query Language
DQL DAML Query Language
DQL DICOM Query Label
DQL Domain Qualifier List/Lists
DQO Data Quality Objective
DQPSK Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
DR Data Received
DR Designated Router
DR Digital Research
DR Direct or Reverse
DR Disaster Recovery
DR Document Request
DR Dual Rank (memory module)
DR Dynamic Reconfiguration
DRA Deutsches Rundfunk-Archiv
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRAW Direct Read After Write
DRB DRAM Row Boundary
DRBD Distributed Replicated Block Device
DRC Dynamic Range Compression
DRCMF Digital Reality Creation Multi Function (Sony)
DRCS Dynamically Redefinable Character Set
DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture (IBM)
DRDA Distributed Remote Database Access
DRDRAM Direct Rambus Dynamic RAM
DRDW Direct Read During Write
DRE Direct Recording Electronic (Device)
DRE Distributed Real-time and Embedded (systems)
DRI Declarative Referential Integrity
DRI Defense Research Internet
DRI Digital Research Incorporated
DRI Direct Rendering Infrastructure
DRI Dynamic Range Increase
DRIP Designated Relays Inquiry Protocol
DRL Dynamically Reconfigurable Logic
DRM Digital Radio Mondiale (Modulation)
DRM Digital Restrictions/Rights Management
DRM Direct Rendering Manager
DRM Distributed Resource Management
DRM Dual Retention Mechanism
DRMS Data Record Management System
DRO Data Request Output
DRO Destructive Read Out
DRP DEC's Routing Protocol
DRP Disaster Recovery Plan
DRP Distributed Reservation Protocol
DRQ Disengage Request
DRQ DMA Request
DRR Dynamic Rate Repartitioning
DRS Data Relay Satellite
DRS Directory Replication Service (Microsoft)
DRS Document Registration System
DRS Domino Runtime Services
DRS Driver Resource
DRS Druckstation
DRTS Data Relay + Tracking System
DRTS Distributed Revision Tracking System
DRV Drive (Laufwerk)
DRY Don't Repeat Yourself (Slang)
DS Data Segment/Send/Server/Strobe
DS Delay Skew
DS Differentiated Service
DS Digit Select
DS Directory Services
DS Distributed Services (OSF)
DS Distribution Service (Cable TV)
DS Distribution System (WLAN)
DS Double Sided
DS Drive Select
DS02 ISDN-Festverbindung 128 kbit/s
DS3 Digital Signal Level 3
DSA Data Service Adapter
DSA Data/Digital Signature/Standard/Storage Architecture/Algorithm
DSA Debian Security Advisory
DSA Digital Services Act (EU)
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm
DSA Directory System Agent (X.500)
DSAA Data Science and Advanced Analytics
DSAA DECT Standard Authentication Algorithm
DSAB Distributed Systems Architecture Board
DSAF Destination Subarea Address Field
DSAP Data Self Auditing Program
DSAP Destination Service Access Point
DSAS Data Sharing Architecture System
DSB Datenschutzbeauftragter
DSB Double Side Band
DSC Digital Selective Call/Calling
DSC Direct Satellite Communications
DSC Direct Space Control
DSC Document Structuring Comments/Conventions (Postscript)
DSCH Downlink Shared Channel
DSCP Differentiated Services Code Point
DSCQS Double Stimulus Continuous Quality Scale (ITU)
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System, USA
DSD Data/Digital Sharing Device
DSD Data/Design Specification Document
DSD Data Set Definition
DSD Data Structure Diagram
DSD Deutscher Sendedienst
DSD Direct Stream Digital
DSD Document Structure Description (XML)
DSDC Data Segment Descriptor Cache
DSDC Dual Socket Direct Connect
DSDD Double Sided Double Density (Floppy)
DSDIFF Direct Stream Digital Interchange File Format
DSDT Data Set Definition Table
DSDT Differentiated System Description Table
DSE Data Storage Equipment
DSE Data Switching Exchange
DSE Distributed System Environment
DSE DSA Specific Entry
DSEA Display Station Emulation Adapter
DSECT Data/Dummy Control Section
DSEE Domain Software Engineering Environment (HP)
DSF Device Special File
DSF Device Support Facility
DSF Digital/Display Simulation Facility
DSF Directory System Function
DSF Dispersion Shifted Fiber (ITU)
DSF Direct Stream Digital Stream File
DSFA Datenschutz-Folgenabschätzung
DSG Digital Signal Generator
DSGL Digitalsignalgrundleitung
DSGVO Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (GDPR, RGPD)
DSH Desparately Seeking Help (Slang)
DSH Dotnet Scripting Host
DSHD Double Sided High Density (Floppy)
DSI Detailed Spectrum Investigation
DSI Digital Sspeech Interpolation
DSI Dynamic Systems Initiative (Microsoft)
DSIG Digital Signature
DSIS Distributed Support Information Standard
DSK Datenschutzkommission
DSL Damn Small Linux
DSL Dialogue Scripting Language (OSF)
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSL Downloadable Sounds
DSL Dynamic Simulation Language
DSLAC DSL Access Concentrator
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSLB Digital Subscriber Line Board
DSM Daten-Signal-Multiplexsystem
DSM Demand Side Management
DSM Disk Station Manager
DSM Distributed Shared Memory
DSM Domain Specific Modelling
DSMA Digital Sense Multiple Access
DSMIT Distributed SMIT (IBM)
DSML Directory Services Markup Language
DSMLT Distributed Split Multi Link Trunking
DSMX Digitaler Signalmultiplexer
DSN Data Set/Source Name
DSN Deep Space Network
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSN Delivery Status Notification
DSN Digital Switching Network
DSN Distributed Sensor Networks
DSO Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
DSO Dynamic Shared Object
DSOM Distributed System Object Model
DSOM Distributed Systems Operations and Management
DSP Data Service Profile
DSP Delivery Service Pack/Partner
DSP Digital Signal/Sound Processing/Processor
DSP Directory Synchronization/System Protocol
DSP Display Support/Systems Protocol
DSP Domain Specific Part
DSPL Datensichtplatz
DSPN Deterministic Stochastic Petri Net
DSPT Display Station Pass Thru
DSPU Downstream Physical Unit
DSQ Digital Squelch
DSQ Double Square (Coding)
DSQD Double Sided Quad Density (Floppy)
DSR Data Set Ready
DSR Device Status Register/Report
DSR Digitales Satelliten-Radio
DSR Document Search and Retrieval
DSR Dynamic Source Routing
DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communication
DSRI Deutsche Stiftung für Recht und Informatik
DSS Data Security Standard
DSS Data Storage Segment/Server
DSS Decision Support System
DSS Digital Satellite System
DSS Digital Signature Standard/System
DSS Digital Spread Spectrum
DSS Digital Subscriber Signalling
DSS Digitized Sky Survey
DSS Direct Station Selector
DSS Directory and Security Services
DSS Distributed Security Service
DSS Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
DSS1 Digital Signalling System No. 1
DSSA Domain Specific Software Architecture
DSSI Digital Standard Systems Interconnect (DEC)
DSSI Digital Storage Systems Interconnect
DSSS Direct Sequence/Sequencing Spread Spectrum
DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language
DST Datenstation
DST Daylight Saving Time
DST Depleted Substrate Transistor
DST Direct Stream Transfer
DST Dispersive Signal Technology
DST Distributed Storage
DSTC Differential Space Time Code/Coding
DSTN Double Super Twisted Nematic Field Effective Material
DSU Data/Digital Service/Switching Unit
DSUWG Data Systems Users' Working Group
DSV Digitalsignalverbindung
DSV Digital Sum Value
DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data
DSW Data/Device Status Word
DSX Digital Signals Cross-Connect
DT Data Track/Transfer/Translation/Transmission/Transmit/Type
DT Date + Time
DT Deep Trench (bipolar junction transistor)
DT Definition Term
DT Delay Time
DT Desktop
DT Deutsche Telekom
DT Diagnostic Test
DT Dial Tone
DT Digital/Direct Television
DT Digital Termination
DT Directional Transmission
DT Display Terminal
DT Distributed (graphical user interface) Toolkit
DT Double Tagging
DT Downtime
DTA Datenträger-Austausch
DTA Diagnosetestablauf
DTA Direct Tape Access
DTA Disk Tranfer Area
DTAB Demountable Tape Automated Bonding
DTAG Deutsche Telekom AG
DTC Data Communications and Terminal Controller
DTC Desktop Communication/Conferencing
DTC Distributed TCP Caching
DTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DTCP Digital Transmission Content/Copy Protection
DTD Document Type Definition
DTDS Disaster Tolerant Disk System
DTE Data Terminal/Terminating Equipment
DTE Dumb Terminal Emulator
DTF Digital Tape Format (Sony)
DTF Distributed Test Facility
DTFS Desktop File System
DTI Data Terminal Interface
DTI Deep Trench Isolation
DTI Desktop Item
DTI Dial Test Indicator
DTI Digital Trunk Interface
DTIM Delivery Traffic Indication Map/Message
DTK Deception Toolkit
DTK Desired Track
DTK Developer Transition Kit
DTL Designated Transit List
DTL Dialogue Tag Language
DTL Diode Transistor Logic
DTLA Dynamic Transmit Level Adjustment
DTLB Dual Translation Lookaside Buffer
DTLS Datagram Transport Layer Security
DTLS Descriptive Top Level Specification
DTLS Distributed Teaching, Learning, and Services
DTM Deterministic Turing Machine
DTM Digital Terrain Mapping
DTMF Data/Dual Tone Multiple Frequency
DTMF Desktop Management Task Force
DTML Document Template Markup Language
DTMP Data Transmission Multi-Polling
DTMP DCPS Technical Management Panel
DTMP Desktop Media Production
DTMP Disposable Token Mac Protocol
DTN Data Transmission Network
DTN Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network/Networking
DTN Digital Telephone Network
DTN Duplex, Tray, Network (printer)
DTN Dutch Telecom Netherlands
DTO Data Terminal Operator
DTO Data Transfer Object/Offset/Operation
DTO Data Transport Option
DTO Design To Order
DTO Desktop Organization
DTO Dial Tone Office
DTO Digitally Tuned Oscillator
DTO Domain Test Object
DTO Download To Own
DTOS Distributed Trusted Operating System
DTP Desktop Publishing
DTP Distributed Transaction Process/Processing
DTPS Dialer Token Pairs
DTR Data Terminal Ready
DTR Data Transfer Rate
DTR Dedicated Token Ring
DTR Digital Trunk
DTS Decode Time Stamp
DTS Digital Termination/Transceiving System
DTS Digital Theatre Sound/System
DTS Direct To SOM
DTS Distributed Time Server/Service
DTS Distributed Traffic Shaping (Cisco)
DTSS Dartmouth Time Sharing System
DTSS Digital Time Synchronization Service
DTTB Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
DTV Desktop Video
DTV Digital Television
DTVC Desktop Video Conferencing
DTX Discontinuous Transmission
DU Datenumsetzer
DU Disk Usage
DUA Directory User Agent (X.500)
DUAL Diffusing Update Algorithm
DUAT Direct User Access Terminal
DUC Digital Uniformity Control
DUCWIC Do You See What I See (Slang)
DUE DUe: Datenübertragung
DUE Digital Uniformity Equalizer
DUEE DUeE: Datenübertragungseinheit/-einrichtung
DUEP DÜP: Dateiüberprüfung (Wikipedia)
DUG Discretionary User Group
DUKATH Drahtlose Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
DUL Dial-up User List
DUMA Detect Unintended Memory Access
DUN Dial-up Networking (Profile)
DUNCE Dial-up Network Connection Enhancement
DUNDI Distributed Universal Number Discovery
DUNDIS Direction of United Nations Databases and Information Systems
DUNP Dial-Up Network Profile (Bluetooth)
DUOW Distributed Unit Of Work
DUS Datenübertragungssystem
DUST Datenübertragungssteuerung
DUST Datenumsetzerstelle
DUT Device Under Test
DUV Data Under Voice
DV Datenverarbeitung
DV Delivery Verification (certificate)
DV Digital Video
DV Distance Vector
DVA Datenverarbeitungsanlage
DVA Distance Vector Algorithm
DVB Digital Video Broadcast/Broadcasting
DVBH Digital Video Broadcast/Broadcasting Handheld
DVBST Direct-View Bistable Storage Tube (Tektronix)
DVBT Digital Video Broadcast/Broadcasting Terrestrial
DVC Desktop Video Conferencing
DVC Digital Vibrance Control
DVC Digital Video Camera/Cassette
DVCR Digital Video Cassette Recording
DVCS Distributed Version Control System
DVD Dackel Vom Dienst (Slang)
DVD Deutsche Vereinigung für Datenschutz
DVD Digital Versatile/Video Disc
DVDR DVD-R: Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory
DVDR9 DVD-R9: DVD Recordable 9 GB (Panasonic)
DVDR9 DVD+R9: DVD Recordable 9 GB (Philips)
DVDRW DVD-RW: Digital Versatile Disk Re-Writable
DVDRAM DVD-RAM: Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memory
DVDRWDL DVD-RW DL: Digital Versatile Disc Read Write Double Layer
DVE Digital Video Effects
DVI Deutsches Video Institut
DVI Device Independent
DVI Digital Video/Visual Interactive/Interface/Interleaved
DVIA DVI-A, Digital Visual Interface Typ A (Stecker, Buchse)
DVID DVI-D, Digital Visual Interface Typ D (Stecker, Buchse)
DVII DVI-I, Digital Visual Interface Typ I (Stecker, Buchse)
DVL Damn Vulnerable Linux
DVL Digital Video Link
DVM Digital Voltmeter
DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
DVO Dynamic Variable Ordering (Heuristic)
DVOF Digital Video Over Fibre
DVR Digital Video/Voice Recorder
DVR Distance Vector Routing
DVRMS DVR-MS: Digital Video Recorder Microsoft
DVRMS Digital Video Recording and Management System
DVS Desktop Virtualization Services
DVST Datenvermittlungsstelle
DVST Direct-View Storage Tube
DVV Datenverarbeitungsverantwortlicher
DW Data Warehouse/Warehousing
DW Dual Watch
DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
DWE Data Warehouse Edition (IBM)
DWF Drawing Web Format
DWG Data/Development Working Group
DWG Drawing (AutoCAD)
DWG Dynamic Wavelength Grouping
DWIM Do What I Mean (Slang)
DWISNWID Do What I Say Not What I Do (Slang)
DWM Diskless Workstation Management
DWMT Discrete Wavelet Multi Tone
DWN Debian Weekly News
DWR Design With Reuse
DWR Direct Web Remoting
DWR Dynamic Wavelength Repeatability
DWS Digitaler Wahlstift
DWT Directory Watch
DWT Discrete Wavelet Transform/Transformation
DWTT Distribution Wide Tracker Tool
DX Directory Exchange
DX Weitverkehr, Distance (Funk)
DXA Directory Exchange Agent
DXB Digital Extended Broadcasting
DXB Drawing Exchange Binary
DXC Data Exchange Control
DXC Digital Cross Connect
DXF Data/Drawing Exchange/Interchange File/Format
DXF Data Transfer File
DXG Datexnetzabschlussgerät
DXI Data Exchange Interface
DYHWIH Do You Hear What I Hear (Slang)
DYMO Dynamic MANET On-Demand (Routing)
DYNSLT Dynamic Select
DYNSRC Dynamic Source
DZUG Deutsche Zope Users Group


E Electronic, End, Enhanced, European, Extended
E2 E-2: European 2
E2 Evaluation Level 2 (ITSEC)
E2E End To End
E2EG Ear To Ear Grin (Slang)
E2U E.164 To URI
EA Effective Address
EA Eingabe/Ausgabe, E/A
EA Emulsion Aggregation
EA Endamt (Ortsvermittlungsstelle, Ortsamt)
EA Extended Address/Attribute
EA External Address
EAC Election Assistance Commission, USA
EAC European Activities Committee
EAC Exact Audio Copy
EAC Extended Access Control
EACEM European Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
EAD Encoded Archival Description (Format)
EAD Ethernet-Anschlussdose
EAF Export Address Table Access Filtering
EAGLE Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor (ECAD)
EAGLE Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment
EAGLE Environmental Audio Graphical Librarian Editor (Creative Technology)
EAGLE European Application, Generation, and Language Environment for SMES
EAI Enterprise Application Integration
EAIM European Alliance for Information Management
EAL Effektive Abstrahlleistung
EAL Echelle Atomique Libre (TAI)
EAL Evaluation Assurance Level (1--7, Common Criteria)
EAM Electronic Accounting Machinery
EAN European Advanced Networking (Protocol)
EAN European Article Number
EAN European Aviation Network
EAN Extragalactic Area Network
EANCOM EDIFACT-Subset Konsumwirtschaft
EANTC European Advanced Networking Test Center
EAP Early Adopter Program
EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol
EAPOE Extensible Authentication Protocol Over Ethernet
EAPOL Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN
EAPS Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching
EAR Eavesdrop And Register
EAR Elektro-Altgeräte Register
EAR Enterprise Archive
EAR External Access Register
EARBA Enhanced Adaptive Rate Based Algorithm
EARN European Academic Research Network
EAROM Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EARS Electronic Access to Reference Services
EARS Electronic Authoring and Routing System
EARS Explicit Archive and Retrieval System
EAS Electronic Authorization System
EAS Energy Aware Scheduling
EAS Enterprise Agreement Subscription
EAS Ethernet Access Switch
EAS Exchange Active Sync (protocol)
EAS Extended Area Service
EASA European Academic Software Award
EASC Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (Russia et al.)
EASEL Educator Access to Servies in the Electronic Landscape
EASEL Emergent Algorithm Simulator and Evaluation Language
EASI Electronic Access to System Information
EASI Embedded All-in-one System Interface
EASI Enhanced Asynchronous SCSI Interface
EASI Enhanced Audio Streaming Interface (Emagic)
EASI Equal Access to Software and Information
EASI European Academic Supercomputing Initiative
EASKT Einzelanschluss-Konzentrator
EAST Enhanced Ada Subset
EAT eAT: elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel
EATA Enhanced AT Bus Attachment
EAW VEB Elektro-Apparate-Werke Berlin-Treptow
EAWR Eingabeauswahlknotenregister
EAX Environmental Audio Extensions
EAZ Endgeräteauswahlziffer (ISDN)
EB Entity Bean (Java)
EBC EFI Byte Code
EBC EISA Bus Controller
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (IBM)
EBCOT Embedded Block Coding with Optimized Truncation
EBCT Electron Beam Computed Tomography
EBD Emergency Boot Disk
EBGA Enhanced Ball Grid Array
EBI Equivalent/Extended Background Input/Investigation
EBL Electronic Bearing Line
EBM Electronic Bearing Marker
EBNF Erweiterte (Extended) Backus-Naur-Form
EBONE European Backbone
EBP Electronic Bill Presentmet
EBP Elektronisches Briefpapier
EBP Extended Base Pointer
EBPF eBPF: Extended Berkeley Packet Filter
EBPNN Error Back Propagation Neural Network
EBPP Electric Bill Presentment and Payment
EBR Excessive Burst Rate
EBR Extended Boot Record
EBS Elastic Block Store
EBS Event Based Sampling
EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer
EBTF European Banking Technology Fair
EBU European Broadcasting Union
EBV Elektronische Bildverarbeitung
EBX Electronic Book Exchange
EBXM Electronic Business XML
EC Echo Cancellation
EC Educational Computer
EC Electronic Cash/Commerce
EC End Chain
EC Error Control
EC European Community
EC Evolutionary Computing
EC Exchange Carrier
EC Executive Commitee
ECA Event, Condition, Action
ECAD Electronic Computer Aided Design
ECAL Enjoy Computing And Learn
ECAS Exchange Card Architecture Specification
ECAT Electronic Card Assembly and Test
ECB Electronic Code Book
ECB Event Control Block
ECBC Enterprise Cloud Buyers Council
ECBS European Committee for Banking Standards
ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem/Cryptography
ECC Enter Cable Change
ECC Error Check/Correction Circuit/Code
ECC Error Checking and Correcting
ECCC Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
ECCN Export Control Classification Number
ECCOS Electronic Card Catalog + Ordering System
ECD Enhanced Colour Display
ECD Enhanced Compact Disc
ECDH Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System
ECDL European Computer Driving License
ECDLP Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem
ECDSA Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
ECDT Embedded Controller Boot Resources (Description) Table
ECEF Earth-centered Earth-fixed
ECF Enhanced Connectivity Facility
ECG Electronic Content Guide
ECHO European Community Host Organisation
ECI Europäisches Computer Informationszentrum, Bonn
ECI External Call Interface
ECIN Electronic Commerce Info Net
ECIS European Committee for Interoperable Systems
ECIX Electronic Component Information Exchange
ECIX European Commercial Internet Exchange, Germany
ECL Emitter Coupled Logic
ECL Execution Control List
ECL Extensible Computer Language
ECLF Extended Log File Format
ECM Electronic Control Module
ECM Enhanced Coprocessor Mount
ECM Enterprise Content Management
ECM Entity Connection/Coordination Management
ECM Error Correcting/Correction Mode
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association
ECN Electronic Communications Network
ECN Explicit Congestion Notification
ECNE Enterprise Certified NetWare Engineer (Novell)
ECO Electron Coupled Oscillator, Electronic Commerce Forum
ECODU European Control Data Users Group
ECOM Electronic Commerce
ECOM Electronic Computer Originated Mail
ECOM Emergency/Exterior Communications
ECOMA European Computer Measurement Association
ECOOP European Conference on Object Oriented Programming
ECP Enhanced/Extended Capabilities Port (Microsoft)
ECP European Cloud Partnership
ECP Excessive Cross-Posting
ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act
ECR Efficient Consumer Response
ECR Enhanced Codeline Recognition
ECRC European Computer Industry Research Centre
ECRIT Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies
ECS EDNS Client Subnet
ECS Embedded Computing System
ECS Encryption Control Signal
ECS Enhanced Chip Set
ECS European Common Standard
ECS European Communications Satellite
ECSD Enhanced Circuit Switched Data
ECSEL Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership
ECSI European Custom Systems Integration
ECSS Exalted Carrier Single Sideband
ECTA European Competitive Telecommunication Association
ECTF Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum
ECTL Electronic Communal Temporal Lobe
ECU EISA Configuration Utility
ECU Electronic Control Unit
ED Edge Device
ED End Delimiter
ED Erase Display
ED2K EDonkey2000
EDA Electronic Design Automation
EDA Embedded Document Architecture
EDA Event Driven Architecture
EDA Explorative Datenanalyse
EDAB Extended Digital Audio Broadcasting
EDAC Error Detection And Correction
EDAP Extraordinary Data Availability and Protection
EDAS EGNOS Data Access Service
EDB Embedded Data Base
EDC Electronic Digital Computer
EDC Enhanced Data Correction
EDC Error Detection and Correction
EDC Error Detection Code
EDCA Enhanced Distributed Channel Access
EDCF Enhanced Distributed Coordination Function
EDD Enhanced Disk Drive
EDDC Extended Distance Data Cable
EDE Encrypt Decrypt Encrypt
EDF Earliest Deadline First
EDFA Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDG Electronic/Email Discussion Groups
EDG Environmental Data Gathering
EDG Environmental Database Gateway
EDG EOS Data Gateway
EDG European Data Grid
EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval
EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
EDGE Explicit Data Graph Execution
EDI Electronic Data/Document Interchange
EDIBDB EDIFACT-Subset Baumärkte
EDID Extended Display Identification Data
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN, DIN)
EDIFICE EDIFACT-Subset Elektroindustrie
EDIFURN EDIFACT-Subset Möbelindustrie
EDITEX EDIFACT-Subset Textilindustrie
EDK EFI Developer Kit
EDL Edit Decision List
EDL Encapsulator/Enterprise Definition/Description Language
EDLC Ethernet Data Link Control
EDM Engineering Data Management
EDMS Electronic Document Management System
EDMS Enterprise Desktop Management Services
EDNS Enhanced Domain Naming System
EDNS Enterprise-defined Network Services
EDNS Extension Mechanisms for Domain Name System (RFC 2671)
EDNS0 Extension Mechanisms for Domain Name System Version 0 (RFC 2671)
EDO Enhanced/Extended Data Out/Output (DRAM)
EDÖB Eidgenössischer Datenschutz- und Öffentlichkeitsbeauftragter
EDOC Electronic Document
EDOC Enterprise Distributed Object Computing
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EDP Enhanced Dot Pitch
EDPM Electronic Data Processing Machine
EDPS Electronic/Enhanced Data Processing System
EDR Enhanced Data Rate
EDR Event Data Recorder
EDR External Developer Relaease
EDRAM Enhanced Dynamic Random Access Memory
EDS Electronic DIP Switch
EDS Elektronisches Datenvermittlungssystem
EDS Experimental Distributed System
EDSA Europäischer Datenschutzausschuss
EDSAC Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EDSI Enhanced Small Device Interface
EDSL Ethernet Digital Subscriber Line
EDSRA Earth Data System Reference Application
EDSS European Digital Subscriber System
EDTV Enhanced/Extended Definition Television
EDU educational; Internet-Domain: Universitäten in USA
EDV Elektronische/Experimentelle Daten-Verarbeitung
EDVA Erbium doped Fiber Amplifier
EDVAC Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
EE Electronic/Extended Edition
EE Endeinrichtung
EEC Extended Error Correction
EEDID Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data
EEE Energy Efficient Ethernet
EEEPROM Emulated Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EEFL External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp
EEG Enterprise Expert Group
EEHO Either End Hop Off
EEL Epsilon Extension Language
EEM Extended Memory Management
EEMA European Electronic Messaging Association
EEMAC Electrical + Electronic Manufacturers of Canada
EEMBC Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium
EEMS Enhanced Expanded Memory Specification/Support
EEP Equal Error Protection
EEPAL Electrically Erasable Programmable Array Logic
EEPI Electronic Entertainment Policy Inititative
EEPLD Electrically Erasable Programmable Logic Device
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EES Escrowed Encryption Standard
EESA Enterprise Extensions SMART Accessed
EF Externer Fehler
EFA Extended File Attribute
EFAC Extended File Access Control
EFCI Explicit Forward Congestion Identification
EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFI Electromechanical Frequency Interference
EFI Electronics For Imaging
EFI Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation, Berlin
EFI Extensible Firmware Interface
EFIP European Federation of Interconnection and Packaging
EFIP European Forum for Innovation in Payments
EFISC Enhanced Fast Instruction Set Computer
EFL Emitter Follower Logic
EFLA Extended Four Letter Acronym
EFM Eight-by/to-Fourteen Modulation
EFM Ethernet in the First Mile
EFMCU EFMCu: Ethernet in the First Mile Copper
EFNET EFnet: Eris Free Network
EFR Enhanced Full Rate
EFRC Enhanced Full Rate CODEC
EFS Electronic Filing System
EFS Enhanced/Encrypted/Encrypting/Enterprise/Episode/Extent File System
EFS Extended File (Name) Server
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EFT Euro File Transfer
EFTP Easy File Transfer Protocol
EFTS Electronic Funds Transfer System
EFUe Emissionsdaten-Fernübertragung
EG Evil Grin (Slang)
EG Exterior Gateway
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adaptor/Array
EGC (Inmarsat) Enhanced Group Call
EGD Entropy Gathering Daemon
EGEE Enabling Grids for E-Science in Europe
EGG Gesetz zum Elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr
EGK eGK: Elektronische Gesundheitskarte
EGL Embedded-Systems Graphics Library
EGL Enterprise Generation Language
EGN Einzelgebührennachweis
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System
EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol (Internet)
EGPCS Environment, GET, POST, Cookies, Server
EGPE Extended Generalized Programming Environment
EGPRS Enhanced General Packet Radio Service
EGSM E-GSM: Extended GSM-900 Band
EGW Edge Gateway
EHCI Enhanced Host Controller Interface
EHF Extremely High Frequency
EHIC Electronic Health Insurance Card
EHKP Einheitliches höheres Kommunikationsprotokoll
EHLLAPI Emulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface
EHR Electronic Health Record
EHS Electronic Hook Switch
EHS European Home System
EHSA European Home Systems Association
EI Examination Institute
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance, USA
EIAJ Electronic Industries Association of Japan (now JEITA)
EIB European Installation Bus (-> KNX)
EIBA European Installation Bus Association
EIBIEM Enhanced Interactive Business Integrating Environment Manager
EICAR European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
EICC Electronic Industry Code of Conduct
EICTA European Information, Communications + Consumer Electronics Industry Technology Association
EID eID: Electronic Identity, Elektronischer Identitätsnachweis
EID Electronic Information Display
EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EIDP Electronic Information Developers Program
EIES Electronic Information Interchange System
EIES European Information Exchange Service for the Communication between Harbour Areas
EIF European Interoperability Framework
EIFFEL Evolved Internet Future For European Leadership
EIFOK Error In Front Of Keyboard (Slang)
EIFS Extended Inter Frame Space
EIGRP Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
EIM Electronic Image Management
EIMS Eudora Internet Mail Server
EIN European Informatics Network
EIP Enterprise Informational Portal
EIP Extended Instruction Pointer
EIP Extended Internet Protocol
EIR Equipment Identity Register
EIR Extended Inquiry Response
EIRP Effective/Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power
EIS Electronic/Employee/Emergency Information Services/System
EIS Enterprise/Executive/Expert Information System
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EISS Europäisches Institut für Systemsicherheit
EIST Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology
EIT Event Information Table
EITI European Interconnect Technology Initiative
EITO European Information Technology Observatory
EIUF European ISDN User Forum
EIV Encryption Initialization Vector
EJAS Enterprise Java Application Server
EJB Enterprise Java Beans
EJBQL Enterprise Java Beans Query Language
EJB3 EJB 3.0: Enterprise Java Beans 3rd Edition
EJO Electronic Journal Online
EJP Enhanced Joystick Port
EK Editor Kit
EK Event Kernel
EKK Elliptische-Kurven-Kryptosystem (ECC)
EKL Electronic Key Line
EKT Envelope-Kanal-Teiler
EKTS Electronic Key Telephone Service/Sets
EL Electroluminiscent (Display)
EL Elevation
EL Embedded Linux
EL Erase Line
ELAN Educational/Elementary Language
ELAN Emulated Local Area Network
ELANC Enhanced Local Area Network Controller
ELAP e-LAP: Embedded Linux Application Platform
ELAP Ethernet Link Access Protocol
ELB Elastic Load Balancing
ELBG Enhanced Linde-Buzo-Gray (algorithm)
ELC Embedded Linking and Control
ELC Embedded Linux Consortium
ELD Electroluminescent Display
ELD Electronic License Distribution
ELEC Embedded Linux Expo + Conference
ELEC Enterprise Local Exchange Carrier
ELENA Elektronischer Entgeltnachweis
ELF Executable and Linkable/Linking Format
ELF Extremely Low Frequency
ELFEXT Equal Level Far End Crosstalk
ELFF Extended Log File Format
ELGA Elektronische lebenslange Gesundheitsakte
ELKS Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset
ELM Electronic Mail (system)
ELOD Erasable Laser Optical Disk
ELOS Electro Optical Synergy
ELOS Embedded Lightweight Operating System
ELP Education License Program
ELS Entry Level System
ELSA Enhanced Linux System Accounting
ELSPA European Leisure Software Publishers Assosciation
ELSTER Elektronische Steuer-Erklärung
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
ELV Electronic/Extra Low Voltage
ELV Elektronisches Lastschriftvefahren
ELW Entfernen von Löschwarnungen (Wikipedia)
ELWIS Elektronisches Wasserstrassen-Informationssystem für die Binnenschifffahrt
EM Electronic Mail
EM End of Medium
EM End-host Multicast
EM Expanded Memory
EM64T Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel)
EMA Electronic Mail Association
EMA Enterprise Management Architecture (DEC)
EMAC European Market Awareness and Education Committee
EMACS Editing Macros (GNU)
EMACS Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift (Slang)
EMAIL Electronic Mail
EMAS Edinburgh Multi-Access System
EMB Enhanced Master Burst
EMB Extended Memory Block
EMBOSS European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMC Electronic Mail Connection
EMC Equipment Manufacturer's Code
EMC Extended Math Coprocessor
EMCC Eckert-Mauchly Computer Company
EMCS Excise Movement and Control System
EME Earth - Moon - Earth (Connection)
EME Electromagnetic Environment
EME Encrypted Media Extensions
EMEA Europe, Middle East, and Africa
EMEA European Medicinal Evaluation Agency, London
EMET Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (Microsoft)
EMF Electromagnetic Field/Force
EMF Enhanced Meta File
EMFBI Excuse Me For Butting In (Slang)
EMFIS Emerging Markets Financial Services
EMHS Electronic Message Handling Systems
EMI Electric + Musical Industries
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
EMI External Memory Interface
EML European Media Lab, Heidelberg
EMM Enterprise Mail Manager
EMM Expanded Memory Manager
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
EMP Excessive Multi-Posting/Multiple Posting
EMPA Eidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und Forschungsanstalt
EMR Electromagnetic Radiation
EMR Electronic Mail Registration
EMR Enhanced Metafile Record
EMS Electronic Mail System
EMS Electronic/Enhanced Message Service
EMS Energy Management System
EMS Enhanced Message/Messaging Service
EMS Expanded Memory Specification
EMSAPI Extended Messaging Services Application Programming Interface
EMSEC Emanations Security
EMSEC Embedded Security (group), UCLA
EMT Embedded Management Tool
EMUG European MAP Users Group
EMV Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit
EMV Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa
EMVG Gesetz über die elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit von Geräten
EMVU Elektromagnetische Veträglichkeit zur Umwelt
EMX Enterprise Mail Exchange
EN End Node
EN European Norm
ENA Electronic Networking Association
ENC Electronic Nautical Chart
ENCMM Ethernet Network Control + Management Module
ENDEC Encoder/Decoder
ENDF Evaluated Nuclear Data File
ENDS Ends Segment
ENFIA Exchange Network Facilities For Interstate Access
ENIAC Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer
ENISA European Network and Information Security Agency
ENITH European Network for Information Technology in Human Services
ENL European Network Laboratories
ENP Ethernet Node Processor
ENQ Enquiry
ENS Enterprise Network System/Services/Switch
ENSS European Navigation Satellite System
ENSS Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem (Internet)
ENUM (T)Elephone Number Mapping
EO Electro Optical
EO Europe Online
EOA End Of Address
EOB End Of Block
EOC Embedded Operations Channel
EOC End Of Character/Conversion/Cycle
EOD End Of Data
EOD End Of Discussion (Slang)
EOF ECC On the Fly
EOF End Of Field/File/Flame
EOF Enterprise Objects Framework
EOI End Of Image/Interrupt
EOI End Or Identify
EOJ End Of Job
EOL End Of Life/Line/List
EOL Europa Online
EOM End Of Maintenance/Message/Meckerei
EOM Erasable Optical Memory
EON Enhanced (Information Concerning) Other Networks
EOP End Of Page/Partition
EOP Exchange Online Protection (Microsoft)
EOR End Of Record
EOR Exclusive Or (XOR)
EOS Earth Observing System (NASA)
EOS Educational Online Sources
EOS Electro Optical System (Canon)
EOS End Of String/Support
EOS Error Correction Code On SIMM
EOSAT Earth Observation Satellite
EOSDIS Earth Observing System Data and Information System (NASA)
EOT Embedded Open Type
EOT End of Tape/Transaction/Transmission/Table/Text
EOTC European Organization for Testing and Certification
EOU Ease Of Use
EOU End Of User
EOUG European Oracle Users Group
EPA Elektronische Patientenakte
EPA ePA: Elektronischer Personalausweis
EPA Environmental Protection Agency, USA
EPA Europäisches Patentamt, München
EPA Execution Path Analysis
EPAC Enhanced Perceptual Audio Coding
EPC Electronic Product Code
EPC European Payments Council
EPD Electronic Paper Display
EPD Elektronisches Patientendossier (CH)
EPEAT Electronics Product Environmental Assessment Tool
EPFL Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, CH
EPG Electronic Program Guide
EPI Enhanced Parallel Interface
EPI European Payments Initiative
EPI Execute Programmer Immediately (Slang)
EPI External Presentation Interface
EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center, USA
EPIC Explicitly Parallel Instruction (Set) Computing
EPICUR Enhancement of Persistent Identifier Services -- Comprehensive Method for Unequivocal Resource Identification
EPIRB Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EPL Effective Prvilege Level
EPL Ethernet Powerlink
EPLD Electronic/Erasable Programmable Logic Device
EPM Enterprise Process Management
EPMAP Electronic Publishing Mapping Project
EPN ePN: Ebay Partner Network
EPN Edinburgh Process Notation
EPN Education Podcast Network
EPN Effective Perceived Noise
EPN Electronic Payments Network
EPN Electronic Pool Notification
EPN End Point Number
EPN EUREF Permanent Network
EPN Extended Part Number
EPO Emergency Power Off
EPO Entry Point Obscuring
EPOE Enhanced Power Over Ethernet
EPON Ethernet Passive Optical Network
EPP Enhanced Parallel Port
EPP Ethernet Packet Processor
EPP Extensible Provisioning Protocol (RFC 4930)
EPPT European Printer Performance Test
EPRCA Enhanced Proportional Rate Control Algorithm
EPRML Enhanced Partial Response Maximum Likelihood
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS Electronic Publishing System
EPS Encapsulated Postscript
EPS Enterprise Parallel Server (HP)
EPS Evolved Packet System
EPS Extrusion Prevention System
EPSCS Enhanced Private Switched Communications Service
EPSF Encapsulated Postscript File Format
EPSI Encapsulated Postscript Interchange Format
EPSMA European Power Supply Manufacturers Association
EPSR Ethernet Protection Switching Ring
EPSS Experimental Packet Switching Service
EPT Extended Page Tables (Intel)
EPU Energy Processing Unit
EPUB Electronic Publication
EQ Equalizer
ER Early Retransmit
ER Entity Relationship
ER Explicit Rate
ER Externer Rechner
ERA Elementarer/Eingeschränkter Regulärer Ausdruck
ERA Extended Registry Attribute
ERAS Electronic Routing and Approval System
ERB Editorial Review Board
ERBIS Einheitliches Rechnerunterstütztes Betriebsführungssystem
ERC European Radiocommunication Committee
ERC European Research Council
ERC Explicit Route Control
ERC External Relations Committee
ERCIM European Research Consortium for Informatics and Applied Mathematics
ERD Emergency Repair Disc
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram
ERE Extended Regular Expression
ERESC European Register of Stolen Computers
EREW Exclusive Read, Exclusive Write (PRAM)
ERG European Regulators Group
ERI Emergency Recovery Information
ERIC Educational Resources Information Center, USA
ERL Echo Return Loss
ERLL Enhanced Run Length Limited
ERM EMC and Radio Matters
ERM Entity/Enterprise Relationship Model
ERMA Electronic Recording Method, Accounting (General Electric)
ERMES European Messaging System
ERMES European Radio Message Service/System
ERN Explicit Route Number
ERO European Radiocommunications Office
EROM Erasable Read Only Memory
EROS Extremely Reliable Operating System
ERP Effective Radiated Power
ERP Endpoint Routing Protocol
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERPB Euro Retail Payments Board
ERR Error
ERS Evidence Record Syntax
ERST Error Record Serialization Table
ERU Emergency Recovery Unit/Utility
ERZ Electrical/Enhanced Return to Zero
ERZ Elektronisches Rechenzentrum
ES Elektronische Signatur
ES Elementary Stream
ES Endsystem, End System
ES Enhanced Security
ES Expanded Store
ES Extra Segment
ESA Enterprise System Architecture
ESA Entertainment Software Association
ESA European Space Agency
ESATA eSATA: External Serial ATA
ESB Einseitenband, Single Side Band
ESB Enterprise Service Bus
ESC Electronic Support Center/Centre
ESC Escape
ESC European Support Center (Novell)
ESCD Extended Setup/System Configuration Data
ESC/I Epson Standard Code for Image Readers
ESC/P Epson Printer Language
ESCM Extended Services Communications Manager
ESCON Enterprise Systems Connection (Architecture) (IBM)
ESD Electronic Software Distribution
ESD Electronic System Design
ESD Electrostatic Discharge
ESD Emergency Shutdown Device
ESD Emergency Startup Disk
ESD Entry Systems Division
ESDA Electronic System Design Automation
ESDC Extra Segment Descriptor Cache
ESDI Enhanced Small/System Device Interface
ESDP Enhanced Service Discovery Profile
ESDRAM Enhanced Synchronous Dynamic RAM
ESDS Earth Sciences Data Standards
ESDS Economic and Social Data Service, UK
ESDS Electronic Software Deployment Service
ESDS Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive
ESDS Entry Sequence Data Set
ESDS Environmental Satellite Data System
ESDS Epidemiology Statistics and Data System
ESE Ethernet Switching Engine
ESE Expert System Environment
ESE Extensible Storage Engine
ESF Eureka Software Factory
ESF Extended Superframe Format
ESFQ Extended Stochastic Fair Queuing
ESG Earth System Grid
ESG Event Schedule Guide
ESH End System Hello PDU
ESHG Elektrische Systemtechnik für Heim und Gebäude
ESI Edge Side Include(s)
ESI Electrostatic Interference
ESI End System Identifier
ESI Enhanced Serial Interface
ESI European Software Institute
ESI External Systems Interface
ESIG European SMDS Interest Group
ESIS ES-IS: End System to Intermediate System Protocol (OSI)
ESL Electronic Supplier Link
ESL Electronic System Level
ESL Electrostatic Loudspeaker
ESL EMEA Services Logistics (IBM)
ESL Emergency Stand-alone
ESL End of/Expected Service Life
ESL Enterprise/End-User Software/Subscription Licensing
ESL European System Language
ESM Enterprise Security Manager
ESM Ethernet Switching Module
ESMR Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ESMS European Satellite Multimedia Services
ESMTP Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Internet)
ESN Electronic Serial Number
ESN Extended Sequence Number
ESOC European Space Operation Centre
ESOL Existential Second-Order Logic
ESOSL Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter (Slang)
ESP Early Support Program
ESP EFI System Partition
ESP Electronic Shock/Skip Protection
ESP Encapsulating Security Payload
ESP Enhanced Serial Port
ESP Enhanced Service Provider
ESP Enterprise System Platform
ESP Eudora Sharing Protocol
ESP Extended Stack Pointer
ESPICO Embedded Signal Processing for Integrated Cores
ESPRIT European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technology
ESR Equivalent Series Resistance
ESR Eric Steven Raymond
ESR Event Service Routine
ESR Extended Support Release
ESRO Efficient Short Remote Operations
ESS Electronic Switching System
ESS Emacs Speaks Statistics
ESS Employee Self Service
ESS Enterprise Storage Server (IBM)
ESS Environmental Stress Screening
ESS Extended Service Set
ESSID Extended Service Set Identifier
ESSP European Satellite Service Provider
ESTB EGNOS System Test Bed
ESTSC Energy Science + Technology Software Center
ESU Electrostatic Unit
ESU Europäische Standardüberweisung (eBanking)
ESUG European Smalltalk Users Group
ESV Elektronikschrottverordnung
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETAC Electrically Tuned Antenna Coupler
ETAC Everyday Technologies for Alzheimer Care
ETACS Extended Total Access Communication System
ETAN Electronic Transaction Number
ETANN Electrically Trainable Analog Neural Network (Intel)
ETB End of Transmission Block
ETC Electronic Toll Collection
ETC Enhanced Throughput Cellular (modem protocol)
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETDD Electrical Time Division Demultiplexer/Demultiplexing
ETDM Electrical Time Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
ETE Entry to Exit
ETF Enriched Text Format
ETFTP Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
ETG European Workshop on Open Systems Technical Guide
ETG Expert Task Group
ETI Extended Terminal Interface
ETIN Elektronische Transfer-Identifikations-Nummer
ETL Extract, Transform, Load
ETM Exchange Telephone Manager
ETN Electronic Tandem Network
ETNS European Telephony Numbering Space
ETOL Evil Twin On Line (Slang)
ETOM Electron Trapping Optical Memory
ETOX EPROM Tunnel Oxide
ETP European Telecommunications Platform
ETP European Tripartite Group (EGNOS)
ETR Early Token Release
ETRN Extended Turn (command)
ETS EIB Tool Software
ETS Electronic Tracking System
ETS European Telecommunication Standard
ETSA European Telecommunication Services Association
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETX End of Text
EU Elektronische Unterschrift
EU Execution Unit
EUC End User Check/Computing
EUC Enhanced/Extended UNIX Charset/Code
EUCIP European Certification of IT Professionals
EUD Extended U-shape Cell Device
EUDC End User Defined Character
EUI End User Interface
EUI Extended Unique Identifier
EULA End User License Agreement
EUNET European UNIX Network
EUP EuP: Energy using Products
EUREKA (kein/not an acronym; European Network for Industrial Research and Development)
EURID European Registry of Internet Domain Names
EUROPEN Dachverband europäischer UNIX-Anwendervereinigungen
EUSES End Users Shaping Effective Software
EUUG Extragalactic/European Unix User Group
EUV Extreme Ultra Violet (Radiation, Lithography)
EUVL Extreme Ultra-Violet Lithography
EV Etagenverteiler
EV European Videotelephony
EV Extended Validation
EVA Eingabe, Verarbeitung, Ausgabe
EVA Elektronische Fahrplan- und Verkehrsauskunft
EVA Elektronischer Verkehrslotse für Autofahrer
EVA Elektronisches Volltext-Archiv, Karlsruhe
EVA Empfangs- und Verteilanlage
EVA Enhanced Video Adapter
EVAS EDV-gestütztes Vereins-Administrations-System
EVB Edge Virtual Bridging
EVD Enhanced Versatile Disc
EVE European Video Telephony
EVE Exklusiver Verzeichnis-Eintrag (Datex-J)
EVGA Extended Video Graphics Array/Adapter
EVL Electronic Visualization Laboratory, Chicago
EVM Embedded Virtual Machine
EVMS Enterprise Volume Management System
EVN Einzelverbindungsnachweis
EVO Elektro-Schrott-Verordnung
EVP Enhanced Virus Protection
EVR Enhanced Video Renderer
EVS Event Service (OSF)
EVU Elektrizitäts-/Energieversorgungsunternehmen
EWA European Women's Audiovisual Network
EWF Enhanced Write Filter
EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems (OSI)
EWS Embedded Webserver
EWS Employee Written Software (IBM)
EWS Exchange Web Services
EWSD Elektronisches Wählsystem, digital
EWSM Elektronisches Wählsystem für MANs
EWSP Elektronisches Wählsystem für Paketvermittlung
EWTS Enterprise Web Training System
EXAPT Extended Subset of APT
EXCA Exchangeable Card Architecture
EXCH Exchange
EXFAT ExFAT: Extended File Allocation Table
EXFCB Extended File Control Block
EXIF Exchangeable Image File Format
EXM Enterprise Messaging Exchange
EXOFS Extended Object File System
EXP Exponent
EXR Exception Request (SNA)
EXT External
EXTRN External Reference
EXUG European X User Group
EZV Elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr


F Fading, Federation, Fernmelde-, Field, File, Francais, Funk
F!FF Forum Informatiker für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung
F2F Face to Face (Slang)
F2FS Flash-Friendly File System
FA Fernmeldeamt
FA For Auction (Slang)
FA Foreign Agent
FA Front End Application
FA Full Adder, Fermeldeamt, Fernamt
FAAS Function As A Service
FAB (Chip) Fabrication Plant
FABS Fast Access Btree Structure
FAC Fast Access Channel
FAC File Access Code
FAC Final Assembly Code
FAC Forced Authorization Code
FACCH Fast Associated Control Channel
FACL Full Access Control List
FACP Fixed Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (description table)
FACS Facilities Assignment and Control System
FACS Fibronics Advanced Cabling System
FACS Firmware ACPI Control Structure
FACT Federation Automatic Coding Technologies
FADA File Access Data Unit
FADC Fast/Flash Analog to Digital Converter
FADT Fixed ACPI Description Table
FAE Field Apllications Engineer
FAF File Attribute File
FAFWOA For A Friend Without Access (Slang)
FAG Fernmeldeanlagengesetz
FAI Fournisseurs d'Acces Internet
FAI Fully Automatic Installation
FAID Flash Authority Identification Data
FAL File Access Listener
FALD Full Array Local Dimming
FAM File Alteration Monitor
FAMOS Floating Gate Avalanche MOS
FAMP FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python
FAN Family Area Network
FAP Femto Access Point
FAP File Access Protocol
FAPI Family Application Program Interface
FAPL Format and Protocol Language
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Netnews)
FAQ Fragen, Antworten, Quellen der Erleuchtung (Netnews)
FAQ Foire Aux Questions (Netnews)
FAR False Acceptance Rate
FARE Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement
FARNET Federation of American Research Networks
FAS Fahrassistenzsystem
FAS Frage-Antwort-System
FAS Frame Alignment Signal
FASC Future of the Amateur Service Committee
FASIC Function- and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
FAST Fast Access Stationary Tape Guide Transport
FAT File Allocation Table
FAW Frame Alignment Word
FAXP Fax Profile (Bluetooth)
FAXT Far End Crosstalk
FAXTAM Fax and Telephone Answering Machine
FB Fernbedienung
FB Fiber Backbone
FB Fine Business (Slang)
FB Frame Buffer
FB Fully Buffered (DIMM)
FBAS Farb-Bild-Austast-Synchronsignal (RGB-Signal)
FBD Fully Buffered DIMM
FBE Free Buffer Enquiry (Arcnet)
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FBLINU Forum für blinde und sehbehinderte Internetnutzer
FBO Frame Buffer Object
FBPP Federal Biometric Protection Profile
FBRM Fractional Bit Rate Modulation
FBS Fernbedienungs- und Steuerungssystem
FBUI Frame Buffer User Interface
FC Family Computer
FC Federal Criteria
FC Fibre Channel
FC File Catalogue
FC Flip Chip
FC Flow Control
FC Forward Checking
FC Frame Control
FCA Fibre Channel Association
FC-AL Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCB File Control Block
FCB Future Communications Bus
FCC Federal Communications Commission, USA
FCC File Carbon Copy
FCCH Frequency Correction Channel
FCCSET Federal Coordination Committee on Science, Engineering and Technology
FCD Final Committee Draft
FCD Floating Car Data
FCD Foundation for Communication for the Disabled
FCFS First Come First Served
FCGU Flight Control and Guidance Unit
FCI flux changes per inch
FCIA Fibre Channel Industry Association
FCIF Full Common Intermediate Format
FCL FORTRAN Command Language
FCLC Fibre Channel Loop Community
FCOE FCoE: Fibre Channel over Ethernet
FCP Fibre Channel Protocol
FCPGA Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
FCRAM Fast Cycle (Dynamic) Random Access Memory
FCS Fibre Channel Standard
FCS First Customer Shipment
FCS Frame Check Sequence
FCSI Fiber Channel Systems Initiative
FCT Fast CMOS Technology
FCT Firewall Configuration Tool
FCVC Flow Controlled Virtual Channel
FD Finite Domain
FD Floppy Disk
FD Full Duplex
FDA Fernmeldedienstanbieter
FDB Fluid Dynamic Bearing
FDC Final Committee Draft
FDC Floppy Disk Controller
FDCC Formal Definitions of Cultural Conventions
FDD Feature Driven Development
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI Fiber Digital/Distributed Data Interface
FDDI TP-PMD FDDI Twisted Pair Physical Layer Medium Dependent
FDDI/UTP FDDI Unshielded Twisted Pair
FDDT FDDI Full Duplex Technology
FDE Full Disc Encryption
FDE Full Duplex Ethernet
FDES Full Duplex EtherSwitch
FDF Forms Data Format
FDFS File Descriptor File System
FDHBGA FDH-BGA: Face Down Spreader Ball Grid Array
FDI Flash Data Integrator
FDIS Final Draft International Standard
FDISK Fixed Disk
FDL Factory Data Link
FDL File Definition Language
FDL (GNU) Free Documentation License
FDM Flight Dynamic Model
FDM Frequency Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple/Multiplex Access
FDMI Flat Display Mounting Interface
FDOCA Formatted Data Object Content Architecture
FDP Form Description Program
FDR Frame Drop Rate
FDSE Full Duplex Switched Ethernet
FDSL Fixed Directory Subscriber List
FDSL Flexible Digital Subscriber Line
FDT Field Device Tool
FDT Formal Description Technique
FDX Full Duplex (transmission)
FE Fernmeldebetriebserde
FE Finite Elemente
FE Focus Error
FE Format Effektor
FE Frame/Framing Error
FEA Fast Ethernet Alliance
FEA Fractal Element Antenna
FEAL Fast Data Encipherment Algorithm
FEBE Far End Block Error
FEC Fast EtherChannel (Cisco)
FEC Floating Electrode Capacitor Cell
FEC Forward Equivalence Class
FEC Forward Error Correction
FEC Front End Clipping
FECN Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
FED Fachverband Elektronik Design e. V.
FED Field Emission Device/Display
FEDIS Finite Element Data Interchange Specification
FEM Finite-Elemente-Methode
FEP Firewall Enhancement Protocol
FEP Front End Processor
FEPIM Fast Ethernet Port Interface Module
FER Frame Erasure Rate
FERAM Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
FERF Far End Receive Failure
FEST Finite Element Simulation Technique
FEST Framework for European Telemedicine
FET Feldeffekt-Transistor
FEXT Far End Crosstalk
FF Fieldbus Foundation
FF First Fail (Principle)
FF Flipflop
FF Form Feed
FFA Free For All
FFAPI File Format API
FFDT FDDI Full Duplex Technology (DEC)
FFGF File Framework Generator and Formatter
FFH Fast Frequency Hopping
FFH File Folder Holder
FFH Film Frame Handler/Handling
FFH Free Forum Hosting
FFI Foreign Function Interface
FFII Förderverein für eine Freie Informationelle Infrastruktur
FFM File-on-File Mounting File System
FFPU Free For Personal Use
FFR For Future Release
FFS Fast/Flash File System
FFS Flexibles Fertigungssystem
FFS For Free Server
FFSN Fast Flux Service Network
FFT Fast Fourier Transform/Transformation
FFT Full Frame Transfer
FFTP Fast Food Transfer Protocol (Mampfnet)
FG Feature Group
FG Foreground
FG Frame Ground
FGA Feature Group A
FGAN Forschungs-Gesellschaft für Angewandte Naturwissenschaften
FGB Feature Group B
FGC First Global Commerce
FGD Feature Group D
FGDC Federal Geographic Data Committee
FGF Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk
FGS Fair Group Scheduling
FGV Fernmeldegebührenvorschriften
FGW Femto Gateway
FH Frame Handler
FHS Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
FHS For Heaven's Sake (Slang)
FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
FI Feature Interaction
FI Form Interpreter
FI Full Interchangeability
FIA Future Internet Assembly
FIAWOL Fandom Is A Way Of Life (Slang)
FICON Fiber Connectivity
FID File/Format/Frequency Identifier/Identification
FIDO Fast Identity Online
FIF Fachinformation in Fachhochschulen
FIF Fractal Image Format
FIF Future Internet Forum
FIFF Forum InformatikerInnen für den Frieden e. V.
FIFO First In, First Out (Speicher)
FILO First In, Last Out (Speicher)
FIMS Forms Integration Management Standard
FINCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
FIND Facial Images National Database, UK
FIND Future Internet Design
FINTS Financial Transaction Services
FIP File Processor Buffering
FIPA Finnish Information Processing Association
FIPA Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (IEEE)
FIPR Foundation of Information Policy Research, UK
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard, USA
FIQ Fast Interrupt Request
FIR Fast Infrared Communication
FIR Finite Impulse Response (filter)
FIR Full Intra Request
FIRE Future Internet Research and Experimentation
FIRP Federal Internetworking Requirements Panel (NIST)
FIRS Federated Internet Registry Service
FIRS Federal Information Relay Service
FIRS Field Incident Radio System
FIRST Fraunhofer-Institut für Rechnerarchitektur und Softwaretechnik, Berlin
FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FIS Financial Information System
FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FISE Future Internet Socio-Economics
FISH First In, Still Here (Slang)
FISMA Federal Information Security Management Act, USA
FIT Fachauschuss für Information und Telekommunikation
FIT Failures In Time
FIT Fingerprint Identification Technology
FIT Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik, Sankt Augustin
FITB Fill In The Blank (Slang)
FITL Fiber In The Loop
FITNR Fixed In The Next Release (Slang)
FITS Flexible Image Transport System
FITUG Förderverein Informatik und Gesellschaft e. V.
FIX Federal Information/Internet Exchange
FIX Financial Information Exchange (protocol)
FIZ Fachinformationszentrum
FK Family Key
FKIE Fraunhofer Institut für Kommunikation, Informationsverarbeitung und Ergonomie, Werthhoven
FKTG Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft
FL Fiber Link
FLA Full Look Ahead
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLAIM Flexible and Adaptable Information Manager
FLAME Flexible Application Program Interface for Module-based Environments
FLASK Flux Advanced Security Kernel
FLBGA Fine Line Ball Grid Array
FLC Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal
FLC First Level Cache
FLI Font Library
FLIC FORTRAN Language for Industrial Control
FLIT Flexowriter Interrogation Tape
FLL Frequency Locked Loop
FLN Family Life Network
FLN Fuzzy Lattice Neurocomputing
FLOC FLoC: Federated Learning of Cohorts (Google)
FLOF Full Level One Feature
FLOP Floating Point Operation
FLOPS Floating Point Operations per Second
FLOSS Free/Libre Open Source Software
FLP Fast Link Pulse
FLT Fertigungsleittechnik
FLUVIS Fluid Dynamics Visualization in a Virtual Windtunnel
FLV Flash Video
FM Facility/Fault/Function Management
FM Frequenzmodulation, Frequency Modulation
FMA Fault Management
FMA Fused Multiply-Add
FMAC Floating Point Multiply Accumulate
FMC Fan Monitor Connector
FMC Flexible Manufacturing Cell
FMC Flight Management Computer
FMCW Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FMD Fluorescence Multilayer Disk
FMD Funkmessdienst
FME Funkmeldeempfänger
FMEA Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
FMH Function Management Header
FMI Fixed Mobile Integration
FML Forms Markup Language
FMM Frequently Made Mistakes
FMO Flexible Macroblock Ordering
FMO Future Method of Operation
FMP Flow Management Protocol
FMP Functional Multiprocessor/-processing
FMS Facility/File/Forms Management System
FMS Femto Management System
FMS Fernmeldesystem
FMS Fieldbus Message Specification
FMS Fixed Mobile Solution (Intel)
FMS Flexible Manufacturing System
FMS Funkmeldesystem
FMT Fully Meshed Traffic
FMV Full Motion Video
FN Fiber Node
FNA File Name/Attribute Augmentation Facility
FNA Formerly Known As (Slang)
FNA Functional Needs Analysis
FNA Functional Network Architecture
FNC Federal Networking Council, USA
FNL Fortran Numerical Library
FNN Forum Netztechnik Netzbetrieb (im VDE)
FO Fernmeldeordnung
FO Fiber Optics
FOAF Friend Of A Friend (Slang)
FOC Fiber Optic Cable
FOC Free Of Charge
FOC Full Operational Capability
FOD Fax On Demand
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FOEBUD FoeBuD: Verein zur Förderung des öffentlichen bewegten und unbewegten Datenverkehrs e. V., Bielefeld
FOF Factor Out Failure
FOG FoG: Forwarding on Gates
FOIA Freedom Of Information Act, USA
FOIP Fax Over Internet Protocol
FOIRL Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link
FOL First-Order Logic
FOLDOC Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
FOLED Flexible Organic Light Emitting Display
FOMA Freedom Of Multimedia Access
FOMAU Fiber Optic Medium Attachment Unit
FOOBAR FTP Operation Over Big Address Records
FORTRAN Formula Translator
FORTWIHR Forschungsverbund für technisch-wissenschaftliches Hochleistungsrechnen
FOSDEM Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting
FOSI Formatting Output Specification Instance
FOSS Free and Open Source Software
FOSSIL Fido-Opus-Seadog Standard Interface Layer
FOV Field Of View
FP Fabri-Perrot (-Laser)
FP False Positive
FP Festplatte
FP Fiber Passive
FP Fixed Part
FP Floating Point
FPA Fast Packet Adaption
FPA Focal Plane Array
FPA Function Point Analysis
FPAD Field Programmable Address Decoder
FPAL Field Programmable Array Logic
FPD Flat Panel Display
FPDP Front Panel Data Port
FPF Fake President Fraud
FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array
FPIC Field Programmable Interconnect Circuit
FPK Fast Packet Keying
FPLA Field Programmable Logic Array
FPLD Field Programmable Logic Device
FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System
FPLS Field Programmable Logic Sequencer
FPM Fast Packet Multiplexing
FPM Fast Page Mode (DRAM)
FPML Field Programmable Macro Logic
FPMPMI Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface (FDMI)
FPO For Placement Only (image)
FPODA Fixed Assignment PODA
FPP Fast Parallel Port
FPP Fixed Path Control
FPP Floating Point Processor
FPP Fraud Prevention Pool
FPP Full Packaged Product
FPS Fast Packet Switching
FPS First Person Shooter
FPS For Pay Server
FPS Frames per Second
FPSE File and Print Services
FPSE FrontPage Server Extensions (Microsoft)
FPSWA Floating-Point Software Assistance (handler)
FPT Force/Forced Perfect Termination
FPU File Preparation Unit
FPU Floating Point Unit
FPX Flash Pix (Format)
FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name (Internet)
FQHN Fully Qualified Host Name (Internet)
FR Frame Relay
FRA Fixed-Radio Access
FRA Försvarets Radioanstalt, Schweden
FRAD Frame Relay Access Device
FRAD Frame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
FRAM Ferroelectric/Ferromagnetic Random Access Memory
FRAP Frame Relay Access Protocol
FRB Fast Radio Burst
FRC Full Rate Channel
FRC Functional Redundancy Checking
FRCA Fast Response Cache Accelerator
FRDS Failure Resistant Disk System
FRE Full Regular Expression
FRE Funkrundsteuerempfaenger
FREQNPAV Frequenznutzungsplanaufstellungsverordnung
FREQNPAVBV Frequenznutzungsplanaufstellungsverordnungsbeauftragtenversammlung
FREXT FRExt: Fidelity Range Extensions
FRF Frame Relay Forum
FRICC Federal Research Internet Coordinating Committee
FRISK Fri Programvare I Skolen (Norway)
FRMR Frame Reject (frame)
FRPI flux reversals per inch
FRR False Rejection Rate
FRS Family Radio Service
FRS Frame Relay Service
FRTS Future Request To Send
FRU Field Replaceable Unit
FS Field/File Separator
FS File System
FS Finite State
FS Font Server
FS Frame Status
FS Full Screen
FSA Finite State Automaton
FSAA Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing
FSAG Free Software Association Germany, Frankfurt (M)
FSAN Full Services Access Network
FSB Front Side Bus
FSB Functional System Block
FSC Fujitsu Siemens Computers
FSD File System Driver
FSE Freisprecheinrichtung
FSF Free Software Foundation
FSFE Free Software Foundation Europe
FSFO Failsave Failover
FSG Free Standards Group
FSK Frequency Shift Keying (Modulation)
FSL Full Shallow Learning
FSM Finite State Machine
FSM Free Space Map
FSM Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter e. V.
FSMA F Secure Management Agent
FSMA Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy
FSMA Field Installable Subminiature Assembly (connector)
FSMA Full Service Maintenance Agreement
FSMO Flexible Single Master Operation
FSN File System Navigator
FSN Full Service Network
FSO Free Space Optics
FSP File Service Protocol (Internet)
FSPA Folded Short-Patch Antenna
FSPA Freie Software Presseagentur, Berlin
FSPF Fabric Shortest Path First
FSS File System Switch
FSS Fixed Satellite Services
FSS Flying Spot Scanner
FST Fast Session Transfer
FST Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Telefonmehrwertdienste
FSTP Fast Spanning Tree Protocol
FSU Free Software Union
FSV Flexible Sender Validation
FT Fast Track
FT Fault Tolerant
FT Free Term
FT Funkentelegraphie
FTA Final Type Approval
FTAM File Transfer, Access and Management (OSI)
FTASB Faster Than A Speeding Bullet (Slang)
FTB Front To Back Algorithm
FTBS Failed To Build from Source
FTC Fax Transfer Centre
FTC Federal Trade Commission, USA
FTDS Failure Tolerant Disk System
FTEG Gesetz über Funkanlagen und Telekommunikationsendeinrichtungen
FTG File-Transfer-Gebührenbezug
FTG Final Trunk Group
FTG Full Tensor Gradient
FTL Faster Than Light (Slang)
FTL Fixed Term License
FTL Flash Translation Layer
FTLS Formal Top Level Specification
FTP File Transfer Profile (Bluetooth)
FTP File Transfer Protocol (Internet)
FTP Foiled Twisted Pair
FTPI Flux Transitions Per Inch
FTPS File Transfer Protocol over TLS/SSL (Internet)
FTR Failed To Return
FTR Fast Token Ring
FTR Fast Transient Response
FTR Feature Test Release
FTR File Typing Rules
FTR For This Reason (Slang)
FTR Forget The Rest (Slang)
FTR Frame Transfer Repring
FTR Full Test/Text Retrieval
FTRT Faster Than Real Time (Slang)
FTS Fahrerlose Transportsysteme
FTS Fidonet Transport Standard
FTS File Transfer Service
FTTB Fiber To The Basement/Building
FTTC Fiber To The Curb
FTTG Fiber To The Galaxy
FTTH Fiber To The Home
FTTL Fiber To The Loop
FTTN Fiber To The Neighbourhood
FTTP Fiber To The Premises
FTZ Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt
FTZ Forschungs- und Technologie-Zentrum der DBP Telekom
FU Functional Unit
FUA Flow Update Acknowledge
FUA Follow Up Amplifier
FUBAHR Fouled Up Beyond All Hope of Recognition (Slang)
FUBAR Fouled Up Beyond All Repair/Recognition (Slang)
FUBB Fouled Up Beyond Belief (Slang)
FUBS Fido Used Book Squad
FUD Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation/Doubt (Slang)
FUD Flussdiagramm (DIN 66001)
FUE Forschung und Entwicklung
FUG Functional Unification Grammar
FUI Fake User Interface
FUI File Update Information
FUL Forschung und Lehre
FUNET Finnish University and Research Network
FUNI Frame based/Relay User Network Interface
FUP Funktionsplan (DIN 40719)
FURA Föreningen Ume{aa} Radioamatörer
FUSE Filesystem in User Space
FUSSP Final Ultimate Solution of the Spam Problem
FUST Funkstelle
FÜV Fernmeldeverkehrs-Überwachungs-Verordnung
FV Festverbindung
FVD Finalized Versatile Disc
FVD Forward Versatile Disc
FVF Flexible Vertex Format
FVIT Fachverband Informationstechnik im ZVEI
FVST FVSt: Fernvermittlungsstelle
FVT Full Video Translation
FVV Feste virtuelle Verbindung
FW Firewall
FW Firmware
FWA Fixed Wireless Access
FWD Fast Wide Differential (SCSI)
FWD Forward, Forwarded
FWD Free Wheeling Diode
FWE Frugal Windowing Environment
FWEE Fernwirkendeinrichtung
FWEG Fernwirkendgerät
FWH Firmware Hub
FWHM Full Width at Half Maximum
FWI Frequently Wanted Information
FWIW For What It's Worth (Slang)
FWLST Fernwirkleitstelle
FWT Fast Wavelet Transform
FX File Express
FX Foreign Exchange (Service)
FXO Foreign Exchange Office
FXP File Exchange Protocol (RFC 959)
FXS Foreign Exchange Station
FXSR Fast FP/MMX Streaming SIMD Extensions Save/Restore
FXU Fixed Point Unit
FYA For Your Amusement (Slang)
FYEO For Your Eyes Only (Slang)
FYI For Your Information (Internet)
FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, Karlsruhe
FZW Fragen zur Wikipedia (Wikipedia)


G General, German, Global, Graphic, Ground, Group
G0 ACPI System State G0: Working
G1 ACPI System State G1: Sleeping
G11N Globalization
G2 ACPI System State G2: Soft Off
G2B Government To Business
G2C Government To Citizen
G2G Government To Government
G3 ACPI System State G3: Mechanical Off
G3 Group 3 (Fax)
G4 Group 4 (Fax)
GA General Availability
GA Globus Alliance
GA Go Ahead (Slang)
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Priciples
GAAS Galliumarsenid (GaAs)
GAB Group Audio Bridging
GABELN Group Area Brett Echo Liste Netz
GABI General Application Binary Interface
GABICO Ganz billiger Computer
GAC Global Assembly Cache
GAC Government Advisory Committee (ICANN)
GACP Gateway Access Control Protocol
GAE German Application Environment
GAFA Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon
GAFIA Get Away From It All (Slang)
GAG Generic Algorithms for GIMP
GAIA GUI Application Interoperability Architecture
GAIN German Advanced Integrated Network (IBM)
GAK Government Access to Keys
GAL Gate/Generic Array Logic
GAL Get A Life (Slang)
GALA Geschwindigkeitsabhängige Lautstärkeanhebung
GAMM Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
GAMS Generalized Algebraic Modelling System
GAN Generative Adversarial Network
GAN Global/Galactic Area Network
GAP Generic Access Profile
GAP German Academic Publishers
GAPI Gateway Application Programming Interface
GARP Generic Attribute Registration Protocol
GARP Genetic Algorithm of Rule-Set Production
GARP Group Address Resolution Protocol
GART Graphics Address Remapping Table
GART Graphics Aperture Relocation Table
GAS Gateway Access Server
GAS GNU Assembler
GAT Geek of All Trades (Slang)
GAT Generic Application Template
GATE General Architecture for Text Engineering
GATT Generic Attribute (Profile, Bluetooth)
GAUDI Guideline Authoring and Dissemination
GAVDP Generic Audio Video Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)
GB Game Boy
GB General Band/Block
GB Gigabit, Gigabyte
GB Group Buffer
GBA Game Boy Advance
GBA Generic Bootstrapping Architecture
GBA Graph Based Algorithm
GBB Generic Blackboard System
GBC Game Boy Camera/Color
GBC General Broadcasting Channel
GBC Gibraltar/Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
GBC Global Benchmarking Council
GBEAN GBean: Geronimo Bean (Java)
GBG Geschlossene Benutzergruppe (Btx, Datex-J)
GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus
GBIC Gigabit Interface Converter
GBIF Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GBJ Graph Based Backjumping
GBN Global Business Network
GC Game Computer
GC Garbage Collection
GC Global Catalogue
GC Grid Computing
GCA General Communications Architecture
GCA Graphic Communications Association, USA
GCAD Geographical Computer Aided Design System
GCC Generic Conference Control
GCC GNU C Compiler (gcc)
GCC GNU Compiler Collection
GCF Gatekeeper Confirmation
GCF Generic Connection Framework
GCFA GIAC Certified Forensics Analyst
GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters, UK
GCI General Circuit Interface
GCI Global Cybersecurity Index
GCL Golden Common LISP
GCL Graphics Command Language
GCN Graphics Core Next
GCNN Games Convention Casemod Masters
GCN Global Challenge Network
GCO Games Convention Online
GCOS General Comprehensive Operating System
GCR Gray Component Replacement
GCR Group Code/Coded Recording
GCRA Generic Cell Rate Algorithm
GCS Gauss Centre for Supercomputing
GCS Geek of Computer Science (Slang)
GCS Group Control System
GCT Gate Controlled Thyristor
GDA Gesellschaft für Digitale Archivierungstechnik
GDA Global Data Area
GDA Global Directory Agent
GDAP Government Document Application Profile
GDB Genome Database
GDB GNU Debugger (gdb)
GDC Game Developers Conference
GDD Gesellschaft fuer Datenschutz und Datensicherung, D
GDDM Graphical/Graphics Data Display Manager
GDDR Graphics Double Data Rate (SDRAM)
GDE Generic Decryption Engine
GDF Geographic Data Format
GDG Generation Data Group
GDI Graphic/Graphical Device Interface
GDL Game Description Language
GDLC Generic Data Link Control
GDLM GFS Distributed Lock Manager
GDM GNOME Display Manager
GDMO Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects (OSI)
GDN Government Data Network (UK)
GDOI Group Domain Of Interpretation
GDOS Graphics Device Operating System
GDP Generalized Drawing Primitive
GDP Graphic Draw Primitive
GDPDU Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO, RGPD)
GDPS Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (IBM)
GDR Global Data Router
GDR Grinning, Ducking and Running (Slang)
GDRVVF Grinning, Ducking and Running Very, Very Fast (Slang)
GDS Generalized Data Stream
GDS Global Directory Service
GDSN Global Data Storage/Synchronisation Network
GDT Global Descriptor Table
GDT Grand Dictionaire Terminologique
GDTRC Global Descriptor Table Register Cache
GE Geek of Engineering (Slang)
GE General Electric Company
GE Gigabit Ethernet
GE Graphic Escape
GEA Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
GEB Gödel, Escher, Bach
GEC Green Electronics Council
GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GEDA GNU Electronic Design Automation
GEDCOM Genealogical Data Communications (format)
GEDIG German EDIF Interest Group
GEE Grundstückseigentümererklärung
GEF Gain Equalization Filter
GEF Generalized Earliest-First (algorithm)
GEF Generic Extensibility Framework
GEF Graphical Editing Framwork
GEFECO Gebühreneinzug der Fernmeldedienste mit Computer (Swisscom)
GEFECO GeFeCo: Germanium, Eisen, Cobalt (ferrimagnetic material)
GEGL Generic Graphics Library
GEHR Good European Health Record
GEIS General Electric Information Service/Services
GEM Global Enterprise Management
GEM Globally Executable MHP
GEM Grain Enhancement and Management
GEM Graphics Environment/Execution Manager
GEMA Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungsrechte
GEMS Global Enterprise Management of Storage
GEN Global European Network
GENA General Event Notification Architecture
GENI Global Environment for Network Innovations
GENIE General Electric Network for Information Exchange
GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit
GEOS Graphic Environment Operating System
GEOSAR Geostationary Search And Rescue
GEP Good Engineering Practice
GEPON Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network
GET Ground Elapsed Time
GEZ Gebühreneinzugszentrale
GF Glasfaser
GFC General/Generic Flow Control
GFC Going For Coffee (Slang)
GFDL GNU Free Documentation License
GFE Google Front-End (-Server)
GFG Ganz Freches Grinsen (Slang)
GFG Gift From God (Slang)
GFP Global Functional Plane
GFR Guaranteed Frame Rate
GFS Global/Google File System
GFSK Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying
GFY Good For You (Slang)
GFY Go Find Yourself (Slang)
GG Gadu-Gadu
GGF Global Grid Forum
GGI General/Generic Graphical/Graphics Interface
GGP Gateway to Gateway Protocol
GGS Gütegemeinschaft Software e. V., Köln
GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node
GHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler
GHF Grosshandels-Flatrate
GHN Get Hold Next
GHT Geographic Hash Table
GHTSTN Guest Host Technique Super Twisted Nematic
GHU Get Hold Unique
GI Gesellschaft für Informatik e. V.
GIAC General Inquiry Access Code (Bluetooth)
GIAC Global Information Assurance Certification
GIBN Global Interoperability for Broadband Networks
GIC Generic Interrupt Controller
GID Group Identifier/Identification
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
GIFT GNU Image Finding Tool
GIG Global Information Grid
GIGO Garbage In, Garbage/Gospel Out (Slang)
GII Global Information Infrastructure
GIIS Grid Index Information Service
GILC Global Internet Liberty Campaign
GILS Government Information Locator Service
GILT Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, Translation
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
GIMPS Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GIOP General Inter-ORB Protocol
GIP Global Internet Project
GIP GPS/GSM Interworking Profile
GIPS Giga-Instructions Per Second
GIS Geographic Information System
GIS Global Information Solutions
GISC Generic Intelligent System Controller
GIT GNU Interactive Tools
GITMM Government Information Technology Infrastructure Maangement Methodology
GIWIST Gee I Wish I'd Said That (Slang)
GIX Global Internet Exchange
GIZ Gemeinsames Internetzentrum, Berlin
GK Gatekeeper
GKP Global Knowledge Partnership
GKP Group Key Packet
GKMP Group Key Management Protocol
GKS Graphical Kernel System
GKV Geschäftskundenvertrieb (Telekom)
GL Graphics Language
GLA Generalized Lloyd Algorithm
GLAM Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (Wikipedia)
GLASS Globally Accessible Services
GLDV Gesellschaft für Linguistische Datenverarbeitung
GLIN Global Legal Information Network
GLIS Global Land Information System, USA
GLL Geographic Position - Latitude/Longitude (message)
GLM General Linear Model
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
GLP Government License Program
GLS Generalized Least Squares
GLSL OpenGL Shading Language
GLT Gebäudeleittechnik
GLU General Logic Unit
GLUE Global User Environment
GLV Global Line Vectorization
GLX OpenGL Extension for the X Window System
GM Gamemaster
GM General MIDI (GM1, GM2, GM Lite)
GMC Global Motion Compensation
GMCH Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (Intel)
GMD Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung, D
GMDS Global Managed Data Services
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GME Gesellschaft Mikroelektronik im VDE
GMF Global Media Forum
GMHS Global Message Handling System
GMI Generic Management Information
GMII Gigabit Media Independent Interface
GML General/Generalized/Geographic Markup Language
GMM Gamut Map Model
GMM Generalized Method of Moments
GMMP Global Memory, Message Passing
GMO Gadolinium-molybdate
GMO Generic Managed Object
GMOS General Motors Operation System
GMP GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
GMPLS Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching
GMR Giant Magneto Resistance/Resistive (Head)
GMRP GARP Multicast Registration Protocol
GMS Global Management System
GMS Global Messaging Service (Novell)
GMSC Gateway Mobile Switching Centre
GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (Modulation)
GMSV Global Memory, Shared Variables
GMT Generic Mapping Tools
GMT Greenwich Mean/Meridian Time
GMX Global Message Exchange
GN Group Ad-hoc Network Point
GNA Globewide Network Academy
GNATS GNATS's A Tracking System
GND Ground (earth)
GNF Greibach Normal Form
GNI Gesellschaft für Angewandte Neuroinformatik
GNI Grenoble Network Initiative
GNKSA Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval
GNN Global Network Navigator
GNOME GNU Network Object Model Environment
GNS Global Name Service/Space
GNS Global/GPS Navigation Satellite/System
GNS Global Network Security/Services/Simulation/Solutions
GNS Grid Network Service
GNSO Generic Name Supporting Organization (ICANN)
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System
GO Geek of Other
GOB Group Of Blocks
GOBS Grundsätze ordnungsgemässer DV-gestützter Buchführungssysteme
GOC General Operators Certificate
GOCA Graphic Object Content Architecture (IBM)
GOCC Government Open Code Collaborative
GOD GoD: Gaming on Demand
GOD GoD: Grundsaetze ordnungsmaessiger Datenverarbeitung
GOD Global Out Dial
GOEP Generic Object Exchange Profile (Bluetooth)
GOES Geostationary/Geosynchronous Operational/Orbiting Environmental Satellite(s)
GOK God Only Knows (Slang)
GOL Game Of Life
GOMS Goal, Operators, Methods, Selection
GOP Group Of Pictures
GORM Grails Object Relational Mapping
GOS Global Overseas Service
GOS Grundsätze ordnungsgemässer Speicherbuchführung
GOSIP Government OSI Profile
GOSPL Generalized Open Source Programmable Logic
GOST Gosudarstvennyy Standart (EASC)
GOT Global Offset Table
GOUV Grizzled Old Unix Veteran (Slang)
GOV Government; Internet-Domain: Behörden in USA
GP Game Port
GP Gas Plasma
GP General Purpose
GP Green Pages
GP Green Phy
GPA GNU Privacy Assistant
GPA Ground Plane Antenna
GPC General Purpose Computer
GPF General Protection Fault/Failure
GPFS General Parallel File System (IBM)
GPGPU General Purpose Computation on Graphics Processing Unit
GPI General Purpose Interface
GPI Graphics Programming Interface
GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus
GPIM Gigabit Interface Module
GPIO General Purpose Input Output
GPL General Public License (GNU)
GPL Graphics Programming Language
GPML Globally Protected Marks List
GPNV General Purpose Non-Volatile (Area)
GPON Gigabit(-capable) Passive Optical Network
GPP Generic Packetized Protocol
GPR Global Position Receiver
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPS General Problem Solver
GPS Generalized Processor Sharing
GPS Global Pizza Service
GPS Global Positioning Satellite/System
GPS Graphical Process Statistics
GPSR Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing
GPSS General Purpose Simulation System
GPT GUID Partition Table
GPU Graphic/Graphical Processing/Processor Unit
GQL Graphical Query Language
GQM Goal, Question, Metric
GQOS Guaranteed Quality Of Service
GRA Group Random Access
GRACCE Grand Challenge Computational Environment
GRAM Globus Resource Allocation Manager
GRASP General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception
GRD Grinning, Running + Ducking (Slang)
GRE Generic Router/Routing Encapsulation (CISCO)
GRE Graphics Engine
GREAT Graphical Environment And Desktop
GRED Generic Random Early Detection
GREP Global Regular Expression and Print
GRETL GNU Regression, Econometric and Timeseries Library
GRH Global Route Header
GRIB Gridded Binary (code, data format)
GRID Global Resource Identifier
GRIO Guaranteed Input Output Bandwidth
GRIS Grid Resource Information Service
GRJ Gatekeeper Reject
GRL Global Revocation List
GRO Generic Receive Offload (infrastructure)
GRP General Registration Protocol
GRPS General Radio Packet System
GRQ Gatekeeper Request
GRS Generic Record Syntax
GRSC Global Radio Standardization/Standards Collaboration
GRUB Grand Unified Bootloader
GS Geek of Science
GS Geprüfte Sicherheit (TÜV)
GS Global Store
GS Group Separator
GS1 Global Standards One
GSA Global Mobile Suppliers Association
GSA Global Security Architecture
GSC General System Characteristic
GSC General System Connect
GSC Global Standards Collaboration
GSC Global System Cache
GSC Gridlock System Computer
GSC Grooming Switch Card
GSC Group Switching Centre
GSE Graphical Setup Environment
GSF Ghostscript Font
GSFDL GNU Simpler Free Documentation License
GSH Geringe Schöpfungshöhe (Wikipedia)
GSI Generic Software Interface
GSI Grid Security Infrastructure
GSID Global Server Identifier
GSIF Gigasampler Interface (TASCAM)
GSIF Ground Station Information Frame (EOS, NASA)
GSL GNU Scientific Library
GSL Graphics Subroutine Library
GSLB Global Server Load Balancing
GSM Global Shared Memory
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
GSM Group Speciale Mobile
GSM450 GSM-450: Global System for Mobile Communications 450 MHz
GSM850 GSM-850: Global System for Mobile Communications 850 MHz
GSM900 GSM-900: Global System for Mobile Communications 900 MHz
GSM1800 GSM-1800: Global System for Mobile Communications 1800 MHz
GSM1900 GSM-1900: Global System for Mobile Communications 1900 MHz
GSMA Global Scheduling Multiple Access
GSMA GSM Association
GSMP General/Generic/Global Switch Management Protocol
GSNW Gateway Services for Netware
GSO Generic Segmentation Offload
GSO Geosynchronous Orbit
GSOC German Space Operations Center
GSP Generic Serial Port
GSP Generic Software Platform
GSP The Geometer's Sketchpad (KCP Technologies)
GSP Gigabit Switch Platform (Cisco)
GSP Global/Grid Service Platform/Provider
GSP GNU Server Pages
GSP Google Sitemap Protocol
GSP Government Security Program (Microsoft)
GSP Graphics System Processor
GSP Groovy Server Pages
GSPN Generalized Stochastic Petri Net
GSR Gigabit Switching Router
GSS Generic Security Services
GSS Group Support System
GSSAPI Generic Security Service Application Program Interface
GST Gebäudesystemtechnik
GST Greedy String Tiling (Algorithm)
GST Greenwich Sidereal Time
GSTN General/Global Switched Telephone Network
GSUG German Smalltalk Users Group
GSX Graphics System Extension
GT Global Teach
GT Globus Toolkit
GT Group Technology
GTC Global Trust Center
GTE Geometry Transfer Engine
GTF General Timing Formula (VESA)
GTIN Global Trade Item Number
GTK Group Temporal Key
GTL Gunning Transceiver Logic
GTLD Generic Top Level Domain
GTO Gate Turn Off
GTP Go Text Protocol
GTR Grafikfähiger Taschenrechner
GTS GT/s: Gigatransfers per second
GTS Global Telecommunication System
GTS Global Time Server/Service
GTSC Global Technical/Technological Support Center/Centre
GTSC Global Telecommunications Standards Collaboration
GTT Global Title Translation
GTUBE Generic Test for Unsolicited Bulk Email
GU Gabelumschalter
GU Geek Undecided
GUD Grand Unified Debugger
GUI Graphical User Interface
GUID Globally Unique Identifier
GUL Groupe d'Utilisateurs de Linux
GULM Global Universal Lock Manager
GULM Grand Unified Lock Manager
GULP Graph Unification Logic Programming
GUMM Gurus of UNIX Meeting of Minds
GUN Gemeinschaft der UNIX-Anwender Niederrhein
GUP Generic Ultimate Protocol
GURN GNSS Upper Rhine Graben Network
GUS Ground Uplink System
GUS Guide to the Use of Standards (OSI)
GUUG German/Galactic Unix User Group
GV Gebäudeverteiler
GV Gestattungsvertrag
GVBD Götz-von-Berlichingen-Dämon (Internet)
GVH Gesamtverzeichnis deutschsprachiger Hochschulschriften
GVIF Gigabit Video Interface
GVM Grafik, Visualisierung, Mediadienste
GVN Global Value Numbering
GVPN Global Virtual Private Network
GVRP GARP VLAN Registration Protocol
GVT Global Virtual Time
GVU Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen
GVU Graphics Visualization and Usability
GVV Gewählte virtuelle Verbindung
GW Gateway
GW Gleichwelle
GW Grenzwelle
GWDG Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen
GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network
GWIA Groupwise Internet Agent
GWIN Gigabyte Wissenschafts-Netz, G-WIN
GWK Gestaltung, Werbung, Kommunikation
GWL Gateway Link
GWM Generic Window Manager
GWT Google Web Toolkit
GYM Google, Yahoo, Microsoft
GZ Graphics Z-Buffer
GZS Gesellschaft für Zahlungssysteme


H Hardware, High, Home
H4P High-Performance Parallel Processor Project
HA Halbaddierer
HA Half Adder
HA Hauptamt (Hauptvermittlungsstelle)
HA High Availability/Aperture
HA Home Agent/Appliances
HAAPI Human Authentication Application Program Interface
HAARP High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program/Project
HAB Host Adapter Board
HAC Hierarchical Arc Consistency
HAC High Availability Cluster
HACMP High Availability Cluster Management Protocol
HACMP High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing (IBM)
HACS Hazard Assessment Computer System
HADA High Availability Disk Array
HAIP High Accuracy Indoor Positioning
HAK Hugs And Kisses (Slang)
HAL Hard Array Logic
HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
HAL Heuristically programmed Algorithmic Computer
HAL House Programmed Array Logic
HAL Hypertext Application Language
HAM Hypertext Abstract Machine
HAMR Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
HAN Home Area Network
HANA High Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance
HAND Have A Nice Day (Slang)
HANFS Highly Available Network File System
HAP Host Access Protocol
HAREC Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificate
HAS Hauptanschluss
HASP Houston Automatic Spooling Package/Priority/Program
HB Home Banking
HBA Host Bus Adapter
HBBTV Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Television
HBC Home Banking Computer
HBCDC High Bandwidth Cellular Data Channel
HBCI Home Banking Computer Interface
HBD Here Be Dragons (Slang)
HBES Home and Building Electronic Systems
HBO Host Byte Order
HBR High Bit/Burst Rate
HBR Host-Based Replication
HBR Hybrid Block Repair
HBS Home Bus System
HC Harmonic Coding
HC Help Compiler (Microsoft)
HC High Capacity
HC High Coupling
HC High Speed CMOS
HC Home Computer
HC Host Controller (USB)
HC Huffman Code
HC Hypercard
HCA Heartbeat Collision Avoidance
HCA Host Channel Adapter
HCC Home Control Center
HCCSM High Performance Common Channel Signalling Modul
HCD Host Controller Device/Driver
HCF Halt and Catch Fire (Slang)
HCF Hybrid Distribution Function
HCI Host Controller Interface (USB, Firewire, Bluetooth etc.)
HCI Human Computer Interaction/Interface
HCI Hyperconvergent Infrastructure
HCL Home Center Lite
HCLP Hierarchical Constraint Logic Programming
HCN Hierarchical Cache Network
HCP Hardware Control Protocol
HCP Host Configuration Protocol
HCRP Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile (Bluetooth)
HCS Header Check Sequence
HCT Hardware Compatibility Test
HCT Home Communication Terminal
HCVQ Hierarchical Classified Vector Quantization
HD Hard Disk
HD Heavy Duty
HD High Definition/Density
HD Hilfskanal Datenleitung
HDA Head and Disk Assembly
HDA High Definition Audio
HDAP High Definition Audio Performance
HDAP Home Digital Audio Platform
HDB High Density Bipolar (code)
HDB HoneyDanBer (P. Honeyman, D. A. Nowitz, B. E. Redman) (uucp)
HDB3 High Density Bipolar Code of Order 3
HDC Hard Disk Controller
HDC Hash Distributed Caching
HDCD High Definition Compatible Digital
HDCD High Density Compact Disk
HDCP High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
HDCP High Definition Content Protection
HDD Hard Disk Drive, High Definition Display
HDDV High Definition Digital Video
HDDVD High Density Digital Versatile Disc
HDF HDSL Dual Framer
HDF Hierarchical Data Format
HDG Hab Dich Gern (Slang)
HDG Heading
HDG High Density Gateway
HDI Head to Disk Interference
HDL Hierarchical Design Language
HDLC High Level Data Link Control (Protocol)
HDM Hardware Device Module
HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDML Handheld Device Markup Language
HDMV High Definition Movie
HDN Hochgeschwindigkeits-Datennetz
HDOP Horizontal Dilution Of Precison
HDPLD High Density Programmable Logic Device
HDR HDSL Dual Regenerator
HDR Header
HDR High Dynamic Range
HDRI High Dynamic Range Imaging
HDRR High Dynamic Range Rendering
HDS High Definition System
HDSDI HD-SDI: High Definition Serial Digital Interface
HDSC High Density Signal Carrier
HDSL High Bit/Data Rate/Speed Digital Subscriber Line/Link/Loop
HDT High Definition Telephony
HDTV High Definition Television
HDV High Definition Video
HDW Hardware
HDX Half Duplex
HE Head End
HE High Efficiency
HE Höheneinheit (in Racks)
HEA Health/Higher Education Authority
HEAAC High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coder/Coding
HEAT Helpdesk Expert Automation Tool
HEC HDMI Ethernet Channel
HEC Header Error Check/Control
HEC Header Extension Code
HECTOR Heterogeneous Computer Together
HEHO Head End Hop Off
HEL Hardware Emulation Layer
HEM Home, Entertainment, Multimedia
HEMP High-level Entity Management Protocol (Internet)
HEMS High-level Entity Management System (Internet)
HEMT High Electron Mobility Transistor
HEN Home Entertainment Network
HENSA Higher Education National Software Archive
HEO Highly Elliptical Orbit
HEP Heterogenous Element/multi Processor
HEPNET High Energy Physics Network
HERF High Energy Radio Frequency
HERT HERT/Hackers' Emergency Response Team
HES Home Electronic System (Siemens)
HESSLA Hacktivismo Enhanced-Source Software License Agreement
HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding
HEX hexadezimal
HF High Frequency/Functionality
HF Hochfrequenz
HFC Hybrid Fiber Coax (Network)
HFCPON HFC-PON: Hybrid Fiber Coax Passive Optical Network
HFD Hauptanschluss für Direktwahl/Direktruf
HFD Hot Fix Device
HFDD H-FDD: Half Frequency Division Duplex
HFEP Host Front End Protocol
HFM High Frequency Mode
HFP Hands Free Profile (Bluetooth)
HFR Hiding Field Variable Removal
HFR Hold For Release
HFR Huge Fast Router (Cisco)
HFR Hybrid Fiber Radio
HFRG Gesetz über den Betrieb von Hochfrequenzgeräten
HFS Hierarchical File System
HFT High Function Terminal
HFT Hochschule für Technik, Stuttgart
HGA Head Gimbal Assembly
HGA Hercules Graphics Adapter
HGA High Gain Antenna
HGC Hercules Graphics Card/Controller
HGML Hyper Graphics Markup Language
HGZH Hoffe Geholfen Zu Haben (Slang)
HHI Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Berlin
HHL Harrow, Hassidim and Lloyd (algorithm)
HHOK Ha Ha Only Kidding (Slang)
HHOS Ha Ha Only Serious (Slang)
HHVM Hip Hop Virtual Machine
HI Handover Interface
HID Human Interface Device
HIDP Human Interface Device Profile (Bluetooth)
HIDS Host-based/Hybrid Intrusion Detection System
HIFD High Density Floppy Disk
HIFI Hypertext Interface For Information
HIL Hardware In the Loop
HIL Human Interface Link (HP)
HILI High Level Interface
HINFO Host Information (Record)
HIP HiP: High Profile
HIP Human Interaction Proof
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, USA
HIPER High Performance European Radio
HIPPI High Performance Parallel Interface
HIPS Host Intrusion Prevention System
HIS Hochschul Informations System (GmbH), Hannover
HIS House Information System
HISA Health Informatics Service Architecture
HISA Healthcare Information System Architecture
HISPD High Speed
HIT Human Intelligence Task
HK Hauptkabel
HK Host Key
HKSCS Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set
HL Halbleiter
HL Hop Level (Flow Control)
HLA High Level Architecture
HLCO High Low Close Open
HLDS Hitachi LG Data Storage
HLL High Level Language
HLLAPI HLL Application Program Interface
HLM Heterogeneous LAN Management
HLQ High Level Qualifier
HLR Home Location Register
HLRB Höchstleistungsrechner Bayern
HLRN Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum Nord
HLRN Norddeutscher Verbund für Hoch- und Höchstleistungsrechnen
HLRS Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart
HLRZ Hochleistungsrechenzentrum
HLS Hue, Lightness/Luminance, Saturation (Farbmodell)
HLSL High Level Shader/Shading Language
HLSR (perhaps a typo, see HLRS)
HLT Halt
HM Hilfskanal Meldeleitung
HMA High Memory Area
HMA Hub Management Architecture
HMAC (keyed) Hash Message Authentication Code
HMC Hardware Management Console
HMC Her/His Majesty's Computer (Fun)
HMC Hybrid Memory Cube (Micron)
HMD Head/Helmet Mounted Display
HMI Horizontal Motion Index
HMI Human Machine Interface
HMM Heterogeneous Memory Management
HMM Hidden Markov Model (analysis)
HMMP Hypermedia Management Protocol
HMMS Hypermedia Management Scheme
HMOS High Density Metal Oxide Semiconductor
HMOS High Speed Metal Oxide Semiconductor
HMP Heterogeneous Multi-Processing
HMP Host Monitoring Protocol
HMUX Hybrid Multiplexer
HNAP Home Network Administrator Protocol
HNF Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Paderborn
HNG Hierarchy Network Graph
HO Home Office
HOB Head Of Bus
HOB Hierarchical Operational Binding
HOH HDSL Overhead Bit Handling
HOL Higher Order Logic
HOLAP Hybrid Online Analytical Processing
HON Health On the Net
HOP Homecast Open Protocol
HOPTE High Order Path Terminating Equipment
HOS Health Online Service
HOW Hand Over Word
HP Hewlett-Packard (Company)
HP Hochpass
HP Home Page
HPA Host Protected Area
HPB Half Power Bandwidth
HPC Handheld Personal Computer
HPC Health Professional Card
HPC High Performance Cluster/Computing
HPCA High Performance Computing Act
HPCC High Performance Computing Challenge/Cluster
HPCC High Performance Computing and Communications
HPCC HomePlug Command + Control
HPCI High Performance Computing Initiative
HPCRC High Performance Computing Research Center
HPCS High Performance Communication Server
HPDPS Hewlett-Packard Distributed Print System
HPDS High Performance Data System
HPET High Precision Event Timer
HPF High Performance FORTRAN
HPFL Hewlett-Packard Fiber Optic Link
HPFS High Performance File System (OS/2)
HPGL Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
HPI Hardware Platform Interface
HPI Host Port Interface
HPIB Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus
HPL High Performance Linpack
HPL Home Product Link
HPLIP Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing
HPM Hardware Performance Monitor
HPM Hyper Page Mode
HPOFS High Performance Optical File System
HPPA Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture
HPPI High Performance Parallel Interface
HPPS Hewlett-Packard Payment Scheme
HPQ Hewlett-Packard Compaq
HPR High Performance Routing
HPSB High Performance Serial Bus (FireWire)
HPSC High Performance Scientific Computing
HPSL Hewlett-Packard Support Line
HPSN High Performance Scalable Networking
HPSS High Performance Storage System
HPTC3 High Prformance Technical Computing Competence Center
HQ High Quality
HQL Hibernate Query Language
HR High Reflection (Display)
HR High Resolution
HRA Health Registration Authority
HRC Half Rate Channel
HRC Hybrid Ring Control
HRG High Resolution Graphics
HRIS Human Resource Information System
HRM Hopwise Reliable Multicast
HRMS Human Resource Management System
HRN Heterogenes Rechnernetz
HRNG Hardware Random Number Generator
HRRN Highest Response Ratio Next
HRS Hotel Reservation Service
HRT High Resolution Telemetry
HRTF Head Related Transfer Function
HRZ Hochschul-Rechenzentrum
HS High Speed
HS Hilfskanal Steuerleitung
HSA Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (AMD)
HSA Homograph Spoofing Attack
HSAIL HSA Intermediate Layer
HSB Hue, Saturation, Brightness
HSC High Speed Channel/Connect
HSCC Home-based Server-less Cooperative Caching
HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data
HSD High Speed Data
HSDN High Speed Data Network
HSDPA High Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSDRAM High Speed Dynamic Random Access Memory
HSDT High Speed Data Transport
HSI Hardware-Software-Interface
HSI Hayes Synchronous Interface
HSI Hue, Saturation, Intensity
HSIK How Should I Know (Slang)
HSIM High Speed Interface Module
HSL Hierarchical Specific Language
HSLAN High Speed Local Area Network
HSLFX Hierarchical Specification Language - Function Extension
HSM Hardware Security Module
HSM Herzschrittmacher
HSM Hierarchical Storage Management/Manager
HSMD High Speed Mobile Data
HSO Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe für Online-Süchtige e. V.
HSP Headset Profile (Bluetooth)
HSP High Speed Peering
HSP High Speed Printer/Processor
HSP High Speed Publishing
HSPA High Speed Packet Access
HSPI High Speed Parallel Interface
HSPS High Speed Peripheral Shelf
HSQL Hypersonic Standard Query Language
HSRP Hot Standby Router Protocol (Cisco)
HSSDC High Speed Serial Data Connection/Connector
HSSG High Speed Study Group
HSSI High Speed Serial Interface
HST High Speed Technology/Telegraphy
HSTR High Speed Token Ring
HSTS HTTP Strict Transport Security
HSUPA High Speed Uplink Packet Access
HSV Hue, Saturation, Value (Farbmodell)
HSYNC Horizontal Synchronization (signal)
HT High Tension/Throughput
HT Horizontal Tabulator
HT Hyper Threading
HTA High Temperature Alarm
HTB Hierarchical Token Bucket
HTC High Throughput Cluster
HTCC High Temperature Cofired Ceramic
HTCP Hypertext Caching Protocol
HTDP How To Design Programs
HTFS High Throughput File System
HTH Hope This/That Helps (Slang)
HTL High To Low (Blu-Ray disc)
HTM Hardware Transactional Memory
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HTMPL Hypertext Markup with Perl Language
HTPC Home Theatre Personal Computer
HTSI Host Transport Service Interface
HTSL High Temperature Storage Life (test)
HTSL Hochtemperatur-Supraleiter
HTT Hyper-Threading Technology
HTTP Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (Internet)
HTTPMD Hyper-Text Transfer Protcol Message Digest
HTTPS Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure/Security/over TLS/SSL (Internet)
HTX HTML Extensions
HUC Handheld and Ubiquitous Computing
HUD Head Up Display
HUGO Holland Users Group for OS/2
HUP Head Up (Display)
HV High Voltage
HVC Hue (Farbton), Value (Helligkeit), Chroma (Buntheit)
HVD High Voltage Differential (SCSI)
HVD Holographic Versatile Disc
HVDS High Voltage Differential SCSI/Sensing/Signalling
HVDS High Voltage Distribution System
HVM Hardware Virtual Machine
HVP Horizontal + Vertical Position
HVST HVSt: Hauptvermittlungsstelle (Hauptamt)
HVT HVt: Hauptverteiler
HVV Hyperlink Vector Voting
HVXC Harmonic Vector Excitation Coding
HW Hardware
HWANS Hinweisansage
HWCP Hardware Code Page
HWID Hardware Identifier (Apple)
HWMP Hybrid Wireless Mesh Protocol
HWS Ham/Haskell Web Server
HWS Hybrid Wireless Satellite
HYTAS Hybrides Teilnehmer-Anschlusssystem
HYTEA Hypertext Authoring Environment


I Ident, Indicator, Information, Integrated, Interference, International, Internet
I10N (see L10N)
I14H (not an acronym, see ECMA-267)
I18N Internationalization
I2O Intelligent Input/Output
I3 IMA Interoperability Initiative
I4DL Interface, Inheritance, Implementation, Installation Definition Language
IA Identification + Authentication, I+A
IA Information Appliance
IA Intelligent Applications
IA International Alphabet
IA Interworking Implementation Agreement
IA64 IA-64: Intel Architecture - 64 bits (Intel Itanium)
IAA Intel Application Accelerator
IAAS IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service
IAAS Institut für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik, Berlin
IAB Individual Address Block
IAB International Academy of Broadcasting
IAB Internet Activities/Architecture Board
IAB Internet Advertising Bureau, UK
IAC In Any Case (Slang)
IAC Inquiry Access Code
IAC Interapplication Communication (Apple)
IAC Issuing Agency
IACK Information Acknowledgement
IACR International Association for Cryptologic Research
IAD Integrated Access Device
IAD Internet Addiction Disorder
IAE In Any Event (Slang)
IAE ISDN Anschalteinheit/Anschlusseinheit
IAEL International Association of Entertainment Lawyers
IAFA Internet Anonymous FTP Archive
IAFIS Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (FBI)
IAG Industry Advisory Group (Novell)
IAHC Internet International Ad Hoc Committee
IAI Internet Applications Integration
IAIS (Fraunhofer-Institut für) Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme, Sankt Augustin
IAL Intel Architecture Labs
IAL International Algebraic Language (ALGOL)
IAM Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Bern
IAMCE ISDN Access Module Control Element
IAMT Intel Advanced Management Technology
IAN Integrated Access Node
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer (Slang)
IAOG International Administrative Management Domains Operators Group
IAONA Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance
IAP Internet Access Policy/Provider
IAP ISDN Access Internetworking Profile
IAPC Information Assurance Protection Center, USA
IAPC Instantly Available Personal Computer (Intel)
IAR Institut für Automation und Robotik
IARP International Amateur Radio Permission
IARP Inverse Address Resolution Protocol
IARU International Amateur Radio Union
IAS Information Access System
IAS Internet Authentication Service
IASG Internet Addiction Support Group
IASIG Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (MIDI)
IASNET Institute for Automated Systems Network
IASS Internet Alphaserver System Software
IAT Import Address Table
IATE Inter Active Terminology for Europe
IAUG International AIX Users Group
IAX Image Application Executive (IBM)
IAX Inter-Asterisk Exchange Protocol (IAX, IAX2)
IB In Betrieb
IB Intelligent Backtracking
IB Interference Blocking
IBA Independent Broadcasting Authority, UK
IBA Intel Boot Agent
IBAC In Band Adjacent Channel
IBAN International Bank Account Number
IBC Illinois Benedictine College (Gutenberg-Projekt)
IBC Inadequate But Cute (Slang)
IBC Indirect Branch Control
IBC Inter Base Component
IBC International Broadcasting Convention
IBCN Integrated Broadband Communication Network
IBCS1 Intel Binary Compatibility Specification Edition 1
IBDWT Irrational Based Discrete Weighted Transform
IBF Internet best/boy friend (Slang)
IBFD Interessengemeinschaft Blinder Funkamateure Deutschlands
IBFT iBFT: iSCSI Boot Firmware Table
IBIA International Biometric Industry Association
IBL Input Buffer Limit
IBM International Business Machines (Big Blue)
IBN International Booking Network
IBO Inter Base Object
IBOC In Band On Channel
IBOND Intelligent Business On Demand
IBP Institut Blaise Pascal, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France
IBPB Indirect Branch Predictor Barrier
IBRS Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation
IBS Integriertes Banken-System
IBS Intelsat Business Services
IBSS Independent Basic Service Set
IBT Internet Based Training
IBTD I Beg To Differ (Slang)
IBU Informationsverbund Buchhandel
IBX Individualized Blackbox Component (Microsoft)
IC I See (Slang)
IC Imperial College, London
IC In Characters (Slang)
IC Incoming Call
IC Independent Carrier
IC Information Centre
IC Input/Integrated Circuit
IC Instruction Cache
IC Intelligence Community
IC Interexchange Carrier
IC Interrupt Controller
ICA Image Component Attribute
ICA Independent Component Analysis
ICA Independent Computing Architecture (Citrix)
ICA Intelligent Channels/Console Architecture
ICA Intelligent Communication Adapter
ICA Interface Connector Assembly
ICA International Council on Archives
ICALP International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
ICAM Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
ICAN Individual Customer Access Network
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAP Integrated Computer Aided Production
ICARE International Council for Amateur Radio in Education
ICAS Information Communication Assistance System
ICAS Intel Communicating Applications Specifications
ICB Interface Control Board
ICBM Inter-continental Ballistic Messenger
ICC Integrated Circuit Card
ICC Intelligent Channel Controller
ICC International Color Consortium
ICC International Conference on Communications
ICCB Internet Control and Configuration Board
ICCC International Conference on Computer Communications
ICCCM Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual
ICCE International Conference on Consumer Electronics
ICCHP International Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons
ICCS Integrated Communications Cabling System (Siemens)
ICD Installable Client Driver
ICD International Code Designator
ICDE International Conference on Data Engineering
ICE Image Correction and Enhancement
ICE In Case of Emergency
ICE In-Circuit Emulator/Emulation
ICE Inference Computing Engine
ICE Information Content Exchange
ICE Integrated Communication Environment
ICE Inter Client Exchange (Protocol)
ICF Interact Communication Facility
ICE Internal Compiler Error
ICE Internet Communications Engine
ICF Internet Connection Firewall
ICG Inversive Congruential (random number) Generator
ICG Interface Coordination Group
ICH I/O Controller Hub (Intel, ICH0--ICH10)
ICI Inter/Interexchange Carrier Interface
ICI Information Science Institute
ICIA International Communications Industries Association
ICIP ICI Protocol
ICL Interface Clear
ICM Image Color Management/Matching
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICN Information and Communication Network
ICN Integrated Computing Network
ICO Information Commissioner's Office, UK
ICO Intermediate Circular Orbit
ICOCBW I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong (Slang)
ICP Input Control Procedure
ICP Integrated Channel Processor
ICP Intercom Profile (Bluetooth)
ICP Interconnection Partner
ICP Internet Cache Protocol
ICP Internet Content Provider
ICPC (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest
ICQ I Seek You (Slang)
ICR Information Collection Request
ICR Initial Cell Rate
ICR Intelligent Character Recognition
ICRA Internet Content Rating Association
ICRC Improved Cartridge Recording Capability
ICRC Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration
ICRC I-CRC: Invariant Cyclic Redundancy Check/Checking
ICS IBM Cabling System
ICS IEEE Computer Society
ICS Industrial Control System
ICS Information and Computer Science
ICS Integrated Communication Services
ICS Internet Caching System (Novell)
ICS Internet Chess Server
ICS Internet Connecting/Connection Sharing (Microsoft)
ICS Internet Content Security
ICS Intuitive Command Structure
ICSA International Customer Service Association
ICSTIS Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services
ICT Information and Communication Technology
ICT Institute of Computing Technology, Shanghai
ICTF Internet Content Task Force
ICU ISA Configuration Utility
ICU Instruction Cache Unit
ICU International Components for Unicode
ICV Integrity Check Value
ICX Inter Cartridge Exchange
ID Identification, Identifier
ID Identification Data
ID Instruction Decode
ID Internet Draft
ID Intrusion Detection
ID10T Idiot (Slang)
IDA Independent/Intelligent Disk/Drive Array
IDA Interactive Debugging Aid
IDAPI Integrated Database Application Programming Interface
IDB Integrated Database
IDC I Don't Care (Slang)
IDC International Data Corporation
IDC Internet Database Connector
IDC Item Description Code
IDCT Inverse Discrete Cosine Tranform/Transformation
IDD International Direct/Distance Dialling
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IDE Integrated Device/Drive Electronics
IDE Interactive Design and Engineering
IDE Interface Design Enhancement
IDEA International Data Encryption Algorithm
IDEMA International Disk drive Equipment and Materials Association
IDEV Internet Datenerfassung im Verbund
IDF Intel Developer Forum
IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame
IDF Inverse Document Frequency
IDI Initial Domain Identifier
IDI ISDN Driver Interface
IDK Interessengemeinschaft Datenkommunikation
IDL Interactive Data Language
IDL Interface/Internet Definition Language
IDM Identity Management
IDM Improved/Integrated Data Modem
IDM Intelligent Device Management
IDM Internet Download Manager
IDML InDesign Markup Language (Adobe)
IDMS Imaging and Document Management System
IDMS Integrated Database Management System
IDN Identification Number
IDN Integriertes Datennetz, Integrated Digital Network
IDN Internationalized Domain Name
IDNA Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications
IDP IdP: Identity Provider
IDP Initial Domain Part
IDP Integrated Data Processing
IDP Internet Datagram Protocol
IDPF International Digital Publishing Forum
IDR Interface Definition Repository
IDR Intergalactic Digital Research
IDR Intermediate Data Rate Service
IDRP Interdomain Routing Protocol
IDS Integrated Data System
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IDSL ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
IDST I Didn't Say That (Slang)
IDT Improved Definition Television
IDT Interrupt Descriptor Table
IDTRC Interrupt Descriptor Table Register Cache
IDTS I Don't Think So (Slang)
IDTV Improved Definition Television
IDU Interface Data Unit
IDUG International DB2 Users Group
IDW Identifier Watchdog
IDW Informationsdienst Wissenschaft
IDW International Display Workshop
IDW Investigative Data Warehouse
IDXP Intrusion Detection Exchange Protocol
IE Information Element
IEB Institute of Electronic Business, Berlin
IEC Interexchange Carrier
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC International Engineering Consortium
IECC Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections
IECQ IEC Quality Assessment System for Electrical Components
IED ID Error Detection (code)
IED Intelligent Electronic Device
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE/CS IEEE Computer Society
IEF Information Engineering Facility
IEM Inactive Equipment Maintenance
IEM Information Engineering Methodology
IEM Integral Equation Method
IEM Integrated Electronics Module
IEM Integrated Elevation Model
IEM Integrated Enterprise Modeling
IEM Intelligent Energy Manager (ARM)
IEM Interim Examination and Maintenance
IEM Invalid End of Message
IEMMC Internet Electronic Mail Marketing Council
IEMP Internal Electromagnetic Pulse
IEN Image Enabled Netware
IEN Internet Engineering/Experiment/Experimental Note
IEPRC International Electronic Publishing Research Centre
IES Information Exchange System
IES Integrated Election System
IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group
IET Image Enhancement Technology
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IETM Interactive Electronic Technical Manual
IEX Imaging Extensions for XWS
IF Intermediate Frequency, Zwischenfrequenz
IFA Internationale Funkausstellung, Berlin
IFC Integrated Factory Control
IFC Industry/Internet Foundation Classes
IFD Image File Directory
IFD Interface Device
IFE Interactive Front End
IFE Internet Forum Europe
IFF Interessengruppe Funkamateure im Fernverkehr
IFF Interchange File Format (Amiga)
IFF Internet Fast Forward
IFFT Inverse Fast Fourier Transformation
IFG Incoming Fax Gateway
IFG Informationsfreiheitsgesetz
IFG Inter Frame Gap
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
IFL Integrated Facility for Linux
IFL Internet For Learning
IFMP Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol
IFO Industrial Fiber Optics
IFO Information (DVD)
IFO Initialization File Options
IFPI International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
IFR International Federation of Robotics
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board
IFRI Institut für Rechtsinformatik, Saarbrücken
IFROSS Institut Für Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software, Berlin
IFS Inter Frame Space
IFS Installable File System (OS/2)
IFS Interchange File Separator
IFS Internal Field Separator
IFTTT If This Then That
IFU Instruction Fetch Unit
IFU Internationale Fernmeldeunion
IFV Internationaler Fernmeldevertrag
IFVV Internationale feste virtuelle Verbindungen
IFW ISDN for Workgroups (Microsoft)
IFWFW ISDN for Windows for Workgroups (Microsoft)
IG Interactive Graphics
IG Interessengemeinschaft, Interest Group
IG Interior Gateway
IGA Integrated Graphics Adaptor/Array
IGBT Insulated/Insulator Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGC Institute for Global/Galactic Communications
IGC Integrated Graphics Controller
IGD (Fraunhofer-)Institut für Grafische Datenverarbeitung, Darmstadt
IGE (Eidgenössisches) Institut für geistiges Eigentum, Bern
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGF Internet girl friend (Slang)
IGF Internet Governance Forum
IGIS Interactive Graphics Information System
IGITT Interactive Graphics Information Troubleshooting Technology
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
IGN IBM Global Net
IGP Integrated Graphics Processor
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol (Internet)
IGRF International Geomagnetic Reference Field
IGRP Internet/Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Cisco)
IGS Interchange Group Separator
IGS Internet Go Server
IGTF Internet Governance Task Force
IH In House
IHD Intel High Definition (Specification)
IHEM In-House Energy Management
IHL Internet Header Length
IHS Integrated Heat Spreader
IHTML I-HTML: Interactive mode Hypertext Markup Language
II Information Indicator/Infrastructure/Interoperability/Item
II Image Interpreter
II Installation Instruction(s)
II Interactive Interface
IIC Inter Integrated Circuit (Bus)
IID Interface Identifier
IIDR Institute for Image Data Research, UK
IIDR Internal Implementation Design Review
IIF Image Interchange Facility
III Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan
IIJ Internet Initiative Japan
IIL Integrated Injection Logic
IIM Identified Internet Mail
IIM Information Interchange Model
IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIOT IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things
IIP ISDN Intermediate Interworking Profile
IIPA International Intellectual Property Alliance, USA
IIPS Irrevocably Interruptible Power Supply
IIR Infinite Impulse Response (filter)
IIRC If I Remember Correctly (Slang)
IIS Internet Information Server (Microsoft)
IIS Internet Integrated Services
IISP Interim Inter Signalling/Switch Protocol
IITA Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications
IITF Information Infrastructure Task Force, USA
IITYWYBMAD If I Tell You Will You Buy Me Another Drink? (Slang)
IIWM If It Were Me/Mine (Slang)
IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
IJG Independent JPEG Group
IJS Inkjet Server (HP)
IK Installation/Instrumentation Kit
IK Instrument Kernel
IK Interchange Key
IK Inverse Kinematics
IKCAPE IK-CAPE: Industriekooperation Computer Aided Process Engineering
IKE Internet Key Exchange (Protocol)
IKMP Internet Key Management Protocol
IKOE Institut für Kommunikationsökologie, Hamburg
IKT Informations- und Kommunikations-Technologie
IL Idle
IL Idle Listening
IL Intermediate Language
ILA Internet Learning Agent
ILE Intel Labs Europe
ILEC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
ILETS International Law Enforcement Telecommunications Seminar
ILG Initiated Linux Guru
ILLAB Ich Liege Lachend Am Boden (Slang), vgl. ROTFL
ILLIAC Illinois Institute for Advanced Computing
ILLIAC Illinois Integrator + Automatic Computer
ILM Independent Loading Mechanism
ILM Industrial Light + Magic, Inc. (G. Lucas)
ILM Information Lifecycle Management
ILMI Interim Local Management Interface
ILOC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
ILOC Integrated Lines Of Communication
ILOC Intermediate Language for Optimizing Compilers
ILP Inductive Logic Programming
ILP Integer Linear Programming
ILP Integer, Long, Pointer
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
ILT Item Level Tagging
ILVU Interleaved Video Unit
IM Information Management/Modeling
IM Instant Message/Messaging/Messenger
IM Intermodulation
IM IPv4 Multicast
IM3 Information Management Maturity Model (Sun)
IMA Integrity Management Architecture
IMA Interactive Multimedia Association
IMA Internationale Multimedia Akademie (Karlsruhe)
IMA Inverse Multiplexer for ATM
IMAC Isochronous MAC (FDDI)
IMACS International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion (Slang)
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IMBE Improved Multi-Band Excitation
IMC Internet Mail Consortium
IMCC Information Management Coordinating Committee
IMCC Intermediate Code Compiler
IMCC Item Management Control Code
IMCO In My Considered Opinion (Slang)
IMD Implantable Medical Device
IMDB In-Memory Data Base
IMDS Image Data Stream (IBM)
IME In My Experience (Slang)
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity
IMG Image
IMG Information Management Group
IMHO In My Humble Opinion (Slang)
IMI I Mean It (Slang)
IMI Instance Metadata Identifier
IMI Internet MSS Interface
IMIMG ISDN Memorandum of Understanding Implementation Management Group
IMK Industrial Monitor Keyboard
IMK Institut für Medienkommunikation, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
IMMI Icelandic Modern Media Initiative
IMNSCO In My Not So Considered Opinion (Slang)
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion (Slang)
IMO In My Opinion (Slang)
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMOBO In My Own Biased Opinion (Slang)
IMP Information/Interface Message Processor
IMP Instant Messaging Protocol
IMP Internet Messaging Program
IMPA Intelligent Multi-Port Adaptor
IMPP Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol
IMPS Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
IMQ Intermediate Queuing (device)
IMR Internet Monthly Report
IMS Information Management System
IMS Integrated Media Service
IMS Internet Mail Service
IMS Intermediate Maintenance Standards
IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMSL International Mathematical Subroutine Library (VNI)
IMSP Independent Manufacturers Support Program
IMSP Internet Message Support Protocol
IMT Information Managment Team
IMT Inter-Machine Trunk
IMT International Mobile Telecommunications
IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
IMU Internal Measurement Unit
IMVP Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning
IMY I Miss You (Slang)
IMY Infrared Melody (IRDA)
IN Individual Network e. V.
IN Input
IN Intelligentes Netz (Telekom)
INA Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
INAK Information Negative Acknowledgement
INAP Intelligent Network Application Part
INARP Inverse Address Resolution Protocol
INC In Chain
INC Increment
INC Internet Computer
INCA Interleaved Native Compiled Architecture
INDECT Intelligent Information System Supporting Observation, Searching and Detection for Security of Citizens in Urban Environment
INET International Networking Conference
INFN Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy
INH Intelligent Networking Hub
INIS International Nuclear Information System
INKA Individual Network Region Karlsruhe
INM Integrated Network Management
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite Organization
INMS Integrated Network Management Services
INN International Network News
INOC Internet Network Operations Center
INPO In No Particular Order (Slang)
INRIA Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, France
INS Input String
INS Instance Object
INSB Internet Services for the Blind
INT Interrupt, Internal, Integer, Interrogative
INTA International Trademark Association
INTA Interrupt Acknowledge
INTAP Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing, Japan
INTEL Intel Corporation (Integrated Electronics Corp.)
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
INWG International/Internet Working Group
IO Input/Output, I/O
IOAPIC Input Output Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
IOAT Input Output Acceleration Technology
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IOC Input Output Controller
IOCA Image Object Content Architecture
IOCS Input/Output Control System
IOCTL Input/Output Control
IOD Information Object Definition
IOD Intelligence On Demand
IODE Issue Of Data Ephemeris
IOE Input Output Engine
IOFEXT Input Output Far End Crosstalk
IOI Input Output Interconnect/Interface/Interrupt
IOI Integrated Operator Interface
IOI International Olympiad in Informatics
IOMMU Input Output Memory Management Unit
IONL Internal Organization of the Network Layer (OSI)
IOP Input Output Processor
IOP Internal Operation
IOPL Input/Output Priviledge Level
IOPS Input/Output Operations Per Second
IOR Indian Ocean Region
IOS Input Output Subsystem
IOS International Organization for Standardization
IOS Internetwork Operating System (CISCO)
IOSB Input Output Service Block
IOSB (Fraunhofer-)Institut für Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung, Karlsruhe
IOSGA Input/Output Support Gate Array
IOT Inter-Office Trunk
IOT IoT, Internet of Things
IOTA Islands On The Air
IOTP Internet Open Trading Protocol
IOW In Other Words (Slang)
IP Image Processing
IP Information Provider
IP Instruction Pointer
IP Integer Programming
IP Intellectual Property
IP Intelligent Peripheral
IP Interactive Proof
IP International/Ingress Protection (code/rating)
IP Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
IP Interrupt Process
IPA Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung
IPA Information technology Promotion Agency, Japan
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
IPA Itanium Processor Architecture (Intel)
IPAE IP Address Encapsulation
IPARS International Passenger Airline Reservation System
IPAVS IP-Adressen-Verwaltungs-System
IPC Instructions Per Clock
IPC Integrated Passive Component
IPC Inter Personal Computer
IPC Interprocess Communication
IPCA Internet Parallel Computing Archive
IPCI Industrial PCI
IPCOP IPCop: Internet Packet Cop (Linux Firewall)
IPCP Internet Protocol Control Protocol
IPDS IBM/Intelligent Printer Data Stream
IPEI International Portable Equipment Identity
IPES Improved Proposed Encryption Standard
IPF Information Presentation Facility
IPFC Information Presentation Facility Compiler
IPFC Instructions Per Fetch Cycle
IPFC Internet Protocol over Fibre Channel
IPFS Interplanetary File System
IPG In Plane Gate Transistor
IPG Inter Packet Gap
IPI Image Processing and Interchange
IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface
IPI International Payment Instruction
IPID Intellectual Property and Innovation Directorate
IPID Interface Pointer Identifier
IPIP Internet Protocol within Internet Protocol
IPL Information Processing Language
IPL Initial Program Loader
IPL Interrupt Priority Level
IPLS IP-Only LAN-Like Service
IPM Intelligent Power Mode/Module/MOS, Interpersonal Message
IPMI Intelligent Platform Management Interface
IPMP Intellectual Property Management and Protection
IPMV95 Integrated Packet Trunk Module V.95 Interface
IPNG Internet Protocol Next Generation (IPv6)
IPNS ISDN PBX Networking Specification
IPOC Interim Policy Oversight Committee
IPON Intelligent Passive Optical Network
IPP Intel Primitive Performance (Library)
IPP Internet Presence Provider
IPP Internet Printing Protocol
IPPV Impulse/Instant Pay Per View
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IPRB Intellectual Property Review Board
IPS Image Packaging System
IPS In Plane Switching (panel)
IPS inch per second
IPS Indoor Positioning System
IPS Internet Privacy Standard
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
IPSE Integrated Project Support Environment
IPSEC Internet Protocol Security Protocol
IPSI (Fraunhofer-Institut für) Integrierte Publikations- und Informationssysteme
IPT Immersive Projection Technology
IPTC International Press Telecommunications Council
IPTO Information Processing Techniques/Technology Office
IPTV Internet Protocol Television
IPU Imposition Processing Unit
IPV4 Internet Protocol Version 4
IPV6 Internet Protocol Version 6 (= IPng)
IPVR Inst. für parallele und verteilte Höchstleistungsrechner, Stuttgart
IPW Incremental Packet Writing
IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange (Novell)
IPXCP Internetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol
IQL Interactive Query Language
IQMS Integrated Quality Management System
IR Index of Refraction
IR Information Request/Retrieval
IR Infrared, Infrarot
IR Intermediate Representation
IR International Roaming
IR Internet Registry
IRA Internet Research Agency, St. Petersburg
IRAC Indpendent Review Advisory Committee
IRAF Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
IRAS I Really Am Sorry (Slang)
IRAW Idle Read After Write
IRB Instruction Recoder Buffer
IRB Instrumentation Request Broker
IRC International Record Carrier
IRC International Reply Coupon
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRCNET IRCnet: Internet Relay Chat Network
IRD Integrated Receiver Decoder (TV)
IRD Internet Resource Directory
IRDA Infrared Data Association
IRDP ICMP Router Discovery Protocol
IRDS Information Resources Dictionary System
IRG Implicit Regeneration
IRICE Integrated Remote Interface Control Element
IRIG Interrange Instrumentation Group
IRIS Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems
IRIS Instant Response Information Service (Toshiba)
IRIS Instructional Resources Information System
IRIS Integrated Raster Imaging System (SGI)
IRIS Integrated Research Information System
IRIS Intelligent Reference Information System
IRIS Internet Registry Information Service
IRIS Internet Research Information System
IRIS Interregional Information Society Initiative
IRK Identity Resolving Key
IRL In Real Life (Slang)
IRL Inter Repeater Link
IRLED Infrared Light Emitting Diode
IRM Information Rights/Resource Management
IRQ Information/Interrupt Request
IRR Information Request Response
IRR Internet Routing Registry
IRS Incident Response System
IRS Information Retrieval System
IRS Interchange Record Separator
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IRS Intrusion Response System
IRSG Internet Research Steering Group
IRT Implementation Recommendation Team
IRT Institut für Rundfunktechnik, München
IRTF Internet Research Task Force
IRV International Reference Version
IS In Service
IS Information Separator/Sevices/System
IS Integrated Service
IS Intensity Stereo
IS Interactive Service (Telecommunication)
IS Intermediate System
IS International Standard (ISO)
IS Interrupt Status
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISA Informationssystem Studienwahl und Arbeitsmarkt, Duisburg/Essen
ISA Instruction Set Architecture
ISA Integrated Services Architecture
ISA Interactive Services Association
ISA Internet Security and Acceleration (Server)
ISAKMP Internet Security Association Key Management Protocol
ISAM Index/Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISAPI Internet Server API
ISB Informationssicherheitsbeauftragter
ISBD International Standard Bibliographic Description
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISBT It's Strange But True (Slang)
ISC Instruction Set Computer
ISC Internet Service/Storm Center
ISC Internet Systems Consortium
ISCA International Symposium on Computer Architecture
ISCB Interessengemeinschaft sehgeschädigter Computerbenutzer
ISD Image Section Descriptor
ISD Instructional System Design
ISD International Standard Data Network
ISDB Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting (Japan)
ISDBC ISDB-C: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting -- Cable
ISDBT ISDB-T: Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting -- Terrestrial
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDN Isosorbitdinitrat
ISDN Ist sowas denn nötig? (Slang)
ISFET Ionensensitiver Feldeffekttransitor
ISFT Industrial Siemens Flatpanel Technology
ISH Information Superhighway
ISI Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California
ISI Information Society Index
ISI Institute for Scientific Information, USA
ISI Inter Symbol Interference
ISI Internally Specified Index
ISIN International Securities Identification Number
ISIS IS-IS: Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol (OSI)
ISIS Industrial Signature Interoperability Specification
ISL Imperceptible Structured Light
ISL Initial System Loader
ISL Interactive System Language
ISL Intersatellite Link
ISLICE I-SLICE: Intra Slice (Video)
ISM Industrial, Scientific, Medical (Applications, Band)
ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance
ISMP Internet Message Support Protocol
ISMS Information Security Management System
ISMSRD ISM SRD: Industrial, Science, Medical Short Range Devices
ISN Internet School/Shopping Networking
ISNS Internet Storage Naming Service
ISO International Standardization Organization
ISOC Internet Society
ISODE ISO Development Environment (OSI)
ISOTEC Integrated Software Technology
ISP Image Synthesis Processor
ISP International Standardized Profile
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISP Interrupt Stack Pointer
ISP Interrupt Status Port
ISPB Information Systems Policy Board
ISPBX ISDN Private Branche Exchange
ISPF Interactive Structured Programming Facility (IBM)
ISPI Institut für Integrierte Publikationssysteme, Darmstadt
ISPLSI in-system-programmable LSI
ISPO Information Society Project Office
ISQIT Information Systems Quality Improvement Team
ISR Information Storage and Retrieval
ISR Intermediate Session Routing
ISR Interrupt Service Routine
ISRC International Standard Recording Code
ISRD iSRD: Infrared Smart Removal of Defects (SilverFast)
ISRN International Standard Recording Number
ISSA Information Systems Security Association
ISSCC International Solid State Circuits Conference
ISSE Information Security Solutions Europe
ISSE Internet Streaming SIMD Extension
ISSI Individual Short Subscriber Identity
ISSN International Standard Serial Number
ISSO Information System Security Officer
ISSP Inter-Switch Signalling Protocol
ISSP Internet Satellite Service Provider
ISSS IBM Speech Server Services
ISST (Fraunhofer-)Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik
IST Information Society Technologies (Programme)
IST Internet Transaction Server
ISTF Internet Science and Technology Fair
ISTF Internet Societal Task Force
ISTM It Seems To Me (Slang)
ISTO Information Science and Technology Office
ISTPA International Security, Trust + Privacy Alliance
ISTR I Seem To Remember (Slang)
ISU Industry Solution Unit (IBM)
ISUG International SGML/XML Users' Group
ISUS Information Services and User Support (DFN)
ISV Independent Software Vendor
ISVR Intel Smart Video Recorder
ISWIM If you See What I Mean (Slang)
ISWL International Short Wave League
ISWYM I See What You Mean (Slang)
IT Impulse Tracker
IT Information Technology, Informationstechnik
ITA Independent Televison Authoprity, USA
ITA Information Technology Agreement
ITA Intent To Adopt (Debian)
ITA Interface Test Adapter
ITA Interim Type Approval
ITA International Telegraph Alphabet (Baudot Code)
ITAA Information Technology Association of America
ITAC ISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit
ITAM Information Technology Asset Management
ITAN Indexed Transaction Number
ITB Information Technology Branch
ITB Intermediate Text Block
ITC Independent Television Commission
ITC IntelliCAD Technology Consortium
ITC International Telegraph Code
ITE Informationstechnische Einrichtung
ITE Internal Terminal Emulator
ITF Isochronous Transfer
ITFS International Toll-Free Service
ITG Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE
ITG Informationstechnische Grundausbildung
ITHE International Travel Host Exchange
ITI Interactive Terminal Interface
ITIF Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITK Informationstechnik und Telekommunikation
ITLB Instruction TLB
ITM Internet Transaction Mix
ITML Information Technology Markup Language
ITO Indium Tin Oxide
ITO Intent To Orphan (Debian)
ITO Internal Technical Order
ITOT ISO Transport Service on top of TCP
ITP Intent To Package (Debian)
ITR International Telecommunication Regulations (ITU)
ITR Internet Talk Radio
ITRS International Roadmap for Semiconductors
ITS Incompatible Time-Sharing System
ITS Institute for Telecommunication Sciences, USA
ITS Intelligent Transport System
ITS Internal Text String
ITS International Telecommunications Society
ITS Internationalization Tag Set
ITS (NIST) Internet Time Service
ITSEC Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria/Certification
ITSEM Information Technology Security Evaluation Manual
ITSK IT Sicherheitskriterien (Grünbuch)
ITSM Information Technology Service Management
ITSO Information Technology Security Office, Indiana University
ITSP Internet Telephony Service Provider
ITSTC Information Technology Steering Committee
ITT Internet, Television, Telephone
ITT Invitation To Transmit (Arcnet)
ITU Intelligent Thermal Update
ITU International Telecommunication Union
ITUG International Telecommunications Users' Group
ITUP IBM Tivo;i Unified Process
ITV Interactive Television
ITW In The Wild
ITX Intermediate Text Block
IU Integer Unit
IUG Informix User Group
IUK Information und Kommunikation
IUKDG Informations- und Kommunikationsdienste-Gesetz
IUMA Internet Underground Music Archive
IUPAP International Union of Pure and Applied Physics
IUR International User Requirements
IUS Interchange Unit Separator
IUTY It's Up To You (Slang)
IV Informationsverarbeitung
IV Initialisation Vector
IV Instrumental Variables
IV Interessenverbund
IVB Individuelle Verkehrsbeeinflussung
IVBB Informationsverbund Bonn-Berlin
IVC Inter-Vehicle Communication
IVCA International Visual Communication Association
IVDLAN Integrated Voice and Data Local Area Network
IVHS Intelligent Vehicle Highway System
IVI In-Vehicle Infotainment (Intel)
IVI Interactive Video Initiative/Instruction
IVIS Interactive Video Information System
IVN Intervening Network
IVNM Interessenverband Neue Medien
IVOD Interactive Video On Demand
IVP Installation Verification Image
IVR Interactive Voice Recognition/Response
IVS IBM Verkabelungssystem
IVS Interactive Visualization System
IVT Interrupt Vector Table
IVTC Inverse Telecine
IVV Independent Verification and Validation
IVW Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeerträgen
IW Information Warfare
IWBNI It Would Be Nice If (Slang)
IWF Impulswahlverfahren (Telefon)
IWF Internet Watch Foundation, UK
IWM Intelligent Workload Management (Novell)
IWU Interworking Unit
IWV Impulswahlverfahren
IX Internet Exchange
IXA Internet Exchange Architecture
IXC Interexchange Carrier
IXF Integrated Exchange Format
IXFR Incremental Zone Transfer
IXI International X.25 Interconnect
IXMF iXMF: Interactive Extensible Music Format (MIDI)
IXP Internet Exchange Point
IYB In Your Basket (Slang)
IYSWIM If You See What I Mean (Slang)
IZMF Informationszentrum Mobilfunk e. V., Berlin
IZR Independent Zone Routing
IZRT Internal Zone Routing Table
IZT Incremental Zone Transfer
IZT Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung


J Java, Japan, Job
J2 Japanese Telecommunication 2
J2EE Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (now Java EE)
J2ME Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (now Java ME)
J2SE Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (now Java SE)
JA Jump Address
JAAS Java Authentication and Authorization Service
JAC Joint Analysis Center
JAD Joint Application Design
JADE Java Agent Development Framework
JADE Journal Abstracts Delivered Electronically
JADE Joint Audio Decoder Encoder
JAE Java Application Environment
JAM Just A Minute (Slang)
JAM Jyacc Application Manager
JAMMA Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association
JANET Joint Academic Network, UK
JAP Java Anon Proxy
JAPP Just Another Pretty Picture (Slang)
JAR Java Archive
JASIG Java Architectures Special Interest Group
JASIG Java in Administration Special Interest Group
JASON Journal Articles Sent On Demand
JAUA Just Another Useless Answer (Slang)
JAVA (kein Akronym, not an acronym)
JAVAC javac: Java programming-language compiler (Sun)
JAVARTS Java RTS: Java Run-time System
JAX Java, Apache, XML
JAX Java API for XML
JAXB Java Architecture for XML Binding
JAXP Java API for XML Processing
JAXWS Java API for XML Web Services
JBCE Japan Business Council in Europe
JBCE JavaBean Calculation Engine
JBD Journaling Block Device
JBI J Bus Interface
JBI Java Business Integration
JBIG Joint Bi-level Image (Experts) Group
JBOD Just a Bunch Of Discs
JCA Java Connection Architecture
JCALS Joint Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support System
JCAPS Java Composite Application Platform Suite
JCB Job Conrol Block
JCC Java Competence Center
JCE Java Cryptography Extension
JCIC Joint Committee for Intersociety Coordination
JCL Job Control Language (IBM)
JCP Java Community Process
JCS Job Control Statement/System
JCT Job Control Table
JD Julian Date/Day
JDB Java Debugger
JDBC Java Data Base Connectivity
JDC Japanese Digital Cellular
JDK Java Developers/Development Kit
JDO Java Data/Database Object(s)
JDP Joint Development Program (Microsoft)
JECC Japan Electronic Computer Center
JEDEC Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
JEE Java Enterprise Edition
JEIDA Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (now JEITA)
JEITA Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
JES Java Enterprise System (Sun)
JES Java Embedded Server (Sun)
JES Java Enhanced SIP
JES Job Entry Subsystem (IBM)
JES2 Job Entry Subsystem 2 (IBM)
JES3 Job Entry Subsystem 3 (IBM)
JESA Japan Engineering Standard Association
JESSI Joint European Submicron Silicon Initiative
JFC Java Foundation Class
JFET Johnson/Junction Field Effect Transistor
JFFS Journalling Flash File System
JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format
JFS Journal/Journaled/Journalling/Java File System
JFS Jumbo Frame Support
JGFET Junction Gate Field Effect Transistor
JIB Job Information Block
JIC Just In Case (Slang)
JICST Japan Information Center of Science and Technology
JID Jabber Identifier
JIF Journal Impact Factor
JINI Java Intelligent Network Infrastructure/Interface (Sun)
JIT Just In Time (compiler)
JJ Josephson Junction
JJ Just Joking (Slang)
JMMD Jokes Make My Day (Slang)
JMP Job Monitor Protocol
JMS Java Messaging Service
JMS Job Management System
JMX Java Management Extensions
JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface
JNDSPI Java Naming and Directory Service Provider Interface
JNI Java Native Interface
JOL Job Orientation Language
JOSS Joint Object Services Submission
JOTA Jamboree On The Air
JPA Java Persistence Application (programming interface)
JPA Job Pack Area
JPDA Java Platform Debugging Architecture
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPG siehe/see JPEG
JPL Java Perl Lingo
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, USA
JPL Jyacc Procedural Language
JPQL Java Persistence Query Language
JRA Java Resource Adapter (SAP)
JRA Java Runtime Analyzer
JRE Java Runtime Environment
JRL Java Research License
JRL Java Robotics Library
JRL Jump to Random Location
JRTS Java Real Time System
JS JavaScript
JS Jumper Setting
JSA Joint SIGINT Activity
JSC Job Status code
JSDK Java Servlet Development Kit
JSE Java Standard Edition
JSE JavaScript Encoded
JSF Jabber Software Foundation
JSF Java Server Faces
JSGF Java Speech Grammar Format
JSH Job control Shell
JSM Job Stream Manager
JSML Java Speech Markup Language
JSNI JavaScript Native Interface
JSNM Just Stark Naked Magic (Slang)
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
JSP Jackson Structured Programming
JSP Java Server Page/Pages
JSS JavaScript Style Sheet
JSSE Java Secure Socket Extension
JST Japan Standard Time
JST Java Enterprise Edition Standard Tools (project)
JST Java Server Toolkit
JST Java Simple Template
JST Joint Spatio-Temporal (filtering)
JSTL Java Standard Tag/Template Library
JSTL JSP Standard Tag Library
JT Job Table
JTAG Joint Test Action Group
JTAM Job and Transfer Manipulation
JTAP JTC1 TAG Application Portability Study Group
JTAPI Java Telephony Application Programming Interface
JTC Joint Technical Committee (ISO/IEC)
JTM Job Transfer and Management/Manipulation
JTOPEN Java Toolbox Open Source
JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System, USA
JTS Java Transaction Service
JUBL Jülicher BlueGene/L (Supercomputer)
JUD Jabber User Directory
JUG Java User Group
JUGD Java User Group Deutschland
JUGFET Junction Gate Field Effect Transistor
JUMP Java User Migration Path
JUNET Japan/Japanese UNIX Network
JUST Joint Users of Siemens Telecommunications
JV Job Variable
JVC J++ Visual Compiler
JVC Japan Victor Company (Victor Company of Japan)
JVM Java Virtual Machine
JVNC John-von-Neumann (Super-Computer-) Center
JVT Joint Video Team
JWS Java Workshop
JXTA Juxtapose (Sun)


K Kanal, Key, Kilo, Kommunikation
K12 Kindergarten through 12th grade, K-12
KA Kamikaze (packet)
KA Keine Ahnung (no idea)
KA Key Account
KA Knotenamt (Knotenvermittleungsstelle)
KA Knowledge Access/Acquisition/Architecture
KA Kommunikationsausrüstung
KAD Knowledge Aided Design
KAD Kontoauszugsdrucker
KADB Kernel Assembly Debugger
KADM Kerberos Administration (server)
KADS Knowledge Analysis and Design System
KAI Kurzweil Applied Intelligence
KALUG Karlsruhe Linux User Group
KAM Knowledge Aided Manufacturing
KAOS Kent Applicative Operating System
KAP Kernel Andorra Prolog
KAPSE Kernel Ada Program Support Environment
KAS Kerberos Authentication Server
KASLR Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization
KB Keyboard, Kilobyte, Knowledge Base
KBE Knowledge Based Engineering
KBML Koala Bean Markup Language
KBPS Kilobit/byte per second
KBS Knowledge Based System
KBST KBSt: Koordinierungs- und Beratungsstelle der Bundesregierung
KC Kids' Computer
KCC Keyboard Communications Concentrator
KCD Kerberos Constraint Delegation
KCD Kernel Cousin Debian
KCL Kyoto Common Lisp
KCP Kernel Control Path
KCS Kansas City Standard
KD Knowledge Discovery
KDC Key Distribution Center
KDD Knowledge Discovery in Databases
KDE KDE Desktop Environment
KDF Knowledge Discovery Framework
KDG Kabel Deutschland GmbH
KDK Kindle Development Kit (Amazon)
KDM KDE Display Manager
KDM Key Delivery Message
KDM Key Distribution Manager
KDP Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon)
KDS Knowledge Discovery System
KDS Kommunikationsdatensatz
KDT Key Definition Table
KDU Keyboard Definition Utility
KDU Keyboard/Keypad Display Unit
KDU Knowledge Dissemination and Utilization
KE Knowledge Economy
KEA Kandiat für Exzellenten Artikel (Wikipedia)
KEA Key Exchange Algorithm
KED Kundenenddokumentation
KEF Kommission zur Ermittlung des Finanzbedarfs der Rundfunkanstalten, Mainz
KENPC Kindle Edition Normalized Page Count (Amazon)
KES Key Escrow System
KEWL Knowledge Environment for Web-based Learning
KF Knopflerfish
KFD Kernel Fusion Driver
KFL Knowledge Feedback Loop
KGD Kernel Graphics Driver
KGI Kernel Graphics Interface
KGS Karlsruher Grafik-System
KHM Kunsthochschule für Medien, Köln
KI Künstliche Intelligenz
KIBO Knowledge In, Bullshit Out (Slang)
KIK Kommunaler Info-Kanal
KIS Kernel Information/Intrusion System
KIS Knowbot Information Service
KIS Krankenhausinformationssystem
KISA Korea Internet + Security Agency, Seoul
KISS Keep It Simple/Small and Stupid/Simple
KIT Kernel Software for Intelligent Terminals
KJM Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz
KJS Kool JavaScript (KDE)
KK Konnektivitäts-Koordination
KKM Kommunales Kernmelderegister (Sachsen)
KLA Kandidat für Lesenswerten Artikel (Wikipedia)
KLNG Knowledge-supported Line Network Global (Vectorization)
KLO Knowledge Level Object
KLOC Kilo Lines Of Code
KM Knowledge Management/Mismanagement
KMCS Kernel Mode Code Signing
KMMT Kompetenzzentrum Multimedia und Telematik, Tübingen
KMS Kernel(-based) Mode Setting
KMS Key Management Server
KMS Knowledge Management System
KMT Knowledge Management Team/Technology/Tools
KMT Korea Mobile Telecommunications
KMT Kunst und Medien Technologie
KMU Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen
KNAS Kerberos Network Authentication Service
KNF Konjunktive Normalform
KNI Katmai New Instructions (Intel)
KNOB Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth
KO Kernel/Knowledge Object
KOALA Konstanzer Ausleih- und Anfragesystem
KOP Kontaktplan (DIN 19239)
KPA Keine persönlichen Angriffe (Wikipedia)
KPA Key Process Area
KPI Key Performance Indicator
KPTI Kernel Page-Table Isolation
KQML Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language
KOS Keep On Smiling (Slang)
KOS Kernel/Kohler Operating System
KOS Key Object Selection
KOS Kommunikationsspaning, Schweden
KR Knowledge Representation
K+R Kernighan + Ritchie
KRC Kent Recursive Calculator
KRITIS (Arbeitsgruppe) Kritische Infrastrukturen
KRS Knowledge Retrieval System, Kernighan + Ritchie Standard
KS Session Key
KSAM Keyed Sequential Access Method
KSDS Key/Keyed Sequenced/Sequential Data Set
KSK Key Signing Key
KSM Kernel Samepage Merging
KSM Kernel Shared Memory
KSR Keyboard Send Receive
KSV Key Selection Vector
KT Kommunikationstechnik
KTA Korean Telecommunication Authority
KTK Kommission für den Ausbau des technischen Kommunikationssystems
KU Unit Key
KÜFUST Küstenfunkstelle
KUUG Karlsruher UNIX User Group
KV Kabelverzweiger, Karnaugh Veitch (Diagramm)
KVK Krankenversicherungskarte
KVM Kernel-based Virtual Machine
KVM Keyboard, Video, Mouse (or Trackball)
KVNO Key Version Number
KVP Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess
KVST KVSt: Knotenvermittlungsstelle (Knotenamt)
KVZ KVz: Kabelverzweiger
KW Kurzwelle, Kurzwahl
KWIM Know What I Mean? (Slang)
KWIPS Kilo Whetstones Per Second
KWT kwT: kein weiterer Text
KZK Klasse -- Zuständigkeit -- Kooperation
KZU Kennzeichenumsetzer


L Line, Link, Linux, Live (Phase), Local, Logic, Low
L10N Localization
L2CAP Logical Link and Control Adaptation Protocol
L2F Layer 2 Forwarding
L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
LA LAN Analyzer
LA Lesenswerter Artikel (Wikipedia)
LA License Application
LA License/Licensing Administration/Administrator/Authority
LA Location Area
LA Logical Address
LA Löschantrag (Wikipedia)
LAA Locally Administered Address
LAB Logic Array Block
LABNET Laboratory Broadband Network
LAC L2TP Access Controller
LACC Los Alamos Computer Code
LACNIC Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Center
LACP Link Aggregation Control Protocol
LAD Leistungsanschlusseinheit, digital
LADDR Layered Device Driver Architecture
LADE Language Definition Environment
LADSPA Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API
LADT Local Area Data Transport
LAE Löschantrag entfernt (Wikipedia)
LAES Lawfully Authorized Electronic Surveillance
LAF Look And Feel (L+F)
LAG Link Aggregation Group
LAI LAN Automatic Inventory
LAI Location Area Identity
LAI Logic Analyzer Interface
LAICS Los Alamos Integrated Communications System
LALL Longest Allowed Lobe Length
LALR Lexically Assign, Logically Refine
LALR Look Ahead Left Right
LAM Lobe Attachment Unit
LAM Local Area Multicomputer
LAMMPS Large-scale Atomic Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator
LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python
LAMP Locally Advanced Multimodality Protocol
LAMP Location Aware MAC Protocol
LAMPP Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP
LAMPS Langley Massively Parallel System (NASA)
LAMPS Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, SSL
LAMS Learning Activity Management System
LAN Local Area Network
LANANA Linux Assigned Names And Numbers Authority
LANC Local Application Control Bus System
LANC Local Area Network Control (Sony)
LANDSAT Land-use Satellite
LANE Local Area Network Emulation/Emulator
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
LANUG Los Alamos NeXT Users Group
LAP Link Access Profile/Protocol/Procedure
LAP Lower Address Part (Bluetooth)
LAPB Link Access Procedure for Balanced Mode
LAPD Link Access Procedure for the D-Channel
LAPF Link Access Procedure Framed Mode
LAPF Link Access Protocol for Frame Mode Bearer Services
LAPIC Local Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
LAPM Link Access Protocol for Modems
LAPS Local Area Network Adapter and Protocol Support (IBM)
LAR Load Access Right
LARC Livermore Automatic Research Computer
LARP Live Action Role Playing
LARS Linux Accessibility Resource Site
LART Linux Advanced Radio Terminal
LART Loser/Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
LAS Library Access System
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASIC Laser Application Specific Integrated Circuit
LAST Local Area Storage Transport (DEC)
LAT Local Area Transport (DEC)
LATA Local Access and Transmit/Transport Area
LATM LPI Approved Training Materials
LAU Lobe Access Unit
LAVC Local Area VAX Cluster
LAVMS Los Alamos Voice Messaging System
LAWN Local Area Wireless Network
LBA Linear Beschränkter Automat
LBA Logical Block Addressing
LBB Logic Building Block
LBBS Living Bulletin Board System
LBC Local Bus Controller
LBG Life Before Google (Slang)
LBG Linde-Buzo-Gray (algorithm)
LBG Load Balancing Group
LBM Local Bus Master
LBRV Low Bit Rate Voice
LBS Location Based Services
LBT Listen Before Talk
LBT Local Bus Target
LBV Leistungsbedarfsvorhersage
LBX Low Bandwidth X
LC Late Counter
LC Library of Congress, USA
LC Linear Cryptanalysis
LC Liquid Crystal
LC Live Camera
LC Local Changes/Control
LC Low Complexity
LC Lower Case
LCA Logic Cell Array
LCA Losely Coupled Architecture
LCC Linux Core Consortium
LCCM LAN Client Control Manager
LCCN Library of Congress Control Number
LCD Liquid Crystal Device/Display
LCDS Learning Content Development System (Microsoft)
LCDS Line Conditioned Data Stream
LCF LAN Configuration Facility
LCF Lightweight Client Framework
LCF Location Confirmation
LCF Logic for Computable Functions
LCF Low Cost Fiber
LCG Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid, CERN, Genf
LCG Linear Congruential (random number) Generator
LCHU Low Cost Home User
LCI Life Cycle Integration
LCI Logical Channel Indentifier
LCIM Life Cycle Information Management
LCL Local Clock
LCM LEAF Creation Method
LCM Life Cycle Management
LCN Local Control Network
LCN Logical Channel Number
LCOM Lack of Cohesion in Methods
LCOS LANCOM Operating System
LCOS LCoS: Liquid Crystal On Silicon
LCP Link Control Protocol (Internet)
LCR Least/Low Cost Router/Routing
LCRD Low Cost Removable Drive
LCS Linux Compatibility Standard
LCS Liquid Cooling System
LCS Liquid Crystal Shutter
LCS Live Communications Server (Microsoft)
LCSC Local Carrier Service Center
LCSH Library of Congress Subject Headings
LCU Last Cluster Used
LD Long Distance
LD Löschdiskussion (Wikipedia)
LD Low Delay
LDA Local Delivery Agent
LDA Logical Device Address
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDCM LAN Desk Client Manager (Intel)
LDE Longterm Data Endurance
LDF Linear Display File
LDG Los Alamos Debugger
LDIF LDAP Data Interchange Format
LDIP Laboratory Data Integrity Program
LDK Lightweight Device Kernel
LDK Linux Development Kit
LDLN Long Distance Learning Network
LDM Long Distance Modem
LDN Linux Standard Base Developer Network
LDP Label Distribution Protocol
LDP (The) Linux Documentation Project
LDP Loader Debugger Protocol
LDPC Low Density Parity Check (Code)
LDR Light Dependent Resistor
LDR Long Distance Relationship
LDRI Low Dynamic Range Image
LDS Landesamt für Datenverarbeitung und Statistik
LDS Logical Data Structure
LDS Lotus Discovery Server
LDSG Landesdatenschutzgesetz
LDSL Low Speed ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
LDSS Low-dimensional Semiconductor Structure
LDT Lightning Data Transport
LDT Local Descriptor Table
LDTR Load Descriptor Table Register
LDTRC Load Descriptor Table Register Cache
LDTV Limited Definition Television
LDUP LDAP Duplication and Update (Protocol)
LDW Lane Departure Warning (system)
LDW Local Data Warehouse
LE Light/Limited Edition
LE Link Encapsulation
LE Logical Element/Extent
LE Low Energy
LEA Law Enforcement Agency
LEAF Large Effective Area Fiber
LEAF Law Enforcement Access Field
LEAP Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol
LEARP LAN Emulation Address Resolution Protocol
LEC LAN Emulation Client
LEC Local Exchange Carrier
LECS LAN Emulation Client/Configuration Server/Service
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEF Library Exchange Format
LEL Link Embedded and Launch-to-edit
LEM Language Extension Module
LEM Link Error Monitor
LEMF Law Enforcement Monitoring Facility
LEMP Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse
LEN Low Entry Networking/Node
LEO Link Everything Online
LEO Low Earth Orbit/Orbiting
LEOSAR Low Earth Orbit Search And Rescue
LEP Light Emitting Polymer
LEPS Lancom Enhanced Passphrase Security
LER Light Emitting Resistor
LERG Local Exchange Routing Guide
LES LAN Emulation Server/Service
LES Land-Erdfunkstelle
LESC London E-Science Center
LETI Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, St. Peterburg, Russia
LETS Local Exchange Trade System
LF Lifetime Failure
LF Line Feed
LF Login Facility
LF Low Frequency
LFA Log File Analysis
LFAP Lightweight Flow Admission Protocol
LFD Label Forwarding Database
LFD Landesamt für Datenverarbeitung
LFD Large Format Display
LFD Limited Function Display
LFD Line Fault Detection
LFD Local Frequency Distribution
LFD Logical Font Description
LFF Large Form Factor
LFI Last File Indicator
LFK Landesanstalt für Kommunikation
LFM Low Frequency Mode
LFN Logical File Name
LFN Long File Names
LFO Low Frequency Oscillator
LFP Large Format Printing
LFP Lithium-Eisen(Iron, Ferrum)-Phosphat(-Batterie)
LFR Light Field Raw
LFR Live Facial Recognition
LFS Large File Support
LFS Linux From Scratch
LFS Linux Log File System
LFS Local File System
LFS Log-structured File System
LFSA List of Frequently Seen Acronyms
LFSR Linear Feedback(ed) Shift Register
LFU Least Frequently Used
LFX Low Frequency Extension
LFX Low Profile Formfactor Extended
LG A Language for Analytical Geometry
LG Line to Ground
LG Light Guide
LG Linkage/Local/Logical Group
LGA Land/Leadless Grid Array
LGA Low Gain Antenna
LGC Line Group Controller
LGD Location Guided Directional (algorithm, tree)
LGE Liebe, Glück, Erfolg (Slang)
LGE Logical Group Entry
LGE Loop or Ground-start, Exchange
LGFT Lie Group Fourier Transform
LGK Location Guided K-ary (algorithm, tree)
LGMR Laser Guided Magnetical Recording
LGN Logical Group Node/Number
LGPL Library/Lesser General Public License (GNU)
LGS Location Guided Steiner (algorithm, tree)
LH Link Header
LHR Low Hash Rate
LHS Left Hand Side
LI Lawful Interception
LI Length Indication
LIAC Limited (Dedicated) Inquiry Access Code (Bluetooth)
LIC Licensed Internal Code
LIC Line Integral Convolution
LIC Line Interface Card
LIC Linear Integrated Circuit
LICS Lotus International Character Set
LID Logical Input Device
LIDAR Light Detection And Ranging
LIDS Linux Intrusion Detection System
LIEP Large Internet Exchange Packet (Novell)
LIF Low Insertion Force
LIFE Laboratory of International Fuzzy Engineering
LIFO Last In, First Out (Speicher)
LII Linux Internationalisation Inititative
LILO Last In, Last Out (Speicher)
LIM Light Intensity Modulation
LIM Load Information Manager
LIM Lotus, Intel, Microsoft
LIMB Listing of Molecular Biology Databases
LIMDOW Laser Intensity Modulation Direct Overwrite
LIMS Laboratory/Library Information Management System
LIMS Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solutions
LIN Local Interconnect Network
LINFO The Linux Information Project
LINQ Language Integrated Query (Microsoft)
LINUX (kein Akronym, not an acronym)
LINVDR Linux Video Disk Recorder
LINX London Internet Exchange
LIP Large Internet Packet
LIP Line Interconnection Point
LIP Loop Initialization Protocol
LIPS Lightweight Internet Person Schema
LIPS Logical Inferences/Instructions Per Second
LIPX Large Internet Packet Exchange
LIR Library of International Relations
LIR Line Reference
LIR Local Internet Registry
LIRA Learning Information Retrieval Agent
LIRC Linux Infrared Remote Control
LIS Logical IP Subnetwork
LISA Localization Industry Standards Association
LISP List Processing (Language/Program)
LISP Lots of Irritating Superfluous Parentheses
LIT Laboratory/Language Integration Test/Testing
LIT Leave In Time
LIT Load Initial Table
LIT Logic Integrity Test
LITA Library and Information Technology Association, USA
LIVE Linux Verband e.~V., Frickenhausen
LK Linienkoppler
LK Löschkandidat (Wikipedia)
LKCD Linux Kernel Crash Dump
LKM Loadable Kernel Module
LKML Linux Kernel Mailing List
LKP Local Knowledge Pool
LKS Loadable Kernel Server
LL Leased Line
LL Local Loopback
LLA Latitude, Longitude, Altitude
LLA Link Level Access
LLAP Live Long and Prosper
LLC Logical Link Control
LLC Low Layer Compatibility
LLC2 Logical Link Control Class 2
LLF Least Laxity First
LLF Low Level Format
LLG Lesser Linux God
LLH Logical Link Header
LLNL Lawrence Livermoore National Laboratory, USA
LLOC Lines Of Code
LLP Link Layer Protocol
LLP Live Long and Prosper (Slang)
LLR Lag and Latency Reduction
LLR Least-Loaded Route
LLS Linear Least Squares
LLTA Lots and Lots of Thundering Applause (Slang)
LLU Link Local Use
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off (Slang)
LMAP Lightweight MTA Authentication Protocol
LMB Line Mode Browser
LMB Local Master Browser
LMBCS Lotus Multibyte Character Set
LMDO Laughing My Diaper Off (Slang)
LMDS Local Multipoint Distribution Service
LME Layer Management Entity
LMF Local Media Format
LMF Logical Mainframe
LMI Linux Mark Institute
LMI Local Management Interface
LMK Langwelle, Mittelwelle, Kurzwelle
LMMS Linux Multimedia Studio
LMOS Loop Maintenace Operations System
LMP Layer Management Protocol
LMP Link Manager/Management Protocol
LMR Land Mobile Radio
LMS Laser Magnetic Storage
LMS Learning Management System, Lernmanagementsystem
LMS License Management Service (OSF)
LMS Local Manageability Service (Intel)
LMSC LAN/MAN Standards Committee (IEEE)
LMTP Local Mail Transfer Protocol
LMU Logical Network Management Unit
LN Logical Network
LNA Low Noise Amplifier
LNAI Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
LNB Low Noise Block Converter
LNC Low Noise Converter
LNCS Lecture Notes in Computer Science
LNG Line Network Global (Vectorization)
LNI Lecture Notes of Informatics
LNK Link
LNOV Line Network Orientied Vectorization
LNP Local Network Protocol
LNS L2TP Network Server
LO LibreOffice
LO Local Oscillator
LOA Letter Of Assurance
LOAF Linux On A Floppy
LOB Large Object
LOC Library Of Congress, USA
LOC Line(s) Of Code
LOC Loop On-Line Control
LOCIS Library Of Congress Information System, USA
LOD Level Of Detail (LOD+, LOD0, LOD1 ...)
LOD Linked/Linking Open Data
LOD Live Off Disk (DVR)
LOD Load On Demand
LOD Loss Of Data
LOD Low Overhead Driver
LOF List Of Figures
LOF Loss of Frame
LOI Letter Of Intent
LOIC Low Orbit Ion Canon (Software)
LOIS Large Optical Integrated Switch
LOIS Law/Legal Office Information System
LOIS Library Online Information System
LOIS Location Oriented Information System (Telcordia, USA)
LOL Laughing Out Loud (Slang)
LOL List Of Lists
LOL Lots Of Luck (Slang)
LOM LAN On Mainboard/Motherboard
LOM Learning Object Metadata
LON Local Operating Network
LOOPS LISP Object Oriented Programming System
LOP Logikplan (DIN 19239/40719)
LOP Loss of Pointer/Power
LORA Least Overhead Routing Approach
LORAN Long Range Aid to Navigators
LORAWANLoRaWAN: Long Range Wide Area Network
LORE Line Oriented Editor
LOS Line Of Sight
LOS Loss Of Signal
LOT List Of Tables
LOWFER Low Frequency Experimental Radio
LP Line Printer
LP Linear/Logic Programming
LP Logical Partition
LP Long Play (disc, tape)
LP Löschprüfung (Wikipedia)
LP Low Power/Profile
LPA Link Pack Area
LPA Logarithmic Periodical Antenna
LPA Low-order Path Adaptation
LPA Low Pass/Power Amplifier
LPA Low Profile Antenna
LPAC Lossless Predictive Audio Compression
LPB Local Peripheral Bus
LPC Linear Predictive Coded/Coding
LPC Local Procedure Call
LPC Low Pin Count (Interface)
LPCM Linear Pulse Code Modulation
LPCM lpcm: lines per centimeter
LPD Landespostdirektion
LPD Line Printer Daemon (UNIX)
LPD Low Power Device
LPF Low Pass Filter
LPI lines per inch
LPI Linux Professional Institute
LPI Low Power Idle
LPI Lower Prediction Interval
LPIC Linux Professional Institute Certification
LPL Lotus Programming Language
LPM lines per minute
LPM Low Power Mode
LPN Logical Page Number
LPO Logical Post Office
LPP Licensed Program Product
LPPB Land Pre Pit Level before Recording
LPPL LaTeX Project Public License
LPQ Line Printer Queue
LPRS Low Power Radio Service
LPS lines per second
LPS Low Power Schottky (Semiconductor)
LPT Line Printer
LPTF Laboratoire Primaire du Temps et des Frequences
LPTS Low Power Time Source
LQ Letter Quality
LQA Link Quality Analysis
LQM Link Quality Monitoring
LQR Link Quality Report
LR Load Reduced (DIMM)
LRC Local Register Cache
LRC Longitudinal Redundancy Check
LRE Left to Right Embedding
LRE Limited Regular Expression
LRE Long Reach Ethernet
LRFID Local Radio Frequency Identifier
LRI Least Recently Loaded
LRJ Location Reject
LRO Large Receive Offload (infrastructure)
LRP Linux Router Project
LRPC Lightweight Remote Procedure Call
LRQ Location Request
LRU Least Recently Used
LRU Lowest Replaceable Unit
LRZ Leibniz-Rechenzentrum München
LS Live Stream (Internet)
LS Location Services
LSA Line Sharing Adapter
LSA Local Security Authority
LSA Link State Algorithm/Advertisement
LSA lötfrei -- schraubfrei -- abisolierfrei
LSB Least Significant Bit
LSB Linux Standard Base
LSB Lower Side Band
LSC Least Significant Character
LSC Live Sequence Chart
LSCD Licensed Status Confirmation Document
LSD Least Significant Digit
LSD Low Self Discharge (battery)
LSDB Link State Database
LSDF Large Scale Data Facility, Karlsruhe
LSDV Link Segment Delay Value
LSE Latent Sector Error
LSF Load Sharing Facility
LSF Log Structured File (Array)
LSH Locality Sensitive Hashing
LSI Large Scale Integration
LSID Local Session Identifier
LSL Link Support Layer
LSM Linux Security Module
LSM Linux Software Map
LSM Logical Storage Manager
LSN Large Scale NAT (Network Address Translation)
LSO Linux Standards Organization
LSO Local Shared Object
LSP Link State Packet/PDU
LSP Linux Support Package
LSP Local Support Provider
LSR Label/Load Switch/Switched/Switching Router
LSR Least Squares Regression
LSR Link State Request/Routing
LSR Linux Software Resources/Review
LSR Load Shifting Resistor
LSR Local Service Request
LSR Logical Shift Right
LSR Logical Storage Resource
LSR Loose Source Route
LSS Link Signalling Sublayer
LSS Link Status Signal (SONET)
LSS Local Service Server
LSS Local Switching System
LSS Loop Surge Suppressor
LSS Loop Switching System
LSS Loss of Sequence Synchronization
LSS Low Speed Switch
LST Linux Support Team
LSU Link State Update
LSV Low Speed Variant
LSX Lotus Script Extensions
LSZ Leitungschlüsselzahl
LSZH Low Smoke Zero Halogen (Kabel)
LT LaGrande Technology
LT Lease Time
LT Line Terminator
LT Link Trailer
LT Linus Torvalds
LTA Laptop Access
LTC Laptop Computer
LTC Last Trunk Capacity
LTC Line Termination/Traffic Coordinator
LTC Line Trunk Controller
LTC Linear/Longitudinal Time Code
lTC Local Test Cabinat
LTC Loss of Test Channel
LTC Lowest Two-way Channel
LTCC Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic
LTDC Long Term Data Collection
LTE Long Term Evolution (Breitband-Mobilfunk)
LTEA Long Term Evolution Advanced
LTH Low to High (Blu-Ray disc)
LTI Laser Thermal Imaging
LTI Linear Time Invariant (system)
LTIB Linux Target Image Builder
LTK Long Term Key
LTM Long Term Memory
LTNS Long Time No See (Slang)
LTO Linear Tape Open
LTP Linux Test Project
LTP Long Term Plan/Prediction/Program
LTPS Low Temperature Polysilicon
LTS Local Time Server/Service
LTS Long Term Support
LTSC Learning Technology Standards Committee
LTSP Linux Terminal Server Project
LTU Line Terminating Unit
LTV Light To Voltage
LU Logical Unit
LUA Limited User Account
LUB Least Upper Bound
LUF Lowest Usable Frequency
LUFS Linux Userland File System
LUG Linux/Local User Group
LUI Live User Interface
LUKS Linux Unified Key Setup
LUM Linux User Management
LUN Logical Unit Number
LUNI LAN Emulation User Network Interface
LUP Language Upgrade
LUS Lookup Service
LUT Local User Terminal
LUT Look Up Table
LUUG Lunar UNIX Users Group
LUW Linux, Unix, Windows
LV Logical Volume
LV Low Voltage
LVD Low Voltage Differential (SCSI)
LVDS Low Voltage Differential Sensing/Signal/Signalling/SCSI/Swing
LVI Load Value Injection
LVM Logical Volume Manager
LVMM Lightweight Virtual Machine Memory (Management Architecture)
LVN Landesverwaltungsnetz Baden-Württemberg
LVS Linux Virtual Server
LW Langwelle, Long Wave
LW Long Wire Antenna
LWAPP Lightweight Access Point Protocol
LWC Lift Window Control
LWDMO Lead Writing Device - Manual Option (vulgo Bleistift)
LWDRM Light Weight Digital Rights Management
LWE Linux World Conference + Expo
LWIR Long Wave Infrared
LWL Lichtwellenleiter
LWL Long Wave Laser
LWN Linux Weekly News
LWP Lightweight Process
LWX LAN WAN Exchange
LXDE Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
LZ Leerzeichen (space)
LZH Lempel, Ziv, Huffman (algorithm)
LZMA Lempel, Ziv, Markow Algorithm
LZO Lemple, Ziv, Oberhumer (algorithm, compression)
LZSS Lempel, Ziv, Storer, Szymanski (algorithm)
LZW Lempel, Ziv, Welch (algorithm)


M Manage, Memory, Message, Mobile, Mode, Multi
M Meldeleitung
M2FM Modified Double Frequency Modulation
M2M Machine To Machine
M3U Motion Picture Experts Group 1 Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator
M4A Motion Picture Experts Group 4 Audio
MA Management Agent
MA Master (drive)
MAAWG Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group
MAB Maschinelles Austauschformat für Bibliotheken
MAB Mozilla Address Book
MABI Macintosh Application Binary Interface
MAC Machine Aided Cognition
MAC Mainframe Attachment Controller
MAC Maintaining Arc Consistency
MAC Mandatory/Medium/Media/Memory Access Control/Controller
MAC Membership Advisory Committee
MAC Message Authentication Check/Code
MAC Modification, Access, Creation (time)
MAC Multi Access Computer
MAC Multiplexed Analogue Components
MAC Multiply Accumulate/Accumulator (Command, Unit)
MACE Middleware Architectural Committee for Education
MACF Mandatory Access Control Framework
MACH Modular Adaptive Computer Hardware
MACH Multilayer Actuator Head
MACH Multinational Automated Clearing House
MACH Multiple Asynchronously Communicating Hosts
MACP Motion Adaptive Color Plus
MACS Mixed Aloha Carrier Sense
MACS Modem Access Control System
MACUL Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning
MAD MAC-Adress Descriptor (Cisco)
MAD Magnetic Audio Device
MAD Master Account Domain
MAD Maximum Allowable Delay
MAD Mean/Median Absolute Deviation
MAD Mean Administrative Delay
MAD Memory Address Driver
MAD Michigan Algorithm Decoder
MAD MPEG Audio Decoder
MAD Multiple Access Device
MADCAP Multicast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
MADI Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (AES)
MADSL Margin Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
MADT Maximum Allowable Down Time
MADT Mean Accumulated Down Time
MADT Micro Alloy Diffused Transistor
MADT Multiple APIC Description Table
MAE Macintosh Application Environment
MAE Metropolitan Area Exchange
MAF Mozilla Archive Format
MAGRAM Magnetic Random Access Memory
MAID Massive Array of Idle Disks/Drives
MAK Multiple Activation Key
MAMP Mac OS X, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python
MAN Manchester (Coding)
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MANET Mobile Adhoc Network
MANIAC Mathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator, and Computer
MANOVA Multivariate Analysis Of Variance (multivariate Varianzanalyse)
MAP Maintenance Analysis Procedure
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAP Manufacturing Package
MAP Mesh Access Point
MAP Message Access Protocol
MAP Mobile Application Part
MAPI Mail/Message/Messaging Application Programmer/Programming Interface
MAPICS Manufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control System (IBM)
MAPS Mail Abuse Prevention System
MAPTOP MAP Technical Office Protocol
MAR Memory Address Register
MARBI Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information (Committee)
MARC Machine-Readable Cataloging/Code
MARC Many Core Applications Research Community
MARID MTA Authorization Records In DNS (IETF)
MARP Multi LAN Address Resolution Protocol
MARPA Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
MARS Message Archiving and Retrieval Service
MARS Military Affiliate Radio System
MARS Multicast Address Resolution Server
MAS Microsoft Anti-Spyware
MAS Multi Agent System
MASC Multicast Address-Set Claim (Protocol)
MASER Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASI (Laboratoire de) Modelisation et d'Architecture des Systemes Informatiques
MASM Macro Assembler (Microsoft)
MASS Mass Storage System
MASS Message Authentication Signature Standard
MAT MAC Address Translation
MAT Machine-Assisted Translation
MAT Maintenance and Administration Terminal
MAT Maintenance Tape
MAT Manual Asssistance Tag
MAT Mean Acquisition Time
MAT Memory Accelerating Technology
MAT Message Automation Table
MAT Metropolitan Area Trunk
MAT Mobile Access Terminal
MAT Mobile Agent Technology
MAT Multiple Access Transponder
MATIP Mapping of Airline Traffic over Internet Protocol
MATRIX Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange
MAU Medium Attachment Unit (Ethernet)
MAU Multi Station Access Unit
MAVT Mobile Audio Visual Terminal
MAZ Magnetbildaufzeichnung
MB Macro Block
MB Megabyte/Multi Byte
MB Meinungsbild (Wikipedia)
MBA Macroblock Address
MBA Managed (PC) Boot Agent
MBAFF Macroblock-adaptive frame-field
MBC Multi Bit Cell
MBCS Multibyte Character Set (encoding)
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy
MBEAN MBean: Managed Bean (Java)
MBFT Multipoint Binary File Transfer
MBI Map Based Interface
MBI Master of Business Informatics
MBI Mobile Business Intelligence
MBI Mobile Identification Number Block Identifier
MBMS Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service
MBOA Multiband OFDM Alliance
MBONE Multicast/Multimedia Backbone
MBPS Megabits/bytes per second
MBR Master Boot Record
MBS Maximum Burst Size
MBS Mobile Broadband System
MBSA Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
MBX Mailbox
MC Master Control
MC Miniature Card
MC Mobile Commerce/Communication
MC Moving Coil
MC Multi Carrier/Cast
MC Multipoint Controller
MCA Machine Check Architecture
MCA Micro Channel Architecture (IBM)
MCA Mission Critical Application
MCA Motion Capture and Analysis
MCA Multiprocessor Communication Adapter
MCAD Mechanical Computer Aided Design
MCAS Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System
MCAS Microsoft Certified Apllication Specialist
MCAST Motif Cluster Alignment and Search Tool
MCAT Metadata Catalog
MCB Memory Control Block
MCBSP Multi Channel Buffered Serial Port
MCC Mamas Computer Club
MCC Manchester Computing Centre
MCC Master Control Center
MCC Media Changer Commands
MCC Memory Cache Controller
MCC Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
MCC Mission Control Center
MCCI Multi-Channel Communications Interface
MCCI Multimedia Copyright Clearance Ireland
MCCOI Multimedia Communications Community of Interest
MCCS Monitor Command and Control Set (VESA)
MCLK Master Clock
MCD Mad Computer Disease
MCD Mini Client Driver
MCDA Micro Channel Developers Association
MCDS Mail Channel Directory System
MCDU Multipurpose Control and Display Unit
MCE Machine Check Exception
MCE Management Communication Engine
MCE Media Center Edition (Microsoft)
MCF Meta Content Format
MCF MOM Connector Framework (Microsoft)
MCFT Multi Cash File Transfer (eBanking)
MCGA Multi Colour Graphics Adaptor/Array
MCGAM MIXER Conformant Global Address Mapping
MCH Memory Controller Hub (Intel)
MCI Media Control Interface
MCID Malicious Call Identification
MCIR Machine Controlled Interactive Retrieval
MCIS Microsoft Commercial Internet System
MCM Media and Communication Management
MCM Multi Carrier Modulation
MCM Multi Chip Module
MCN Media Catalogue Number
MCN Multiple Crossbar Network
MCNC Microelectronics Center of North Carolina
MCNS Multimedia Cable Network System
MCOP Management Coprocessor
MCOP Mobile Connect One-time Password
MCOP Multimedia Communication Protocol (KDE)
MCP Macintosh Coprocessor Platform
MCP Master Control Programm
MCP Media and Communications Processor
MCP Microsoft Certified Professional
MCP Multichip Package
MCPP Microsoft Communications Protocol Program
MCR Minimal/Minimum Cell Rate
MCS Master Control Station
MCS Mission Critical Server
MCS Modulation and Coding Scheme
MCS Multicast Server
MCS Multinational Character Set
MCS Multipoint Communication Services/System
MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCSG Mathematical and Computational Sciences Group
MCT Memory Controller
MCT Mind Control Technology
MCT MOS Controlled Thyristor
MCTS Monte Carlo Tree Search
MCU Master Control Unit
MCU Memory/Micro/Multipoint/Module Control/Controller Unit
MCU Minimum Coded Unit
MCU Multi Chip Unit
MCU Multicast Unit
MCU Multipoint Conferencing/Control Unit
MCX Media Center Extender
MD Mail Drop
MD Mediation Device
MD Message Digest (MD2, MD4, MD5, MD6)
MD Mini Disk
MDA Mail Delivery Agent
MDA Media Dependent/Device Adapter
MDA Mediated Digest Authentication
MDA Mesh Deterministic Access
MDA Mobile Digital Assistant
MDA Model Driven Architecture
MDA Merci d'avance (Slang)
MDA Monochrome Display Adapter
MDAC Master Data Acquisition and Control System
MDAC Microsoft Data Access Component
MDB Message Driven Bean (Java)
MDBMS Multidimensional DBMS
MDBS Mobile Data Base Station
MDDI Mobile Digital Display Interface (VESA)
MDE Maschinendatenerfassung
MDEC Motion (JPEG) Decoder
MDF Main Distribution Frame
MDG Message Design Guidelines
MDG Minimum Delay Generator
MDG Mobile Data Gateway/Group
MDG Module Dependency Graph
MDG Multiple Default Gateway
MDG Multiuser Dungeon Game
MDH Multimedia Data Handling
MDI Media Dependent Interface
MDI Multiple Document Interface
MDIS Mobile Data Intermediate System
MDIX Media/Medium Dependent Interface Crossed
MDK Multimedia Development Kit (Microsoft)
MDLP Mini Disc Long-Play (Sony)
MDLP Minimum Description Length Principle
MDLP Mobile Data Link Protocol
MDM Master Data/Metadata Management
MDM Mobile Device Management
MDM Multiplexer Demultiplexer
MDN Message Disposition Notification
MDNI Management Director (!) Network Interface
MDNI Multicast Device Network Interface
MDNS Managed Data Network Service
MDNS Multicast DNS
MDR Minimum Design Requirement
MDS Meta Data Server
MDS Microsoft Deployment Solution
MDS Minimum Dominating Set
MDS Monitoring and Discovery Service
MDS Mulit-Dimensional Scaling
MDS Multiple Data Stream
MDSD Model Driven Software/System Development/Design
MDSD Monitoring and Data Support Division
MDSL Medium Bit Rate/Multirate Digital Subscriber Line
MDSTV Mediendienstestaatsvertrag
MDT Mittlere Datentechnik
MDT Mobile Data Terminal
MDY Month Day Year (Datumsangabe)
ME Management Engine (Intel)
ME Micro Edition
ME Mobile Equipment
ME Mutation Engine
MEA Mobiler Einkaufsassistent
MEB Memory Expansion Board
MEC Memory Expansion Card
MECM Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
MECN Mobile Extended Corporate Network
MED Media Endpoint Device
MEDARS Medical Access and Retrieval System
MEDLINE Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
MEG Mobile Expert Group
MELANI Melde- und Analysestelle Informationssicherung, Schweiz
MELCO Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (interface)
MEMC Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (TV)
MEMS Micro Electro-Mechanical System
MEO Medium Earth Orbit
MERIT Michigan Education Research Insruction Triad
MERLIN Message Handling and Radio Link Management
MERS Most Economical Route Selection
MES Mobile End System
MESFET Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MESI Modified Exclusive Shared Invalid (Cache)
MET Memory Enhancement Technology
MET Middle European Time
MET Mission Elapsed Time
METAL Macro Expansion Template Attribute Language
MEXE Mobil Station Execution Environment
MEZ Mitteleuropäische Zeit
MF Marinefunker
MF Multifunktion
MFA Multi Factor Authentication
MFC Mainframe Computer
MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes
MFC Multifunktionale Chipkarte
MFFS Microsoft Flash File System
MFI Metafile Input
MFIA Magtape Formatter Interface Adapter
MFJ Modified Final Judgement
MFLOP Million Floating Point Operations
MFM Modified Frequency Modulation
MFN Master File Notification
MFN Mehrfrequenznetz
MFO Metafile Output
MFOG MFoG: Many Faces of Go
MFP Multifunction Peripheral
MFPA Multi Function Peripheral Association
MFQ Multilevel Feedback Queue
MFR Multi Frequency Receiver
MFS Macintosh File System
MFS Maximum Frame Size
MFS Memory File System
MFS Mitteilungen für Seefunkstellen
MFT Master File Table
MFT Multi-Programming with a Fixed number of Tasks
MFTL My Favorite Toy Language
MFTP Multicast File Transfer Protocol
MFV Mehrfrequenz-Wahlverfahren (Telefon)
MG Master Group
MG Media Gateway
MGA Mehrgeäteanschluss
MGA Monochrome/Multimode Graphic Adapter
MGC Media Gateway Controller
MGCP Media Gateway Control Protocol
MGFT Motion Group Fourier Transform
MGPF Multiprogram General Purpose Facilities
MGR Multi Gigabit Router
MH Modified Huffman (Compression)
MHD Moving Head Disk
MHEG Multimedia and Hypermedia Expert Group
MHF Message Handling Facility
MHL Mobile High Definiton Link
MHN Münchener Hochschul-Netz
MHOTY My Hat's Off To You (Slang)
MHP Multimedia Home Platform
MHP Multiview High Profile
MHS Message/Mail Handling Service/System
MHTML MIME encoded Hypertext Markup Language
MI Mode Indicate
MI Modul Interface
MI Multiple Instruction (Stream Computer)
MIA Missing In Action (Debian)
MIAS Mehrwertsteuerinformationsaustauschsystem
MIB Management Information Base
MIB Melde- und Informationssystem Binnenschifffahrt
MIC Machine Identification Code
MIC Macro Interpretative Command
MIC Many Integrated Cores
MIC Media Interface Connector
MIC Memory In Cassette
MIC Message Integrity Check/Code
MIC Mode Indicate Common
MIC Multimedia Interactive Control
MICA Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation
MICE Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe
MICK Multimedia-Informations-Centrum Karlsruhe
MICR Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MICS Mobile Information and Communication Systems
MID Maritime Identification Digit
MID Message Identifier
MID Mobile Internet Device
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile
MIDS Matrix Internet Data Survey
MIEF Management Information Error Facility
MIF Management Information File/Format
MIHMA Model-based Integration Heterogeneous Multimedia Archives
MII Media Independent Interface
MII Microsoft, IBM, Intel
MIL Machine Interface Layer
MIL Media and Information Literacy (Unesco)
MIL military; Internet-Domain: Militär USA
MIL (amerikanische Militärnorm)
MILNET Military Network, USA
MIM Metall-Isolator-Metall (Bildschirm)
MIMD Multiple Instructions Multiple Data
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Output
MIN Mobile Identification Number
MINC Multilingual Internet Names Consortium
MINT Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften, Technik
MIO Modular Input Output
MIP Maximum Integration Phone
MIPA Mutual Internet Practices Association
MIPS Metal Inserted Poly Silicon
MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
MIPS Most Irrelevant Product Specification
MIPS Multimedia Interactive Protocols and Systems
MIPTEL Mobile IP Telephony
MIQ Machine Intelligence Quotient
MIQ MEASURE Interactive Query
MIRAG Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk AG, Leipzig
MIRC Medical Imaging/Information Resource Center
MIRC Medical Informatics Research Center
MIRC Mardam-Bey/Modified/Moo/Multi-user/Multiple/Mu/My Internet Relay Chat
MIS Management Information System
MIS Metal Insulator Semiconductor
MIS Mounting Interface Standard (VESA)
MISD Multiple Instructions Single Data
MIT Management Information Tree
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MITI Ministry of Trade and Industry, Japan
MITM Man/Monkey In The Middle (attack)
MITMA Man In The Middle Attack
MITS Model Instrumentation Telemetry System
MIX Member Information Exchange
MIXER MIME Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay
MJ Major Descriptor
MJ Modular Jack (Steckersystem)
MJD Modified Julian Date
MKA Matroska Audio (format)
MKB Media Key Block
MKD Minimum Keyboard and Display
MKL Mathematical Kernel Library (Intel)
MKS Matroska Subtitle (format)
MKT Multifunktionales Kartenterminal
MKV Matroska Video (format)
ML Machine Learning
ML Machine/Markup/Meta Language
ML Maximum Likelihood
MLA Micro Lense Array
MLA My Local Address
MLAN Mailing List for ArcNews
MLAN Militarized/Mobile/Music Local Area Network
MLAN Modulo-Lattice Additive Noise
MLAN Musical Local Area Network
MLC Multi Level Cell
MLD Master Logic Diagram
MLD Multicast Listener Discovery
MLDM Machine Learning and Data Mining
MLE Millenium Language Extension
MLI Multiple Link Interface
MLID Multiple Link Interface Driver
MLIS Multilingual Information Society
MLM Mailing List Manager
MLM Multi-Level Marketing
MLP Message/Multilayer Link Protocol
MLP Mobile Location Protocol
MLPP Multi Level Precedence and Preemption
MLPPP Multi Link PPP
MLR Multi-Channel Linear Recording
MLS Multi Level Security
MLS Multiple Link Support
MLT Mechanized Loop Testing
MLT Multi-Level Transition/Transmission
MLT Multi Link Trunking
MLV Multi Language Vendor
MM Maschinenlesbares Merkmal
MM Material/Mobility Management
MM Metadata Manager
MM Moving Magnet
MM Multiple Master
MMA Million Message Attack
MMA Multi-Megabit-Anpassung
MMAC Multi Media Access Center
MMAP Multi Media Access Profile
MMC Man Machine Communication
MMC Matched Memory Cycle
MMC Matroska Multimedia Container
MMC Microsoft Management Console
MMC MIDI Machine Control
MMC Multi Media Card/Commands
MMCA Multi Media Card Association
MMCD Multimedia Compact Disc
MMCRS MMC-RS: Multi Media Card -- Reduced Size
MMDB Main Memory Data Base
MMDF Multichannel Memorandum Distribution Facility
MMDS Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System
MME Mobility Management Entity
MME Multi Media Extensions
MMF Make Money Fast
MMF Multi-Mode Fiber
MMI Man Machine Interface
MMIC Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMIS Materials Manager Information System
MMJ Modified Modular Jack (Steckersystem)
MMK Multimediale Kommunikation
MML Man Machine Language
MML Mathematical Markup Language
MMM Memory Mapper Modul
MMM Micro Macro Magician
MMM Microsoft Multimedia Movie
MMM Mobile Media Mode
MMM Multi Media Mediocrity
MMOG Massively Multiplayer Online Game
MMORPG Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
MMP Massive Multi Processing
MMPC Multi Message Package Chaffing
MMPM Multi Media Presentation Manager
MMR Modified Modified Read (Compression)
MMR Multi Hop Relay
MMRBC Maximum Memory Read Byte Count
MMS Manufacturing Message Specification
MMS Module Management System
MMS Multimedia Messaging Service
MMS Multimedia Survey
MMSI Maritime Mobile Service Identity
MMT Multimedia Timer
MMTCA Multimedia Toolbox for Cooperative Applications
MMU Memory Management Unit
MMVC Matrox Millenium Video Card
MMVC Minimalistic/Multiple Model View Controller
MMX Multi Media Extensions
MN Minor Descriptor
MNG Minimal No-Good
MNIT Mobile Networks Integration Technology
MNP Microcom Networking Protocol
MNP Multiple Networking Program
MNRE Manual Not Read Error (Slang)
MNS Managed Network Services
MO Magneto-Optical (Disk)
MO Managed Object
MO Mobile Originated (Message)
MOAP Multihop Over the Air Programming
MOBB Month Of Browser Bugs
MOCA MoCA: Multimedia over Coax Alliance
MOCA Music Online Competition Act
MOD Magneto-Optical Disk
MOD Movie/Music On Demand
MODCA Mixed Object Document Content Architecture
MODEM Modulator-Demodulator
MODFET Modulation Doped Field Effect Transistor
MOESI Modified, Owner, Exclusive, Shared, Invalid
MOF Meta Object Facility
MOF Microsoft Operations Framework
MOH Music On Hold
MOHLL Machine Oriented High Level Language
MOKB Month Of Kernel Bugs
MOLAP Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing
MOLI Microsoft Online Institute
MOLP Microsoft Open License Pak
MOM Map Oriented Machine
MOM Message Oriented Middleware
MOM Microsoft Operations Manager
MOO MUD/Multiuser Object Oriented
MOOC Massive Open Online Course
MOON Management Of Optical Networks
MOP Maintenance Operations Protocol (DEC)
MOP Multiple Original Prints
MOPL Map oriented Programming Language
MOPS Million Operations Per Second
MORE Masters Of Reverse Engineering
MORE Message Output Routine Environment
MORE Monatliche Rechnungsstellung
MORE Multimedia Oriented Repository Environment
MORE Multiple Optical Recording Enhancements
MOS Mean Opinion Score
MOS Messaging Operating System
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSC Modified Original Smart Card
MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOSIX Multicomputer Operating System for UNIX
MOSPF Multicast Extensions to OSPF
MOSPF Multicast Open Shortest Path First
MOSS Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server
MOSS MIME Object Security Services
MOST Media Oriented Systems Transport
MOST Mobile Open Systems Technology
MOSTL Metal Oxide Semiconductor Transistor Logic
MOSTL Microsoft Office Smart Tag List
MOT Multimedia Object Transfer
MOTAS Member Of The Appropriate Sex (Slang)
MOTIS Message Oriented Text Interchange System
MOTU Mark Of The Unicorn, Inc., USA
MOTU Mobile Technical Unit
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
MOV Metal Oxide Varistor
MP Magic Packet
MP Main Profile
MP Massively Parallel
MP Mesh Point
MP Multilink Protocol
MP Multiple Processors
MP Multipoint Processor
MP Multiprocessing
MP2 MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2
MP3 MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3
MPA Minimum Perceptable Action
MPA Motion Picture Association
MPAA Motion Picture Association of America
MPC Media Port Controller
MPC Microsoft Certified Professional
MPC Multimedia PC
MPCS Manufacturing Planning and Control System
MPD Music Player Daemon
MPDL Music Parameter Description Language
MPE Maximum Permissible Exposition
MPE Multiprogramming Executive
MPEFEC MPE-FEC: Multi Protocol Encapsulation -- Forward Error Correction
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG1 MPEG-1: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 1
MPEG2 MPEG-2: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 2
MPEG3 MPEG-3: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 3
MPEG4 MPEG-4: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 4
MPEG7 MPEG-7: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 7
MPEG21 MPEG-21: Moving Picture Experts Group Standard 21
MPEGA MPEG-A: Moving Picture Experts Group multimedia application format
MPEGB MPEG-B: Moving Picture Experts Group systems technologies
MPEGC MPEG-C: Moving Picture Experts Group video technologies
MPEGD MPEG-D: Moving Picture Experts Group audio technologies
MPEGE MPEG-E: Moving Picture Experts Group multimedia middleware
MPF Mapping Field
MPG Medizinprodukte-Gesetz
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPI Multi-Protocol Interchange
MPICH Message Passing Interface Chameleon
MPL Mozilla Public License
MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching
MPM Mesh Peering Manager
MPM Message/Multi Processing Module
MPMLQ Multipulse Maximum Likelihood Quantization
MPN Microsoft Partner Network
MPOA Multiple Protocol Over ATM
MPP Massively Parallel Processing/Processor
MPP Message Posting/Processing Program/Protocol
MPPE Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (protocol)
MPPP Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
MPQS Multiple Polynomial Quadratic Sieve
MPR Massenparallelrechner
MPR Mät- och Provningsr{aa}det (Schweden)
MPR Multi-Protocol Router
MPR Multipart Repeater
MPR Multipoint Relay
MPRM Mobile Payment Reference Model
MPS MP/s: Megapixel per second
MPS Mehrplatzsystem
MPS Message Passing/Processing System
MPS Microsoft Provisioning System
MPS Microsoft Proxy Server
MPS Miss-Path Scheduling
MPS Mobile Positioning System
MPS Modular Printing System
MPS Multi Processing System
MPS Multi Processor Specification
MPS Multiple Protocol over ATM Server
MPS Multiple Partition Support
MPT Memory Protocol Translator
MPT Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, UK + Japan
MPTCP Multi Path Transmission Control Protocol
MPTF Multiple Protocol Transport Feature
MPTN Multi-/Multiple Protocol Transport Network (IBM)
MPTP Micro Payment Transfer Protocol
MPTS Multiprotocol Transport Services (IBM)
MPU Microprocessor Unit
MPU MIDI Processing Unit
MPW Macintosh Programmers/Programming Workbench
MPX Multi Pointer X (Server)
MPX Multiplex
MQ Message Queue/Queuing
MQE Managed Query Environment
MQI Messaging and Queuing Interface
MQT Materialized Query Table
MQTT Message Queuing Telemetry Transport
MR magneto-resistiv
MR Modem Ready
MR Modified Read (Compression)
MRAM Magnetoresistive/Ferromagnetic Random Access Memory
MRAP Multimedia in the Local Loop Access Profile
MRB Method Request Broker
MRC Magneto-Resistive Cluster
MRCC Maritime Rescue Coordination Center
MRCF Microsoft Realtime Compression Format
MRCI Microsoft Realtime Compression Interface
MRM Motif Resource Manager
MRM Multi Resolution Mesh
MRML Mind Reading Markup Language
MRML Multimedia Retrieval Markup Language
MRO Multi-Region Operation
MRP Material Requirements Planning
MRP Manufacturing Resource Planning
MRPL Main Ring Path Length
MRS Media Recognition System
MRS Microcontroller Readable Sector
MRS Mode Register Set
MRS Moderator Recovery System
MRS Monitored Retrievable Storage
MRT Mean Repair Time
MRTD Machine Readable Travel Document
MRU Maximum Receive Unit
MRU Most Recently Used
MRZ Machine Readable Zone
MS Management Services
MS Memory Stick/System
MS Message Store
MS Microsoft Corporation
MS Mobile Station
MS Multiplexer Section
MS Music/Speech
MSA Microsoft Systems Architecture
MSA Mobile Service Architecture
MSAA Microsoft Active Accessibility
MSAA Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing
MSAIS Multiplexer Section Alarm Indication Signal
MSAM Microsoft Screen Access Model
MSAM Multikeyed Indexed Sequential File Access Method
MSAN Multi Service Access Node
MSAP Minislotted Alternating Priorities
MSAS Multi-functional Staellite Augmentation System
MSAS Multimedia-Stream Adaptation Services
MSAU Multi-Station Access Unit
MSB Most Significant Bit/Byte
MSC Main Service Channel
MSC Mid Speech Clipping
MSC Mile Standard Cable
MSC Mobile (Services) Switching Centre
MSCDEX Microsoft Compact Disk Extensions
MSCHAP Microsoft Challenge/Reply Handshake Protocol
MSCO Modeling and Simulation Coordination Office, USA
MSCP Mass Storage Control Protocol
MSCS Microsoft Cluster Server/Services
MSD Mass Storage Device
MSD Most Significant Digit
MSDL Motion Special Description Language
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network
MSDOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSDP Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
MSDR Multiplexed Streaming Data Request
MSDS Microsoft Developer Support
MSDS MIDI Sample Dump Standard
MSE Microsoft Security Essentials
MSFDC Microsoft + First Data Corporation
MSG Message
MSI Maritime Safety Information
MSI Medium Scale Integration
MSI Message Signaled Interrupt
MSI Microsoft Installer
MSIE Microsoft Internet Explorer
MSIL Microsoft Intermediate Language
MSISDN Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network
MSISDNN Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number
MSK Minimum Shift Keying
MSL Master Symbol List
MSL Map Specification Library
MSL Mean Sea Level
MSL Mirrored Server Link
MSLR Max Scan Line Register
MSLR Morphological and Syntactic LR Parser
MSM Mainstream Media
MSN Manufacturer's Serial Number
MSN Microsoft Network
MSN Multiple Subscriber Number
MSNFS Microsoft Services for Network File System
MSO Multiple System Operator
MSOH Multiplexer Section Overhead
MSOPF Multicast Open Shortest Path First
MSP Management Service Provider
MSP Message Security Protocol
MSP Multiplexer Section Protection
MSR Machine Specific Register
MSR Message Service Routine
MSR Messen, Steuern, Regeln
MSR Model Specific Registers
MSR Multiplicity Shift Register
MSRN Mobile Station Roaming Number
MSRT Malicious Software Removal Tool (Microsoft)
MSS MAN Switching System
MSS Maximum Segment Size
MSS Mobile Satellite Service
MSSG MPEG Software Simulation Group
MSSP Managed Security Services Provider
MST Multi Stream Transport
MSTE Multiplexer Section Terminating Equipment
MSTP Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
MSU Message Signal Unit
MSU Multi Service Unit
MSV Medium Speed Variant
MSW Machine Status Word
MSX Matsushita Sony X-machine
MSX Machines wirh Software Exchangeability
MSX Microsoft Extended (BASIC)
MSX Microsoft X-box
MSX Multiprotocol Session Exchange
MSXB Microsoft Extended BASIC
MSXML Microsoft XML
MT Megatransfers
MT Mersenne Twister
MT Mobile Terminated (Messaging)
MT Movable Type
MT Multi-Topology
MTA Macintosh Telephony Architecture
MTA Mail/Message Transfer Agent
MTA Multiple Terminal Access
MTBB Mean Time Between Breakdowns
MTBDL Mean Time Between Data Loss
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBJ Mean Time Between Jams
MTC Multi Threaded Calculation
MTD Memory Technology Device
MTDA Mean Time Data Availability
MTF Mean Time to Failure
MTF Microsoft Tape Format
MTF Modulation Transfer Function
MTFBWY May The Force Be With You (Slang)
MTH Memory Translation/Translator Hub
MTJ Magnetic Tunnel Junction
MTM Made To Measure
MTM Matrix Transformation Method
MTM Memory To Memory (interface)
MTM Mobile To Mobile
MTM Mobile Trusted Module
MTM Multitracker Module
MTN Mini Typing Notify
MTOM (SOAP) Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism
MTOPS Millions Theoretical Operations Per Second
MTP Mail Transfer Protocol (Internet)
MTP Media Transfer Protocol
MTP Message Transfer Part
MTP Meteo Time Protocol
MTQP Message Tracking Query Protocol
MTRR Memory Type Range Register
MTS Message Transfer/Telephone Services/System
MTS Michigan Terminal System
MTS Microsoft Transaction Server
MTS Multichannel Television Sound
MTS Multimedia Teleschool (Berlitz)
MTSAT Multifunctional Transport Satellite (System)
MTTF Mean Time To Failure
MTTH Mean Time To Half Brightness
MTTR Mean Time To Recovery/Repair
MTU Maximum Transfer/Transmission Unit
MTUF Magnetic Tape Unit Formatter
MU Message Unit
Maschinelle Übersetzung
MUA Mail User Agent
MUC Multi Utility Communication
MUCK Multi User Chat Kingdom
MUD Multi/Multiple-User Dialogue/Dimension/Dungeon (Spiele)
MUEW Monopolübertragungsweg
MUF Maximal Usable Frequency
MUFF Maus- und Fenster-Firlefanz
MUI Magic User Interface (Amiga)
MUK Medien und Kommunikation
MUL Memory Upper Low
MUL Mobile User Link
MULTICS Multiplexed Information and Computing Service
MUMPS Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System
MUNDI Multiplexed Network for Distributive and Interactive Services
MUSE Multiple Sub-Nyqyist-Sampling Encoding
MUSEN Meinem Unmassgeblichen Sprachempfinden Nach (Slang)
MUSH Multi-User Shared Hallucinations
MUSIC Multiple Signal Characterization/Classification
MUSICAM Masking Universal Subband Integrated Coding and Multiplex
MUTEX Mutual Exclusion
MUX Multiplexer
MV Medium Voltage
MVA Multi-domain Vertical Alignment (panel)
MVAD Mobile Value Added Distributor (Intel)
MVB Multimedia Viewer Book
MVC Manual Volume Control
MVC Micro-Bit-Virus-Centrum, Karlsruhe
MVC Model View Controller (architecture, design pattern)
MVC Multimedia Viewer Compiler
MVC (MPEG-4) Multiview Video Coding
MVCC Multi Version Concurrency Control
MVCD Mole Video Compact Disc
MVD Multi Valued Dependency
MVDM Multiple Virtual DOS Machines
MVFS Multi Version File System
MVGA Monochrome Video Graphics Array
MVIP Multi Vendor Integration/Interaction Protocol
MVL Multiple Virtual Line
MVM Matrix Vector Multiplier
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator
MVP Minimal Viable Product
MVP Multimedia Video Processor
MVQ Motion Vector Quantization
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage/Systems (IBM)
MVT Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks
MVT Multi Vendor Teaming
MW Mittelwelle, Medium Wave
MWC Mirror Write Cache
MWCG Multiply With Carry (random number) Generator
MWCM Molecular Wire Crossbar Memory
MWD Mehrwertdienst
MWI Message Waiting Indication
MWM Motif Window Manager
MWMR Multiple Write, Multiple Read
MWN Managed WAN Networks
MX Mail Exchange/Exchanger (DNS-Record)
MXF Material Exchange Format
MXM Media Xchange Manager
MXM Mobile Peripheral Component Interconnect Express Module
MXS Mail Exchangers (plural of MX)
MXS Message Exchange Services
MXS Microsoft Exchange Server
MXT Memory Expansion Technology (IBM)
MYOB Mind Your Own Business (Slang)
MZAP Multicast-Scope Zone Announcement Protocol


N National, Network, Neutral, No/Non, Noise, Null
NA Network Access
NA n/a: Not Applicable/Available
NAB National Address Base
NAB National Association of Broadcasters (USA)
NAC Network Access/Admission Control
NAC Network Analysis Corporation
NAC Network Applications Consortium (USA)
NAC Null Attachment Concentrator
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (USA)
NACD National Association of Computer Dealers
NACK Negative Acknowledge
NACS National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NACS NetWare Asynchronous Communication Server
NACSE National Association of Certified Systems Engineers
NAD Network Access Device
NADIR Network Anomaly Detection + Intrusion Reporter
NADIS Nachrichtendienstliches Informationssystem (des Bundesverfassungsschutzes)
NAEC Novell Authorized Education Center
NAF National Arbitration Forum
NAFOD No Apparent Fear Of Death (Slang)
NAG Numerical Algorithms Group, Oxford
NAIF Navigation Ancillary Information Facility
NAK Negative Acknowledge/Acknowledgement
NAL Network Abstraction/Adaptation Layer
NAL Novell Application Launcher
NAM Name and Address Module
NAM Narrow Amplitude Modulation
NAM National Account Manager
NAM Netware Application Manager
NAM Network Analysis Module
NAM Number Assignment Module
NAMP NetWare Asynchronous Messaging Protocol
NAN NaN: Not a Number
NANAE News.Admin.Net-Abuse.E-mail (Newsgroup)
NAND not and
NANOG North American Network Operators Group
NANT Not Another Neat Tool
NANT NAnt: Not Ant
NAP Network Access Point/Protection/Protocol
NAP Non-significant Address Part (Bluetooth)
NAPAW North American Process Algebra Workshop
NAPLPS North American Presentation Layer/Level Protocol Syntax
NAPT Network Address Port Translation (RFC 3022)
NAPTR Naming Authority Pointer
NAQ Never Answered Questions
NAR No Action Required
NAS Network Access Server
NAS Network Administration System
NAS Network Application Services
NAS Network Application Support (DEC)
NAS Network Attached Storage
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA
NASA .net Application and Strategic Alternatives
NASI NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface (Novell)
NASIG Numerical Analysis Special Interest Group
NASK Naukowa i Akademicka Siec Komputerowa (Polen)
NASS Network Attachement Subsystem
NASS Numerical Aerodynamics Simulation System
NAT Network Address Translation
NATEL Nationales (Auto-)Telefonnetz (Schweiz)
NAU Network Access/Addressable Unit
NAUN Nearest Active Upstream Neighbour
NAV Network Allocation Vector
NAVI New Analog Video Interface
NAVTEX Navigational Warnings by Telex
NAX Nachrichten auf Fax
NB Noise Blanker
NB Northbridge
NBC National Broadcasting Compnay, USA
NBD Network Block Device
NBD No Big Deal (Slang)
NBF Netbios Frame (Transport Protocol)
NBFCP NetBIOS Frames Control Protocol
NBG Networking Business Group
NBIC Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, Information Sciences and Cognitive Sciences
NBIC Narrow-band Interference Canceller
NBMA Non-Broadcast Multiple Access
NBN Nixdorf Breitbandnetz
NBNS NetBIOS Name Server/Service
NBO Network Byte Order
NBP Name Binding Protocol
NBP Netbios Protocol
NBP Network Bootstrap Program
NBS National Bureau of Standards, USA (NIST)
NC Network Computer/Control
NC Newcastle Connection
NC No Connection
NC Node Consistency
NC Number Cruncher/Crusher
NC Numerical Control
NCA Network Communications Adapter
NCA Network Computer/Computing Architecture
NCAM National Center for Accessible Media, USA
NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
NCAZ Nationales Cyber-Abwehrzentrum, Bonn
NCB NetBIOS Control Block
NCC National Computing Centre
NCC Network Computer Client
NCC Network Control Center
NCC Network Coordination Centre (RIPE)
NCCUSL National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
NCD Network Computing Device
NCD Network Copy Detection
NCE Nomadic Computing Environment
NCEG Numerical C Extensions Group
NCF Network Computing Facility
NCGA National Computer Graphics Association
NCI Network Control Information
NCK Network Code Key
NCM Network Configuration Management
NCMT Numerical Control for Machine Tools
NCN New Century Network
NCNCNC No Coffee, No Chocolate, No Computer (Slang)
NCO Numerically Controlled Oscillator
NCP NetWare Core Protocol
NCP Network Control Processor/Protocol/Program
NCP Not Copy Protected
NCQ Native Command Queuing
NCR National Cash Register Corporation, USA
NCS Natural Colour System
NCS Network Computer Server
NCS Network Computing System
NCS NASI Connection Service
NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications, USA
NCSA National Computer Security Association
NCSA National Customer Service Association
NCSC National Computer Security Center
NCSC North Carolina Supercomputing Center
NCSD National Cyber Security Division, USA
NCSI Network Communication Services Interface
NCSL National Computer System Laboratory
NCSTRL Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
NCTA National Cable and Telecommunications Association, USA
NCTA National Cable Television Association, USA
NCW NACSE Certified Webmaster
NCW Network Centric Warfare/Waveform
NCX Navigation Control XML
ND Natürliche Dummheit (Gegensatz zu KI)
ND Network Diagram
NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
NDA Norddeutsche Datenautobahn
NDAC Not Data Accepted
NDAS Network Direct Attached Storage
NDB Nachrichtendienst des Bundes, CH
NDB Non-Directional Beacon
NDC National Destination Code
NDC Normalized Device Coordinate
NDEF NFC Data Exchange Format
NDG Nachrichtendienstgesetz, Schweiz
NDI Network Distribution Infrastructure
NDIS Network Device/Driver Interface Specification
NDK Native Development Kit
NDL Network Database Language
NDLTD Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
NDM Netzwerk-Datenmodell
NDM Normal Disconnected Mode
NDMP Network Data Management Protocol
NDMS NetWare Distributed Management Services
NDOC .Net Documentation
NDP Numeric Data Processor
NDPS Netware Distributed Printing Services
NDPS Non-Disruptive Path Switching
NDR Non Delivery Report
NDR Norddeutscher Rundfunk
NDS Netware/Novell Directory Services
NDS Noise Detected as Speech
NDST Network Dedicated Systems Time
NDT Net Data Throughput
NDT Network Design Tool
NDTP Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol
NE Name Error
NE Network/Node Element
NE4 Netzebene 4
NEA Nichtdeterministischer Endlicher Automat (NFA)
NEARNET New England Academic and Research Network
NEAT Near English Assembler Translator
NEAT New Enhanced Advanced Technology (chipset)
NEC National Electric Code (Kabel)
NEC Nippon Electric Company, Japan
NEC Numerical Electromagnetics Code
NECC National Education Computing Conference, USA
NECTAR Network Computer Architecture
NEDD New Electrostatic Drop Detector
NEES Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NEMS Nano Electromechanical Storage
NEOS Networked Educational On-line System
NERD Network Event Recording Device
NES National Education Supercomputer
NES Network Edge Solutions
NES Network Element/Encryption System
NES Network Enabled Solution (Cisco)
NES Network Event Summary
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
NESC National Electric Safety Code
NEST Novell Embedded Systems Technology
NET network; Internet-Domain: Netzverwaltung
NET Network Entity Title
NET Norme Europeenne de Telecommunication
NETBEUI NetBIOS Extended User Interface (IBM)
NETBIOS Network Basic Input and Output System (IBM)
NETBLT Network Block Transfer (Protocol)
NETCDF Network Common Data Form
NETSC Netscape (Browser)
NETSC Network Security Consortium
NETUI NetUI: Network User Interface
NEWS Network Extensible Window System
NEXT Near End Cross Talk
NF Niederfrequenz
NF Noise Factor
NF Normalform (Datenbank)
NFA Nondeterministic Finite Automaton
NFAR Network File Access Routine
NFC Near Field Communications
NFF No Fault Found
NFGM Nano Floating Gate Memory
NFI No Frigging Idea (Slang)
NFM Narrow Frequency Modulation
NFM Network File Manager
NFS Nachrichten für Seefunkstellen
NFS Network/Nightmare File Server/System
NFS Number Field Sieve
NFSS New Font Selection Scheme
NFT Non-fungible Token
NFW No Fucking Way (Slang)
NG Next/New Generation
NG No Good
NGA Next Generation Access
NGG Network Group Germany
NGI Next Generation Internet
NGIO Next Generation Input Output
NGM Netware Global Messaging
NGMHS NetWare Global Message Handling System
NGMN Next Generation Mobile Network
NGN Next Generation Network
NGO Non Governmental Organization
NGS Non Government Standard
NGSCB Next Generation Secure Computing Base
NGSCBFW Next Generation Secure Computing Base for Windows
NGSG Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group
NGSS Next Generation Satellite/Search/Software/Surveillance Services/System
NGSS Next Generation Security Software
NGSS Next Generation Session Server
NGSS Next Generation Switching Silicon
NGWS Next Generation Windows Services
NGZ Network Game Zone
NHC Notebook Hardware Control
NHK Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
NHOB Non-specific Hierarchical Operational Binding
NHR Nationales Hochleistungsrechnen
NHRP Next Hop Routing/Resolution Protocol
NI Neighbourhood Interchangeability
NI Network Interconnect
NIA Network Interoperability Alliance
NIALM Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring
NIAP National Information Assurance Partnership, USA
NIC National ISDN Council
NIC Network Information Center
NIC Network Interface Card
NIC John-von-Neumann-Institut für Computing, Jülich
NICA Novell Integrated Computing Architecture
NICAD Nickel Cadmium (Akkumulator)
NICAM Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex
NICE Network Information and Control Exchange (Protocol)
NICK Netzweites Informationssystem im Campus der Universität Karlsruhe
NID Namespace Identifier
NIDL Network Interface Definition Language
NIDS Network Intrusion Detection System
NIF Nautischer Informationsfunk
NIF Network Information File/Frame
NIG Non Isolated Gate
NIH National Institute of Health, USA
NIH Not Invented Here
NIHCL NIH Class Library
NII National Information Infrastructure, USA
NIIT National Information Infrastructure Testbed
NIK Nachhaltigkeit in der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik
NIL Network Interchange Language
NILFS New Implementation of a Log-structured File System
NIM Network Installation Manager
NIM Network Interface Machine
NIMA National Imaging and Mapping Agency
NIMBY Not In My Backyard (Slang)
NIMH Nickel Metal Hydride (Akkumulator)
NIMP NetWare Internetwork Messaging Protocol
NIP Network Inquiry Protocol
NIP Non-Impact Printer/Printing
NIPC National Infrastructure Protection Center
NIPS Network I/O Per Second
NIPS Network Intrusion Prevention System
NIR Network Information Retrieval
NIS Nachbarschafts-Informationssystem
NIS NATO Identification System
NIS Network Information/Interpreting Service
NIS Norddeutsches Informationssystem
NISA New Information Services Architecture
NISDN Narrow Band ISDN
NISO National Information Standards Organization
NISS National Information Services and Systems, USA
NISS National Information on Software and Services, USA
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
NIT Network Information Table
NIT Network Interface Tap
NITC National Information Technology Center
NITE Natural Interactivity Tools Engineering
NITE Nmap In The Enterprise
NIU Network Interface Unit
NIUF National ISDN Users Forum
NIV Network Interface Virtualization
NJE Network Job Entry (IBM)
NK Namenskonvention(en) (Wikipedia)
NL Network Layer
NL New Line
NLA Next Level Aggregator
NLA Not Long Ago (Slang)
NLANR National Laboratory for Applied Networking Research, USA
NLB Network Load Balancing
NLD National Long Distance
NLD Non-Linear Distortion
NLD Normalized Levenshtein Distance
NLD Novell Linux (Universal Executor) Desktop
NLE Nonlinear Editing
NLES Navigation Land Earth Station
NLLS Nonlinear Least Squares
NLM Netware Loadable Modul (Novell)
NLMB Nolifemuddinbastard (Slang)
NLOC Netto Lines Of Code
NLP Natural Language Processing
NLP Non Linear Programming
NLPID Network Layer/Level Protocol Identifier
NLQ Near Letter Quality
NLS National/Native Language Support
NLSP Netware Link Service/State Protocol
NLUUG Niederländische UNIX User Group
NM Network Management
NM New Maintainer (Debian)
NMA Network Management Architecture
NMAS Novell Modular Authentication Services
NMC Network Management/Measurement Center
NMCP Network Management Control Protocol
NMEA National Marine Electronics Association
NMI Non Maskable Interrupt
NML Normal
NMM NetWare Management Map (Novell)
NMM Network Management Modul
NMO Network Management Option (OSF)
NMOS N-Channel MOS (Transistor)
NMOS Network Management Operating System
NMP Network Management Processor
NMPR Networked Media Product Requirements
NMR Network Management Responder (Novell)
NMR Noise to Mask Ration
NMS Network/NetWare Management Station/System
NMT Nordic Mobile Telephone
NMU Non-Maintainer Upload (Debian)
NMVT Network Management Vector Command
NMX Network Magement Extensions
NN Network Node
NN Newbie Note (Slang)
NN Nightmare Networker (Slang)
NNGS No Name Go Server
NNI Network Node/Network Interface
NNI Next Node Indicator
NNR Novell Network Registry
NNS Nearest Neighbour Search
NNSC NSFnet Network Service Center
NNSP National Network of State Polls, USA
NNSP Neural Networks for Signal Processing
NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol (Internet)
NNX Nerwork Numbering Exchange
NOA Nerds on Air
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration
NOAH Network Oriented Application Harmonization
NOC Network Operation Center
NOC Number of Children
NOEBL Nichtöffentlicher beweglicher Landfunk
NOEML Nichtöffentlicher mobiler Landfunk
NOMA National Online Media Association
NOP No Operation
NOR No Original Research (Wikipedia)
NOR not or
NORA Normierter Rechneranschluss
NORAG Nordische Rundfunk AG, Hamburg
NORC Naval Ordnance Research Calculator
NORID ? (Apple)
NORSAR Norwegian Seismic Array
NOS Network Operating System
NOS New Old Stock
NOSE National Open Source Enterprise, USA
NOTW Not Of This World (Slang)
NOW Network Of Workstations
NP Network Performance
NP Np = Neper (Maßeinheit, unit of measurement)
NP No Problem (Slang)
NP Nondeterministic Polynomial time
NPA Network Performance Analyzer
NPA Network Printer/Printing Alliance
NPA nPA: neuer Personalausweis
NPA Numbering Plan Area
NPACI National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
NPAP Network Printing Alliance Protocol
NPAPI Netscape Plug-in Application Program Interface
NPAR NIC Partitioning
NPAR Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
NPAR Number Port Activation Request
NPC Network Personal Computer
NPCID Network Provides Caller Identifier
NPH Non Processed Header
NPI Neighbourhood Partial Interchangeability
NPI Network Printer Interface
NPL National Physical Laboratory, England
NPL Nonprocedural Language
NPM Netview/Network Performance Measurement/Monitor
NPM Network Printer Manager (IBM)
NPM Network Processor Module
NPM Network Project Manager
NPM Non-Printable Material
NPOV Neutral Point Of View (Wikipedia)
NPP Network Printing Protocol
NPR National Public Radio
NPR Non Persistent Reference
NPS Network Print Server
NPT Nested Page Tables (AMD)
NPTL Native POSIX Thread Library
NPTN National Public Telecomputing Network, USA
NPV Non Patient Vicinity
NPVR Network-based Personal Video Recorder
NQE Network Queuing Environment
NQS Network Queuing System
NR No-Good Recording
NRC National Research Council, USA
NRCS National Replacement Character Set
NREN National Research and Education/Educational Network
NRF Nerds' Revolutionary Front
NRL Namespace Routing Language
NRM Normal Response Mode
NRN National Research Network
NRN Netware Remote Node
NRN No Reply Necessary (Slang)
NRO Numbering Resource Organisation
NRPC (Lotus) Notes Remote Procedure Call
NRRT Non-reroutable Traffic
NRT Non Real Time
NRTL Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (USA)
NRTM Near Real Time Mirroring
NRV Niedersächsicher Rechner-Verbund
NRZ Non Return to Zero
NRZI Non Return to Zero, Invert on ones
NS Name Server (Record)
NS Natural Stupidness
NS Netscape
NS Network Supervisor
NS New Signal
NSA National Security Agency, USA
NSA Nichtschlüsselattribut
NSAP Network Service Access Point
NSAPA Network Service Access Point Address
NSAPI Netscape Server API
NSC National Support Center
NSC Network Security Controller
NSC Network Signon Coordinator
NSCA Nagios Service Check Acceptor
NSCACE NSC Auxiliary Control Element
NSCD Name Service Cache Daemon
NSDI National Spatial Data Infrastructure
NSDI Networked Systems Design and Implementation
NSE Network Software Environment
NSE Nmap Scripting Engine
NSF National Science Foundation, USA
NSF Non Standard Format
NSF Norges Standardiseringsforbund
NSF (Lotus) Notes Storage Facility/File/Format
NSFNET National Science Foundation Network (Internet)
NSI Network Solutions, Inc.
NSI Norsk Sentrum for Informatikk, Norwegen
NSIC National Storage Industry Consortium, USA
NSID (DNS) Name Server Identifier
NSIS NASA Software Information System
NSIS National Schengen Informatie System, NL
NSIS Next Steps in Signaling )IETF)
NSIS Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
NSL Network Service Layer
NSM Network Storage Manager
NSM Netz-Service-Modul
NSM Netz- und Systemmanagement
NSN NASA Science Network
NSN Network Services Node
NSN Nokia Siemens Networks
NSN Novell Script for NetWare
NSO Network Security Officer
NSO Nonvirtual Significant Other (Slang)
NSP Native Signal Processing
NSP Network Services Protocol/Provider
NSR Niederspannungsrichtlinie
NSRA Nordvästra Sk{aa}nes Radioamatörer
NSRL National Software Reference Library, USA
NSRMP Network Security Risk Management Protocol
NSS Namespace Specific String
NSS Name Service Switch
NSS National Search and Rescue Secretariat, Canada
NSS Network Security Service
NSS Network Specific String
NSS Network Subsystem
NSS Nodal Switching System
NSS Novell Storage Services
NSSDC National Space Science Data Center, USA
NSSN National Standards System Network, USA
NSSR Non-Specific Subordinate Reference
NSTL National Software Testing Labs, USA
NSTVA Nebenstellen-Vermittlungsanlage
NSTX Name Server Tunnel Exchange (Protocol)
NSUB Neighbourhood Substitutability
NSUE Netzsteuerungs- und -überwachungssystem
NSW National Software Works, USA
NSW Network Setup Wizard
NSW Norton SystemWorks (Symantec),USA
NSW Novell Script for NetWare
NT Network Terminal/Termination/Terminator
NT New Technology/Trouble
NT Null Type
NTAS Windows NT Advanced Server
NTBA Network Terminator Basicrate Access (ISDN-Netzbasisanschluss)
NTC National Telecommunications Conference
NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient
NTDLM Neue Telefondienstleistungsmerkmale
NTF Neutral Transfer Format
NTF No Trouble Found
NTFS New Technology File System (Microsoft)
NTFV Network Terminator Festverbindung (Analog-Netzanschluss)
NTG Nachrichtentechnische Gesellschaft e. V.
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration, USA
NTIC Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
NTL Network Tracing and Logging
NTM Nondeterministic Turing Machine
NTN Network Terminal/Termination Number
NTP Network Termination Point
NTP Network Time Protocol
NTR Nationale Teilnehmer-Rufnummer
NTS Network Transport Services (IBM)
NTS New Typesetting System
NTSA Networking Technical Support Alliance
NTSC National Television Standards/System Committee, USA
NTSC Never The Same Color (Slang)
NTT Nippon Telegraph + Telephone Corporation, Japan
NTTAWWT Not That There's Anything Wrong With That (Slang)
NTTF Networking and Telecommunications Task Force
NTU Network Terminating Unit
NTV Network Television
NTW Not This Way (Slang)
NTW Network Transparent Widget
NTW NT Workstation (Microsoft)
NUA Network User Address
NUC Next Unit of Computing (Intel)
NUI Network User Identification/Interface
NUL Null
NUMA Non Uniform Memory Access/Address/Architecture
NUNIT NUnit: .Net UNIT Test
NURBS Non Uniform Rational B-Spline
NUUS Non Uniform Unit Selection
NV Net View/Vision/Volume
NV Network Variable/Video
NV New Version
NV No Overflow
NV Nominal Voltage
NV Non-volatile
NVCM Non-volatile Configuration Memory
NVE Nummer der Versandeinheit
NVL NIST Virtual Library
NVL Null Value
NVM Non Volatile Memory
NVN National Videotext Network
NVO Non-Visual User Object
NVOD Near Video On Demand
NVP Network Voice Protocol (Internet)
NVP Nominal Velocity of Propagation
NVQ National Vocational Qualification
NVR Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NVRAM Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NVT Network Virtual Terminal
NWFS Netware File System (Novell)
NWG Network Working Group
NWNET North West Net
NWPW Normalized Write Power Windows
NWPWN Normalized Write Power Windows Net
NWPWS Normalized Write Power Windows Single
NWS National Warning System, USA
NWS Network Weather Service
NX No Execute
NXD Native XML Database
NYPSC New York Public Service Commission
NYSERNet New York State Educational and Research Network
NZV Netzzugangsverordnung


O Object, Open, Operate, Optical, Overall
OA Open Access
OA Ortsamt (Ortsvermittlungsstelle, Endamt)
OAA Open Agent Architecture
OAD Open Access to Data
OAEP Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding
OAF Origin Address Field
OAG Open Application Group
OAI Offene Anwendungs- und Interkommunikationssysteme
OAI Open Applications Interface
OAI Open Archive Initiative
OAI Oracle Academic Initiative
OAIS Open Archival Information System
OAM Object Attribute Memory
OAM Operations, Administration, Maintenance
OAO Over And Out (Slang)
OAQ Occasionally Asked Questions
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
OATUS On A Totally Unrelated Subject (Slang)
OAUS On An Unrelated Subject (Slang)
OAW Optically Assisted Winchester
OB Orange Book
OBC Onboard Computer
OBE Overcome By Events (Slang)
OBEX Object Exchange (Protocol, Bluetooth)
OBEX Open Blacklist Exchange (Protocol)
OBI Online Book Inititative
OBML Opera Binary Markup Language
OBO Or Best Offer (Slang)
OBOE Off By One Error
OBR Online Book Repository
OBR Optical Burst Router
OBR Optical Bypass Relay
OBR OR Base Register
OBR OSG Bundle Repository
OBR Outboard Recorder (VSE)
OBR Outer Boot Ring
OBS Objektbanksystem
OBS Optical Burst Switching
OBST Object Management System of STONE
OBTW Oh, By The Way (Slang)
OBU On Board Unit
OC Open Control
OC Optical Carrier
OC Overclocked
OC3 Optical Carrier Level 3
OCA Object/Open Component Architecture
OCALA Open Common Annotation Language
OCB Optically Compensated Bend
OCC Omas/Opas Computer-Club
OCC Operations Control Center
OCC Other Common Carrier
OCCC Obfuscated C Code Contest
OCE Open Collaborative Environment (Apple)
OCE Optimized Connectivity Experience
OCF Open Connectivity Foundation
OCF Open eBook Publication Structure Container Format
OCF OpenBSD Crypto Framework
OCFS Oracle Cluster File System
OCI Object Code Insertion
OCI Operational Cryptography and Interception
OCI Oracle Call Interface
OCL Open Computing Language
OCL Operator/Operation Control Language
OCLC Online Cataloging/Computer Library Catalog/Center
OCP Optical Storage Processor
OCP Oracle Certified Professional
OCR Optical Character/Curve Recognition
OCR Oracle Cluster Registry
OCS Object Compatibility Standard
OCS Office Communications Server (Microsoft)
OCS Open Cabling System
OCS Optical Circuit Switching
OCS Originating Call Screening
OCSP Online Certificate Status Protocol
OCT Object Code Translator
OCTD Observation, Conclusion, Temporary Data
OCX OLE Control Extensions
OD Open Data
ODA Open Data Applications
ODA Open/Office Document Architecture
ODAC Open Document Architecture Consortium
ODAM Open Distributed Application Model
ODAPI Open Database Application Programming Interface
ODB Object Oriented Data Base
ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity (Microsoft)
ODBMS Object Oriented Database Management System
ODC Overdrive Circuit
ODCS Open Distributed Computing Structure
ODD Open Data Desktop
ODE Object Data and Environment
ODE Open Dynamics Engine
ODE Ordinary Differential Equation
ODE OSF Development Environment
ODETTE Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele-Transmission in Europe
ODF On Disk Format
ODF Open Document Format
ODF OpenDoc Development Framework
ODFA Open Document Format Alliance
ODI Open Data-Link Interface (Novell)
ODIF Open/Office Document Interchange Format
ODIMS Open Distributed Information Management System
ODINSUP ODI-NDIS Supplementary Driver
ODL Object Definition Language, Optical Disc Library
ODM Object Data Manager
ODM Original Design Manufacturer
ODMA Open Document Management API
ODMG Object Data/Database Management Group
ODMR On Demand Mail Relay
ODN Optical Data Network
ODP Open Directory Project
ODP Open Distributed Processing
ODR Optical Digital Reference
ODS Offene Datenschnittstelle
ODS Offenes Deutsches Schulnetz
ODS On Disc Structure (File System)
ODS Open Data Services
ODSI Open Directory Service Interface
ODT On-Die Termination
ODTM Optical Time Division Multiplexing
ODVA Open Device-Net Vendor Association
OE Opportunistic Encryption
OE Output Enable
OEB Open Electronic Book
OEBL Öffentlicher beweglicher Landfunk
OEBPS Open eBook Publication Structure
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEF Origin Element Field
OEM Odd Even Merge (Graph, Netz)
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OES Odd Even Sort (Graph, Netz)
OES Open Enterprise Server (Novell)
OF Overflow Flag
OFA Optimal Flexible Architecture
OFAP Old Fart At Play (Slang)
OFB Output Feedback
OFCOM Office of Communications, UK
OFD Optical Frequency Division Demultiplexer/Demultiplexing
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex/Multiplexing
OFDMA Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
OFE Open Financial Exchange
OFET Organic Field Effect Transistor
OFFIS Oldenburger Forschungs- und Entwicklungsinstitut für Informatik-Werkzeuge und -Systeme
OFHC Oxygen Free High Conductivity (Copper)
OFL Open Fonts Licence
OFM Optical Frequency Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
OFR Optical First Routing
OFR Orts- und Fernregister
OFR Out For Repair
OFS Object File System
OFS Old File System (Amiga)
OFS Output Field Separator
OFTC Open and Free Technology Community
OFTP Odette File Transfer Protocol
OFW Oberflächenwelle
OFX Open Financial Exchange
OG Ordered Grid
OGC Open Geospatial/GIS Consortium
OGC Outgoing Trunk Circuit
OGIS Open Geodata Interoperability Specification
OGM Ogg Media
OGSA Open Grid Services Architecture
OGSI Open Grid Services Infrastructure
OH Off Hook
OHA Open Handset Alliance
OHCI Open Host Controller Interface
OHL Open Hardware License
OHR Open Hardware Repository
OHR Over Horizon RADAR
OIC Oh, I See (Slang)
OIC Open Internet Consortium
OIC Operator Interface Console
OID Object Identifier (IANA)
OIDC Object Identifier Component
OIDC Open ID Connect
OIDL Object Interface Definition Language
OII (European Commission's) Open Information Interchange (Service)
OIL Ontology Inference Layer
OIM Object Interaction Model
OIM Office of Information Management
OIM Offline Instant Message
OIM Open Information Model
OIM Operating Instruction Manual
OIM Operations/Operator Interface Module
OIM Optical Interface Module
OIM Oracle Identity Management
OIM OSI Internet Management
OIN Open Invention Network
OIO Open Infrastructure for Outcomes
OIPF Open Internet Protocol Television Forum
OIRT Organisation International de Radio et Television
OIS Office/Online Information System
OIT Object Identifier Tree
OIU Operator Interface Unit
OIV Object Identifier Value
OIW OSI Implementors' Workshop
OJB Object Relational Bridge
OK Oberer Kanal
OKF Open Knowledge Finland
OKKSA Offener Katalog für Kommunale Softwareanforderungen
OKR Objectives and Key Results
OL Online
OL Online/Open Learning
OL Open Loop
OL Operating/Optimum Level
OL Ordered List (HTML)
OL Overload/Over Limit
OLALA Open Local Area Linux Applications
OLAP Online Analytical Processing
OLC Online Computer
OLC Optical Link Card
OLD Optical Line Distribution
OLE Object Linking and Embedding
OLE Open License for Education
OLED Organic Light Emitting Device/Diode/Display
OLI Open Link Interface (Novell)
OLI Optical Phone Line Interface
OLIT Open Look Intrinsic Toolkit
OLIX On-Line Informationssystem UNIX
OLM Optical Link Modul
OLP Open License Plan/Program
OLPC One Laptop Per Child
OLS Ordinary Least Squares
OLSR Optimized Link State Routing (Protocol)
OLT Optical Line Terminal/Termination
OLTC On Line Trace Compression
OLTP On Line Transaction Processing
OLWM Open Look Window Manager
OM Object Manager
OM Old Man (Radioamateur)
OM Optimal Mismatch
O+M Operation and Maintenance
OMA Object/Open Management Architecture
OMA Open Mobile Alliance/Architecture
OMAC One-key Message Authentication Code
OMAP Open Multimedia Applications Protocol
OMAP Operation and Maintenance Part
OMC Operation and Maintenance Center
OMCR Operation and Maintenance Center Radio
OMCS Operation and Maintenance Center Switch
OME On-board Modul Extension
OMF Object Management Facility/Framework
OMF Object Module Format
OMF Open Media Framework
OMF Open Source Metadata Framework
OMFS Open Mosix File System
OMG Object Management Group
OMI Open Messaging/Modelling Interface
OMI Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative
OML Object Manipulation Language
OMR Optical Mark Recognition
OMS Object management System
OMT Object Modelling Technique
OMTP Open Mobile Terminal Platform
OMUP Operating and Maintenance User Part
ONAL Off-Network Access Line
ONC Open Network Computing (Sun)
ONCS Open Network Compute Server
ONE Open Net/Network Environment (Sun)
ONI Operator Number Identification
ONM Open Network Management
ONMS Open Network Management System
ONN Open Network Node
ONNA Oh No, Not Again (Slang)
ONNTA Oh No, Not This Again (Slang)
ONNX Open Neural Network Exchange
ONP Open Network Provision
ONP Open Network Provision
ONP Open Networking Platform
ONS Object Naming/Numbering System
ONT Optical Network Termination
ONU Optical Network Unit
ONVIF Open Network Video Interface Forum
OO Owner Override
OOA Object Oriented (System) Analysis
OOB Out Of Browser
OOC Object Oriented Concepts
OOC Out Of Camera (-JPEG)
OOC Out Of Characters (Slang)
OOD Object Oriented Design
OODBMS Object Oriented Database Management System
OOE Objektorientierter Entwurf
OOF Out Of Frame
OOI Object Of Interest (Slang)
OOI Object Oriented Implementation
OOIS Object Oriented Information System
OOK On Off Keying
OOL Object Oriented Language
OOM Out Of Memory
OON Object Oriented Nonsens
OOO Object Oriented Operation
OOO Openoffice.org
OOO Out Of Office/Option/Order
OOP Object Oriented Pleasure/Programming
OOP Out Of Print (Slang)
OOPL Object Oriented Programming Language
OOPS Object Oriented Programming System
OOPS Objext Oriented Proxy Server
OOPS Out Of Phase Stereo
OOPSLA Object Orientied Programming Systems, Languages and Applications
OOSA Object-Oriented Software Architecture
OOT Object Oriented Technology
OOTB Out Of The Box (Slang)
OOTC Obligatory On-Topic Comment (Slang)
OOXML Office OpenXML (Microsoft)
OPA Old Programmers Association
OPA Open Protocol Architecture
OPA Overview Pac Attribute
OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue
OPAL Optische Anschlussleitung, Optical Access Line
OPB On-Chip Peripheral Bus
OPC OLE for Process Control
OPC Optical Photo Conductor
OPC Optical Proximity Correction
OPC Output Control
OPCAT Object Process CASE Tool
OPD Oberpostdirektion
OPD Original Point of Distribution
OPD Output Driver
OPEN Optical Pan-European Network
OPF Open Packaging Format
OPI Open Prepress Interface
OPI Operator Interface
OPIC Open Programmable Interrupt Controller
OPIE Open Palmtop Integrated Environment
OPL Open Publication License
OPM Object Process Methodology
OPM Office of Personnel Management, USA
OPM Operations Per Minute
OPM Output Protection Management
OPML Outline Processor Markup Language
OPN Open Projects Network
OPP Object Push Profile (Bluetooth)
OPP Open Publication Policy
OPS Online Programming and Simulation
OPS Open Profiling Standard
OPS Open Publication Structure
OPS Oracle Parallel Server
OPSEC Open Platform for Security
OPT Office des Postes et Telecommunications
OPT Online-Personalisierung von Terminals
OPT Open Protocol Technology
OPTA Onafhankelijke Post en Telecommunicatie Autoriteit (NL)
OPUS Octal Program Updating System
OPUS Online Publikationsverbund der Universität Stuttgart
OPUS Overlay Peer Utility Service
OPX Off Premises Extension
OQL Object Query Language
OQPSK Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
OR Operations Research
ORACLE Optional Reception of Announcement by Coded Line Electronics
ORAG Ostmarken-Rundfunk AG, Königsberg
ORB Object Request Broker
ORBL Open Relay Black List
ORDB Open Relay Data Base
ORG org: organizational; Internet-Domain: Organisationen in den USA
ORM Object Relational Mapper/Mapping
ORM Object/Oracle Role Manager/Model/Modeling
ORM Online Resource Management
ORM Operational Rules Model
ORM Optically Remote Module
ORM OSI Reference Model
ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
OROM Optical Read Only Memory
ORP Open Router Project
ORS Open Relay Server
ORS Output Record Separator
ORSN (European) Open Root Server Network
OS Operating System
OS Output Specification
OSA Open Scripting/Services/Solutions/Storage/Systems Architecture
OSA Open System Authentication
OSA Optical Society of America
OSACA Open System Architecture for Controls within Automation Systems
OSADL Open Source Automation Development Laboratory
OSAF Origin Subarea Address Field
OSBF Open Source Business Foundation
OSC On Scene Commander
OSC Open System Center (IBM)
OSC Operating System Command
OSCAR Open System for Communication in Realtime
OSCAR Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
OSCI Online Services Computer Interface
OSCON O'Reilly Open Source Convention
OSD Object-based Storage Device
OSD On Screen Display
OSD Open Software Description (Format)
OSD Open Source Definition
OSDB Open Source Database Benchmark
OSDL Open Source Development Lab/Labs, Oregon
OSE Open Systems/Software Environment
OSF Open Science Framework
OSF Open Software Foundation
OSG Open Science Grid
OSG Open Services Gateway
OSGI OSGi: Open Services Gateway Initiative
OSI Open Source Initiative
OSI Open Systems Interconnect/Interconnection (ISO)
OSIE Open Systems Interconnection Environment
OSINLCP OSI Network Layer Control Protocol
OSINT Open Source Intelligence
OSITOP Open Systems Interconnection Technical and Office Protocols
OSL Object Script Language
OSL Open Subscription License
OSM On Screen Menue
OSM Open Street Map
OSM Operating System Specific/Service Module
OSNR Optical Signal to Noise Ratio
OSNR Optical Signal to Noise Ratio
OSO Overscan Operation
OSP Open Specification Promise
OSPF Open Shortest Path First (Internet)
OSPG Open Source Participation Guidelines
OSPI Operating System Programming Interface
OSPM Operating System-directed Configuration and Power Management
OSQ Object Structured Query
OSQ Open Source Quality
OSQ Ordered Sequence
OSQ Original Sound Quality
OSQL Object Structured Query Language
OSS On Board Support Software
OSS On Site Service
OSS Object Storage Server
OSS Online/Open Search Server/Service
OSS Online Support System (SAP)
OSS Open Sound System
OSS Open Source/System Software/Solution
OSS Operational/Operations/Operator Support System
OSS Optical Storage System
OSS Optimizing Subsystem
OSSCC Open Source Software Collaboration Counseling
OSSO Open Source Solutions Operation (HP)
OST Object Storage Target
OST Online Service Team (Microsoft)
OSTA Optical Storage Technology Association
OSTG Open Source Technology Group
OSTI Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Department of Energy, USA
OSTM Open System Transaction Management
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
OSU Officially Sanctionized User
OSU Ohio/Oklahoma/Oregon/Oswego State University
OSU On-orbit Serviceable Unit
OSU Optical Scanning Unit
OSVS Operating System Virtual Storage
OT Object Technology
OT Off Topic (Slang)
OT Open Theory/Transport/Type
OT Ordering Table
OTA Online Travel Agency
OTA Over The Air
OTA US Congress Office of Technology Assessment
OTD Optical Time Division
OTDM Optical Time Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
OTF Open Token Foundation
OTF Open Type Font
OTG On The Go (USB)
OTI Original Transmitter Identification
OTIST One Touch Intelligent Security Technology
OTL Out To Lunch (Slang)
OTM On Time Marker
OTOH On The Other Hand (Slang)
OTP One-Time Pad/Password/Programmable
OTP Open Trading Protocol
OTP Opposite Track Path
OTR Old Time Radio
OTR One Touch Record/Recording
OTRS Open Ticket Request System
OTS Object Transaction Service (CORBA)
OTS Off The Shelf
OTS Online Transaction System
OTS Open Theme Standard
OTS Operator Telephone System
OTS Order Tracking System
OTS Out of Service
OTT Over The Top (service)
OTTH On The Third Hand (Slang)
OTTPS O-TTPS: Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard
OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier
OUM Ovonic Unified Memory
OURS Open Users Recommended Solutions
OV Overflow
OVC Over-Current Protection
OVF Open Virtualization Format
OVL Over-Load Protection
OVL Overlay
OVM Oracle Virtual Machine
OVP Over-Voltage Protection
OVST OVSt: Ortsvermittlungsstelle (Ortsamt, Endamt)
OVT Over-Temperature Protextion
OWA Outlook Web Access
OWAMP One Way Active Measurement Protocol
OWASP Open Web Application Security Project
OWE Opportunistic Wireless Encryption
OWFS Optical WORM File System
OWG Optical Waveguide
OWL Object/Open Windows Library
OWL One World Language
OWL Online Web Library
OWL Open Wire Line
OWL Operational Web Link
OWL Oracle Web Listener
OWL Organization, Whereabouts, Logistics
OWL Web Ontology Language (sic!)
OXAE Open-Xchange Appliance Edition
OXID Object Exporter Identifier
OZG Onlinezugangsgesetz


P Packet, Personal, Power, Project, Protocol, Public
P Polynomial time
P2P Peer To Peer
P2P Private To Private
P3P Platform for Privacy/Private Preferences
PA Percentage of Allowable Aliasing Energy
PA Power Amplifier
PA Preamble
PA Program/Project Administrator
PA Provider Aggregated
PA Public Address (System)
PAAS PaaS: Platform as a Service
PAB Personal Address Book
PAB Policy Advisory Body (Internet)
PABX Private Access/Automatic Branch Exchange
PAC PCI AGP Controler
PAC Perceptual Audio Coding
PAC Player Access Control
PAC PPTP Access Concentrator
PAC Privilege Attribute Certificate
PACE Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE)
PACE Password Authentication Connection Establishment
PACE Priority Access Control Enabled
PACI Partnerships for Advanced Comptutational Infrastructure
PACS Personal Access Communication System
PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System
PACT PBX and Computer Teaming
PACX Private Automatic Computer Exchange
PAD Packet Assembler and Dissassembler
PAD Personal Aroma Diffusor
PAD Personenauskunftsdatei
PADI Packet Assembly Dissassembly
PADI PPPoE Active Discovery Inititation
PADI Protocol for Application Database Interface
PADL Pattern Development Language
PADO PADI Active Discovery
PADO PPPoE Active Discovery Offer
PADR PADO Active Discovery
PADR Port A Data Register
PADR PPPoE Active Discovery Request
PADS Parallel And Distributed Systems
PADS Passive Asset Detection System
PADS PPPoE Active Discovery Session(-confirmation)
PADS Processing Arbitratry Data Streams
PADS Processing of Analog and Digital Signals
PADS Public Area Display System
PADT PPPoE Active Discovery Terminate
PAE Page/Physical Address Extension
PAEI Publicly Available Electronic Information
PAFF Picture-adaptive Frame-field
PAGSI Programme d'Action Gouvernemental pour la Societe de l'Information
PAID Purchasing, Accepting, Invoicing, and Disbursing System
PAIMAS Problem-, Auftrags- und Inventar-Management Software
PAIMAS Producer Archive Interface Methodology Abstract Standard
PAISY Payroll And Information System
PAISY Personalabrechnungs- und Informationssystem
PAK Packet (Arcnet)
PAK Product Authorization Key
PAL Paradox/Programming Application Language
PAL Phase Alternating Line/Loop (TV)
PAL Privileged Architecture Library (DEC)
PAL Programmable Array Logic
PAL Protocol Adaptation Layer
PAL Prototype Access Language
PALC Plasma Addressed Liquid Crystal (Display)
PAM Personal Application Manager
PAM Physical Access Method
PAM Pluggable Authentication Module/Modules
PAM Puls Amplitude Modulation
PAMR Public Access Mobile Radio
PAN Personal Area Network/Networking (Piconet)
PANP Personal Area Networking Profile (Bluetooth)
PANU Personal Area Network Unit/User
PAP Password Authentication Protocol
PAP Point Authorization Protocol
PAP Printer Access Protocol
PAP Programmablaufplan
PAP Public Access Profile
PAPR Peak to Average Power Ratio
PAPR Power Architecture Platform Reference
PAR Positive Acknowledgement with Retransmission
PAR Project Authorization Request (IEEE)
PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox)
PARISC Precision Architecture Reduced Instruction Set Computer
PARK Public Access Rights Key
PARLE Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe
PAS Publicly Available Specifications
PASC Pacific Area Standards Congress
PASC Palo Alto Scientific Center (IBM)
PASC Portable Applications Standards Committee (IEEE)
PASC Precision Adaptive Subband Coding
PASC Pulse Amplitude Synthesis and Control
PASS Picture Archiving and Sharing Standard
PAT Page Attribute Table
PAT Performance Acceleration Technique (Intel)
PAT Port Address Translation
PAT Program Association Table
PAT Public Access Terminal
PATA Parallel ATA
PATC Page Address Translation Cache
PAX Parallel Architecture Extended
PAX Pixel Addressing Extension
PAX Portable Archive Exchange
PAX Public Access Xanadu
PB Packet Bus
PB Page Break/Buffer/Builder
PB Pipeline/Pipelined Burst (cache)
PB PowerBook (Macintosh)
PB Printed Board
PB Program Block
PB Programs Branch
PB Public Broadcasting
PB Push Button
PBA Printed Board Assembly
PBC Peripheral Board Controller
PBC Peripheral Bus Computer
PBC Pipeline Burst Cache
PBC Plain-text Block Chaining
PBC Processor Bus Controller
PBC Push-Button Configuration
PBD Physical Block Device
PBDBM Peripheral Backup Detailed Billing Control Element
PBDU Protocol Bridge Data Unit
PBE Prompt By Example
PBGA Plastic Ball Grid Array
PBKDF2 Password Based Key Derivation Function 2
PBM Pipelined Burst Mode
PBM Port Bypass Module
PBM Portable Bitmap
PBM Position Based Multicast
PBN Packet Based Network
PBNAC Port Based Network Access Control
PBNSC Peripheral Backup NSC Control Element
PBO Paperless Business Office
PBO Pixel Buffer Object
PBO Port Based Object
PBO Power Back Off
PBO Process Before Output
PBO Profiler Binary Output
PBO Pseudo Boolean Optimization
PBOS Processed Book Open Source
PBOS Processed Book Operating System
PBP Peer Binding Protocol
PBP Picture By Picture
PBS Polarizing Beam Splitter
PBU Page Buffer Unit
PBX Private Branch Exchange
PC Path Consistency/Control
PC Personal Computer
PC Pervasive Computing
PC Primary Channel
PC Program Counter
PC Programmable Controller
PCA Parallel Channel Adapter
PCA Personal Client Architecture
PCA Policy Certification Authority
PCA Principal Component Analysis
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCB Program Control Block
PCBC Propagating Cipher Block Chaining
PCBSD PC-BSD: Personal Computer Berkeley Software Distribution
PCC Papas Computer-Club
PCC Peoples' Computer Company
PCC Portable C Compiler
PCCH Physical Control Channel
PCD Packet Capture Device
PCD Photo Compact Disc
PCD Plasma Coupled Device
PCD POSIX Conformance Document
PCD Protein Coated Disc
PCDATA Parsed Character Data
PCE Path Computation Element
PCE Phase Change Erasable
PCF Packaged Collaboration File
PCF Parallel Computing Forum
PCF Point Coordination Function
PCF Portable Compiled Font
PCG Project Coordination Group
PCH Packet Clearing House, USA
PCH Paging Channel
PCH Platform Controller Hub
PCI Payment Card Industry
PCI Peripheral Component/Controller Interface
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect (Bus)
PCI Programmable Communication Interface
PCI Protocol Control Information
PCID Process Context Identifier
PCIDSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
PCIE Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (Bus)
PCIEX2 PCIE X2: Peripheral Component Interconnect Express double speed
PCIID PCI-ID: Peripheral Component Interconnect -- Identifier
PCIOS Processor Common Input Output System
PCIPIO PCI Programmable Input/Output
PCL Point Cloud Library
PCL Primary Copy Locking
PCL Printer/Procedure/Process Control Language
PCLAN Personal Computer Local Area Network
PCM Physical Connection Management
PCM Plug Compatible Machine
PCM Puls-Code-Modulation
PCMCIA PC Memory Card International Association
PCN Personal Communication Network
PCNFS Personal Computer Network File System
PCP Parallel Coordinate Plot
PCP Port Control Protocol
PCP Post's Correspondence Problem
PCP Priority Ceiling Protocol
PCP Priority Code Point
PCP Probabistically Checkable Proof
PCR Peak Cell Rate
PCR Phase Change Recording
PCRAM Phase Change Random Access Memory
PCRE Perl Compatible Regular Expression
PCS PC Service (OSF)
PCS Personal Communication Services/System
PCS Personal Conferencing Specification
PCS Physical Coding Signalling/Sublayer
PCS Pinball Construction Set
PCS Port Concentrator Shelf
PCS Pre Collision System
PCS Print Contrast Signal
PCS Probabilistic Clock Synchronization
PCS Program Control System
PCS Project Control System
PCSA Personal Computing Systems Architecture (DEC)
PCSC Personal Computer Site Coordinator
PCSC Personal Computer Smart/Sound Card
PCSC Personal Computer/Computing Support Center
PCSC Personal Communications Switching Center
PCSC Pitch Corrected Speed Control
PCSP Partial Constraint Satisfaction Problem
PCT Private Communication Technology
PCTE Portable Common Tool Environment
PCTS POSIX Conformance Test Suite
PCTT Physical Church Turing Thesis
PCU Packet Communication Unit
PCU Packet/Peripheral/Plugin/Process/Program Control Unit
PCU Peak Concurrent Users
PCU Per Channel Use
PCU Plug Compatible Unit
PCU Portable Computer Unit
PCU Port Concentrator Unit
PCU Power Conditioning/Consumption Unit
PCWG Personal Conferencing Work Group
PD Page Directory
PD Personal Data, Personendaten
PD Phase Change Dual
PD Plug + Display, P+D (Interface)
PD Power Delivery (USB-PD)
PD Powered Device
PD Protocol Driver
PD Public Domain
PD Pure Data
PDA Personal Digital Assistant (Apple)
PDA Push Down Automaton
PDAP Prospero Data Access Protocol
PDB Process Data Base
PDB Professional Disc for Broadcasting
PDB Protection Database
PDC Power Disc Cartridge
PDC Primary Domain Controller
PDC Professional Developer Conference
PDC Program Delivery Control
PDC Program Development Computer/Council
PDCH Physical Data Channel
PDD Physical Device Driver
PDD Portable Digital Document
PDD Professional Disc for Data
PDE Partial Differential Equation
PDES Product Data Exchange Standard
PDF POP Directional Formatting
PDF Portable Document Format (Adobe)
PDF Printer/Product Description File
PDF Processor Defined Function
PDF Program Development Facility
PDFA PDF/A: Portable Document Format for Archiving (Adobe)
PDFE PDF/E: Portable Document Format for Engineering (Adobe)
PDFH PDF/H: Portable Document Format for Healthcare (Adobe)
PDFUA PDF/UA: Portable Document Format for Iniversal Access (Adobe)
PDFVT PDF/VT: Portable Document Format for Variable and Transactional Printing (Adobe)
PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PDI Packet Driver Interface
PDI Personal/Product Data Interchange
PDI Preservation Description Information
PDF Probability Density/Distribution Function
PDIAL Public Dialup Internet Access List
PDIF Product Definition Interchange Format
PDL Page Description Language
PDL Primary Defect List
PDL Program Design/Description Language
PDL Push Down List
PDLC Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal
PDM Product and Document Management
PDM Product Data Management
PDM Projekt- und Datenmanagement
PDM Pulsdauer-Modulation
PDN Public Data Network
PDO Packet Data Optimized
PDO Portable Distributed Object
PDO Prozessdatenobjekt
PDP Packet Data Protocol
PDP Parallel Distributed Processing
PDP Peer Dicovery Protocol
PDP Plasma Display Panel
PDP Policy Decision Point
PDP Programmed Data Processor (PDP-1 ... PDP-11, DEC)
PDQ Pretty Darned Quick (Slang)
PDR Packet Drop Rate
PDR Program Data Requirement
PDS Packet Driver Specification
PDS Partitioned Data Set
PDS Processor Direct Slot (Apple)
PDS Professional Development System
PDS Program Design Specification
PDS Public Domain Software
PDSG Patientendatenschutzgesetz
PDSL Power Line Digital Subscriber Line
PDSS Program/Post Development Support System
PDT Portables Daten-Terminal
PDT Programmable Drive Table
PDT Produktionsdatentechnik
PDT Propagation Delay Time
PDTE Packet-mode DTE
PDU Packet/Protocol Data Unit (OSI)
PDU Power Distribution Unit
PDV Path Delay Value
PE Parity Error
PE Periphere Einrichtung
PE Phase Encoded/Encoding
PE Physical Extent
PE Portable Executable
PE Preinstallation Environment
PE Processing Element
PE Product/Professional/Project Engineer
PE Protected Environment
PE Protective Earth (Schutzerde)
PE Provider Edge (device)
PEA Pocket Ethernet Adapter
PEAP Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
PEARL Process and Experiment Automation Realtime Language
PEB Peripheral Extension Bus
PEB Process Environment Block
PEBCAC Problem Exists Between Computer And Chair (Slang)
PEBCAK Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard (Slang)
PEBKAC Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair (Slang)
PEBS Precise Event Based Sampling
PEC Packet Error Checking
PECL PHP Extension Code Libary
PEG PCI Express for Graphics
PEL Picture Element
PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail
PEM Privacy Enhancement for Electronic Mail
PEN Private Enterprise Number
PEP Packet Exchange Protocol
PEP Packetized Ensemble Protocol
PEP Pan European Paging
PEP Peak Envelope Power
PEP Point d'Echange de Proximite
PEP Policy Enforcement Point
PEP Protocol Extension Protocol
PEPPPT PEPP-PT: Pan European Privacy Protecting Proximity Tracing
PER Packet Error Rate
PERICO Personal-Informationssystem mit Computer
PERL Practical Extraction and Report Language
PERM Programmgesteuerte Elektronische Rechenanlage TH München
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PES Packetized Elementary Stream
PES Position/Positioning Error Signal
PES Processor Enhancement Socket
PES Proposed Encryption Standard
PET Personal Electronic Transactor (Commodore)
PET Print Enhancement Technology
PEX PHIGS Extension to X
PF Packet Filter
PF Process Flow (Analysis, Diagram)
PF Program File
PF Punch Off
PFA Power FORTRAN Accelerator
PFA Predictive Failure Analysis
PFB Postscript Font Binary
PFC Power Factor Compensation/Correction
PFD Programming Facility for Display Users
PFD Proposed Final Draft
PFF Packet Filtering Firewall
PFIR People For Internet Responsibility
PFM Postscript Font Metric
PFM Pure Fantastic Magic (Slang)
PFN Page/Physical Frame Number
PFN Physical File Name
PFOS Passive Fiber Optic Segment
PFR Portable Font Resource
PFR Power Fail Restart
PFS Perfect Forward Secrecy
PFS Portable File System
PFS Professional File system (Amiga)
PFTP Passive FTP
PFTP Port File Transfer Program
PFW Personal Firewall
PFY Pimply-Faced Youth (BOFH's assistant)
PG Program/Programme
PG Project Gutenberg
PGA Pin Grid Array
PGA Professional Graphics Adapter
PGA Program Global Area
PGC Program Chain
PGE PTE Global Flag
PGI Parameter Group Identifier
PGL Peer Group Leader
PGL Professional Games League
PGM Portable Gray Map
PGM Pragmatic General Multicast (protocol)
PGML Precision Graphics Markup Language
PGO Profile Guided Optimization
PGN Portable Game Notation
PGP Pretty Good Privacy/Piracy/Protection
PGS Pair Gain System
PGS Pretty Good Security
PGS Product Generating/Generation Suite/System
PGSM P-GSM: Primary GSM-900 Band
PH Packet Handler
PH Polynomial Hierarchy
PHB Per Hop Behaviour
PHCB Page Header Control Bit
PHIGS Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PHOTON Paneuropean Photonic Transport Overlay Network
PHP Personal Home Page (Tools)
PHP PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PHS Personal Handy-Phone System
PHW Personengebundener Hinweis (BKA)
PHY Physical Access
PHY Physical Layer (Protocol)
PI Page Impression
PI Parameter Identifier
PI Parity (of the) Inner (code)
PI Partial Interchangeability
PI Persistent Identifier
PI Profibus International
PI Program Identification/Interruption
PI Protection Index
PI Provider Independent (address)
PIA Peripheral Interface Adapter
PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
PIC Picture File
PIC Platform for Internet Content
PIC Position Independent Code
PIC Primary Interexchange Carrier
PIC Priority/Programmable Interrupt Controller
PIC Programmable Integrated Circuit
PIC Programmable Interconnection
PIC Programmable Interrupt Controller
PICA Personal Internet Client Architecture
PICAFF PicAFF: Picture-adaptive Frame-field
PICMG PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group
PICNIC Problem In Chair, Not In Computer (Slang)
PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection
PICS Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
PICS Protocol Interoperability Conformance Statment
PID Packet/Permanent/Persistant/Personal/Process/Protocol Identifier
PID Physical Interface Device
PID Privater Informationsdienst
PID Proactive Information Delivery
PID Process/Protocol Identifier (Identification Number)
PID Product Identification (Service)
PIE Persistent Identification Element
PIE Position Independent Executable
PIF Parity Inner Fails/Failures
PIF Postscript Interchange Format
PIF Program Information File (Microsoft)
PIFS Point Coordination/PCF Inter Frame Space
PIG Pathologischer Internet-Gebrauch
PII Personally Identifiable Information
PIK Programmer's Imaging Kernel
PIL Python Imaging Library
PIM Personal Information Manager/Management
PIM Port Interface Module
PIM Privileged Identity Management
PIM Processor In Memory
PIM Protocol Independent Multicasting
PIMF Pair In Metal Foil (cable)
PIMS Project Information Management System
PIN Persönliche Identifikations-Nummer
PIN Processor Independent NetWare
PIN Program Item Number
PINET Physics Information Network
PING Packet Internet Groper
PINT Phone IP Internetworking (Services)
PINT PSTN and Internet Internetworking
PINX Private Integrated Services Network Exchange
PIO Parallel/Programmable/Programmed Input/Output (Chip)
PIOFS Parallel I/O File System
PIP P-Internet-Protocol
PIP Path Independent Protocol
PIP Peer Information Protocol
PIP Periodical Informational Posting
PIP Peripheral Interchange Program
PIP Picture in Picture
PIP Process Improvement Proposal
PIPA Protect Intellectual Property Act (USA)
PIPE PHY Interface for the PCI Express (SATA and USB) Architecture
PIPI Packet Interchange Protocol Instruction
PIPO Parallel In, Parallel Out
PIR Parrot Intermediate Representation
PIR Passive/Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor
PIR Peak Information/Interchange Rate
PIR Private/Probabilistic Information Retrieval
PIR Program Interrupt Request
PIR Project Implementation Review
PIR Project Inititation Report
PIR Protocol Independent Routing
PIR Public Interest/Internet Registry
PIS Personal-Informations-System
PIS Premium Information Service
PISP Payment Initiation Services Provider
PISS Public Information System Specialist
PIT Programmable Interval Timer
PITA Pine In The Ass (Slang)
PITAC President's Information Technology Advisory Committee
PITR Point-In-Time Recovery
PIU Path Information Unit
PIU Pathological Internet Use
PIW Photo Imaging Workstation
PIXEL Picture Element
PIXIT Protocol Implementation Extra Informations for Testing
PJL Printer Job Language
PK Primary Key
PKARC Phillip Katz Archiver
PKC Public Key Cryptography
PKCS Public Key Cryptography Standards (Group)
PKES Passive Keyless Entry and Start System
PKI Philips Kommunikationsindustrie AG
PKI Personal/Public Key Infrastructure
PKV Privatkundenvertrieb (Telekom)
PKZ Personenkennziffer
PL Payload Length
PL Physical Layer
PL Presentation Layer
PL Private Line
PL Programming Language
PLA Partial Look Ahead
PLA Programmable Logic Array
PLATO Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations
PLB Personal Locator Beacon
PLB Processor Local Bus
PLC Packet Loss Concealment
PLC Power Line Communication/Converter
PLC Product Lifecycle (Management)
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PLCC Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLCE Peripheral and Loading Control Element
PLCP Physical Layer Convergence Protocol
PLD Programmable Logic Device
PLE Programmable Logic Element
PLEDM Phase-state Low Electron Drive Memory
PLF Premium Large Format
PLIC Programmable Logic Integrated Circuit
PLID Plugin Identifier
PLIP Parallel Line Internet Protocol
PLL Permanent Logical Link
PLL Phase Locked Loop
PLM Product Lifecycle Management
PLM Programming Language for Microcomputers
PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
PLN Personal Learning Network
PLN Power Line Networking
PLP Packet Layer Protocol
PLP Perl Page
PLP Personal License Password
PLP Portable Line Printer (spooler system)
PLP Presentation Level Protocol
PLR Packet Lost Ratio
PLS Physical Layer Signaling
PLS Plane to Line Switching
PLS Programmable Logic Sequencer
PLSI Programmable Large Scale Integration
PLT Power Line Telecommunication
PLT Procedure Linkage Table
PLU Parallel Logic Unit
PLU Periodic/Probabilistic Location Update
PLU Phone Link Up
PLU Primary Logical Unit
PLU Program Load Unit
PLUMPS Public Long-distance Unified Mail Provider Service/System
PLV Presentation/Production Level Video
PLZ Postleitzahl
PM Performance Management
PM Phasenmodulation
PM Physical Modeling
PM Postmaster
PM Power Management
PM Presentation Manager (IBM)
PM Preventive Maintenance
PM Private Mail/Message
PM Problem/Process/Project Management
PM Protected Mode
PMA Parked/Passive Member Address/Addressing (Bluetooth)
PMA Performance Management and Accounting
PMA Physical Medium Attachment
PMA Program Area
PMAC Parallelizable Message Authentication Code
PMAC Programmable Multi Axis Controller
PMAP Port Mapper
PMC Physical Media Components Sublayer
PMC Programmable Machine Controller
PMD Packet Mode Data
PMD Physical Medium Dependence/Dependent (Layer)
PMD Polarization Mode Dispersion
PME Pattern Matching Engine
PME Power Management Event
PMETC Pardon Me, etc. (Slang)
PMF Protected Management Frame
PMFJIB Pardon Me For Jumping In But (Slang)
PMI Product Manufacturing Information
PMK Pairwise Master Key
PML Programmable Macro Logic
PMM Poor Man's Multiplexing
PMMU Paged Memory Management Unit
PMOS p-Channel MOS (Transistor)
PMP Point to Multi Point
PMP Process Management Portal
PMP Protected Media Path
PMPO Peak Music Power Output
PMR Perpendicular Magnetic Recording
PMR Private Mobile Radio
PMS Pantone Matching System (Colours)
PMS Package/Password/Power/Process/Property Management System
PMS Portable Memory Stick
PMS Printer/Project Management Software
PMT Program Mapping Table
PMTMR Power Management Timer
PMTU Path Maximum Transfer Unit
PMW Project Manager Workbench
PMX Presentation Manager for X
PMXAS Primär-Multiplex-Anschluss (ISDN)
PN Part/Path Number
PN Phase Noise
PN Private Nachricht
PN Punch On
PNA Parallel Network Architecture
PNA Personal Navigation Assistant
PNC Paging Network Controller
PNCP Peripheral Network Control Point
PND Personennamendatei
PND Portable Navigation Device
PNG Portable Network Graphic
PNI Prescott New Instructions (Intel)
PNNI Private Network/Node to Network Interface
PNO Profibus-Nutzer Organisation
PNO Public Network Operator
PNP Positive Negative Positive (Transistor)
PNP Plug and Play/Pray
PNPX PNP-X: Plug and Play Extensions
PNR Passenger Name Record
PNRP Peer Name Resolution Protocol
PNS Post's Normal System
PNS PPTP Network Server
PNT Petri Net Technology
PNW Personal NetWare (Novell)
PO Paper Out, Parity Odd
PO Parity (of the) Outer (code)
POA Post Office Agent
POB Post Office Box
POC Phase-only Correlation
POC Planned Organizational Change
POC Point Of Call/Communication/Consistency/Contact
POC Policy Oversight Committee (Internet)
POC Portable Object Compiler
POC Post Operative Constipation
POC Power Converter
POC Processor Outage Control
POC PoC: Proof Of Concept
POC Purchase Order Change
POC Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (Phone)
POCE Pantone Open Color Environment
POCSAG Post Office Standardisation Advisory Group
POD Piece Of Data
POD Ping Of Death
POD Plain Old Data/Documentation
POD Point Of Demarcation/Deployment/Distribution
POD Pop-up Directory
POD Print/Printing/Publishing On Demand
POD Processing Of Data
POD Project Overview Document
POD Protocol Object Device
PODA Priority-Oriented Demand Assignment
POE Power Open Environment (IBM)
POE Power Over Ethernet
POEM Portable Object-oriented Entity Manager
POET Persistent Objects and Extended Database Technology
POET Partially Overlapped Echo Cancelled Transmission
POF Parity Outer Fails/Failures
POF Plastic/Polymer Optical Fiber
POH Path Section Overhead
POH Power-on Hours
POI Path Overhead Indicator
POI Point Of Information/Interaction/Interconnection/Interest
POJI Plain Old Java Interface
POJO Plain Old Java Object
POL Point of Learning
POL Problem Oriented Language
POLA Principle Of Least Astonishment (Free BSD)
POLA Priciple Of Least Authority
POLS Principle Of Least Surprise
POM Persistant Object Manager
POM Project Object Model
PON Passive Optical Network
POOP Personalized Open Online Course
POP Point of Presence/Purchase
POP Post Office Protocol (Internet)
POP Probability Of Plagiarism
POPO Post Office Protocol Object/Operator
POPS Performance Optimized Page Size
POR Pacific Ocean Region
POR Power-on Reset
POS Persistant Object Service/Simple
POS Personal Operating Space
POS Pivoting Optical Servo
POS Point of Sale
POSE Portable Operating System Extension
POSI Promotion Conference for OSI, Japan
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Systems/UNIX
POST Power-on Self Test
POT Portable Object Template/Translation
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service/System
POV Persistence Of Vision
POV Point Of View (Slang)
POWER Performance Optimization/Optimized With Enhanced RISC (IBM/Motorola)
POX Plain Old XML
PP Peering Point
PP Physical Partition
PP Portable Part
PP Predictive Pipelining
PP Protection Profile
PPA Passiver Prüfabschluss (Telefon)
PPA Personal Package Archive
PPA Printing Performance Architecture (HP)
PPB Paced Packet Batch
PPC Pay Per Click (Web)
PPC Personal Productivity Center
PPC Physical Presence Command
PPC Pocket Personal Computer
PPC Power Personal Computer
PPC Production Planning and Control
PPCS Phoenix Page Control System
PPD Postscript Printer Description (Adobe)
PPDS Personal Printer Data Stream
PPF Plain Paper Fax
PPF Print Production Format
PPGA Platic Pin Grid Array
PPH Pages per Hour
PPI Pay Per Installation
PPI Per Packet Information (header)
PPI Personal and Private Information
PPI ppi: pixels per inch
PPI Portable PHP Interface
PPI Programmable Peripheral Interface
PPI Projective and Permutation Invariants
PPID Parent Process Identification Number
PPL Point-to-Point/Process-to-Process Link
PPM Parts per Mille
PPM Pages per Minute
PPM Perl Package Manager
PPM Portable Pixmap
PPM Post Programmable Memory
PPM Prediction by Partial Matching
PPM Process Performance Manager
PPM Pulse Position Modulation
PPN Private Packet Network
PPP Point-to-Point Protocol (Internet)
PPPOE Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet
PPRC Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy
PPS Picture Parameter Set
PPS Point of Presence Server
PPS Photonic Packet Switching
PPS Precise Positioning Service/System
PPS Production Planning System
PPS Programmable Power Supply
PPS Programming Procedures and Standards
PPS Pulse Per Second
PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
PPU Physics Processing Unit
PPUC Probably Permanently Under Construction (Web, Slang)
PQET Print Quality Enhancement Technology
PQN Prefix Query Notation
PR Pacing Response
PR Packet Radio
PR Page Rank
PR Path Replacement
PR Perpendicular Recording
PR Premium Rate
PR Primitive Recursive (function)
PR Public Relations
PRA Primary Rate Access
PRA Purported Responsible Address
PRACE Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe
PRACK Preliminary Acknowledge
PRAM Parallel/Perimeter/Phase Change Random Access Memory
PRC Palm Resource Compiler
PRCS Project Revision Control System
PRD Program Requirements Document
PRDMD Private Directory Management Domain
PRE Partial Redundancy Elimination
PREP PowerPC Reference Platform
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRG Path Redundant Graph
PRG Post Redirect Get
PRG Problem Resolution Guide
PRG Programm (program, programme)
PRG Program Representation Graph
PRI Primary Rate Interface (ISDN)
PRIG Packet Radio Interest Group
PRISM Parallel Reduced Instruction Set Multiprocessor
PRISM Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata
PRMD Private Management Domain (X.400)
PRML Partial Response Maximum Likelihood
PRMS Problem Report Management System
PRN Packet Radio Network
PRN Permanent/Pseudo Random Number
PRN Printer
PRN Pseudo Random Noise (GPS)
PRNET Packet Radio Network
PRNG Pseudo Random Number Generator
PRO Precision RISC Organization
PROFS Professional Office System (IBM)
PROLOG Programming in Logic
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
PRP Peer Resolver Protocol
PRQ Preisrequest
PRS Print Management Service (OSF)
PRTI Professional Realtime Interface
PS Packet Switch
PS Personal System (IBM)
PS (Adobe) PostScript
PS Power Supply
PS Privilege Service
PS Program Service Name
PS Program Stream
PS Proportional Spacing
PS3 Playstation 3 (Sony)
PSA Physical Sector Address
PSABI Processor Specific Application Binary Interface
PSACR Power Sum Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio
PSAP Public Safety Answering Point
PSB Path State Block
PSC Physical Signaling Components Sublayer
PSC Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center
PSC Print Scan Copy
PSC Product Service Center
PSCI Power State Coordination Interface
PSCN Program Support Communications Network
PSCT Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Texture (Display)
PSD Page Setup Dialogue
PSD Payment Services Directive (PSD1, PSD2)
PSD Platform Specific Driver
PSD Power Saving Drive
PSD Power Spectral/Spectrum Density
PSDS Power Spectral/Spectrum Density Shaping
PSDN Packet/Public Switched/Switching Data/Digital Network
PSE Packet Switching Exchange
PSE Page Size Extension
PSE Path Switching Element
PSE Personal Security Environment
PSE Personen-Such-Einrichtung
PSE Port Switched Ethernet
PSE Power Sourcing Equipment
PSELFEXT Power Sum Equal Level Far End Crosstalk
PSF PC Screen Font
PSF Permanent Swap File
PSF Playstation Sound Format
PSF Point Spread Function (Grafik, Optik)
PSF PostScript Fonts (Adobe)
PSF Print Services Facility
PSF Progressive Segemented Frame (Video)
PSF Python Software Foundation
PSFQ Pump Slowly, Fetch Quickly
PSI Packetnet System Interface
PSI Postscript Interpreter
PSIRT Product Security Incident Reponse Team
PSISI PSI/SI: Program-specific Information/Service Information
PSK Phase Shift Keying
PSK Pre-Shared Key
PSL Problem Statement Language
PSN Packet Switch Node
PSN Portable Serial Number
PSN Processor Serial Number
PSNEXT Power Sum Near End Crosstalk
PSNR Peak Signal to Noise Ratio
PSO Protocol Supporting Organization
PSP (Corel) Paint Shop Pro
PSP Pascal/Python Server Pages
PSP Personal Software Process
PSP Program Segment Prefix
PSP Programmable Signal Processor
PSP Projektstrukturplan
PSPDN Packet Switched Public Data Network
PSR Parallel/Processor/Project Software
PSR Phase Shift Resistivity
PSR Physical Storage Resource
PSR Power/Processor/Program State/Status Register
PSR Prescaler Select Register
PSR Priority Service Request
PSR Program Support Requirements
PSR Programmable Scanner
PSR Project Status Report
PSRAM Pseudo Static Random Access Memory
PSS Private Signalling System
PSSC Preliminary System Security Concept
PST Pattern Suggestion Table
PST Personal Folder Storage (Microsoft)
PST Personal Information Store (Microsoft)
PST Positive Smoke Test
PST Pre-Structured Technology (OSF)
PST Priority Selection Table
PST Processing State
PSTN Public Switched/Switching Telephone Network
PSU Page Storage Unit
PSU Power Supply Unit
PSW Program Status Word
PSX PlayStation Extended/Extreme
PSYC Protocol for Synchronous Conferencing
PT Packet/Payload Type
PT Page Table
PT Payload Type
PT Penetration Test
PT Processor Trace (Intel)
PTAL Payment Transaction Application Layer
PTB Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig
PTBR Page Table Base Register
PTBT Prime Times, Bad Times
PTBT Probabilistic Timed Behaviour Tree
PTD Parallel Transfer Disk Drive
PTE Page Table Entry
PTF Program Temporary Fix
PTF Pthread Framework
PTI Payload Type Identifier/Indicator
PTK Pairwise Transient Key
PTMP Point To Multi Point (Connection)
PTMSC Point To Multipoint Service Centre
PTN Plant Test Number
PTO Patent and Trademark Office, USA
PTO Please Turn Over (Slang)
PTO Public Telecommunication Network Operator
PTP Parallel Track Path
PTP Point To Point (Connection)
PTR Pointer Record (DNS)
PTS Plain Text String
PTS Post- och Telestyrelsen
PTS Presentation Time Stamp
PTS Problem Tracking System
PTSE PNNI Topology State Element
PTT Post, Telephon, Telegraph
PTT Push To Talk (key)
PTY Program Type
PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom
PTZ Posttechnisches Zentralamt, Darmstadt
PU Physical/Processing Unit
PU Prediction Unit
PUA Potentially Unwanted Application
PUC Public Utility Commission
PUE Power Usage Effectiveness/Efficiency
PUH Pick-Up Head
PUI Picoscopic User Interface
PUIS Power Up In Standby
PUK Personal Unblocking Key
PUL Packet Underway Limit
PUMA Protected User-Mode Audio
PUO Prohibited User Operation
PUP PARC Universal Packet (Protocol)
PUP Potentially Unwanted Program
PUP Potenziell Unerwünschtes Programm
PUP Product Upgrade
PUPA Preliminary Universal Programming Architexture (for GRUB)
PUPM Price per User Per Month
PUPS PDP UNIX Preservation Society
PURL Persistent Uniform Resource Locator
PUS Potenziell unerwünschte (unwanted) Software
PUS Processor Upgrade Socket
PUT Programmable Unijunction Transistor
PV paketvermittelt
PV Physical Volume
PVA Patterned Vertical Alignment (panel)
PVC Permanent Virtual Channel/Circuit/Connection
PVFS Parallel Virtual File System
PVID Port VLAN Identifier
PVL Parameter Value Language
PVM Parallel/Passthru Virtual Machine (IBM)
PVN Private/Programmable Virtual Network
PVP Protected Video Path
PVPOPM PVP-OPM: Protected Video Path Output Protection Management
PVR Permanent Virtual Route
PVR Personal Video Recorder
PVR Physical Volume Repository
PVRA Physical Volume Reserved Area
PVS Potentially Visible Set
PVS Professional Vision Services
PVT Position, Velocity, Time (GPS)
PVV Path Variability Value
PW Pseudo Wire
PWA Progressive Web App
PWB Printed Wire Board
PWB Programmer's Workbench
PWI Public Windows Initiative/Interface
PWL Password List
PWM Pulse Width Modulation, Pulsweitenmodulation
PWP Phase Wobble Prepit
PWR Power (Saft)
PWRB Power Button (ACPI)
PWS Personal Workstation
PWSCS Programmable Workstation Communication Services
PXE Preboot Execution Environment
PXI PCI Extension for Instrumentation
PXISA PXI Systems Alliance
PZF Pseudozufallsfolge
PZM Punkt-zu-Mehrpunkt (-Verbindung, ISDN)
PZP Punkt-zu-Punkt (-Verbindung, ISDN)


Q Quality, Query, Queue
QA Quality Assurance/Audit
QA Query Analyser
QA Questions and Answers, Q+A
QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (4-QAM, 16-QAM, 64-QAM ...)
QAMP Quality Assurance Management Professional
QARE Quick Agent Runtime Environment
QAWN QoS in Ad hoc Wireless Networks
QBE Query By Example
QBF Query By Forms
QBH QbH: Query by Humming (melody recognition technology)
QBIC Query by Image Content
QBM Quad Band Memory
QBS Qatar Broadcasting Service
QBS Qualification By Similarity
QBS Quench Bypass Switch
QBS Query Based Snapshot
QCA Quantum-dot Cellular Automaton
QCB Queue Control Block
QCIF Quarter Common Intermediate Format
QD Quad Density, Quantum Dot, Quick Disconnection
QDA Qualitative Data Analysis
QDL Quadri Data Layer
QDOS Quick and Dirty Operating System (SCP)
QDR Quad Data Rate
QDT Quiet Drive Technology
QES Qualifizierte elektronische Signatur
QFA Quick File Access
QFD Quality Function Deployment
QFP Quadratic Flatpack
QFP Questions Frequent/Frequemment Posees
QFQ Quick Fair Queue
QFT Queued File Transport
QHD Quad High Definition
QIAM Queued Indexed Access Method
QIC Quality Insurance Chain
QIC Quarter Inch Cartridge/Committee
QID Quanteninformationsdynamik
QISAM Queued Index Sequential Access Method
QKD Quantum Key Distribution
QL Query Language
QLC Quadruple Level Cell
QLED Quantum Dot (Organic) Light Emitting Diode
QLLC Qualified Logical Link Control
QLP Query Language Processor
QM Quality Management
QMF Quadrature Mirror Filter
QMF Query Management Facility
QML Qt Markup Language
QMR Quarterly Maintenance Release
QMS Quality Management System
QMTP Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
QNN Quantum Neural Network
QNX (kein Akronym, not an acronym)
QOS QoS: Quality of Service
QPI QuickPath Interconnect/Interface (Intel)
QPL Q Public License (Trolltech)
QPL Quantum/Questionaire Programming Language
QPSK Quadrature/Quaternary Phase Shift Keying
QR Quick Response
QRC Quick Response Code
QRI Queue Response Indicator
QRSS Quasi Random Signal Source
QS Qualitätssicherung
QSA Qt Script for Applications
QSAM Queued Sequential Access Method
QSDPCM Quadtree-strukturierte Differenz-Puls-Code-Modulation
QSIG Quersignalisierung
QSIG Unified International Corporate Network Signalling Standard
QSND Queue Send (command)
QST Calling All Stations (not an acronym)
QST Qualified Software Tester
QST Qualitäts- und Sicherheitstechnik
QST Quick Start Tutorial
QST Quiet System Technology (Intel)
QT Quality Threshold (clustering)
QTAM Queued Teleprocessing Access Method
QTC Quantum Tunnelling Composite
QTD Quote of The Day
QTKÜ Quellen-Telekommunikations-Überwachung
QTML Quicktime Media Layer
QUED Quick Editor
QUIP Query Interactive Processor
QUISAM Queued Index Sequential Access Method
QVL Qualified Vendor List
QVT Query, View, Transform
QWERTY (US Typewriter Layout)
QWERTZ (German Typewriter Layout)
QXML QuarkXPress Markup Language


R Radio, Real, Receive, Reference, Remote, Restricted
RA Radiocommunications Agency
RA Random Availability
RA Real Audio
RA Receiver Address
RA Regulärer Ausdruck
RA Repeat-Accumulate (Code)
RA Repository Access
RA Return Authorization
RA Router Advertisement
RAA Ruby Application Archive
RAB RAID Advisory Board
RAC Radio Amateurs of/du Canada
RAC Real Application Cluster (Oracle)
RAC Remote Access Concentrator
RACE Research And Development in Advanced Communication Technologies in Europe
RACE Row-based ASCII Compatible Encoding
RACF Resource Access Control Facility (IBM)
RACH Random Access Channel
RACKS Reusable Application Interface for Communicating Real-Time Kernels
RACON Radar Beacon
RACS Resource and Admission Control Subsystem
RAD Rapid Application Development
RADAR Radio Detecting and Ranging
RADB Routing Arbiter Data Base
RADIUS Remote Access/Authentication Dial-In User Service
RADSL Rate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
RAE Radio Amateur's Examination, UK
RAE Range, Azimuth, Elevation
RAE Recoverable Application Error
RAEBNC Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment (Slang)
RAG Row Address Generator
RAI Remote Alarm Indication
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Discs
RAISE Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements
RAK Regeln für die alphabetische Katalogisierung
RAKE Radio Activated Key Entry
RAKE Rake receiver: (kein/no acronym)
RAL Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
RALU Register Arithmetic Logic Unit
RAM Random Access Machine/Memory
RAM Rate Adaptive Mode
RAM Rechargeable Alcali Mangan (battery)
RAMDAC Random Access Memory Digital Analog Converter
RAMP Remote Access Maintenance Protocol
RAMPS Reliability, Availability, Manageability, Performance, Serviceability
RAN Radio Access Network
RAND Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (License)
RANDR RandR: Resize and Rotate (X11)
RAO Remote Access Outsourcing
RAOLSR Radio Aware Optimized Link State Routing
RAP Radio in the Local Loop Access Profile
RAP Rapid Application Prototyping
RAP Rich Ajax Platform
RAP Rogue Access Point
RAP Route Access Protocol
RAP Roving Analysis Port
RAR Roshal Archiver
RARE Reseaux Associes pour la Recherche Europeenne
RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (Internet)
RAS Random Access Storage
RAS Registration, Admission, and Status
RAS Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
RAS Remote Access Server/Service
RAS Row Address Select/Strobe
RASMED Redundant Array of Slightly More Expensive Disks
RASP Radar Airborne Signal Processor
RASP Random Access Stored Program
RASP Real Storage Manager Address Space
RASP Remote Antenna Signal Processor
RASP Remote Access Security Program
RASP Reliable, Available, Secure, Performance
RAST Receive and Send Terminal
RASUM Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Usability, Manageability
RAT Register Alias Table
RAT Remote Access Trojan
RAT Remote Administration Toolkit
RATP Reliable Asychronous Transfer Protocol (Internet)
RATS Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society
RATS Rough Auditing Tool for Security
RAVE Renderer Acceleration Virtual Machine
RAW Read After Write
RBA Risc Based Authentication
RBAC Role Based Access Control
RBAM Remote Batch Access Method
RBBS Remote Bulletin Board System
RBDS Radio Broadcast Data System
RBER Residual Bit Error Rate
RBI Reporting Body Identifier
RBL Realtime/Remote Black/Blackhole List
RBM Rule Base Memory
RBN Radio Beacon
RBN Real/Relative Block Number
RBN Regional Broadband Network
RBN Ringback Nonsecure
RBN Russian Backbone/Business Network
RBN Rx Buffer Number
RBOC Regional Bell Operating Company
RBS Reference Broadcast Synchronization
RBUS R-Bus: D-Bus in Ruby
RBUS R-BUS: Roland BUS (digital audio format)
RBW Resolution Bandwidth
RBW Reverse Band Working
RBW Roll Back Version
RC Reaction Controller
RC Receive Common
RC Receive(r) Clock
RC Recent Change (Wikipedia)
RC Reconfigurable Computer/Computing
RC Release Candidate/Critical
RC Remote Command/Control
RC Replica Catalog
RC Resource Control (UNIX)
RC Return Code
RC Rivest's Cipher (Ron's Code, RC1--RC6)
RC Routing Control
RC Run Command
RC3 rC3: remote Chaos Communication Congress
RCA Radio Corporation of Amerika, USA
RCA Ripple Carry Adder
RCB Release Critical Bug
RCC Radio Common Carrier
RCC Reduced Complexity Computer
RCC Remote Cluster Controller
RCC Rescue Coordination Centre
RCC Routing Control Center/Channel
RCD Recordable Compact Disc
RCDATA Replaceable Character Data
RCE Region Code Enhancement
RCE Revision Control Engine
RCEVH Research Centre for the Education of the Visually Handicapped
RCF Registration Confirmation
RCLK Rack Clock
RCP Radio Control Protocol
RCP Reality Immersion Coprocessor
RCP Retransmission Control Procedure
RCP Rich Client Platform
RCS Record Communication Switching System
RCS Resource Construction Set
RCS Revision Control System
RCS Rich Communication Service
RCS Rights Control System
RCU Read, Copy, Update
RCV Receive
RCX Radio Frequency Cross Connect
RD Receive Data
RD Recursive Design
RD Remote Desktop
RD Request Disconnect
RD Resource Discovery
RD Responsible Disclosure
RD Route Distinguisher
R+D Research and Development
RDA Remote Data/Database Access
RDAP Registration Data Access Protocol
RDAT Rotary Digital Audio Tape
RDB Receive Data Buffer
RDB Relational Database
RDBMS Relationales Datenbank-Management-System
RDBS Routing Data Base System
RDC Remote Dual Copy
RDCCG Regional Data and Computing Center Germany, Karlsruhe
RDD Replaceable Database Driver
RDE Ruby Development Environment
RDF Resource Definition/Description Format/Framework
RDL Register Description Language
RDMA Remote Direct Memory Access
RDN Relative Distinguished Name
RDO Rate Distortion Optimizing
RDO Remote Data Object
RDOS Real-time Disk Operating System
RDP Reliable Datagram Protocol (Internet)
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol (Microsoft)
RDR Rijksdienst voor Radiocommunicatie
RDRAM Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
RDRN Rapidly Deployable Radio Network
RDS Radio Data System
RDS Rapid Development System
RDS Reliable Datagram Socket
RDS Remote Data Services
RDS Resolver Discovery Service
RDSL Rate-adaptive/Residential/Reverse Digital Subscriber Line
RDSR Receiver Data Service Request
RDSS Radio Determination Satellite Services
RDST Rotating Head Digital Storage Tape
RDTSC Read Time Stamp Counter
RDV Rapid Design Visualization
RDV Repeatable Digital Validation
RE Recall
RE Regular Expression
RE Report Engine
RE Recursively Enumerable
RE Reverse Engineering
REACH Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals
READSL2 Reach Enhanced ADSL2
RED Radio Equipment Directive
RED Random Early Detection
REG Regular Languages
REG Residential Expert Group
REGEX Regular Expression
REGEXP Regular Expression
REGTP Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post
REJ Reject
REKO Reparatur-Konzept (Swisscom)
REL Rights Expression Language
REM Remark
REM Remote
REM Reseau d'Enseignement Multimedia
REM Ring Error Monitor
REO Removable Erasable Optical Disk
REP Reply to Message Number
REP Robots Exclusion Protocol
REPL Read Eval Print Loop
REQ Request
RERO Release early, release often
RES Radio Equipment and Systems
RES Remote Execution Server/Service
RES Reset, Restore
RES Rotation Error Signal
REST Representational State Transfer
RESV RSVP Reservation Request
RESX Resource as Extensible Markup Language
RET Resolution Enhancement Technology (HP)
REV Remote Electronic Voting
REV Remote Evaluation Specification
REV Reverse Charging (Telephone)
REV Revision
REXX Restructured Extended Executor (IBM)
RF Radio Frequency
RF Relevance Feedback
RF Remote File
RF Royalty Free (License)
RFA Remote File Access
RFA Request For Adoption (Debian)
RFB Remote Frame Buffer
RFC Remote Function Call
RFC Request For Comments (Internet)
RFC Response For a Class
RFD Request For Discussion (Usenet)
RFE Radio Free Ethernet
RFE Remote File Execution
RFE Request For Enhancement
RFH Remote Frame Handler
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RFI Request For Information
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
RFLA Real Full Look Ahead
RFNM Ready/Request For Next Message
RFOG RFoG: Radio Frequency Over Glass
RFP Radio Fixed Parts
RFP Request For Packaging (Debian)
RFP Request For Proposal
RFPI Radio Fixed Part Identity
RFPI Remote Fault Passage Indication
RFQ Request For Quotation/Quote
RFS Receive Flow Steering
RFS Remote File Sharing/System
RFS Remote Forensic Software
RFT Request For Technology (OSF)
RFT Revisable Format Text
RFU Reserved for Future Use
RG Radio Guide (coax cables)
RG Rotated Grid
RGB Rot (Red), Grün (Green), Blau (Blue) (Farbmodell)
RGBA Rot (Red), Grün (Green), Blau (Blue), Alpha (Farbmodell)
RGBY Rot (Red), Grün (Green), Blau (Blue), Gelb (Yellow) (Farbmodell)
RGDI Renaissance Graphics Device Interface
RGEB Red, Green, Emerald, Blue (Farbmodell)
RGP Raster Graphics Processor
RGPD Reglement general sur la protection des donnees (DSGVO, GDPR)
RGSM R-GSM: Railways GSM-900 Band
RGU RG/U: Radio Guide/Utility (Kabel)
RH Request/Response Header
RH Registration Hierarchy
RHAD Red Hat Advanced Development (Laboratories)
RHC Regional (Bell) Holding Company
RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer
RHCS Red Hat Cluster Suite
RHEL Red Hat Enterprise Linux
RHN Red Hat Network
RHNT Registration Hierarchical Name Tree
RHOB Relevant Hierarchical Operational Binding
RHP Reconfigurable Hardware Processor/Product
RHP Remote Host Protocol
RHP Return to Homepage
RHP Right Hand Page/Panel/Plane
RHS Right Hand Side
RHSA Red Hat Security Advisory
RI Referential Integrity
RI Ring In/Indicator
RIA Red Ink Award
RIA Rich Internet Application(s)
RIA Robot Institute of America
RIAA Recording Industry Association of America
RIAS Rundfunk Im Amerikanischen Sektor, Berlin
RIB RenderMan Interface Bytestream
RIB Routing Information Base
RIC Radio Identify Code
RID Relative Identifier
RID Retinal Imaging Display
RIF Radio/Renderman Interface
RIF Record Identifier
RIF Regional/Resource Information
RIF Resource Interchange File
RIF Routing Information Field/Frame
RIF Rule Information
RIF Rule Interchange Format
RIFF Resource Interchange File Format
RII Ring/Routing Information Indicator
RIM Records and Information Management
RIM Remote Installation and Maintenace
RIM Request Initialization Mode
RIMM Rambus In-line Memory Module
RIMS Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station
RIN Relative Intensity Noise
RIP Raster Image Processor
RIP Request In Progress
RIP Routing Information Protocol
RIP Remote Image/Imaging Protocol/Processing
RIPA Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, UK
RIPE Reseaux IP Europeenne
RIPL Remote Initial Program Loading
RIPNG Routing Information Protocol Next Generation
RIPSO Revised Internet Protocol Security Option
RIR Regional Internet Registry
RIS Remote Installation Services
RIS Routing Information Service
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Code/Computer
RITA Reduced Interim Type Approval
RITA Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent
RJ Registered Jack
RJE Remote Job Entry (IBM)
RJS Remote Job Service
RK Relevanzkriterium (Wikipedia)
RKE Remote Keyless Entry
RKO Root Key Operator
RL Real Life (Slang)
RL Reconfigurable Logic
RL Reinforcement Learning
RL Remote Loopback
RL Return Loss
RLC Radio Link Control
RLC Run Length Coding
RLDRAM Reduced Latency Dynamic Random Access Memory
RLE Research Laboratory of Electronics
RLE Run Length Encoded/Encoding
RLF Reverse Line Feed
RLG Research Libraries Group
RLIN Research Libraries Information Network (RLG)
RLL Radio in the Local Loop
RLL Row Level Locking
RLL Run Length Limited
RLM Receiver-driven Layered Multicast
RLM Robotic Library Manager
RLM Robust Linear Model
RLMT Redundant Link Management Technology
RLN Remote LAN Node
RLP Radio Link Protocol
RLP Resource Location Protocol
RLS Remote Learning System
RLSD Received Line Signal Detected
RLV Ringleitungsverteiler
RM Real Media
RM Records Management
RM Reference/Relational Model
RM Resource Management
RM Retention Module
RM Reuters Messaging
RMA Rate Monotonic Analysis
RMA Remote Memory Access
RMC Radio Monte Carlo
RMC Rambus Memory Controller
RMC Resource Monitoring and Control
RMDB Requirements Management Database
RMDB Roland Multi-purpose Digital Bus (Roland Corp.)
RMF Remote Management Facility
RMG Replacement Metal Gate
RMI Remote Method Invocation
RMII Reduced Media Independent Interface
RMOA Realtime Multimedia Over ATM
RMON Remote (Network) Monitoring
RMP Radio Management Panel
RMP Random Match Probability
RMP Reliable Multicast Protocol
RMP Remote Maintenance Panel/Processor
RMP Resource Management Plan/Program/Project
RMS RAID Management Software
RMS Rate Monotonic Scheduling
RMS Reason Maintenance System
RMS Record/Resource Management Services/System
RMS Replica Management System
RMS Richard Matthew Stallman
RMS Root Mean Square
RMSE Relative/Residual/Root Mean Square Error
RMT Reliable Multicast Transport
RMT Ring Management
RMW Read, Modify, Write
RMX Reverse Mail Exchange
RNA Remote Network Access
RNA Rufnummernanzeige
RNARS Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society
RNC Radio Network Controller
RNG Random Number Generator
RNI Reseau National d'Interconnexion de Renater
RNIS Reseau Numerique a Integration de Services
RNR Receive Not Ready (frame)
RNRT Reseau National de Recherche en Telecommunications
RNSI Remote Node Service for ISDN
RNT Radio numerique terrestre
RO Read Only
RO Ring Out
ROA Route Origin Authorization
ROADS Resource Organization And Discovery in Subject-based services
ROADS Running Out of Address Space
ROBO Remote Office Branch Office
ROC Restoration Of Color
ROC Restricted Operators Certificate
RODPO Reading on Demand - Paper Option (vulgo Buch)
ROFBTC Rolling On the Floor Biting The Carpet (Slang)
ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing (Slang)
ROFLASTC Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat (Slang)
ROFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off (Slang)
ROHC Robust Header Compression
ROHS RoHS: Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electric and Electronic Equipment
ROI Rectangle/Region Of Interest
ROI Return Of Investment
ROK Reseller Option Kit
ROKSO Register Of Known Spam Operations
ROLAP Relational Online Analytical Processing
ROLZ Reduced Offset Lempel Ziv (Algorithmus)
ROM RAID On the Motherboard
ROM Read Only Memory
ROMB RAID On Motherboard
RONJA Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access
ROP Raster/Remote Operation(s)
ROP Readout Protection
ROP Return-oriented Programming
ROP RISC Operation
ROPES Rapid Object Oriented Process for Embedded Systems
ROPS Remote Operations Service
ROS Record On Silicon
ROS Remote Operation Service
ROS Resident Operating System
ROS Robot Operating System
ROSA Receive Only Satellite Antenna
ROSE RATS Open System Environment
ROSE Research Open Systems for Europe
ROSE Remote Operations Service Element/Entity
ROSIDS Rapid Open Source Intelligence Deployment System
ROTD Release Of The Day
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing (Slang)
ROW Rest Of the World
RP Radio Paging
RP Randomized Polynomial time
RP Rendezvous Point
RPA Remote Passphrase Authentication
RPA Robotic Process Automation
RPB Radio-Praktiker-Bücherei, Franzis-Verlag
RPB Reverse Path Broadcasting
RPC Radio Paging Call
RPC Regional Playback Control
RPC Remote Procedure Call
RPC Root Path Cost
RPD Rapid Prototyping Development
RPD Recurrent Pattern Detection
RPDB Routing Policy Database
RPDFP Remote Physical Device Finger Printing
RPELPC Regular Pulse Excited Linear Predictive Coder
RPELTP Regular Pulse Excitation with Long-Term Prediction Loop
RPF Reverse Path Forwarding
RPG Record Program Generator (IBM)
RPKI Resource Public Key Infrastructure
RPL Requested Privilege Level
RPL Resident Programming Language
RPM Radio Packet Modem
RPM Rapid Prototyping Module
RPM Red Hat Package Manager
RPM Revolutions per minute
RPN Real Private Network
RPN Registered Parameter Number (MIDI)
RPN Reverse Polish Notation
RPPROM Reprogrammable PROM
RPS Receive Packet Steering
RPS Reduced Power Spinup
RPS Redundant Power Supply
RPS Remote Procedure Services
RPS Requests Per Second
RPSL Routing Policy Specification Language
RPSU Redundant Power Supply Unit
RPU Ray Processing Unit
RPZ Response Policy Zone
RQBE Relational Query By Example
RQST Request
RR Radio Regulations (ITU)
RR Real Reality
RR Receive/Receiver Ready
RR Resource Record (DNS)
RR Round Robin
RRA Remote Record Access
RRAS Routing and Remote Access Service
RRC Radio Resource Control
RRC Remote Route Collector
RRD Round Robin Database
RRDS Reduced Resolution Data Set
RRDS Relative Record Data Set
RRG Reichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft, Berlin
RRI Resource Recovery Interface
RRIP Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol
RRJ Registration Reject
RRLP Radio Resource LCS Protocol
RRN Relative Record Number
RRN Resident Registration Number
RRO Radial Run Out
RRP Registry Registrar Protocol
RRQ Registration Request
RRRR Round Robin Record Rotation (DNS)
RRT Radar Range Tracking
RRT Radio Receiver Transmitter
RRT Radio Relay Terminal
RRT Random/Randomized Response Technique
RRT Range Router Table
RRT Rapid Reprogramming Terminal
RRT Recommended Replacement Time
RRT Request Response Trace
RRT Routing Request Timer
RRZN Regionales Rechenzentrum Niedersachsen, Hannover
RS Reader Stop
RS Recommended Standard (RS-232 ...)
RS Record Separator
RS Redundant Slice(s)
RS Reed Solomon (Code)
RS Registry Service
RS Request to Send
RS Route Server
RS Router Solicitation
RS232 RS-232: Recommended Standard 232 (Norm für serielle Schnittstelle)
RS422 RS-422: Recommended Standard 422 (Norm für serielle Schnittstelle)
RSA Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
RSAC Recreational Software Advisory Council
RSB Repair Service Bureau
RSB Reservation State Block
RSBAC Rule Set Based Access Control
RSC Radio Spectrum Committee (Europe)
RSC Readability of Source Code
RSC Reduced Slot Cycle
RSC Remote Switching Center
RSC Reset Circuit
RSC Residence Service Center
RSC Reusable Software Component
RSC Root Server Confederation
RSC Route Switch Controller (Cisco)
RSC Routing Setting Controller
RSCS Remote Spooling and Communications Subsystem
RSCV Route Selection Control Vector
RSDP Root System Description Pointer
RSDT Root System Description Table
RSE Register Stack Engine
RSET Reset
RSFQ Rapid Single Flux Quantum (Logic)
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
RSIP Realm Specific Internet Protocol (parameter)
RSIS Relocateable Screen Interface Specification
RSL Radio Signaling Link
RSL Received Signal Level
RSL Registry Size Limit
RSL Request and Status Link
RSL Reserve Static Line
RSL Resilient Server Link
RSL Resource Specification Language
RSM Ruf- und Signalmaschine
RSMLT Routed Split Multi Link Trunking
RSN Real Soon Now (Slang)
RSN Robust Security Network
RSN Russian Security Newsline
RSOH Regenerator Section Overhead
RSOP RSoP: Resultant Set of Policies
RSP Required Space Character
RSPC Reed Solomon Product Code
RSPCWS Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelties to Web Surfers
RSRB Remote Source Route Bridging
RSS Radio Subsystem
RSS RDF Site Summary
RSS Really Simple Syndication
RSS Resident Set Size
RSS Rich Site Summary
RSSAC Root Server System Advisory Committee
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indication/Indicator
RST Rapid Storage Technology (Intel)
RST Readability, Signal Strength, and Tone
RST Receive Start Threshold
RST Reset and Restart
RSTE Regenerator Section Terminating Equipment
RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
RSTS Resource Sharing and Time Sharing
RSTV Rundfunkstaatsvertrag
RSU Road Side Unit
RSVD Reserved
RSVP Resource Reservation Setup Protocol
RSX Real Time Resource Sharing Executive
RT Radio Text
RT Real/Run Time
RT Receive Timing
RT Request Tracker
RT RISC Technology
RTA Runder Tisch Amateurfunk
RTAI Real Time Application Interface
RTAM Remote Terminal Access Method
RTAS Run-Time Abstraction Services
RTB Regional Testbed
RTC Real Time Clock
RTC Return To Control
RTC Reseaux Telphoniques Commutes
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RTCM Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
RTCP Realtime Transport Control Protocol
RTD Record Type Definition
RTDL Real-Time Data Link
RTE Real-Time Enterprise
RTE Right to Left Embedding
RTEID Real Time Executive Interface Definition
RTEL Reverse Telnet
RTEMS Real Time Executive for Military/Multiprocessor Systems
RTEMS Real Time Energy Management Solutions
RTF Rich Text Format
RTFAQ Read The FAQ (Slang)
RTFB Read The Funny Binary (Slang)
RTFF Read The Fantastic FAQ (Slang)
RTFM Read The Fine/Fantastic/Funny ... Manual (Slang)
RTFS Read The Funny Source (Slang)
RTK Real Time Kernel
RTK Real-Time Kinematic Positioning
RTL Register Transfer Level
RTL Resistor Transistor Logic
RTL Right To Leave (Slang)
RTL Run Time Library
RTLS Real Time Locating/Location System
RTLWS Real Time Linux Workshop
RTM Read The Manual (Slang)
RTM Real Time Modeling
RTM Release To Manufacturing
RTM Response Time Monitor
RTMP Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
RTNR Real-Time Network Routing
RTO Retransmission Timeout
RTOS Real Time Operating System
RTP Rapid Transport Protocol
RTP Realtime Transport Protocol
RTP Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post
RTP Rendezvous and Termination Protocol
RTP Realtime Transport Protocol (Internet)
RTR RARE Technical Report
RTR Rundfunk- und Telekom-Regulierungs-GmbH, Austria
RTS Ready/Request To Send
RTS Real Time System
RTS Reliable Transfer Service
RTS Remote Telnet Service
RTS Request To Send
RTSE Reliable Transfer Service Element (OSI)
RTSJ Real Time Specification for Java
RTSP Realtime Signal Processor
RTSP Realtime Streaming Protocol
RTSPS Realtime Streaming Protocol Secure/Server/Service/Specification
RTSPU Realtime Streaming Protocol Unreliable
RTT Resonant Tunneling Transistor
RTT Round-Trip Time
RTTI Run Time Type Information/Identification
RTTY Radio Teletype (Funkfernschreiben)
RTU Radio and Television Union
RTU Radio/Receiver Transmitter Unit
RTU Remote Terminal/Test/Trunking Unit
RTU Real Time Unit/UNIX/Updating
RTU Rigas Tehniska Universitate, Lettland
RTU Routing Table Update
RTV Real Time Video
RTWFQ Read The Whole Fantastic Question (Slang)
RU Remote/Request/Response Unit
RUA Remote User Agent
RUC Reservation Upon Collision (Scheme)
RULL Rechnerunterstütztes Lehren und Lernen
RUM Rechenzentrum Universität Mannheim
RUMMS Rechenzentrum Universität Mannheim Mail Server
RUOK Are You Ok (Slang)
RUP Rational Unified Process
RUS Rechenzentrum der Universität Stuttgart
RUSH Remote Use of Shared Hardware
RUTE Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition (Linux)
RV Real Virtuality
RV Rotational Vibration
RVI Rapid Virtualization Indexing (AMD)
RVI Reverse Interrupt
RVL Ringverteilungsleiter
RVML Rich Vector Markup Language
RVP Rendezvous Protocol
RVS Rotational Vibration Safeguard
RVSA Remote Variant Selection Algorithm
RW Rewritable
RWB Responsive Workbench
RWI Reset Window Indicator
RWI Reversed Word Index
RWM Read Write Memory
RWP RIP While Printing
RWS Rufweiterschaltung
RWT Random Walk Theory
RWTH Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, Aachen
RX Receive Data
RX Receiver
RXC Receive Clock
RXD Received Data
RYS Read Your Screen (Slang)
RZ Rechenzentrum
RZ Return to Zero
RZG Rechenzentrum Garching (MPG)
RZM Root Zone Maintainer


S Service, Signal, Standard, Synchron, System
S Signal Timing
S Steuerleitung
S0 ACPI System State S0: Working (= G0)
S1 Sondernetz 1 (DDR)
S1 Sleeping State 1 (ACPI)
S2 ACPI System State S2: CPU powered off
S2M ISDN Wählverbindung 2 Mbit/s
S3 ACPI System State S3: Standby/Sleep
S3 Simple Storage Service
S4 ACPI System State S4: Hibernation
S5 ACPI System State S5: Soft Off (= G2)
SA Security Association
SA Selective Availability (GPS)
SA Soft Affinity
SA Software Assurance
SA Source Address
SA SpamAssassin
SA Structured Analysis
SA System Administrator
SAA Silly And Awkward (Slang)
SAA Single Assignment Approach
SAA System/Systems Application Architecture
SAAL Signalling AAL
SAAS SaaS: Software As A Service
SAB Standards Activities Board (IEEE/CS)
SABM Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode
SABME Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
SAC Seismic Analysis Code
SAC Service Access Controller
SAC Single Attached/Attachment Component/Concentrator
SAC Special Area Code
SAC Syntax-based Arithmetic Coding
SACCH Slow Associated Control Channel
SACD Super Audio Compact Disk
SACEADM System Auxiliary Control Element Administration
SACECP System Auxiliary Control Element Common Pair
SACEM Societe des Auteurs Compositeurs Editeurs de Musique
SACK Selective Acknowledgement
SACL System Access Control List
SACNET Secure Automated Communications Network
SACT SPARC Application Conformance Toolkit
SAD Security Association Database
SADT Structured Analysis and Design Technique
SAE Self Addressed Envelope
SAE Simultaneous Authentication of Equals
SAF Service Access Facility
SAFI Subsequence Address Family Identifier
SAFIR Service ATM Federateur et d'Interconnexion de Renater
SAFT Simple Asynchronous File Transfer (Protocol)
SAGA Standards und Architekturen für eGovernment-Anwendungen
SAGE (UNIX) System Administrators' Guild
SAIC Single Antenna Interference Cancellation
SAIL Stanford AI Laboratory
SAINT Symbolic Automatic Integrator
SAK Secure Attention Key
SAKD Sächsische Anstalt für Kommunale Datenverarbeitung
SAL Self Addressed Envelope
SAL Structured Assembly Language
SALT Speech Application Language Tag
SALT SuSE Advanced Linux Technology
SAM SCSI Architecture Model
SAM Security Access/Account Manager/Module
SAM Sequential Access Method
SAM Serial Access Memory
SAM Smart ATM Modul
SAM Storage and Archive Manager
SAM Synchronous Address Multiplexer
SAM System Administration Manager (tool)
SAMI Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange
SAML Security Assertion Markup Language
SAN Satellite Access Network
SAN Schulen ans Netz e. V.
SAN Standard Address Number
SAN Storage/System Area Network
SANDRA System Analyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant (Software)
SANE Scanner Access Now Easy
SANE Standard Apple Numeric Environment
SANS SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (Institute)
SAO Sample Adaptive Offset
SAO Session At Once
SAP Secure Audio Path
SAP Send And Pray
SAP Service Access Point (OSI)
SAP Service Advertising Protocol (Novell)
SAP Session Announcement Protocol
SAP SIM Access Profile
SAP Symbolic Assembler Program
SAP Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte (AG), Walldorf
SAPI Service Access Point Identifier
SAPI Streams Application Programming Interface
SAPIC Streamlined Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
SAR Search And Rescue
SAR Segmentation And Reassembling/Reassembly
SAR Smurf Amplifier Registry
SAR Specific Absorption Rate
SAR Starkstromanschalterelais
SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARC Symantec Antivirus Research Center
SARCOM Search And Rescue Communication
SARE SpamAssassin Rules Emporium
SARM Set Asynchronous Response Mode
SARME Set Asynchronous Response Mode Extended
SARP Search And Rescue Processor
SARPA Security Advanced Research Projects Agency, USA
SARSAT Search And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking
SART Search And Rescue (Radar) Transponder
SARTG Scandinavian Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group
SAS Secure Attention Sequence
SAS Security Association
SAS Serial Attached SCSI
SAS Short Authentication String
SAS Signature Authority System
SAS Single Attached/Attachment Station (FDDI)
SAS Speicher- und Anforderungssteuerung
SAS Statistical Analysis System
SASDB Security Association Data Base
SASE Self Addressed and Stamped Envelope
SASI Shugart Associates System Interface
SASL St. Andrews Static Language
SASL Simple Authentication and Security Layer
SASL Single Assignment Language
SAT Satisfiability Problem
SAT SCSI to ATA Translation
SATA Serial AT Bus Attachment
SATAN Security Analysis/Administrator's Tool for Analyzing/Auditing Networks
SATL SCSI ATA Translation Layer
SAV Sender Address Verification
SAVA Source Address Validation Architecture
SAW Surface Acoustic Wave (Filter)
SAX Simple API for XML
SB Session Besn (Java)
SB Southbridge
SB Standby Indicator
SB System Builder
SB8 Slicing By Eight (Code)
SBA Small Business Administration/Advantage
SBAS Satellite Based Augmentation System
SBC SCSI Block Commands
SBC Server Based Computing
SBC Single Board Computer
SBC Smart Bitrate Control
SBC Subband Codec
SBCS Single Byte Character/Command Set
SBE Single Byte Extension
SBE Society of Broadcast Engineers (USA)
SBFB Swing Bean Form Builder
SBL Spamhaus Block List
SBM Small Business Mode/Modus
SBOD Switched Bunch Of Discs
SBOX S-Box: Substitution Box (cryptography)
SBP Serial Bus Protocol
SBP Structured Buffer Pool
SBR Spectral Band Replication
SBR1 Statistical Bit Rate Configuration 1
SBS Secure Boot System
SBS Small Business Server (Microsoft)
SBST Smart Battery Status Table
SBT Six Bit Transcode
SBUP System Backup Partition
SBV Skeletonization Based Vectorization
SC Secondary Channel
SC Send Common
SC Sequential Consistency
SC Smart Card
SC Storage Compatibility
SC Subcommittee
SC Subscriber Channel (Sonnector)
SCA Security Control and Audit
SCA Shared Call Appearance
SCA Single Connector Attachment
SCA Software Communications Architecture
SCA Strong Customer Authentication
SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCADDS Scalable Coordination Architectures for Deeply Distributed Systems
SCAM SCSI Configured Automagically
SCART Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radio Recepteurs et Televiseurs
SCB Subsystem Control Block
SCC Satellite Control Center
SCC SCSI Controller Commands
SCC Serial Communication Controller
SCC Small Card Clearing
SCC Specialized Common Carrier
SCC Spontaneous Computer Combustion
SCC Standards Coordinating Committee (IEEE/CS)
SCC Synchronous Channel Check
SCCP Signal/Signalling Connection Control Port
SCCP Skinny Call Control Protocol
SCCS Source Code Control System
SCCS Southern California Computer Society
SCD Standard Color Display
SCD Structured Charts Diagram
SCDJWS Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services
SCE Service Creation Environment
SCEA Signal Conditioning Electronics Assembly
SCEA Sony Computer Entertainment America/Australia/Austria
SCEA Sun Certified Enterprise Architect
SCF Service Control Function
SCF System Control Facility
SCI Scalable Coherent Interconnect
SCI Software Composable Infrastructure
SCI Special Circumstance Instructions
SCI Strategic Computing Inititative
SCI System Control Interrupt
SCIM Smart Commom Input Method
SCL Scanner/Screen/Simulation/Software/System Control Language
SCL Semiconductor Laser
SCL Serial/System Clock Line
SCL Serial Number revocation List
SCL Simple Common Logic
SCL Smart Card Logon
SCL SOAP Contract Language
SCL Society for Computers + Law, UK
SCL Spam Confidence Level
SCL Substitution Configuration Language
SCL Switch to Computer Link
SCL Symbolic Correction Loader
SCL System Communications Link (Cisco)
SCLK Slave Clock
SCLM Software Configuration Library Management/Manager (IBM)
SCM Selected Communication Mode
SCM Software Configuration Management
SCM Supply Chain Management
SCM Switch Control Module
SCML Spectrum Cataloging Markup Language
SCMS Serial Copy Management System
SCN Switched Circuit Network
SCN System Change/Commit Number
SCNR Sorry, Could Not Resist (Slang)
SCO (The) Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
SCO Structured Complex Object
SCO Synchronous Connection Oriented
SCORM Shareable Content Object Reference Model
SCOS Single Copy Object Store
SCP Seattle Computer Products, USA
SCP Secure Copy
SCP Service Control Point
SCP Session Control Protocol
SCP Short Circuit Protection
SCP Sleek Control Protocol (HP)
SCP Subsystem Control Port
SCPC Single CHannel Per Carrier
SCPI Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments
SCPT Software Certification Process Team
SCPT Standard Config Property Type
SCPT Sub-capacity Planning Tool (IBM)
SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCR Standard Context Routing
SCR Sustainable/Sustained Cell Rate
SCS Secondary Clear to Send
SCS SNA Communication Service
SCS System Communication Services
SCSA Signal Computing System Architecture
SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface
SCSL Sun Community Source Licensing
SCSP Server Cache Synchronization Protocol
SCSSI Service Central de la Securite des Systemes d'Information
SCSU Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode
SCTE Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
SCTP Screened Twisted Pair (cable)
SCTP Shape-Controlled Traffic Pattern
SCTP Simple Control Transport Protocol
SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol
SCTS Secondary Clear To Send
SCTT Strong Church Turing Thesis
SCU System Control Unit
SCUMM Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion
SCUMMVM Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine
SD Sales + Distribution
SD Secure Digital (card)
SD Send Data
SD Shutdown
SD Single Density
SD Staircase Deadline (scheduler)
SD Starting Delimiter
SD Structured Design
SD Super Density (Compact Disk)
SD2 Sound Designer 2
SDA Scalable Disk Array
SDA Start of/Secure Domain Authority
SDA Swappable Data Area
SDA System Design Automation
SDAP Service Discovery Applcation Profile (Bluetooth)
SDB Security Policy Database
SDBM Selective Directed Broadcast Mode
SDC Secondary Domain Controller
SDC Secure Digital Card
SDC Service Description Channel
SDC Silent Data Corruption
SDCC Small Device C Compiler
SDCCH Stand Alone Dedicated Control Channel
SDCD Secondary Data Carrier Detect
SDD Super Density Disk
SDDC Single Device Data Correction
SDDI Serial Digital Data Interface
SDDI Shielded Twisted Pair Distributed Data Interface
SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
SDE Software Development Environment
SDF Signal Delay Format
SDF Space Delimited File/Format
SDF Standard/System Data Format
SDF Structured Display File
SDF System Data File
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDHC Secure Digital High Capacity (Card)
SDHT Selectively Doped Hetero Transistor
SDI Selective Dissemination of Information
SDI Serial Device/Digital Interface
SDI Single Document Interface
SDIF Standard Document Interchange Format
SDIGN Vorschriftensammlung für digitale Netze
SDIO Secure Digital Input/Output
SDK Software Development/Developer's Kit
SDL Scene Description Language
SDL Security Development Lifecycle
SDL Simple Direct Media Layer
SDLC Software Development Life Cycle
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control (IBM)
SDLP Standard Device Level Protocol
SDLT Super Digital Linear Tape
SDM Secure Digital Mini (card)
SDM Security Device Manager
SDM Short Data Message
SDM Sub-rate Data Multiplexer
SDMA Space Division Multiple Access
SDMI Secure Digital Music Inititative
SDMS SCSI Device Management System
SDN Software Defined Network/Networking
SDNS Secure Data Network Service/System
SDO Servicedatenobjekt
SDP Service Discovery Protocol
SDP Session Description Protocol
SDP Shared Development Process
SDP Software Delivery Platform
SDP Standard Directory Package (Apple)
SDPS Science/Service/Shared/Spatial/Standard/Surveillance Data Processing Software/System
SDPS Secure Digital Paper Seal
SDPS Standard Dial-up POP3 Service
SDR Session Director
SDR Single Data Rate
SDR Software Defined Radio
SDR Streaming Data Request
SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SDS Sample Dump Standard
SDS Software Distribution Service (OSF)
SDS Subdivision Surface
SDSC San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA
SDSE Shadowed DSA-Specific Entry
SDSL Single Line/Single Pair/Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
SDSS Sloan Digital Sky Survey
SDT Service Description Table
SDTI Serial Data Transport Interface
SDTS Spatial Data Transfer Standard
SDTV Standard Definition Television
SDU Service/Signalling Data Unit
SDV Switched Digital Video
SDX Storage Data Acceleration
SDXC Secure Digital Extended Capacity
SDXC Synchronous Digital Cross Connect
SDXF Structured Data Exchange Format
SE Schutzerde (protective ground)
SE Second Editon
SE Shared Everything
SE Single Ended
SE Sponsored Edition
SE-SCSI Single Ended SCSI
SEA Schoof, Elkes, Atkin
SEA Self Extracting Archive
SEA Sensory, Elastic and Adaptive (interface)
SEA Society for Electronic Access
SEAL Screening External Access Link
SEBD Software Engineering Bibliographic Database (DACS)
SEC Single Error Correction
SEC Standard Ethernet Controller
SECAM Sequentiel Couleur Avec Memoire
SECBR Severely Errored Cell Block Ratio
SECC Single Edge Contact Cartridge
SECDED Single Error Correction, Double Error Detection
SECOQC Secure Communication based on Quantum Cryptography
SED Self Encrypting Drive
SED Smoke Emitting Diode
SED Spectral Energy Distribution
SED Stream Editor (UNIX)
SED Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display
SEDAS Standardregelungen einheitlicher Datenaustausch
SEDRIS Synthetic Environment Data Representaion and Interchange Specification
SEE Software Engineering Environment
SEED Self Electro-optical Effect Device
SEED Software Engineering for Educational Development
SEED System for Exchange of Excise Data
SEEFUST Seefunkstelle
SEEK Secure Electronic Exchange of Keys
SEEM Simple Efficient Extensible Mesh
SEH Structured Exception Handler
SEHOP Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection
SEI Supplemental Enhancement Information
SEL Security Enhanced Linux
SEL Selector
SEL Standard Elektrik Lorenz AG
SEL System Event Log/Logger
SEM Search Engine Marketing
SEM Server Enhancement Module
SEMA Simple Electromagnetic Analysis
SEMPER Secure Electronic Marketplace for Europe
SEMPRIA Semantic Processing for Information Access
SEND Search Engine for NAL Database
SEND Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data
SEND Stolen Equipment National Database, UK
SEO Search Engine Optimization/Optimizer
SEO Sequences Number
SEP Separation
SEP Somebody Else's Problem (Slang, DA)
SEPA Single Euro Payments Area
SEPI School Educational Provision Improvement
SEPP Secure Electronic Payment Protocol
SEPP Single Edge Processor Package
SER Soft Error Rate
SERP Search Engine Result Page
SES SCSI Enclosure Services
SES Secure Easy Setup
SES Ship Earth Station
SES Societe Europeenne des Satellites
SESAME Secure European System for Applications in a Multi-Vendor Environment
SESK Session Key
SET Secure Electronic Transaction
SET Setkey
SET Shortest Elapsed Time
SET Single Electron Transistor
SET Standard d'Exchange et de Transfer
SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
SEU Serial Encryption Unit
SEU Smallest Executable Unit
SEUL Simple End User Linux
SEX Software Exchange
SF Select/Send Frequency
SF Sign Flag
SF Single Frequency
SF Store and Forward
SFA Sales Force Automation
SFAUSL Vorschriftensammlung Fernmeldeverkehr Ausland
SFC Software Freedom Conservancy, USA
SFC System File Checker
SFD Start Frame Delimiter
SFF Small Form Factor
SFI Simple Firmware Interface (Intel)
SFINX Service for French Internet Exchange
SFLAAE/BS Star Fleet Ladies Auxiliary and Embroidery/Baking Society
SFLC Software Freedom Law Center, New York, USA
SFMJI Sorry For My Jumping In (Slang)
SFMT SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister
SFN Single Frequency Network (Gleichwellennetz)
SFP Single Function Peripheral
SFP Super Fine Positioning
SFP System File Protection
SFPS Secure Fast Packet Switching
SFQ Stochastic Fair/Fairness Queuing
SFQL Structured Full-text Query Language
SFR Single-frequency Network
SFR Split Frame Rendering
SFS Scalable/Secure File Share/System
SFS Security Feature Set
SFS Smart File System (Amiga)
SFS Stepless Frequency Selection
SFS Storage Attached Network File System
SFSB Stateful Session Bean (Java)
SFT System Fault Tolerance
SFT System File Table
SFTM Switched Frame Transfer Mode
SFTP S/FTP: Screened Foiled Twisted Pair (cable)
SFTP Simple File Transfer Protocol
SFU Services For Unix
SFU Special Function Unit
SFURD Stadtfunkrufdienst
SFV Standard-Festverbindung
SFX Self Extracting
SFX Small Formfactor Extended
SFX Side/Sound/Special Effects
SFX Suffix
SFX Super FX (coprocessor)
SG Signal Ground
SG Sparse Grid
SG Supergroup
SGA Shared/System Global Area
SGC SCSI Graphic Commands
SGCP Simple Gateway Control Protocol
SGDB Service de Genomique du Departement de Biologie, ENS Paris
SGF Smart Go Format
SGI Silicon Graphics, Inc.
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGMP Simple Gateway Management/Monitoring Protocol (Internet)
SGPS Simple Global Positioning System (protocol)
SGRAM Synchronous Graphical Random Access Memory
SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node
SH Sample and Hold, S/H
SH Schöpfungshöhe (Wikipedia)
SH3 SH-3: SuperH-3 (microprocessor, by Hitachi)
SHA Secure Hash Algorithm
SHA Super High Availability
SHAFT Society to Help Abolish FORTRAN Teaching
SHAR Shell Archive
SHARL Specified Home Appliance Recycling Law, Japan
SHDSL Single-pair High Speed Digital Subscriber Line
SHF Super High Frequency
SHIA Strongly Hedonistic Internet Area
SHIFT Scalable, Heterogeneous, Integrated Facility
SHIT Secure Home Internet Telephony (Slang)
SHM Semantical Hierarchy Model
SHM Short Hold Mode
SHOE Simple HTML Ontology Extensions
SHORE Sophisticated Highspeed Object Recognition Engine
SHP Stereo High Profile
SHRS Sehen, Hören, Riechen, Schmecken (Multimedia)
SHTML Server-parsed Hypertext Markup Language
SHV Standard High Volume
SHY Soft/Syllable Hyphen
SI Service Interaction
SI Shift In
SI Signalling Rate Indicator
SI Simple Interface (Cray to UNIX)
SI Source Index
SI Still Image (Exchange)
SI System Information
SI Systeme International d'Unites
SIA Semiconductor Industries Association
SIA Serial Interface Adapter
SIAM Supraleitendes Intelligentes Antennen-Modul
SIASL Stranger In A Strange Land (Slang)
SIB Scaled Index Based
SIC Standard Industry Code
SICAS Semiconductor International Capacity Statistics
SICC Secure Interoperable Chip Card
SID Security Identification/Identifier
SID Session Identifier
SID Silence Descriptor
SID Society for Information Display
SID Station Identification
SID Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance
SID Symbolic Interactive Debugger
SIE Serial Interface Engine
SIEM Security Information and Event Management
SIF Stateful Inspection Firewall
SIFS Short Inter Frame Space
SIFT Stanford Information Filtering Tool
SIG Selective Integral Ground
SIG Software/Special Interest Group
SIGCAT Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology
SIGG Signaturgesetz
SIGIR Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval
SIGPLAN Special Interest Group on Programming Languages
SIH Super Information Highway
SIHFT Software Implemented Hardware Fault Tolerance
SII Static Invocation Interface
SIIT Stateless IP/ICMP Translation (Algorithm)
SIL Solid Immersion Lens
SILC Secure Internet Live Conferencing
SILK Speech, Image, Language, Knowledge
SIM Set Initialization Mode
SIM Single IP Management
SIM Subscriber Identification/Identity Module
SIMA Support Initiative for Multimedia Applications
SIMAP S-IMAP: Secure Internet Mail Access Protocol
SIMCA Sitting In My Chair Amused (Slang)
SIMD Single Instruction Multiple Data (instruction, stream)
SIMM Single Inline Memory Module
SIMP Simple Intermachine Protocol
SIMPLE Sheer Idiots Monopurpose Programming Language Environment
SIMPLE SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
SIN Serial Data In
SIN Service Indicator (ISDN)
SINA Sichere Internet-Anbindung/Architektur (BSI)
SINA SISY Integriertes FTP-Server Archiv, Karlsruhe
SINAD Signal-to-noise and Distortion (ratio)
SINIX (kein/not an acronym, Siemens version of Unix)
SINPO Signal strength, Interference, Noise, Propagation disturbance, Overall merit
SIO Serial Input Output
SIO Simultaneous Interface Operation
SIOM Server Input/Output Module
SIOM Software Input/Output Manual
SION Scalable I/O Network
SIP SaaS Integration Platform
SIP Scilab Image Processing
SIP SCSI Interlock Protocol
SIP Second/Simple Internet Protocol
SIP Secure Internet Programming (Princeton U.)
SIP Server Interface Pod (Dell)
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SIP Simple Internet Protocol
SIP SMDS Interface Protocol
SIP Society of Internet Professionals, Canada
SIP Soft Input Panel
SIP Software Isolated Process
SIP Standard Interchange Protocol
SIP Strongly Implicit Procedure
SIP Submission Information Package
SIP System Information Processor
SIP System Idle Process
SIPC Simple Integrated/Interactive Personal Computer
SIPO Serial In Serial Out
SIPP Simple Internet Protocol Plus
SIPP Simple Polygon Processor
SIPP Single In-Line Pin Package
SIPP Stable Image PC Platform
SIPP Stable Image Platform Program (Intel)
SIR Serial Infrared Communication (Hewlett-Packard)
SIRDS Single Image Random Dot Stereogram
SIRF (SiRF Technology Inc., USA)
SIRI Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface (Apple)
SIS Schengen Information System
SIS Silicon Isotope Superlattice (Technology)
SIS Stateful Inspection System
SISD Single Instruction Single Data(stream)
SISLICE SI-SLICE: Switching Intra Slice (Video)
SISO Serial In, Serial Out
SISO Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization
SISSL Sun Industry Standards Source License
SISY Software Informations-System, Karlsruhe
SIT Satellite Interactive Terminal
SIT (Fraunhofer-Institut für) Sichere Informationstechnologie, Darmstadt + München
SIT Simple Internet Transition
SIT Special Information Tone
SITD Still In The Dark (Slang)
SITOR Simple Telex Over Radio
SITP Strategic Information Technology Plan, DoC, USA
SITP System Integration Test Plan
SIW Simulation Interoperability Workshop
SIWG Special Interest Working Group
SJCC Spring Joint Computer Conference
SJF Shortest Job First
SJF Super Jumbo Frame (Ethernet)
SK Schneider + Koch, Ettlingen
SK Server Key
SK Synchronknoten
SKA Shared Key Authentication
SKAS Separate Kernel Address Space
SKIP Simple Key Management for Internet Protocols
SKS Synchronizing Key Server
SKU Stock Keeping Unit (Artikelnummer)
SL Second Life
SL Session Layer
SL Shading/Specification Language
SL Single Layer
SL Slave (drive)
SL Supervised Learning
SLA Schnelllöschantrag (Wikipedia)
SLA Sealed Lead Acid (Battery)
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLA Site Level Aggregation/Aggregator
SLAAC Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (IPv6)
SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLAP Sounds Like A Plan (Slang)
SLAPI Salutation Application Programming Interface
SLC Second Level Cache
SLC Single Level Cell
SLC Synchronous Link Control
SLD Second/Sub Level Domain
SLDRAM Synchronous Link Dynamic RAM
SLED Single Large Expensive Disk
SLED Software Life Cycle Experience Database (DACS)
SLED SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
SLES SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SLF Stored/Symbol List File
SLF Subscription Locator Function
SLF Super Low Frequency
SLI Scalable Link Interface/Interleave
SLI Scanline Interleave
SLI System Level Integration
SLIAA Scalable Link Interface Anti-Aliasing
SLIP Serial Line Interface Protocol (Internet)
SLIP Symmetric List Processor
SLIT System Locality Distance Information Table
SLM Salutation Manager
SLO Service Level Object
SLOC Source Lines Of Code
SLOS SuSE Linux Office Server
SLP School License Program
SLP Service Location Protocol
SLP Single Link Protocol
SLP System Load Partition
SLPB Sleep Button (ACPI)
SLR Scalable Linear Recording
SLS Service Level Specification
SLSB Stateless Session Bean (Java)
SLSI Super Large Scale Integration
SLT Speech and Language Technology
SLU Secondary Logical Unit
SLU Site Local Use
SLV Single Language Vendor
SLURM Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management
SM Security Management
SM Set Mode
SM Shadow Map
SM Sparse Mode
SM System Management/Manager
SMA Shared Memory Architecture
SMA Sharing with Minimum Allocation
SMA Sub Miniature Assembly (Connector)
SMAC Sensor Media/Medium Access Control
SMACK Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel
SMACS Schema Mapping Application Compiler System
SMACS Smart Multi-Access Communication Service
SMACS Stochastic Modelling and Analysis of Communication Systems
SMAE Systems Management Application Entity
SMAP Simple Mail Access Protocol
SMAP System Management Application Process
SMART Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
SMART Software Metering and Resource Tracking
SMASE System Management Application Service Element
SMB Server/Session Message Block
SMB Small and Medium Business
SMB System Management Bus
SMC Secure Messaging Card
SMC Standard Microsystems, Inc.
SMC System Management Controller (Apple)
SMCC Sun Microsystems Computer Corp.
SMD Schiffsmeldedienst
SMD Storage Modul Device
SMD Surface Mounted Device
SMDC Server Management Daughter Card
SMDR Station Message Detail Recording
SMDS Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service, USA
SMDSU Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service Unit
SME Secure Memory Encryption (AMD)
SME Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMES Solutions for Manufacturing Enterprise Systems
SMF Service Management Facility
SMF Simple Message Format
SMF Single Mode Fiber
SMF Standard Midi File
SMF System Manager Facility
SMFA System Management Functional Area
SMG Social Media Guideline(s)
SMG Supermastergroup
SMI Secure Monitor Interrupt
SMI Serial Management Interface
SMI Structure of Management Information
SMI System Management (mode) Interrupt
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMIS Safety/Supply/System Management Information System
SMIS Service Marketing Information System
SMIS Storage Management Initiative Specification
SMIT System Management Interface Tool (IBM)
SMK Software Migration Kit
SML Simple Macro Language
SML Simple Mailing List
SML Simplified Markup Language
SML Smart Message Language
SML Standard Math Library
SML Standard Metalanguage
SMLT Split Multi Link Trunking
SMM Social Media Monitoring
SMM Start of Manual Message
SMM System Management Mode
SMOLED SM-OLED: Small Molecules OLED
SMON Switched Monitoring Network
SMOP Small/Simple Matter Of Programming
SMP Simple Management Protocol (Internet)
SMP Standard Message Package (Apple)
SMP Standby Monitor Presence
SMP Symmetrical/Synchronous Multi-Processing
SMP SONET Physical Layer Mapping
SMPS Switching Mode Power Supply (Schaltnetzteil)
SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, USA
SMR Shingled Magnetic Recording
SMR Signal to Mask Ration
SMS Satellite Multi-Service System
SMS Service/Security Management Station/System
SMS Short Message Service
SMS Sinusoidal Modeling Synthesis
SMS Software Management System
SMS Storage Management Services
SMS Subsystem Management Service (OSF)
SMS System Management Server
SMSC Short Message Service Center
SMSCB Short Message Service Cell Broadcast
SMSI Sommet Mondial de la Societe de l'Information
SMSMO SMS Mobile Station Originated
SMSMT SMS Mobile Station Terminated
SMSP Storage Management Services Protocol
SMT Simultaneous Multi Texturing/Threading
SMT Simultaneous/Symmetrical Multithreading (Technology)
SMT Station Management
SMT Surface Mounted Technology
SMTI Systems Management Tools Initiative
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Internet)
SMTPE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMU System Management Utility
SMUX SNMP Multiplexing Protocol
SMXQ Sharing with Maximum Queues
SN Sequence Number
SN S/N: Signal/Noise (ratio)
SN Social Network
SN Subscriber Number
SNA Social Network Analysis
SNA Systems Network Architecture (IBM)
SNACP SNA Control Protocol
SNADS SNA Distribution Services
SNAFU Situation Normal All Fed/Fucked Up (Slang)
SNAP Streamlined Network Accelerated Protocol
SNAP Subnetwork Access/Attachement Point/Protocol
SNAPI Soft Switch Network Application Programming Interface
SNCP Single Node Control Point
SNCP System Services Control Point
SNCS Secure Network Computer Server
SNEP Simple NDEF Exchange Format
SNES Scalable Nonlinear Euqations Solver
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
SNES System of Nonlinear Equations
SNF Server Natural/Normal Format
SNF Session Sequence Number Field
SNI Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG, Paderborn
SNI Subscriber Network Identifier/Interface
SNIA Storage Networking Industry Association
SNK Secure Network Key
SNK Strong Name Key
SNK Student Newman-Keuls (test)
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol (Internet)
SNMPV2 Simple Network Management Protocol Version 2 (Internet)
SNOBOL String Oriented Symbolic Language
SNP Sequence Number Protection
SNPP Simple Network Paging Protocol
SNR Saved Number Redial
SNR Serial Number
SNR Signal to Noise Ratio
SNRM Set Normal Response Mode
SNRME Set Normal Response Mode Extended
SNS Session Network Services
SNS Social Network Service
SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol
SNVT Standard Network Variable Type
SO Shift Out
SO Small Outline (DIMM)
SO Supporting Organization
SOA Service Order Activation
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SOA Start Of (zone of) Authority (DNS)
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOB Start Of Block
SOB Statement Of Boredom
SOC Security Operations Center
SOC Serial Optical Channel
SOC Service Oversight Center
SOC Services Oriented Communications/Computing
SOC Standard Operating Conditions
SOC Standards for Online Communication
SOC Start Of Cell/Codestream
SOC SoC: State Of Charge (Batterie)
SOC System On (a) Chip
SOC System Operator Code
SOC System Overload Control
SOC Systems and Options Catalog
SODIMM Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
SOE Standard Operating Environment
SOES State Of Email Security
SOFDMA Scalable Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access
SOFL Structured Object-Oriented Formal Language
SOG Sync On Green
SOGT Senior Officials Group on Telecommunications
SOH Section Overhead
SOH Start of Header/Heading
SOH State Of Health (Battery)
SOHO Small Office, Home Office
SOI Signal Of Interest
SOI Silicon On Insulator
SOIF Summary Object Interchange Format
SOIP Storage Over IP
SOIX SoIX: Service-oriented Interconnection
SOL Seniors/Senioren On Line
SOL SoL: Serial over LAN
SOL Siemens Optical Link
SOL Simulation Oriented Language
SOL Special Object Library
SOLAS (International Convention for the) Safety Of Life At Sea
SOM Start Of Message
SOM System Object Model (IBM)
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SONETT Soziales Netz Telecommunikation
SOP Same Origin Policy
SOP Service Object Pair
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act (USA)
SOPE Skyrix Object Publishing Environment
SORBS Spam and Open Relay Blocking System
SOS Silicon On Sapphire
SOS Sophisticated Operating System
SOS Start Of Significance
SOSI Shift Out Shift In
SOSIG Social Science Information Gateway
SOTDMA Self Organising Time Division Multiple Access
SOTIS Self-Organizing Traffic Information System
SOUP Simple Offline Usenet Packet
SOUT Serial Data Out
SOX Sound Exchange (File)
SP Service Pack/Provider
SP Segment Priority
SP Single Precision
SP Space (Leertaste)
SP Stack Pointer
SP Strict Priority
SP System Program
SPA Secure Password Authentication
SPA Service Point Application
SPA Simple Power Analysis
SPA Software Publishers' Association
SPADA Sprache und Daten
SPAG Standards Promotion and Application Group (OSI)
SPAM Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail, Shit Posing As Mail (Slang)
SPAN Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks
SPAN Switched Port Analyzer
SPAP Shiva Password Authentication Protocol
SPARC Scalable Processor Architecture
SPB Synchronous Pipelined Bus
SPC SCSI Primary Commands
SPC Small Peripheral Controller
SPC Statistical Process Control
SPC Stored Program Control
SPC Sub-Process Control
SPD Scalable Performance Data
SPD Secondary Pool Descriptor
SPD Secure Payload Database
SPD Security Policy Database
SPD Selective Packet Delay
SPD Senior Program Developer
SPD Serial Poll Disable
SPD Serial Port Data
SPD Serial Presence Detect
SPD Sharable Private Disk
SPD Silicon Photo Diode
SPD Silicon Pixel Detector
SPD Simple Pattern Detection
SPD Simplified Printer Description
SPD Single Programming Document
SPD Software/System Preliminary Design
SPD Software Product Description
SPD Software Products Division
SPD Spectral Power Density/Distribution
SPD Speed
SPD Sponsored Program Development
SPD Spool Positioning Device
SPD Storage Pool Deficiency
SPD Structured Program Developmenr
SPD Summary Program Description
SPD Surge Protection/Protector Device
SPDA Supplier Data Program
SPDC Self Protecting Digital Content
SPDEEPROM Serial Presence Detect Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
SPDIF Sony and Philips Digital Interconnect/Interface Format
SPDK Storage Performance Development Kit
SPDL Standard Page Description Language
SPDN Shared Private Data Network
SPDT Single-Pole Double-Throw (Relay)
SPDU Session Protocol Data Unit
SPE Sperreinrichtung (Telefon)
SPE Superparamagnetic Effect
SPE Symbolic Programming Environment
SPE Synchronous Payload Envelope
SPE Synergistic Processor/Processing Element
SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPEKE Simple Password authenticated Exponential Key Exchange
SPF Security/Sender Policy Framework
SPF Sender Permitted From (obsolet)
SPF Shortest Path First
SPF System Programming Facility
SPG Service Protocol Gateway
SPI SCSI-3 Parallel Interface
SPI Security Parameter Index
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface
SPI Server Programming Interface
SPI Service Provider Interface
SPI Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
SPI Stateful Packet Inspection
SPI Symbolic Probabilistic Inference
SPICE Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
SPICE Spacecraft, Planet, Instruments, C Matrix, Events
SPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPIM Spam over Instant Messaging
SPINE Shared Program Information Network
SPIT Spam over Internet Telephony
SPK Software Porting Kit
SPKM Simple Public Key GSS-API Mechanism
SPL Spooler/Spooling
SPL Standard PHP Library
SPLD Simple Programmable Logic Device
SPM Session Protocol Machine
SPM System Performance Monitor (IBM)
SPMD Single Program Multiple Data
SPML Service Provisioning Markup Language
SPMP Software Project Management Plan
SPMS Software Project Management System
SPN Service Principal Name
SPN Stochastic Petri Net
SPNR Special People Numbers Registry
SPOC Search And Rescue Point Of Contact
SPOF Single Point Of Failure
SPOOL Simultaneous Peripherals Operation On Line
SPOT Single Point Of Truth
SPOT Systeme Pour l'Observation de la Terre
SPP Scalable Parallel Processing
SPP Sequenced/Sequential Packet Protocol
SPP Serial/Service Port Profile (Bluetooth)
SPP Standard Parallel Port
SPPI Structure of Policy Provisioning Information
SPR Software Performance Report
SPS Secure Packet Shield
SPS Sequence Parameter Set
SPS Session Presentation Services
SPS Shock Protection System
SPS Speicherprogrammierte Steuerung
SPS Standard Positioning Service/System
SPS Standby Power System
SPSI Spots Per Square Inch
SPT Sectors Per Track
SPT Shortest Processing Time
SPU Shader Processing Unit
SPU Sound Processing Unit
SPU Synergistic Processor Unit
SPV Semipermanente Verbindung
SPV Sound, Pictures, Video
SPV Sparsed Pixel Vectorization
SPWG Standard Panels Working Group (VESA)
SPX Secured/Sequenced/Sequential Packet/Protocol Exchange
SQ Signal Quality
SQ Signal-Quantisierungsgeräusch
SQA Safety/Software Quality Assurance
SQALE Software Quality Assessment based on Lifecycle Expectations
SQCIF Sub Quarter Common Intermediate Format
SQE Signal Quality Error (SQE Test, heartbeat, Ethernet)
SQID Superconducting Quantum Interference Device
SQL Squelch
SQL Standard/Structured Query Language
SQLCA Structured Query Language Communications Area
SQUID Source Quench Introduced Delay
SR Sampling/Send Rate
SR Session Reliability
SR Signalling Rate Selector
SR Shift Register
SR Source Routing
SRAM Shadow/Static Random Access Memory
SRAT System Resource Affinity Table
SRB Source Route Bridging (IBM)
SRB Storage Resource Broker
SRC Sampling Rate Converter
SRC Source
SRC System Resource Controller
SRD Screen Reader System
SRD Secondary Received Data
SRD Short Range Device
SREJ Selective Reject
SRES Signed Result
SRF Streaming Register File
SRI Stanford Research Institute, USA
SRIOV SR-IOV: Single Root I/O Virtualization
SRL Structural Return Loss
SRL Subject Restriction List
SRM Send Routing Message
SRM Shared Resource Manager
SRM System Renewability Message
SRMA Split-Channel Reservation Multiple Access
SRMP Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol
SRO Sharable and Read Only (memory)
SRP Security Rollup Package (Microsoft)
SRPI Server-Requester Programming Interface
SRQ Service Request
SRR Search and Rescue Region
SRR Secondary Receiver Ready
SRS Schellenberg Radio System
SRS Secondary Request to Send
SRS Sender Rewriting Scheme
SRS Shared Registry System
SRS Sound Retrieval System
SRT Secure Request Technology
SRT Shortest Remaining Time
SRT Shuttle Radar Topography (Mission)
SRT Source Route/Routing Transparent
SRTP Secure Realtime Transport Protocol
SRTS Secondary Request To Send
SRUC Split Reservation Upon Collision
SRV Server
SRX Shared Resources Exchange
SRX Speed and Range Expansion (Cisco)
SRY Sorry (Slang)
SS Sampled Servo
SS Seed/Stack Segment
SS Select Standby
SS Service Set
SS Single Shift/Sided
SS Storage Server
SS7 Signalling System No. 7
SSA Screened Subnet Architecture
SSA Serial Storage Architecture (IBM)
SSA Signal Stability-based Adaptive (routing protocol)
SSA Specialized Security Appliances
SSA Static Single Assignment
SSA Sveriges Sändareamatörer
SSAA Super-Sampling Anti-Aliasing
SSAA System Security Authorization Agreement
SSAC Security and Stability Advisory Committee (ICANN)
SSADM Structured System Analysis and Design Method/Methodology
SSAP Secure Storage Application Platform(s)
SSAP Simple Spectral Access Protocol
SSAP Solid State Audio Player
SSAP Session Service Access Point
SSAP Source Service Access Point
SSB Schwäbischer Standard-Benchmark
SSB Single Sideband
SSB Stateless Session Bean (Java)
SSBA Suite Synthetique des Benchmarks de l'AFFU
SSC SCSI Stream Commands
SSC Shared Service Center
SSC Symantec System Center
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code
SSCF Service Specific Coordination Function
SSCOP Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol
SSCP System Services Control Point/Program
SSCS Service Specific Convergence Sublayer
SSD Schwartz Sequential Dropping
SSD Secondary Send Data
SSD Solid State Disk
SSD Speed Step Down
SSDA Synchronous Serial Data Adapter
SSDC Stack Segment Descriptor Cache
SSDP Simple Service Discovery Protocol
SSDT System Service Descriptor Table
SSE Safe Shutdown Event
SSE Secondary Symbol Estimation
SSE Semantic Search Engine
SSE Senior Site/Software/Systems Engineer/Executive
SSE Simple Sharing Extensions
SSE Solid State Electronics
SSE State Signalling Event
SSE Streaming SIMD Extensions (Intel)
SSE Sum of Squared Error
SSEC Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (IBM)
SSEDIC Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community
SSEM System Security Engineering Management
SSF Service Switching Function
SSF Structured Fax File
SSFDC Solid State Floppy Disc Card
SSGA System Support Gate Array
SSH Secure Shell
SSI SCSI Serial Interface
SSI Self Sovereign Identity
SSI Server Side Include(s)
SSI Single System Image
SSI Small Scale Integration
SSID Secondary Station Identifier
SSID Service Set Identifier
SSL Schüler, Studenten, Lehrer
SSL Secondary System Loader
SSL Secure Server Line
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSL Solid State Lighting
SSM Source Specific Multicast
SSM Storage System Manager
SSMA Spread Spectrum Multiple Access
SSN Secure Server Network
SSO Single Sign On
SSO System Security Officer
SSP Secure Simple Pairing (Bluetooth)
SSP Sender Signing Practices
SSP Serial Storage Protocol
SSP Service Switching Point
SSP Stream-based Style Sheet Proposal
SSP Switch-to-Switch Protocol
SSP System Service/Support Processor
SSR Scalable Sampling Rate
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSR Small Screen Rendering (Opera)
SSR Sum of Squared Residuals
SSR Super Self Refresh
SSRC Synchronization Source Identifier
SSS Switching Subsystem
SST SSt: Schnittstelle
SST Self Service Terminal
SST Simple SIPP Transition
SST Single Stream Transport
SST Small Screen Touch (Microsoft)
SSTC Security Services Technical Committee (OASIS)
SSTP S/STP: Screened Shielded Twisted Pair
SSTV Slow Scan Television
SSU Session Support Utility (DEC)
SSW Schnittstellenwandler
ST Segment Type
ST Send Timing
ST Service Ticket
ST Straight Tip (Connector)
ST Stream Protocol
STA SCSI Trade Association
STA Secure Ticket Authority
STA Spanning Tree Algorithm
STA Station
STACK Start Acknowledgement
STAR Self Defining Text Archival
STAR Self Test And Repair
STAR Self Tuning Architecture
STAR Simultaneous Transmit And Receive
STAR Source-Tree Adaptive Routing (protocol)
STAR Stateful Assured Routing
STAR Stop Talking And Read (Slang)
STAR Storage And Retrieval
STAX Streaming API for XML
STB Set Top Box
STBC Space Time Block Code/Coding
STC Set Top Computer
STC Subtechnical Committee (ETSI)
STD Secondary Transmitted Data
STD Standard
STD State Transition Diagram
STD Subscriber Trunk Dialing
STD Suspend To Disc
STDA StreetTalk Directory Assistance (Banyan)
STDM Statistical/Synchronous Time Division Multiplexing
STE Signalling Terminal
STEP Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
STF Specialist Task Force
STGO Start Tag Open
STI Shared Trigger Interaction
STI Single Table Inheritance
STI Sony, Toshiba, IBM
STI Standard Tape Interface
STI Still Image Architecture
STI Strategic Technologies for the Internet
STI Structured Treatment Interruption
STIBP Single Thread Indirect Branch Predictor
STID Secure Table Identifier
STK Short Term Key
STK Software Translation Kit
STL Standard Template Library
STM Science, Technology, Medicine
STM Software Transactional Memory
STM Station/Storage Management
STM Streams Manager
STM Synchronous Transfer/Transport Mode/Modul
STMF State Management Function
STN Scientific + Technical Information Network, Karlsruhe
STN Super Twisted Nematic Field Effective Material
STO Strategic Technology Office
STOA Science/Scientific and Technology/Technological Options Assessment
STOE Störung
STOMP Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol
STOMP Systematic Test Of Multiplatform Product
STONE Structured and Open Environment
STORK Secure Identity Across Borders Linked, EU
STP Shielded Twisted Pair
STP Signal Transfer Point
STP Spanning Tree Protocol
STP Straight Through Processing
STR Suspend To RAM
STR Synchronous Transmitter Receiver
STRIDE Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information disclosure, Denial of service, Elevation of privilege
STRIP Starmode Radio IP
STRT Start Initialization
STS Semi-Thue-System
STS Station to Station Protocol
STS Synchronous Transfer/Transport Signal
STT Secure Transaction Technology
STT Spin Torque Transfer (RAM)
STU Schere-Tippex-Uhu (-Verfahren)
STUN Simple Traversal of UDP through NAT
STUSS Simply Time-consuming Unsolicited Superfluous Speaking (Slang)
STX Start of Text
SU Service/Switching Unit
SUB Subaddressing
SUB Substitute/Substitutability
SUB Systemunabhängige Betriebsführungstechnik
SUBRIP Subtitle Ripper
SUDS Software Update and Distribution System
SUG Sun User Group
SUIT Simple User Interface Toolkit
SUM Simple User Model
SUMA Service Update Management Assistant
SUMA Suchmaschine
SUMAEV SUMA-EV: SuMa-eV Verein für freien Wissenszugang, Hannover
SUMR Satellite User Mapping Register
SUN Secure Unique NFC (Message)
SUN Stanford University Network
SUP Service Updated Package
SUP Superscript (HTML)
SUP Supplement/Supplemental (dictionary)
SUP Supply (table)
SUPL Secure User Plane
SUERAG SÜRAG: Süddeutsche Rundfunk AG, Stuttgart
SURANET Southeastern Universities Research Association Network
SURE Scalability, Usability, Reliability, Economy
SUS Single UNIX Specification
SUS Software Update Services (Microsoft)
SUSP System Use Sharing Protocol
SUTP Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair
SUUG Soviet UNIX User Group
SV Standortverteiler
SVBRDF Spatially-varying Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function
SVC Scalable Video Coding
SVC Supervisor Call
SVC Switched Virtual Call/Channel/Circuit/Connection
SVCC Switched Virtual Channel Connection
SVCD Super Video Compact Disc
SVD Simultaneous Voice and Data
SVD Single Value Decomposition
SVF Simple Vector Format
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
SVGA Super Video Graphics Array
SVHS Super Video Home System
SVID Unix System V Interface Definition
SVM Secure Virtual Machine (AMD)
SVM Support Vector Machine
SVN Software Version Number
SVN Subversion (Version Control System)
SVP Scan-line Video Processor
SVPN Secure Virtual Private Network
SVQ Scalar/Spherical/Split/Stage Vector Quantizer
SVQ Sorenson Video Quality (Video CODEC)
SVR Session-based Virtual Route
SVR4 UNIX System V Release 4
SVV Segment Variability Value
SVVS UNIX System V Validation Suite
SW schwarz-weiss
SW Short Wave
SW Software
SW Status Word
SWAN Secure Wide Area Network
SWAP Shared Wireless Application Protocol
SWAT Samba Web Administration Tool
SWB Software Bus
SWBG Subtract With Borrow (random number) Generator
SWC Shockwave Component
SWC Software Control
SWC Sparse Wavelength Conversion
SWC Standard Working Conditions
SWERC South Western Europe Regional (ACM Programming) Contest
SWF Scheduled Workflow
SWF Shockwave Flash (File Format)
SWF Short Wave Fading
SWF Small Web File/Format
SWF Staff Working File
SWF Surface Wave Field
SWFD Selbstwählferndienst
SWIB Suchdienst Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
SWIFT Software Implemented Fault Tolerance
SWIFT System for Wireless Information Forwarding and Teledistributing
SWIM Super Wozniak Integrated Machine
SWING Subscriber Wireless Network Gateway
SWINOG SwiNOG: Swiss Network Operators Group
SWISH Simple Web Indexing System for Humans
SWITCH Swiss Telecommunication System for Higher Education and Research
SWIW So Weit Ich Weiss (AFAIK) (Slang)
SWL Short Wave Laser/Listener
SWP Semantic Web Publishing
SWP Semi-orthogonal Wavelet Packet
SWP Shortest Widest Path
SWP Simple Web Printing
SWP Single-Wafer Processing
SWP Software Package/Program
SWP Surface Wave Propagation
SWP Swap (file, partition)
SWP Swisscom Workplace
SWR Standing Wave Ratio
SWR Südwestdeutsche Rundfunkdienst AG, Frankfurt (M)
SWR Südwestrundfunk, Stuttgart
SWS Scientific Workstation
SWS Silly Window Syndrom
SWT Shockwave Template
SWT Softwaretechnik
SWT Standard Widget Toolkit
SX Simplex
SXE Safe Execution Environment
SXGA Super Extended Graphics Array
SXXM Unextended Numbering Set Mode
SYLK Symbolic Link Format (Microsoft)
SYN Synchonizing Segment
SYN Synchronous Idle
SYSOP System Operator


T Telecomm, Telephone, Terminal, Text, Time
T Taktleitung
T Transmit Data
T2 Telecommunication 2 (link)
T9 Text on 9 keys
TA Terminaladapter, Informationstechnische Anschlussdose
TA Traffic Announcement
TA Transmitter Address
TAB Tabulator
TAB Technical Advisory Board
TABD Transatlantic Business Dialogue
TABYAS Thinking All But You Are Stupid (Slang)
TAC Terminal Access Control/Controller
TAC Transparent Audio Coding
TAC Type Allocation/Approval Code
TACACS Terminal Access Controller Access Control System
TACC Texas Advanced Computing Center, USA
TACS Total Access Communications
TAD Telephone Answering Device
TADA Timestamp-interval Adjustment by Data Access
TADS Text Adventure Development System
TAE Telekommunikations-Anschluss-Einheit
TAFN That's All For Now (Slang)
TAG Technology Advisors Group
TAG Text And Graphics
TAG Tiny Aggregation
TAGC Tag Close Delimiter
TAI Temps Atomique International
TAL Teilnehmeranschlussleitung (Telefon)
TAL Template Attribute Language
TALES Template Attribute Language Expression Syntax
TAM Telefon, Anrufbeantworter, Modem
TAM Telephone Answering Machine
TAMP Threshold And Merge Prefixes
TAN Total Area Network
TAN Transaction Number
TANJ There Ain't No Justice (Slang)
TANSTAAFL There Ain't No Such Things As A Free Lunch (Slang)
TANSTAANFS There Ain't No Such Things As A Noise Free System (Slang)
TAO Tailored Access Operations
TAO Telephony Application Object
TAO Track At Once
TAO Traduction Assistee par Ordinateur
TAOCP The Art Of Computer Programming (D. Knuth)
TAP Telcom Advantage Packaging
TAP Telecator Alphanumeric Protocol
TAP Terminal Access Point
TAP Test Access Port
TAP Traditional Approval Process
TAPI Telephony Application Programming Interface (Intel, Microsoft)
TAPR Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Group
TAR Tape Archive (Format)
TARFU Things Are Really Fouled Up (Slang)
TAS Telephone Answering Service
TAS Total Analysis System
TASI Time-Assignment Speech Interpolation
TAU Test Access Unit
TAV Test, Analyse, Verifikation (von Software)
TAXI Transparent Asynchronous Transceiver Interface
TBA To Be Advised/Announced
TBB Threading Building Blocks (Intel)
TBC Time Base Corrector
TBCP Tagged Binary Control Protocol (Adobe)
TBD Task-Based Development (of Software)
TBD Technical Background/Basis Document
TBD Timezone Boundary Data
TBD To Be Defined/Deleted/Detailed/Determined/Discussed/Done
TBD Training By Design
TBETSI Technischer Beirat für Normungsfragen des ETSI
TBF Technisch betriebliche Funktionsbedingungen
TBF Token Bucket Filter
TBH To Be Honest (Slang)
TBL Technik für Betriebslenkung
TBL Tim Berners-Lee
TBO Total Benefits of Ownership
TBRPF Topology dissemination Based on Reverse Path Forwarding
TBS Tape Backup System
TBS Telecom Billing System
TBS Telecom Bus Serializer
TBS Terabit Burst Switching
TBS Time-Based Sampling
TBS Tiny But Strong (PHP)
TBS To Be Specified
TBS Tool Box Solution
TBS Touchless Biometric System
TBS Transmit Silence Bit
TBS Transparent Burst Switching
TBS Turner Broadcast System
TBT Thunderbolt Technology
TBT Truncated Binary Tree
TBTT Target Beacon Transmission Time
TBW Terabytes/Total Bytes Written
TC Technical Committee/Corrigendum
TC Telecine (auch/also TK)
TC Time Code
TC Transform Coding
TC Transmission Control/Convergence
TC Treatment Code
TC Trust Center
TCA Telecommunications Carrier Association
TCA Tightly Coupled Architecture
TCA Traffic Conditioning Agreement
TCAM Telecommunications Access Method
TCAM Telecommunications Conformity Assessment and Market (Surveillance Committee)
TCAM Ternary Content Addressable Memory
TCAM Timer Counter Access Module
TCAM Tivoli Composite Application Manager
TCAM Traffic Control And Monitoring
TCAP Transaction Capability Application Part
TCB Trouble Came Back
TCB Trusted Computer/Computing Base
TCCC IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Communications
TCE Transmission Control Element
TCF Transparent Computing Facility
TCFS Transparent Cryptographic File System
TCG Trusted Computing Group
TCH Traffic Channel
TCI Tag Control Information
TCIF Telecommunications Industry Forum, USA
TCK Technology Compatibility Kit
TCL Tool Command Language
TCLSH Tool Command Language Shell
TCM Terminal Controller Module
TCM Time Compression Multiplexing
TCM Trellis Code Modulation
TCMP Tightly Coupled Multiprocessor System
TCNG Traffic Control Next Generation
TCNS Thomas Conrad Networking System
TCO Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation (Schweden)
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TCOS IEEE Technical Committee on Operating Systems
TCP Tape Carrier Package
TCP Telephony Control Protocol (Bluetooth)
TCP TeX Code Page
TCP Transmission Control Protocol/Program (Internet)
TCP Trusted Computing Platform
TCPIP TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (Internet)
TCPA Time of Closest Point of Approach
TCPA Trusted Computing Platform Alliance/Architecture
TCQ Tagged Command Queuing
TCR Telephone Conversation Record
TCS Telephony Control Specification
TCS Terminating Call Screening
TCS Thin Client Services
TCSB Traffic Control State Block
TCSEC Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orange Book)
TCSH Tenex X Shell
TCT The Coroner's Toolkit
TCU Telematics/Transmission Control Unit
TCW Tagged Control Word
TCX Training Center XML (Garmin)
TD Transmit Data
TDA Tactile Digital Assistant
TDA Telediffusion d'Algerie
TDA Temporal Data Authority
TDA Terminal Data Adapter
TDA To Do Archive
TDA Tracking and Data Acquisition
TDA Traffic Data Acquisition
TDA Transition Data Analysis
TDA Transmitted/Transported Data
TDA Tunnel Diode Amplifier
TDAB T-DAB: Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting
TDAC Time Domain Aliasing Cancellation
TDB Trivial Data Base
TDC Transparent/Tranportation Data Channel
TDCC Transportation Data Coordinating Committee
TDD Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
TDD Test Driven Development
TDD Time Division Duplex
TDDSG Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz
TDDSGDVO Teledienstedatenschutzgesetzdurchführungsverordnung
TDE Telescript Development Environment
TDES Triple Data Encryption Standard
TDF Telediffusion de France
TDF Telemetry/Tracking Data Formatter
TDF The Document Foundation (LibreOffice)
TDF Time Division/Domain Filtering
TDF Title/Trace/Typeface Definition File/Format
TDF Transaction Data File
TDF Transborder/Transnational Data Flow
TDF Transformada De Fourier
TDG Telekommunikations-Dienst-Gesetz, Teledienstegesetz
TDHS Time Domain Harmonic Scaling
TDI Transport Driver Interface
TDL Trusted Devices List
TDM Time Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
TDMA Time Division Multiple/Multiplex Access
TDMF Transparent Data Migration Facility
TDP Tag Distribution Protocol
TDP Thermal/Typical Design Power
TDR Threat Detection and Response
TDR Time Domain Reflectometer/Reflectometry
TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
TDS TeX Directory Structure
TDSR Transmitter Data Service Request
TDSV Telekommmunikations-Datenschutz-Verordnung
TDT Terrestrial Dynamic Time
TDT Time Date Table
TDU Topology Database Update
TDX Time Domain Crosstalk
TE Terminal Equipment
TE Traffic Engineering
TE Type Enforcement
TEA Tiny Encryption Algorithm
TEB Thread Environment Block
TEC Total Electron Content
TECO Tape/Text Editor and Corrector
TED Technology, Entertainment and Design
TED Telefonischer Ermittlungsdienst
TEE Trusted Execution Environment
TEGFET Two-dimensional Electron Gas Field Effect Transistor
TEHO Tail End Hop Off
TEI Terminal Endpoint Identifier (ISDN)
TEI Text Encoding and Interchange
TEI Text Encoding Initiative
TEI Transport Error Indicator
TEL Trans Europe Line
TELEX Telegraph Exchange (Fernschreiben)
TELNET Telecommunications Network
TEMEX Telemetry Exchange
TEMPE Telecommunications and Enterprise Multimedia Platform Environment
TEN Trans European Network
TENEX TEN Extended (PDP-10)
TEO Timer Events Oriented (Governor)
TEP Transequatorial Propagation
TER Terminal Interface
TES Teknisk signalspaning, Schweden
TESTA Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administations
TET Test Environment Toolkit
TETRA Trans European/Terrestrial Trunked Radio (System)
TEXEL Texture Element
TF Task Force
TF Term Frequency
TF Theoriefindung (Wikipedia)
TF Trägerfrequenz
TFA Trägerfrequenzanlage
TFA Transparent File Access
TFB Terminal Framing Bit/Bits
TFB Thin Film Battery
TFB Time Frequency Bus
TFC Thermal Fly-height Control
TFC Traffic Channel
TFD Thin Film Diode
TFDD Text File Device Driver
TFE Türfreisprecheinrichtung
TFEL Thin Film Electroluminescent
TFH Text File/Files from Hell (Slang)
TFH Thanks For Helping (Slang)
TFH Thin Film Head
TFM TeX Font Metric
TFN Tribe Flood Network
TFS Translucent File System (Sun)
TFT Thin Film Transistor (Display)
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol (Internet)
TFTS Terrestrial Flight Telephone System
TFTT Thanks For The Thought (Slang)
TFX Thin Form Factor Extended
TG Target
TG Transmission Group
TGAL Think Globally, Act Locally (Slang)
TGB Tres Grande Bibliotheque
TGIF Thank God It's Friday (Slang)
TGM Timetable Generation Module
TGN Thesaurus of Geographic Names
TGN Transmission Group Number
TGS Ticket Granting Server/Service
TGT Ticket Granting Ticket
TH Transmission Header
TH Trouble History
THD Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (jetzt TUD), Deutschland
THP Tomlinson Harashima Precoder/Precoding
THT Through Hole Technology
THT Token Hold/Holding Time/Timer
THWLAIAS The Hour Was Late, And I Am Senile (Slang)
THX Thanks (Slang)
THX Tomlinson Holman's Experiment
TI Tele Immersion
TI Telematische Infrastruktur
TI Texas Instruments Inc.
TI Transaction Identifier
TIA Telecommunications Industries Association
TIA Thanks In Advance (Slang)
TIA Total Information Awareness
TIA Totally Integrated Automation
TIAM Terminal Interactive Access Method
TIB Tag Information Base
TIB Technische Informationsbibliothek, Hannover
TIC Token Ring Interface Coupler
TIC Tongue In Cheek (Slang)
TICF Transport Independent Convergence for FNA
TID Target Identifier
TIDSV Telekommunikations- und Informationsdienstunternehmen-Datenschutzverordnung
TIE Time Interval Error
TIES Telecom Information Exchange Services, Genf
TIES Time-Independent Escape Sequence
TIF Tag Image Format
TIF Technik- und Informationsforum (VPRT)
TIFF Tag/Tagged Image File Format
TIG Terminal Internet Gateway
TIGA Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIL Technical Information Library
TIM Thermal Interface Material
TIM Traffic Indication Map/Message
TINA There Is No Alternative (Slang)
TINAR This Is Not A Recommendation/Review (Slang)
TINC There Is No Cabal (Slang)
TINS This Is No Shit (Slang)
TINSTAAFL There Is No Such Things As A Free Lunch (Slang)
TINWIS That Is Not What I Said (Slang)
TIP Technology Integration Program
TIP Telecom Infra Project
TIP Terminal IMP
TIP Terminal Interface Processor
TIP Terminal Internet Protocol
TIP Transputer Image Processing
TIPC Telecommunications Information Privacy Code
TIPC Total Information Processing
TIPC Transparent Inter Process Communication
TIPC Transputer Image Processing
TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization over Networks
TIRPC Transport Independent Remote Procedure Call
TISE Take It Somewhere Else (Slang)
TISPAN Telecoms + Internet converged Services + Protocols for Advanced Networks
TK Tabellenkalkulation, Telekommunikation
TK Temporary Key
TKG Telekommunikationsgesetz
TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
TKO Telekommunikationsordnung
TKP Telekommunikationspool
TKÜ Telekommunikationsüberwachung
TKÜV Telekommunikationsüberwachungsverordnung
TKV Telekommunikations-Kundenschutzverordnung
TKZULV Telekommunikationszulassungsverordnung
TL Transport Layer
TLA Temporal Logic of Actions
TLA Three Letter Acronym
TLA Top Level Aggregator
TLAB Translation Look Aside Buffer
TLAP Token Talk Link Access Protocol
TLB Translation Look Aside Buffer
TLC Target Language Compiler
TLC Triple Level Cell
TLD Top Level Domain
TLDP The Linux Documentation Project
TLDR TL;DR: Too long; didn't read (Slang)
TLER Time Limited Error Recovery
TLGE The Little Golem Editor
TLH Top Level Hierarchy
TLI Transport/Transfer Layer/Library Interface
TLK Trusted Linux Kernel
TLM Telemetry (word)
TLN Telephone/Transfer Line Number
TLN Terminal Location Number
TLN The Learning/Library/Local Network
TLN Too Late Now (Slang)
TLN Transnational Learning Network
TLN Trunk Line Network
TLNKG Teilnehmerkennung (NUI)
TLQ Top Letter Quality
TLS Thread Local Storage
TLS Three Level Scheduling
TLS Transport Layer Security
TLT Teaching, Learning, and Technology
TLT Temporal Logic of Transitions
TLU Table Lookup
TLV Tag, Length, Value
TM Tape/Trade Mark
TM Terminal Multiplexer
TM Test Mode
TM Traffic Management
TM Transaction Monitor
TM Transactional/Translation Memory
TM Turing Machine
TMA Telecom Management
TMA Telecommunication Managers' Association
TMA Telekom Malaysia
TMA Thinfilm Micromirror Array
TMA Timeseries Moving Average
TMA Tivoli Management Agent
TMA Trusted Mail Agent
TMAC Telex Multimedia Audio Communication
TMAC Tool Monitor Adaptive Control
TMC Traffic Message Channel
TMD Time Division Multiplexing
TMDS Transition Minimized Differential Signal
TME Tetra Meldeempfänger
TME Tivoli Management Environment
TME Total Memory Encryption
TMG Telemediengesetz
TMM Testing Maturity Model
TMN Telecom Managed Network
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TMNR Too Much Noise Reduction
TMO Thermal Magnetic Optical
TMP Template Metaprogramming
TMP Temporary
TMR Triple Modular Redundancy
TMR Tunnel/Tunneling Magnetoresistance
TMRC Tech Model Railroad Club
TMS Translation Memory System
TMS Truth Maintenance System
TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
TMSL Test and Measurement Systems Language
TMTO Time Memory Trade Off
TMTOWTDI There's More Than One Way To Do It (Slang)
TMX Translation Memory Exchange (LISA)
TMX Transparent Matrix (switch)
TN TelNet
TN Twisted Nematic (panel)
TNA Temex-Netzabschluss
TNB Teilnehmernetzbetreiber
TNB Telekommunikationsnetz-Betreiber
TNC Terminal Node Controller
TND (Directie) Toezicht Netwerken en Diensten (NL)
TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNF Type Name Format
TNFEM Twisted Nematic Field Effective Material
TNHD The New Hackers's Dictionary
TNN Transport Network Node
TNPC Taiwan New PC Consortium
TNPP Telocator Network Paging Protocol
TNS Temporal Noise Shaping
TNS Transparent Network Substrate
TNV Total Network Visibility
TNX Thanks (Slang)
TO Timeout
TOA Type Of Address
TOC Table Of Content/Contents
TOCTOU Time Of Check to Time Of Use
TOD Time Of Day
TODO (kein Akronym, to do = noch zu erledigen)
TOE TCP/IP Offload Engine
TOEIC Test of English for International Communication
TOF Task Oriented Forms
TOF Top of Form
TOFU Text Oben, Fullquote Unten (Slang)
TOG The Open Group
TOG (ACM) Transactions On Graphics
TOI T-Online International AG
TOJ Tears Of Joy (Slang)
TOL T-Online
TOM T-Online Messenger
TOP Table Of Pages
TOP Technical and Office Protocol
TOPFET Temperature and Overload Protected FET
TOPS Tensor Operations Per Second
TOR Telex Over Radio
TOR The Onion Router
TOS Tape Operating System
TOS The/Tramiel's Operating System
TOS Top Of Stack
TOS Type Of Service
TOT Time Offset Table
TOTP Time-based One Time Password
TOUR Transport Optional Upgrade Release
TP Technology Preview
TP Tiefpass
TP Traffic Program
TP Transaction Processing
TP Transport Protocol
TP0 Transport Protocol Class 0 (OSI)
TP4 Transport Protocol Class 4 (OSI)
TPA Transient Program Area
TPC Teleprocessing Center
TPC Tensor Processing Cluster
TPC Test Port Card
TPC Third Party Certificate
TPC Total Project Cost
TPC Touch Panel Controller
TPC Traffic Parameter Control
TPC Transaction Processing Performance Council
TPC Transactions on Professional Communication (IEEE)
TPC Transmit/Transmitter Power Control
TPC Turbo Pascal Compiler (Borland)
TPCB TPC-B: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark B
TPCC Third Party Call Control
TPCC TPC-C: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark C
TPCH TPC-H: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark for Ad-hoc queries
TPCR TotalStorage Productivity Center for Replication (IBM)
TPCR TPC-R: Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark for Reporting
TPDDI Twisted Pair Distributed Data Interface
TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit
TPEP Trusted Product Evaluation Program
TPF The Perl Foundation
TPF Transmission Priority Field
TPH Transport Packet Header
TPI Tag Protocol Identifier
TPI tracks per inch
TPL Tested Product List
TPM Tape Processing Machine (IBM)
TPM Technological Protection Measures
TPM Terrible/Trusted Platform Module
TPM Third Party Maintenance
TPM Total/Traditional Power Management
TPM Transaction Processing Monitor
TPM Transactions Per Minute
TPM Transmission Path Monitor
TPM Transparent Prolog Machine
TPM Trusted Platform Model/Module
TPM Two Procedures Modem
TPMC Transactions Per Minute, Type C
TPS Third Person Shooter
TPS Transaction Processing System
TPS Transactions Per Second
TPSE Transaction Processing Service Element
TPSN Timing-Sync Protocol for Sensor Networks
TPTB The Powers That Be (Slang)
TPU Text Processing Utility
TPU Transparency Unit
TQFP Thin Quad Flat Package
TQM Total Quality Management
TR Task Register
TR Technical Report/Technische Richtlinie
TR Terminal Ready
TR Token Ring
TR Travan Cartridge
TR Trunk Reservation
TRA Technology Related Anxiety
TRA Telecommunications Research Associates
TRAC Telecommunications Recommendations Application Committee
TRAC Traceable Authentic Content (Philips)
TRADFS Traditional Filesystem
TRANQL Transformation Query Language
TRAU Transcoder and Rate Adaption Unit
TRAX Transformation Application Programming Interface for XML
TRC Tone Reproduction Curve
TRCVR Transmitter-Receiver, Transceiver
TRDMC Tears Running Down My Cheeks (Slang)
TRE Telecommunications Research Establishment, Malvern, England
TREAT Trouble Report Evaluation and Analysis Tool
TREC Text Retrieval Conference
TRIE (kein/not an acronym; Präfix-Baum)
TRIL Token Ring Interoperability Lab
TRIP Telephony Routing over IP
TRIPS Tera-op, Reliable, Intelligently adaptive Processing System
TRIPS Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TRIZ Teorija Reschenija Isobretatelskich Zadatsch
TRMPWR Terminator Power (Leitung, SCSI)
TRNG True Random Number Generator
TROLI Token Ring Optimized Link Interface
TRON The Realtime Operating System Nucleus
TRT Token Ring Terminal
TRT Token Ring/Rotation Time/Timer
TRX Transmitter-Receiver, Transceiver
TS Telesync
TS Time Signal (Zeitzeichen)
TS Timestamp (Zeitstempel)
TS Transport Station, Telekom Service
TSA Target Service Agent
TSA Technical Support Alliance, Test Signal Analyser
TSAP Transport Service Access Point (OSI)
TSAPI Telephony Server/Service Application Programming Interface
TSB Technical Service Bulletin
TSC Time Stamp Counter
TSC TKIP Sequence Counter
TSC Transport Scrambling Control
TSCC Technical Standards and Common Criteria
TSCC Technical Support Call/Contact Center
TSCC Techsmith Screen Capture Codec
TSCC Terminal Server Connection Configuration
TSCC Time Slot Control Channel
TSDT Transport Stream Description Table
TSE Text Setup Environment
TSF Timing Synchronization Function
TSIG Transaction Signature(s)
TSK Task
TSK The Sleuth Kit (Software)
TSK Touch Sensitive Keyboard
TSK Traffic Security Key
TSK Transient Session Key
TSM Terminal Server Manager (DEC)
TSM Tivoli Storage Manager
TSO TCP Segmentation Offload
TSO Time Sharing Option (IBM)
TSOHF Total Sense Of Humour Failure (Slang)
TSOP Thin Small Outline Package
TSP Texture and Shading Processor
TSP Time-Stamp Protocol
TSP Travelling Salesman Problem
TSPI Telephony Service Provider Interface
TSPS Traffic Service Position System
TSR Terminate and Stay Resident
TSS Task State Segment
TSS TCP Support for Sensor Networks
TSS Telecommunications Standardisation/Standards Sector (ITU)
TSS Temex-Schnittstelle
TSS Time Sharing System
TSSDC Task State Segment Descriptor Cache
TST Transmit Start Threshold
TSTN Triple Supertwisted Nematic
TSW Tele-Software
TSWTCM Time Sliding Window Three Colour Marker
TT Terminal Timing
TT Tracing Thread
TT Trunk Type
TTA The True Audio (codec)
TTA Time To Alarm/Answer
TTA Time/Transport Triggered Architecture
TTA Transmission Temporelle Asynchrone
TTA Tree-Trellis Algorithm
TTAP Trust Technology Assessment Program
TTBOMK To The Best Of My Knowledge (Slang)
TTCAN Time Triggered Communications Area Network
TTCN Testing and Test Control Notation
TTF Truetype Font, Timetable File
TTFF Time To First Fix (GPS)
TTFN Ta Ta For Now (Slang)
TTI Teaching, Training, and Information
TTL Time To Live
TTL Transistor-Transistor-Logik
TTLS Tunneled Transport Layer Security
TTML Tagged Text Markup Language
TTMP TCP Transaction Multiplexing Protocol
TTO Tactical Technology Office
TTP Time Triggered Protocol
TTP Timed Token Protocol
TTP Trusted Third Party
TTRT Target Token Rotation Time/Timer
TTS Text To Speech
TTS Transaction Tracking System
TTSL Tieftemperatur-Supraleiter
TTSL Trying To Suppress Laughter (Slang)
TTT Teleteaching and Training
TTT That's The Truth (Slang)
TTTN Tandem Tie Trunk Network
TTU Teletex-Telex-Umsetzer
TTUL Talk To You Later (Slang)
TTW Through The Web
TTX Teletex
TTX Videotext
TTXAU Teletex Access Unit
TTY Teletype (Fernschreiber)
TTYL Type/Talk To You Later (Slang)
TU Tributary Unit
TUBA TCP and UDP with Big/Bigger Addresses
TUD Technische Universität Darmstadt (ehemals THD), Deutschland
TUE Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, NL
TUE Transmit Underrun Register Empty
TUE Trusted User Engine
TUEB Temex-Uebertragungsbaugruppe
TUG TeX User Group
TUG Tributary Unit Group
TUHS The UNIX Heritage Society
TUI Tangible/Telephone/Text/Touch User Interface
TULIP TCP and UDP over Lightweight IP
TUP Telephone User Port
TUSTEP Tübinger System von Textverarbeitungsprogrammen
TV Television
TV Timeout Value
TVA Technical Vulnerability Assessment
TVA Teilnehmer-Vermittlungsanlage
TVA Telefon-Vermittlungs-Anlage
TVA Telephone VoIP Adapter
TVA Television Aerial/Authority
TVA Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
TVA TV Anytime
TVA TV Anytime Forum
TVC Transient Virtual Channel
TVI Television Interference
TVOIP TVoIP: Television Over Internet Protocol
TVOL TV Online Cable Service
TVR Temex-Vermittlungsrechner
TVS Transient Voltage Suppression/Suppressor
TVST TVSt: Teilnehmervermittlungsstelle
TVX Valid Transmission Time/Timer
TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name
TWINKLE The Weizman Institute Key Locating Engine
TWIRP Two Way Infrared Protocol
TWIU That's What I Understand/Understood (Slang)
TWS True Wireless Stereo
TWS True Wireless Stereo
TWSC Team World Service Center
TWX Teletypewriter Exchange Service
TWX Twinax (Cable)
TX Telex (Fernschreiben)
TX transmit, Transmitter
TXBF TxBF: Transmit Beam Forming
TXC Transmit Clock
TXD Transmitted Data
TXD Transmitter Delay
TXF Tax Exchange Format
TXF Transactional (New Technology) File System
TXT Trusted Execution Technology
TYCLO Turn Your Caps Lock Off (Slang)
TYVM Thank You Very Much (Slang)


U Ultra-, Uniform, Universal, Unix, User
U3 Unreal Engine 3 (game)
UA Unnumbered Acknowledgement (frame)
UA User Area/Agent (OSI)
UA Upgrade Advantage
UAA Universally Administered Address
UAAC University Academic Advising Center, USA
UAAG User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (W3C)
UAC Unbalanced Asynchronous Class
UAC User Account Control
UAE Universelle Anschlusseinrichtung
UAE Unrecoverable Application Error
UAF User Authorization File
UAM Universal Access Method
UAM User Authentication Method/Module
UAP Upper Address Part (Bluetooth)
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UASP USB Attached SCSI Protocol
UAWG Universal ADSL Working Group
UAWG User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (W3C)
UBB Unified Back Buffer
UBC Unified Buffer Cache
UBC University of British Columbia
UBE Unsolicited Bulk Electronic Mail
UBH Union de Bloggers Hispanos
UBH Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg
UBH Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg
UBH Usenet Binary Harvester
UBHR User Block Handling Routine
UBK Universitätsbibliothek Karlsruhe
UBR Unspecified/Undefined Bit Rate
UBS UHF Base Station
UBS Unit Backspace Character
UBS Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg/Siegen/Stuttgart
UBS Uplink Beacon Station
UBS User Based Solution
UC Ubiquitous Computing
UC Unified Communications (Microsoft)
UC Universal Code
UC Upper Case
UCAID University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
UCAR University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UCB University of California at Berkeley, USA
UCC Uniform Code Council
UCC Unit/Utilities Control Cell/Center
UCC Universal Copyright Convention
UCC User Created Content
UCD Uniform Call Distributor
UCD Univention Corporate Desktop
UCE Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail
UCF Unregister Confirmation
UCFS Unix Connectivity File Service
UCI Universal Chess/Configuration Interface
UCIR User Controlled Interactive Retrieval
UCITA Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act
UCL Universal Communications Language
UCL University College London
UCLA University of California at Los Angeles, USA
UCO Unstructured Complex Object
UCR Undercolor Removal
UCS Uniform Chromaticity Scale
UCS Univention Corporate Server
UCS Universal Card Slot
UCS Universal Character Set (ISO 10646)
UCSB University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
UCSC University of California at Santa Cruz, USA
UCSD University of California at San Diego, USA
UCSF University of California at San Francisco, USA
UDB Universal Database
UDC User Defined Command
UDDI Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
UDE Universität Duisburg-Essen
UDEF Unified Dynamic Event Framework
UDF Uniqueness Database File
UDF Universal Disk Format
UDF User Defined Function
UDI Unified Display/Driver Interface
UDI Universal Document Identifier
UDI Unrestricted Digital Information
UDK Universale Dezimalklassifikation
UDLC Universal Data Link Control
UDLI Unified Design Language for Integrated Circuits, UDL/I
UDM Unternehmensdatenmodell
UDMA Ultra-DMA: Ultra Direct Memory Access
UDO Ultra Density Optical (storage, disc)
UDORW UDO-RW: Ultra Density Optical -- Rewritable (storage, disc)
UDP Usenet Death Penalty (Slang)
UDP User Datagram Protocol (Internet)
UDP User Defined Protocol
UDRP Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (ICANN)
UDSL Unidirectional/Universal Digital Subscriber Line
UDSV Teledienst-Unternehmen-Datenschutz-Verordnung
UDT User Defined Datatype
UE Uncorrectable Error
UE Unterhaltungs-Elektronik
UE User Equipment
UEB Übertragungseinheit mit Basisbandverfahren
UEC Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud
UEC User Environment Component
UED Unreal Tournament Editor
UED URL Encoded Data
UED User Environment Design
UED User Experience Database/Directory
UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
UEG Übertragungseinheit nach ITU G.703
UEI Übertragungseinheit nach ITU I.430
UEM Übertragungseinheit mit Modemverfahren
UEM Universal Energy Management
UEP Übergabepunkt
UEP Unequal Error Protection
UERE User Equivalent Range Error (GPS)
UEV User End of Volume
UFC Ubiquitous Fashionable Computer
UFC Unified File Cache
UFC URL Filter Client
UFC User Filtered Content
UFS Ultra Fast Switching
UFS Universal/UNIX File System
UFS Universal Flash Storage
UG Underrun Goal
UG User Group
UGL Universal Glyph List
UGS Univention Groupware Server
UGV Universelle Gebäudeverkabelung
UHC Unified Hangul Code
UHCI Universal Host Controller Interface
UHD User Help Desk
UHF Ultrahigh Frequency (300 MHz -- 3 GHz)
UHG Ultrahigh Gain (Antenna)
UHL User Header Label
UHN Unique Home Node
UI UNIX International
UI Unnumbered Information (frame)
UI User Interface
UIAP UNIX International Asia/Pacific
UIC User Identification Code
UIC User Interface Classes
UID Unique/Unix/User Identifier
UIDL Unique Identifier Listing
UIFN Universal International Freephone Number
UIFRAME Unnumbered Information Frame
UIL User Interface Language
UIM User Interface Management
UIMA Unstructured Information Management Architecture
UIML User Interface Markup Language
UIMS User Interface Management System
UIN Unique Identification Number
UIN Universal Internet Number
UIO Userspace Input Output
UIP DECT/UMTS Interworking Profile
UIP Umbilical Interface Panel
UIP Usenet Improvement Project
UIP User Initiated Provisioning
UIP User Interface Program
UIP USIGS Interoperability Profile
UIPI User Interface Privilege Isolation
UIS User Interface Specification
UIT Union Internationale des Telecommunications
UK Umschaltkontakt
UKW Ultrakurzwelle
UL Underwriters' Laboratory, Inc.
UL Upload
UL Urban Legend (Slang)
ULA Uncommitted Logic Array
ULA Unique Local Address
ULC Ultra Light Client (Java)
ULC Ultra Low Cost (phone)
ULC Universal Line Card
ULC Upper Left Corner (graphics)
ULCE United Linux Certified Expert
ULCP United Linux Certified Professional
ULCPC Ultra Low Cost Personal Computer
ULD Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz, Kiel
ULE Ultra Low Energy
ULF Ultra-Low Frequency
ULF Unified Look and Feel
ULN Unbreakable Linux Network
ULN Universal Link Negotiation
ULP Unit in the Last Place
ULP Upper Layer Protocol
ULS Unified Logging Service/System
ULS Universal Licensing System
ULSI Ultra Large Scale Integration
ULSN Ultra Low Speed Networking
ULV Ultra Low Voltage
UM Unified Messaging
UMA Unified/Uniform Memory Access/Architecture
UMA Universal Management Architecture
UMA Unlicensed Mobile Access
UMA Upper Memory Area
UMAC Universal Hashing Message Authentication Code
UMB Upper Memory Block
UMD Universal Media Disc (Sony)
UMH User Mode Helper
UMI User MAN Interface
UMIT University of Manchester Institute of Technology, UK
UMIT Utilities, Municipalities, and Independent Telcos
UML Unified Modeling Language
UML User Mode Linux
UMM Unidirectional Multipoint to Multipoint
UMM Unix Macro Magician
UMPC Ultra Mobile Personal/Portable Computer/Computing
UMPC University Multi-Purpose Card
UMS Unified Messaging System
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UN Unbalanced Normal
UN United Nations
UNA Upstream Neighbour Address
UNC Unbalanced Normal Class
UNC Uncorrectable (error)
UNC Unique/Universal Naming Convention
UNC University of North Carolina, USA
UNCEFACT UN/CEFACT: United Nations Centre pour la Facilitation des procedures et des pratiques dans l'Administation, le Commerce et les Transports
UNDI Universal Network Device Interface
UNGTDI UN Guidelines for Trade Data Interchange
UNI User Network Interface
UNICOM Universal Integrated Communication System
UNICORE Uniform Interface to Computing Resources
UNICOS UNIX-based Cray Operating System
UNII Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure
UNIVAC Universal Automatic Computer
UNIX (kein Akronym, not an acronym)
UNMA Unified Network Management Architecture
UNO Universal Network Objects
UNR Ubuntu Netbook Remix
UNSW University of New South Wales, Australia
UP Unambiguous nondeterministic Polynomial time
UP Unnumbered Poll
UP Unter Putz (in-wall)
UP User Plane
UPA Ultra Port Architecture (Sun)
UPA Usability Professionals Association
UPC Unified Parallel C
UPC Universal Printer Controller
UPC Universal Product Code
UPC Usage/User Parameter Control
UPE User Portability Extension
UPGS Unfinished Project Guilt Syndrome
UPI United Press International
UPI Universal Peripheral Interface
UPI Upper Prediction Interval
UPL User Program Language
UPM Unidirectional Point to Multipoint
UPM User Profile Management (IBM)
UPN Umgekehrte Polnische Notation, RPN
UPNP Universal Plug and Play
UPOE Universal Power Over Ethernet
UPP Unidirectional Point to Point
UPPS Universal Portable Protocol Stack
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply, USV
UPT Universal Personal Telecommunication (service)
URA Uniform Resource Agent
URC Uniform Resource Characterictics/Citation
URD URL Rendezvous Directory
URGC Uniform Reliable Group Communication Protocol
URI Uniform/Universal Resource Identifier
URJ Unregister Reject
URL Universal/Uniform Resource Locator (Internet)
URM Unbegrenzte Registermaschine
URM Universal Retention Module
URN Uniform Resource Name/Number
URQ Unregister Request
URS Uniform Rapid Suspension (System)
URSI Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale
URV Urheberrechtsverletzung (Wikipedia)
US Unit Separator
USA Uniform Sequence Address (file format)
USAN University Satellite Network
USART Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
USB Universal Serial Bus
USB Upper Side Band
USC University of Southern California
USDC US Display Consortium
USDL Unified Service Description Language
USDT Ultra Slim Desktop
USF Uplink State Flag
USFF Ultra Slim Form Factor
USG UNIX Support/System Group (Novell)
USIA US Information Agency
USIGS United States Imagery and Geospatial Information Service
USIM Universal Subscriber Identification/Identity Module
USK Unterhaltungssoftwareselbstkontrolle
USKA Union Schweizer Kurzwellenamateure
USL UNIX System Laboratories (AT+T, Novell)
USLE UNIX System Laboratories Europe
USM Universal Storage Module
USM User-based Security Model
USN Update Sequence Number
USO UNIX Software Operation
USOC Uniform Service Order Code
USRP Universal Software Radio Peripheral
USRT Universal Synchronous Receiver Transmitter
USS Uncorrected Sum of Squares
USS Unformatted System Services (IBM)
USS Unisource Satellite Services
USS UNIX System Services (IBM)
USS Unsynchronized System
USS Upload Speed Sense
USSA Universal Storage System Architecture
USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
USTA US Telephone Association
USV Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung, UPS
USW Ultra Short Wave
UT Universal Terminal/Time
UTC Unicode Technical Committee
UTC Universal Time Coordinated
UTDOA Uplink Time Difference Of Arrival
UTF Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32)
UTI Universal Text Interchange
UTL User Trailer Label
UTLB Unified TLB
UTM Unified Threat Management (Security)
UTM Universal/Unsuccessful Test/Transmission Message
UTM Universelle Turingmaschine
UTM Universeller Transaktionsmonitor
UTM Unusable Time (Loran)
UTM Urchin Tracker Module
UTM USB Transceiver Macrocell
UTMA Ultra Thin Client Multiple Access
UTMA Unified Threat Management Appliances (Security)
UTNET University of Texas Network
UTP Universal Personal Telephone Service
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair
UTRA UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
UTRAN UMTS Radio Access Network
UTSL Use The Source, Luke (Slang)
UUCP UNIX to UNIX Copy Program/Protokoll
UUID Unique Universal Identifier (DCE)
UUID Universally Unique Identifier
UULP Unified User Level Protocol
UUS User to User Signalling
UUU Unknown UNIX User (J. Random Hacker?)
UV Ultraviolett
UVC USB Video Class
UVCP Univention Certified Professional
UVD Unified Video Decoder
UVI Universal Virtual Instrument
UVL User Volume Label
UVP Under-Voltage Protection
UW Ultra Wide
UWB Ultra Wide Band
UWG Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb
UWM Universal Window Manager
UX Unix (all kinds, BSD + Linux incl.)
UXGA Ultra Extended Graphics Array
UXO User Experience Optimization


V Value, Vector, Video, Virtual, Voice
V24 V.24: (CCITT-Norm für eine serielle Schnittstelle)
V2I Vehicle to Infrastructure (Communication)
V2V Vehicle to Vehicle (Communication)
V2X Vehicle to Everything (Communication)
V4FSL System V Release 4 File System Layout
VA Vertical Alignment (panel)
VA Virtual Address
VA Volladdierer
VA Vulnerability Assessment
VAB Value Added Business
VACM View-based Access Control Model
VAD Value Added Driver/Disaster/Dealer
VAD Value Assignment Delay
VAD Voice Activity Detection/Detector
VADCG Vancouver Amateur Digital Communications Group
VADD Value Added Disk Driver
VADE View, Add, Delete, Edit
VADER View, Add, Delete, Edit, Restore
VADS Value Added Data Service
VADSL Very High Rate Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
VAFC VESA Advanced Feature Connector
VAL Voice Application Language
VAM Verband der Anbieter von Mobilfunkdiensten, Bonn
VAM Virtual Access Method
VAN Value Added Network
VANS Value Added Network Services
VAP Value Added Process
VAP Virtual Access Point
VAR Value Added Reseller/Retailer
VAS Value Added Service
VASCOM Value Added Services Network Communication
VAST Vector and Array Syntax Translator
VAT Video/Visual Audio Tool
VATM Verband der Anbieter von Telekommunikations- und Mehrwertdiensten
VATP Velazquez Application Transfer Protocol
VAX Virtual Address Extension (DEC)
VAZ Verkehrsausscheidungsziffer
VB Variable Block
VB Virtual Beer
VB Visual Basic
VBA Visual BASIC for Applications (Microsoft)
VBE VESA BIOS Extensions
VBFS Very Big File System
VBG Very Big Grin (Slang)
VBL Vertical Blanking
VBN Vermittelndes/Vermitteltes/Vorläufer Breitbandnetz (Telekom)
VBNS Very High Performance/Speed Backbone/Broadband Network Service
VBR Variable Bit Rate (Encoding)
VBR-NRT Variable Bit Rate - No Real Time
VBR-RT Variable Bit Rate - Real Time
VBS Verteiltes Betriebssystem
VBS Visual Basic Script
VBSMC Variable Block-Size Motion Compensation
VC Virtual Call/Circuit/Channel/Connection/Container
VC1 VC-1: Video Codec 1
VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier
VCC Virtual Channel Connection
VCCI Voluntary Control Council for Interferences
VCD Value Change Dump
VCD Video Compact Disc
VCD Virtual Communications Driver
VCEG Video Coding Experts Group
VCF Vintage Computer Festival
VCF Voltage Controlled Filter
VCFE VCFe: Vintage Computer Festival Europe
VCI Virtual Channel Identifier/Indicator
VCK Virtueller Campus Karlsruhe
VCL Video Coding Layer
VCL Virtual Channel Link
VCL Visual Computing Library
VCLF Virtual (host) Common Logfile Format
VCM Virtual Channel Memory
VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCP Virtual COM Port
VCPI Virtual Control Programm Interface
VCR Video Cassette/Conference Recorder
VCS Virtueller Campus Schweiz
VCS Version/Virus Control System
VCSC Virtual Campus Supercomputing Center
VCSEL Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
VCSIP Videotex Communication System for Information Providers
VCU Voice Communication Unit
VCX Virtual Component Exchange
VD Voice + Data, V+D
VD Volume Descriptor
VDC Virtual Data Center
VDC Virtual Device Coordinates
VDCW Verband der Deutschen Content Wirtschaft
VDD Virtual Device/Display Driver
VDDM Virtual Device Driver Manager
VDOP Vertical Dilution Of Precision
VDE Verallgemeinertes Darstellungselement
VDE Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
VDE Video Display Editor
VDE Virtual Distributed Ethernet
VDEW Vereinigung Deutscher Elektrizitätswerke
VDF Variable Data File
VDG Video Display Generator
VDI Video Display Interface
VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VDI Virtual Device Interface
VDK Verity/Video/Visual Development Kit
VDK Vibration Dampener Kit
VDK Visual DSP++ Kernel
VDL VHF Data Link
VDL Vienna Definition Language
VDM Vienna Development Method
VDM Virtual DOS Machine
VDMSL Vienna Development Method -- Semantic Language
VDN Virtual Data Network
VDP Video Datagram Protocol
VDP Video Distribution Profile (Bluetooth)
VDPAU Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix
VDPI Verein der Post-Ingenieure
VDR Video Disc Recorder
VDR Voltage Dependent Resistor
VDS Virtual Direct Memory Access Service
VDS Vorratsdatenspeicherung
VDSL Very High Bitrate/Data Rate/Speed Digital Subscriber Line
VDSO Virtual Dynamically linked Shared Object
VDT Video/Visual Display Terminal
VDU Video/Visual Display Unit
VDV Vorbestellte Dauerwählverbindung
VE Verbraucher-Elektronik
VE Vermittlungseinheit/einrichtung
VE Virtual Environment
VE Volksempfänger
VEB Virtual Ethernet Bridge
VECLF Virtual (host) Extended Logfile Format
VEIL Video Encoded Invisible Light
VEMM Virtual Expanded Memory Manager
VEO VE:O: Vermittlungseinheit Ortsnetz
VEPA Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregation/Aggregator
VERI Virtual Environments Research Institute, Houston
VERIF Verification
VERP Variable Envelope Return Path
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association
VEX Video Extensions to XWS
VF Virtual Function
VF Voice Frequency
VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table
VFB VfB: Vergabestelle für Berechtigungszertifikate (Bundesverwaltungsamt)
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VFF Voice Frequency Filter
VFH Virtuelle Fachhochschule
VFIP Voice File Interchange Protocol (Internet)
VFIR Very Fast Infrared
VFN Vendor Feature Note
VFO Variable Frequency Oscillator
VFPI Verein zur Förderung der Pädagogik der Informationstechnologie
VFS Versioning File System
VFS Virtual File System
VFSDX Verordnung für den Fernschreib- und Datexdienst
VFW Video For Windows (Microsoft)
VG Versionsgeschichte (software versioning)
VG Volume Group
VGA Vertical Grid Array
VGA Video Graphics Array
VGC Video Graphics Controller
VGDA Volume Group Descriptor Area
VGF Voice Grade Facility
VGL Vacuum Generator Language
VGNV Verkehrsgebührennachverarbeitung
VGRA Volume Group Reserved Area
VGU Virtual Global University
VHCI Virtual Host Controller Interconnect
VHD Very/Video High Density
VHD Virtual Hard Disk/Help Desk
VHDCI Very High Density Cable Interconnect
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHDSL Very High Bit Rate/Speed Digital Subscriber Line
VHE Virtual Home Environment
VHF Very High Frequency (30 -- 300 MHz)
VHLL Very High Level Language
VHS Very High Speed
VHS Video Home System
VHS Virtual Host Storage
VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VHSIM Very High Speed Interface Module
VHT Verteilte Hash-Tabelle
VIA Vendors ISDN Association
VIA Virtual Interface Architecture
VIAD Video Image Area Definition
VIB Video Interface Bus
VIB Virtualisierung im Bildungsbereich
VIBTS VTAM Integrated Bulk Data Transfer System
VIC Video/Voice Interface Card/Controller
VID VLAN Identifier
VID Voltage Identification
VIDIX Video Interface for all universal executors
VIKAR Virtueller Hochschulverbund Karlsruhe
VIM Vendor Independent Messaging
VINCE Vendor Independent Network Control Entity
VINES Virtual Network/Networking System/Software (Banyan)
VIO Video/Virtual/Voltage Input Output
VIOLA Vertically Integrated Optical Testbed for Large Applications
VIOLD Vision Impaired On-line Documentation (DEC)
VIP Variable Information Processing
VIP Video Input Processor
VIP Video Interface Port
VIP Virtual IP (address, network)
VIRIM Virtual Reality in Medicine
VIROR Virtuelle Universität Oberrhein
VIS Voice Information System, Virtual Instruction Set
VISA Virtual Instrument Software/Standard Architecture
VISC Video Instruction Set Computing
VISDP verantwortlich im Sinne des Pressegestzes
VITA VMEbus International Trade Association
VITAL Virtually Integrated Technical Architecture Lifecycle (Apple)
VJ Van Jacobsen (Compression)
VJHC Van Jacobsen Header Compression
VK Videokonferenz
VK Visitenkarte
VK Visuelle Kommunikation
VKL Verkehrseinschränkungsklasse
VL Virtual Life (Slang)
VL Volume Location
VLA Variable Length Array
VLA Very Large Array
VLA Volume License Agreement
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VLB Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher
VLB VESA Local Bus
VLBA Very Long Baseline Array
VLBI Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VLC Variable (word) Length Code
VLC Visible Light Communication (Philips)
VLDB Very Large Data Base
VLDB Volume Location Database
VLDW Very Long Data Word
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLF Virtual Lookaside Facility
VLI Variable Length Integer
VLIS Verkehrs-Leit und Informations-System
VLIW Very Long Instruction Word
VLM Very Large Memory
VLM Virtual Loadable Module
VLP Very Low Profile
VLR Visitors Location Register
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
VLSIC Very Large Scale Integration Circuit
VLSM Variable Length Subnet Mask/Masking
VLT Virtual Local Area Network Trunk
VM Vandalismusmeldung (Wikipedia)
VM Video Mode
VM Virtual Machine/Memory
VMA Virtual Memory Access/Area
VMB Video Memory Buffer
VMC VESA Media Channel
VMD Versatile Multilayer Disc
VME Versacard Modified for Eurocard (Bus)
VME Virtual Memory Executive
VME Virtual (8086) Mode Enhancements
VMG Video Manager
VMI Vertical Motion Index
VMI Video Module Interface
VMI Virtual Machine Interface
VMI VMware Machine Interface
VML Vector Markup Language
VML Vector Mathematical Library
VMM Virtual Machine/Memory Manager/Monitor
VMR Video Mixing Renderer
VMRP VLAN Membership Resolution Protocol
VMS Virtual Memory System (DEC)
VMS Voice Mail/Messaging Server/System
VMSC Visited Mobile Switching Centre
VMT Virtual Memory Technique
VMT Virtual Method Table
VMTP Versatile Message Transaction Protocol (Internet)
VMX Vector Multimedia Extension
VMX Virtual Machine Extensions (Intel)
VMZ Verkehrsmanagement-Zentrum/Zentrale
VN Virtual Network
VNA Virtual Network Architecture
VNC Virtual Network Computing
VNET Virtual Network
VNL Via Net Loss
VNS Virtual Notebook System
VO Virtual Object/Organization
VO Vollzugsordnung (Funkdienst)
VOB Video Object
VOBS Video Object Set
VOBU Video Object Unit
VOC Voice (File)
VOC Volatile Organic Compound
VOD VoD: Video On Demand
VODS Video Operators Distress Syndrom
VOF Vollzugsordnung für den Funkdienst
VOFDM Vector Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
VOFR Voice over Frame Relay
VOI Verband der Optischen Informationssysteme
VOIP Voice over IP
VOL Volume Label
VON Video/Voice Over Net
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range
VOS Virtual Operating System
VOTS VAX OSI Transport Service
VOX Voice Operated Transmission
VP Vector/Video/Voice Processing/Processor
VP Virtual Packet/Path/Personality/Programming/Prototype
VP Voice Privacy
VP Video Phone
VP Video Processor (Video CODEC)
VPA Virtual Proxy Agent
VPC Very Personal Computer
VPC Virtual Path Connection
VPC Virtual Personal Computer
VPD Vacuum Photo Diode
VPD Verified Pateint Data
VPD Version Planning Document
VPD Vertical Polar Diagram
VPD Vertically Polarized Dipole
VPD Virtual Predictive Dialing
VPD Virtual Printer Device
VPD Virtual Private Database
VPD Virtual Product Development
VPD Vital Product Data (IBM)
VPD Voice Packet Driver
VPD Volunteer Project Directory
VPDN Virtual Private Data/Dialup Network
VPDS Virtual Private Data Service
VPE Virtual Processing Element
VPI Virtual Path Identifier/Indicator
VPL Virtual Path Link
VPL Virtual/Visual Programming Language
VPLS Virtual Private LAN/Line Service
VPM Virtual Protocol Machine
VPN Virtual Private Network
VPNS Virtual Private Network Service
VPO Virtual Projection Origin
VPP Value Predictability Pattern
VPP Virtual Presence Protocol
VPP Volts Peak to Peak
VPP VXI Plug + Play
VPRT Verband Privater Rundfunk und Telekommunikation/Telemedien
VPS Verbindungsprogrammierte Steuerung
VPS Video Program/Programm/Programmier-Service/System
VPS Virtual Private Server
VPT Virtual Printing Technology
VPU Video/Virtual/Visual/Vector/Voice Processing/Processor Unit
VPV Videotex programmiert Video-Recorder
VPWS Virtual Private Wire Service
VQ Vector Quantization
VQEG Video Quality Experts Group
VQF Vector Quantization Format
VQM Visual/Voice Quality Metric/Metrics
VR Virtual Reality/Route
VR Voltage Regulator
VRA Vollständiger Regulärer Ausdruck
VRAM Video Random Access Memory
VRC Vertical Redundancy Check
VRC Viewing Reference Coordinate
VRC Virtual Route Control
VRCA Virtual Reality Center Aachen
VRCB Virtual Route Control Block
VRD Virtual Retinal Display
VRF Vector Register File
VRF Video Recording Format
VRID Virtual Route Identifier
VRM Variable Range Marker
VRM Voltage Regulator Module
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VRN Virtual Route Number
VROOMM Virtual Realtime Object-Oriented Memory Management
VRP Viewing Reference Point
VRPRQ Virtual Route Pacing Request
VRPRS Virtual Route Pacing Response
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
VRU Voice Response Unit
VRV Vorwärts-Rückwärts-Verhältnis
VS Virtual Storage
VSA Virtual Server Architecture
VSA Virtual Storage Access
VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSC Voice Security Card
VSD Variable Speed Drive
VSDD Versichertenstammdatendienst
VSE Verification Support Environment
VSE Vertical Search Engine
VSE Virtual Server Environment (HP)
VSE Virtual Storage Extended (IBM)
VSE Visual Smalltalk Enterprise
VSF Vertical Scanning Frequency
VSI Verband der Software-Industrie Deutschlands e. V.
VSI Virtual Socket Interface (Alliance)
VSIS Video Signal Standard (VESA)
VSK Video-Sender-Kennung
VSL Vienna Symphonic Library
VSL Virtual Socket Library
VSM Virtual Shared Memory
VSM Virtual Storage Management
VSMO Virtual Social Memory Organizer
VSMSC Virtual Short Message Center
VSN Virtual Switched Network
VSO Variable Speed Operation
VSO Vertical Synchronization Offset
VSO VITA Standards Organization
VSOP Very Special Old Programmer (like me)
VSOS Virtual Storage Operating System
VSPW Vertical Synchronization Pulse Width
VST Vermittlungsstelle
VST Voltage Settling Time
VSTA Visual Studio Tools for Applications
VSTO Visual Studio Tools for Office
VSWFD vSWFD: Vereinfachter Selbstwählferndienst
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
VSX Verification Suite for X/Open
VSYNC Vertical Synchronization (signal)
VT Vanderpool Technology (Intel)
VT Vertical Tabulator
VT Video/Virtual Terminal
VT Virtualization Technology
VT Visualization Tool
VTAM Virtual Terminal/Telecommunications Access Method
VTB Video Timing Block
VTC Vertical Transistor Cell
VTC Video Teleconference Center
VTCO Virtual Terminal Control Object
VTD VT-d: Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O
VTM Verband der Telekommunikationsnetz- und Mehrwertdiensteanbieter, Köln
VTOA Voice and Telephony Over ATM
VTOC Volume Table Of Contents
VTOS Virtual Time Operating System
VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol
VTP VLAN Trunking Protocol (Cisco)
VTR Varactor Tunable Resonator
VTR Video Tape Recorder
VTR Voltage Transform Ratio
VTS Video Title Set
VTS Virtual Tape/Terminal Server/Service/Support
VTS Voucher Trading System
VTSU Virtual Terminal Support
VTX VT-x: Virtualization on the x86 platform (Intel)
VU Volume Unit (Lautstärke)
VUD Verband der Unterhaltungssoftware Deutschland
VUE Visual User Environment
VUEN Virtual University Education Network
VUI Video Usability Information
VUI Video User Interface
VUIT Visual User Interface Tool (DEC)
VUP VAX Unit of Performance
VUP Version Upgrade
VV Versorgungsvereinbarung
VV Virtual Virtuality
VVC Versatile Video Coding
VVL Verbund Virtuelles Labor
VVPAT Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail
VWM Virtual Warehouse Manager
VXD Virtual Device Driver (Microsoft)
VXE VESA XGA Extensions
VXI VME Extensions for Instrumentation
VZFDPBDK Verein zur Förderung der privat betriebenen Daten-Kommunikation e. V.


W Wide, Window, Wireless, World
W3 WWW, World Wide Web (Internet)
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WAA Wavelet Analysis and its Applications
WAA Web Analytics Association
WAA Web Application Adaptor
WAA Wireless Advertising Association
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System
WAB What Another Bill (Slang)
WAB Windows Address Book (Microsoft)
WABI Windows Application Binary Interface
WACK Wait Acknowledgement
WACS Wireless Access Communications System
WAD Wählautomat für Datenverbindungen
WADE Web Application Development Environment
WADE Wireless Area Detection Enclosure
WADE Workflows and Agents Development Environment
WADFS Wide Area Distributed File System
WAE Worked All Europe
WAENA Wide Area Educational Network
WAF Web Application Firewall
WAF Womens' Acceptance Factor
WAFL Write Anywhere File Layout
WAI Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C)
WAIK Windows Automated Installation Toolkit
WAIS Wide Area Information Servers/Service
WAITS Wide Area Information Transfer System
WAL Write Ahead Logging
WAM Warren Abstract Machine
WAM Wide Amplitude Modulation
WAMKSAM Why Are My Kids Staring At Me? (Slang)
WAMP Windows, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python
WAMPP Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl
WAMPUM Ward's Automated Menu Package Using Microcomputers
WAN Wide Area Network (Weitverkehrsnetz)
WAO Warteschlange der ablaufbereiten Objekte
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WAP Wireless Audio Player
WAP Wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsplatz
WAPECS Wireless Access Policy for Electronic Communication Services
WAPI Wireless Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure
WAR Waiting for the Release (Slang)
WAR Web Application Archive
WAR Web Application Repository
WAR Web Archive
WAR Wireless Access Revolution
WAR Word Address Register
WAR Write After Read
WARC World Administrative Radio Conference
WARP Wave Reduction Patterns
WAS Web Application Security
WAS Web/Websphere Application Server (IBM)
WAS Web Attached Storage
WAS Web-based Applications and Services
WAS Wide Area System
WAS Wireless Access System
WASC Web Application Security Consortium
WASCE WAS CE: WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (IBM)
WASP Web Standards Project
WATS Wide Area Telephone/Telecommunications Service
WATTC World Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference
WAV Windows Audio Volume
WAW Write After Write
WAWA Work Anywhere With Anybody
WB Welcome Back (Slang)
WB Write Back
WBA Wireless Broadband Access
WBC Web Based Communication
WBC Wide Band Channel
WBEM Web Based Enterprise Management
WBM Web Based Management
WBMP Wireless Bitmap
WBRC Württembergisch-Badischer Radioclub
WBT Web Based Training
WBT Windows Based Terminal
WC Wikimedia Commons
WC Workgroup Computing
WC World Coordinate
WC Worst Case
WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
WCCP Web Cache Control/Coordination Protocol
WCDMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
WCE Write Cache Enable
WCF Waveguide Cavity Filter
WCF Weather/Wireless Communications Facility
WCF Web Component Framework
WCF Windows Communication Foundation
WCF Word Class Function
WCG Wide Color Gamut
WCIT World Conference on International Telecommunications
WCMS Web Content Management System
WCP Worst Current Practice
WCPN Wireless Customer Premises Network
WCS Wireless Control System
WCS Writable Control Store
WCT WIPO Copyright Treaty
WD Western Digital
WDA Wahldiensteanbieter
WDDM Windows Display Driver Model
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexer/Multiplexing
WDM Windows Driver Model
WDPRS Whois Data Problem Reports System (ICANN)
WDR Wide Dynamic Range
WDS Wireless Distributed/Distribution System
WDSL Wireless Digital Subscriber Line
WDYMBT What Do You Mean By That (Slang)
WDYS What Did You Say (Slang)
WDT Watchdog Timer
WE Wireless Extension
WE Write Enable
WEB Workshop on E-Business
WEB World Entertainment Broadcasting
WEB (short for:) World Wide Web, WWW
WEBDAV Web Document Authoring And Versioning
WEBM Web Matroska (video format)
WECA Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
WEEB Western European EDIFACT Board
WEEE Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Forum)
WEFAG Westdeutsche Funkstunde AG, Münster
WEFT Web Embedding Fonts Tool (Microsoft)
WEGA (kein/not an acronym; OS for the EAW P8000)
WELL Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link
WEP Wired/Wireless Equipment/Equivalent Privacy/Protocol
WF Workflow
WFA Wi-Fi Alliance
WFC Waiting For Connection
WFC Windows Foundation Class(es)
WFC Word Frequency Counter
WFG Wait For Graph
WFM Wide Frequency Modulation
WFM Wired for Management
WFM Works For Me (and no one else)
WFMC Workflow Management Coalition
WFMS Workflow Management System
WFP Wait for First Packet
WFP Well Formed Path
WFP Windows File Protection
WFQ Weighted Fair Queuing
WFS Woodstock File Server
WFW Windows For Workgroups (Microsoft)
WG Working Group (ISO)
WGA Windows Genuine Advantage
WGDTB Working Group on Digital Television Broadcasting
WGF Waveguide Filter
WGF Windows Graphics Foundation (Microsoft)
WGIG Working Group on Internet Governance (ITU)
WGS Work Group System
WGS World Geodetic System (WGS84)
WHAK With Hugs And Kisses (Slang)
WHDC Windows Hardware Developer/Driver Central (Microsoft)
WHEA Windows Hardware Error Architecture
WHK Weitester Hörerkreis (Rundfunk)
WHK Wiederherstellungskonsole
WHNF Weak Head Normal Form
WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Lab
WHS Windows Home Server
WIA Windows Image Acquisition
WIBNI Would It Be Nice If (Slang)
WIBRO WiBro: Wireless Broadband
WIC Wireless Indoor Communication
WIEN Wählen in elektronischen Netzen
WIFI Wi-Fi: (kein/not an acronym, WECA)
WIGIG WiGig: Wireless Gigabit Alliance
WILD Wireless Interactive Learning Device
WIMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
WIMP Windows, Icons, Menus/Mice, Pointing (s. a. MUFF)
WIMPS Windows, Icons, Menus/Mice, Pointing, Scroll bars
WIMRE Wenn Ich Mich Recht Erinnere (Slang)
WIN Wireless Inhouse Network
WIN Wissenschaftsnetz des DFN (X.25)
WINFS (Microsoft) Windows File System
WINS Windows Internet Name Service (Microsoft)
WINS Wireless Integrated Network Sensor
WIP Work In Progress (Slang)
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
WIPS Web Interactions Per Second
WIPSB Web Interactions Per Second for Browsing
WIPSO Web Interactions Per Second for Ordering
WIS Windows Installer Service
WISOA WIMAX Spectrum Owners Alliance
WISP Wireless Internet Service Provider
WITA Wholesale IT Architecture
WKD Web Key Directory
WKS Web Key Service
WKS Well Known Service/Socket (Internet)
WL Wear Leveling
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
WLANA Wireless LAN Association
WLBS Windows Load Balancing Service
WLL Wireless Local Loop
WLM Workload Manager
WLRT Wafer Level Reliability Test
WM Window Manager
WMA Windows Media Audio
WMAN Wireless Metropolitan Area Network
WMD Web Media Developers
WMD Windows Media Device/Download
WMD World Mail Directory
WMD WYSIWYM Markdown (language, editor)
WMDRM Windows Media Digital Rights Management
WME Windows Media Encoder
WMF Wikimedia Foundation
WMF Windows Media/Metafile Format
WMI Windows Management Interface/Instrumentation
WML Wireless Markup Language
WMM Wi-Fi Multimedia
WMN Wireless Mesh Network
WMR Wireless Meshing Router
WMRS Write Me Real Soon (Slang)
WMS Wide Area Master Station
WMT Windows Media Technologies
WMV Windows Media Video
WNIC WAN Interface Coprocessor
WNIM WAN Interface Module
WNP Weissbier Networking Protocol (Microhopf)
WNPP Work-Needing and Prospective Package (Debian)
WNT Windows New Technology (Microsoft)
WNT Wireless Network Termination
WOA Web Object Application
WOCNRA Wobble Signal to Noise Ration after Recording
WOD Web Object Definition
WOFF Web Open Font Format
WOK Wake On Keyboard
WOL Window Object Library
WOLF Weak Signal Operation for Low Frequency
WOM Wake On Modem
WOM Write-Only-Memory
WOMBAT Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time (Slang)
WOP Werkstattorientierte Programmierung
WORA Write Once, Run Anywhere (Java)
WORM Write Once, Read Many/Multiple
WORO Write Once, Read Occasionally
WOS Web Object Script
WOS Web/Workplace/Workstation Operating System
WOS Webserver On Stick
WOS Windows Open Services
WOS Wireless Office Services/Solutions/System
WOS Wizards of OS (Operating Systems)
WOS Workshop for Open Systems
WOSA Windows Open Systems Architecture (Microsoft)
WOT Waste Of Time (Slang)
WOT Web Of Trust
WOTA Who's On The Air (database)
WP White Pages
WP Wikipedia
WP Word Processor
WP Write Protected
WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2)
WPAN Wireless Personal Area Network
WPC Wearable Personal Computer
WPC Wireless Power Consortium
WPD Windows Printer Description
WPF Windows Presentation Foundation
WPHD Write Protected Hard Disk
WPIM WAN Interface Port Module
WPM words per minute
WPO Web Performance Optimization
WPPT WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup
WPS Windows Printing System
WPS Workplace Shell (IBM)
WR WikiReader (Wikipedia)
WRAM Window Random Access Memory
WRB Web Request Broker
WRC World Radiocommunication Conference
WREL Wireless Resonant Energy Link
WRI Wireless Regulatory Infrastructure
WRL (DEC) Western Research Laboratory
WRP Winsock Redirection Protocol
WRR Weighted Round Robin (queue)
WRS Wide Area Ground Reference Station
WRT With Regard/Respect To (Slang)
WRTH World Radio and Television Handbook
WS Web Services
WS Wide Screen
WS Wikisource (Wikipedia)
WS Window Size
WS Workstation
WSAD Websphere Studio Application Developer
WSD Web Services on Devices
WSD Wideband Single-binary digit Data
WSD Winsock Direct (Microsoft)
WSD Word Sense Disambiguation
WSDD Websphere Device Developer
WSDD Web Service Deployment Descriptor
WSDD WS-DD: Web Services Discovery and Devices Profile
WSDD Worldwide Systems Development Division
WSDL Web Services Description Language
WSF Wavelet Synthesis Filter
WSF Web Services Framwork
WSF Wireless Security Forum
WSF Work Sheet Formats
WSF Workstation Facility/Feature/Function
WSF Write Structured Field
WSF Writer Scanning Facility
WSF2 Writer Scanning Facility 2
WSGI (Python) Web Server Gateway Interface
WSH Windows Scripting Host
WSHA Windows Security Health Agent
WSI Web Search Index
WSI Web Server Integration
WSI Web Services Initiative/Integration/Interface/Internationalization
WSI Web Site Including
WSI Web Suchwerkzeuge und Indizes
WSI Web Support Initiative
WSI Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut für Informatik, Tübingen
WSI Wireless System Integration
WSIS World Summit on the Information Society
WSIT Web Services Interoperability Technology
WSL Windows Subsystem for Linux
WSN Wireless Sensor Network
WSP Web Standards Project
WSQ Wavelet Scalar Quantization
WSRF Web Services Resource Framework
WSRM WS-RM: Web Services Reliable Messaging (OASIS)
WSRM Web Services Relational Mapping
WSRM Windows System Resource Manager
WSRP Web Services for Remote Portals/Portlets (OASIS)
WSS Web Services Security
WSS Windows Sharepoint Services (Microsoft)
WSS Windows Sound System (Microsoft)
WST World System Teletext
WSTS World Semiconductor Trade Statistics
WSUS Windows Server Update Services (Microsoft)
WSXGA Wide Super Extended Graphics Array
WT Without Thinking (Slang)
WT Write Through
WTB Wanted To Buy (Slang)
WTF What The Fuck (Slang)
WTF Windowed Time Facility (Apple)
WTF Worse Than Failure (Slang)
WTF Write To File
WTH What The Heck/Hell (Slang)
WTK Wechselstrom-Telegrafie auf Kurzwelle
WTL Wechselstrom-Telegrafie auf Langwelle
WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security
WTO Wish To Orphan (Debian)
WTOS Wyse Thin Operating System
WTP Wait Time Priority
WTP Web Tools Platform/Project
WTP What's the problem? (Slang)
WTP Wireless Termination Point
WTP Wireless Transaction Protocol
WTS Web/Wireless Tracking System
WTS Web Transaction Security/Services
WTS Web Transcoding Server
WTS WiMAX Test System
WTS Windows Terminal Server (Microsoft)
WTS Wireless Telephone System
WTS World Telecommunication Standardization
WTT Wanted To Trade (Slang)
WTTF Want To Test First (Slang)
WTTM Without Thinking Too Much (Slang)
WUA Windows Update Agent (Microsoft)
WUB Web Update Builder
WUS Windows Update Services (Microsoft)
WUSB Wireless Universal Serial Bus
WUXGA Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array
WVQ Wavelet Vector Quantization
WW Wahlwiederholung
WWAN Wireless Wide Area Network
WWC World Wide Computing
WWCL World Wide Championship of LAN-Gaming
WWDC World-wide Developers Conference (Apple)
WWDM Wide Wavelength Division Multiplex
WWG Wieder Was Gelernt (Slang)
WWOZ Wahre Weingartener Ortszeit
WWRF Wireless World Research Forum
WWW W3, World Wide Web, World Wide Waiting, Weltweites Warten
WWW Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME
WWW Works With and Without
WWWW World Wide Web Wizard/Worm
WWWWW World Wide Web Worm Warning
WXGA Wide Extended Graphics Array
WYS Whatever You Say (Slang)
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
WYSIWYM What You See Is What You Mean
WYSIWIS What You See Is What I See
WZC Wireless Zero Configuration


X Exchange, Execute, Extended, X Window System
X11 X Window System Version 11
X11R7 X Window System Version 11 Release 7
X3D Extended Three Dimensions (Web)
XA Extended Architecture/Attribute
XAA XFree86 Acceleration Architecture
XAFS X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
XAML Extensible Application Markup Language
XAMPP Cross Platform Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP
XAPIA X.400-API Association
XAUI 10 Gigabit Attachment Unit Interface
XBAC Experience Based Admission Control
XBAP XAML Browser Application
XBEL XML Bookmark Exchange Language
XBL Exploits Block List
XBL Extensible Binding Language
XBM X Window System Black-and-white Bitmap (file)
XBMC XBox Media Center
XBRL Extensible Business Reporting Language
XC Extended Configuration
XC Cross Connect
XCBP XML Common Biometric Format
XCD Extended Compact Disc
XCF Experimental Computing Facility
XCF Extended Communication Facility
XCF Cross System Coupling Facility (IBM)
XCHG Exchange
XCHS Extended Cylinders, Heads, Sectors
XCMD Extended Mode Command (Apple)
XCMD External Command
XCP Extended Copy Protection (Sony)
XD Execute Disable
XD xD: Extreme Digital (card)
XDCS X/Open Distributed Computing Services
XDF Extended Density Format (IBM)
XDLE Transparent Data Link Escape
XDM X11 Display Manager
XDMCP X11 Display Manager Control Protocol
XDP Express Data Path
XDP XML Data Package
XDR External/Extended Data Representation
XDS X/Open Directory Service
XE Extended Edition
XE Execution Environment (Cisco)
XED XML Enabled Directory
XETB Transparent End of Transmission Block
XETX Transparent End of Text
XEWA XML-Enabled Wide Area Search in Bioinformatics
XFA Extended File Attribute
XFA XML Forms Architecture
XFBML Extended Facebook Markup Lauguage
XFCN External Function
XFDF XML Forms Data Format
XFDL Extensible Forms Description Language
XFI X-Fi: Xtreme Fidelity (Creative Technology)
XFLD Xfce Live Demo
XFN X/Open Federated Naming Service
XFS Extensions for Financial Services
XFS SGI Extended File System
XFS X11 Extended File System
XFS X11 Font Server
XG Extended General MIDI
XGA Extended Graphics Array (IBM)
XHCI Extended Host Controller Interface
XHD Extreme High Definition
XHR XML HTTP Request (object)
XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
XID Exchange Identifier/Identification
XIE X11 Image/Imaging Extension (Standard)
XIE-DIS XIE Document Imaging Subset
XIM X11 Input Method
XIO Extended Input Output
XITB Transparent Intermediate Block
XKB X11 Keyboard Extension
XL Excel (Microsoft)
XL Extra/Extremely Large/Low
XLATE Translate
XLF Exceptional Fortran (IBM)
XLFD X11 Logical Font Description/Descriptor
XLIFF XML Localization Interchange File Format
XLINK Extended Local Informatik Netz Karlsruhe
XLL Extensible Link/Linking Language
XLL XLink and XPointer Languages
XLM Excel Macro Language (Microsoft)
XLR External, Line/Live, Return (cable)
XLR Extra Long Run
XLR Extra Low Resistance
XLR Ground, Left, Right (cable)
XLS Excel Spreadsheet
XLS XML for Location Services
XMF Extensible Music Format (MIDI)
XMF XML Mapping Format
XMI XTendbus Multibus Interface
XMIT Transmit
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMM Extended Memory Manager
XMP X/Open Management Protocol
XMP Extensible Metadata Platform (Adobe)
XMPP Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XMS Extended Memory Specification
XMSN Transmission
XMT Transmit
XMTR Transmitter
XNA Cross-Section Next-Generation Architecture (Microsoft)
XNA Xerox Network Architecture
XNS Xerox Network Services/Standard/System
XO Crystal Oscillator
XO Hug and Kiss (Slang)
XOFF Exchange/Transmitter Off
XOM X/Open Management
XON Exchange/Transmitter On
XOR Exclusive Or (EOR)
XORP Extensible Open Router Platform
XOS Experimental Operating System
XOT X.25 Over TCP/IP
XOX Hugs and Kisses (Slang)
XP Cross Point
XP Extended Profile
XP Extreme Programming
XPATH XML Path Language
XPC X11 Performance Characterization Group
XPEL X11 Protocol Engine Library
XPFE Cross Platform Front End
XPG X/Open Portability Guide
XPLA Extended Programmable Logic Array
XPM X Window System Pixelmap (file)
XPR External Data Representation
XPS XML Paper Specification
XPT External Page Table
XPVM Executable Parallel Virtual Machine
XQL XML Query Language
XR Index Register
XRC Extended Remote Copy
XREF Cross Reference List
XSC Extended Scientific Calculation
XSD Xenix Shared Data
XSD XML Schema Definition/Description/Document
XSDT Extended System Description Table
XSI X/Open Systenm Interface Specification
XSL Extensible Style(sheet) Language
XSLFO Extensible Style(sheet) Language Formatting Object
XSLT Extensible Style(sheet) Language Transformation
XSMD Extended Storage Module Drive
XSMP X11 Session Manager Protocol
XSRF Cross Site Request Forgery
XSS Cross-Site Scripting
XSSI Extended Server Side Includes
XSSO X/Open Single Sign-On (Service)
XSTX Transparent Start of Text
XSYN Transparent Synchronous Idle
XT Crosstalk
XT Extended Technology
XTAL Crystal
XTCLK External Transmit Clock
XTI X/Open Transport (Layer) Interface
XTM Extensible Threat Management
XTP XPress Transfer Protocol
XTTD Transparent Temporary Text Delay
XUI X11 User Interface
XUL Extensible/XML-Based User Interface Language
XUMA Expertensystem Umweltgefährlichkeit von Altlasten
XVE X11 Visual Extensions
XVI XTendbus VMEbus Interface
XVS X/Open System V Specification
XVT Extensible Virtual Toolkit
XWD X11 Window Dump
XWS X Window System, X11


Y2K Year 2000 A.D.
YABA Yet Another Bloody Acronym (Slang)
YACY Yet Another Cyberspace (search engine)
YAF Yet Another Frontend
YAFC Yet Another FTP Client
YAFIYGI You Asked For It, You Got It (Slang)
YAFFS Yet Another Flash File System
YALE Yet Another Learning Environment
YAML Yet Another Markup Language
YAML Yet Another Multicolumn Layout
YAODL Yet Another Object Description Language
YAPC Yet Another Perl Conference
YAPL Yet Another Programming Language
YARV Yet Another Ruby Virtual Machine
YAS Yet Another Society
YAST YaST: Yet another Setup Tool (Linux)
YCAGWYW You cannot always get what you want (Slang)
YDL Yellow Dog Linux
YKWIS You Know What I'm Saying (Slang)
YMD Year Month Day (ISO 8601)
YMHOS Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant (Slang)
YMMD You Made My Day (Slang)
YMMD Your Mileage May Differ/Diminish (Slang)
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary (Slang)
YODL Yet one Other Document Language
YOLO You Only Live Once (Slang)
YOU YAST Online Update (SuSE)
YOYOW You Own Your Own Words (Slang)
YP Yellow Pages (NIS)
YTTT You Telling The Truth (Slang)
YUV (Farbmodell: Luminanz Y, Chrominanzwerte U, V)
YW You're welcome (Slang)


Z Zahl, Zeichen, Zeit, Zentral-, Zentrum, Zero, Zone
Z80 (kein/not an acronym, Zilog Z80 8-bit-microprocessor)
ZA Zentralamt (Zentralvermittlungsstelle)
ZA Zero Adjusted/Adjuster
ZA Zero Administration (networking)
ZA Zone Alarm
ZAC Zero Administration Client
ZAI Zero Administration Initiative
ZAIK Zentrum für Angewandte Informatik, Universität Köln
ZAK Zero Administration Kit (Microsoft)
ZAM Zentralinstitut für Angewandte Mathematik, Jülich
ZAPTEL Zapata Telephony
ZB Zero Based
ZB Zifferbaum
ZB ZigBee (network)
ZB Zone Boundary
ZBR Zone Bit Recording
ZBT Zero Bus Turnaround
ZBTSI Zero-Byte Time Slot Interchange
ZC Zone Coordinator
ZCAV Zone/Zoned Constant Angular Velocity
ZCC Zone Coordinator Council
ZCLV Zone/Zoned Constant Linear Velocity
ZCML Zope Configuration Markup Language
ZCR Zero Channel RAID
ZCT Zero Count Table
ZDA Zertifizierungsdiensteanbieter
ZDE Zero Day Exploit
ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Mainz
ZDI Zero Day Initiative
ZDL Zero Delay Lockout
ZDP Z80 Disc Pack
ZDP Zigbee Device Profile
ZDP Zope Documentation Project
ZDR Zeilendrucker
ZDR Zone Density Recording
ZDVA Zentrale Datenverarbeitungsanlage
ZE Zentraleinheit
ZEC Zone Echomail Coordinator
ZEN Zero Effort Network (Novell)
ZENDAS Zentrale Datenschutzstelle der baden-württembergischen Universitäten, Stuttgart
ZEO Zentrum für elektronische Aufklärung, CH
ZEO Zope Enterprise Object
ZF Zwischenfrequenz
ZFM Zentralamt Für Mobilfunk, Münster
ZFS Zettabyte File System
ZFS Zone Field Selection
ZGDV Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung
ZGS Zeichengabesystem
ZHR Zero Hop Routing
ZI Zentrale Instandhaltung
ZIA Zentrale Inteliigenz-Agentur
ZIB Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik, Berlin
ZIF Zero Insertion Force
ZIH Zentrum für Informationsdienste und Hochleistungsrechnen, TU Dresden
ZIMS Zope Inventory Management System
ZIP Zone Improvement Plan
ZIP Zone Information Protocol
ZIPI Zeta Instrument Processor Interface
ZIS Zertifikationsinfrastruktur
ZISC Zero Instruction Set Computer
ZIT Zentralstelle zur Bekämpfung der Internetkriminalität, Gießen
ZITIS Zentrale Stelle für Informationstechnik im Sicherheitsbereich
ZKA Zentraler Kreditausschuss
ZKD Zentrum für Kommunikationstechnik und Datenverarbeitung, Stuttgart
ZKDSG Zugangskontrolldiensteschutzgesetz
ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe
ZL Zeile
ZLL ZigBee Light Link
ZMH Zone Mailing Hour
ZMI Zone Management Interface
ZNB ZNYX NetBlaster
ZODB Zope Object Data Base
ZOFF Zeichenorientierte Fenster-Funktionen
ZOL ZFS On Linux
ZOO Zone Operation Organisation
ZOPE Z Object Publishing Environment
ZPP Zero-error Probabilistic Polynomial time
ZPT Zope Page Template
ZPUe ZPÜ: Zentralstelle für Private Überspielungsrechte (GEMA)
ZR Zusätzliches Ruforgan (Telefon)
ZRP Zone Routing Protocol
ZRP Zyklische Redundanzprüfung (CRC)
ZRTP Zimmermann's Real-time Transport Protocol
ZS Zeitschlitz
ZSI Zentralstelle für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
ZSK Zone Signing Key
ZSL Zero Slot LAN
ZSP Zwischenspeicher
ZSS Zentrale Speicherstelle
ZSS Zentraler Service Switch
ZT Zero Trust
ZTZB Zentrale Technik Zentraler Betriebslenkung
ZUM Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien (im Internet e. V.), Merzhausen
ZV Zahlungsverkehr
ZV Zeilenvorschub
ZV Zoomed Video (Port)
ZVDFUE Zahlungsverkehr-Datenfernübertragung
ZVE Zählervergleichseinrichtung
ZVEH Zentralverband der Deutschen Elektrohandwerke
ZVEI Zentralverband der Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie
ZVM z/VM: zSeries Virtual Machine (IBM)
ZVM ZEN Vision:M (Player)
ZVST ZVSt: Zentralvermittlungsstelle (Zentralamt)
ZW Zielwahl
ZWR Zwischenraum (space)
ZWR Zwischenregenerator (Repeater)
ZWS Zero Wait State
ZZF Zentralamt für Zulassungen im Fernmeldewesen
ZZK Zentraler Zeichenkanal (ISDN)
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